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#1 | Posted: 23 Jan 2011 15:51 | Edited by: coalitiongirl
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#2 | Posted: 2 Aug 2011 00:35 | Edited by: coalitiongirl
A Stream of Love, No Longer a River of Blood by tennyoelf.
Spike looks up at the night sky in San Francisco and contemplates his soul, redemption and love.

All About the Outfit by angearia.
I noticed Buffy's shirt changed in the behind-the-scenes look at the artistic process for this page and I was inspired to write this bit wherein I channel Buffy in all her rambling glory.

Boots to the Fire (Escape) by rebcake.
In the grand old (since January 2011) tradition of Spuffy fic centered around Dawn and Xander's San Francisco fire escape, I bring you a story that begins with a make-out scene...

Chicken by joans_journal.
Spike stops by to visit Buffy at her work. As usual, sparks fly, and Buffy's deals with her own demons regarding their past relationship.

Embers by coalitiongirl.
Buffy is a waitress at a gay coffeehouse, and Spike is a dashing captain of a space ship... and it's not an alternate universe. It's a year after the events of Season Eight, and Buffy is still reeling. But while she and Spike try to sort out the hurt and confusion that Buffy's been dealing with all year, the aftershocks of her betrayal have brought a new enemy that might just be the one to break her completely.

Every Time You Say Goodbye by slaymesoftly.
Post the last issue of Season 8 comics. Will undoubtedly be Jossed as soon as the next season begins, but in the meantime, Spike and Buffy are working together again.

The Feeling of Being in Motion Again by bayloriffic.
Spike shakes his head and sighs, and Buffy swirls her fork through the pools of syrup on her plate, vaguely wondering how she got here, house hunting with a vampire at a rundown Denny's and enjoying pretty much every minute of it.

For Want of a Back Porch by gryfndor_godess.
Buffy used to worry that she couldn't love. After Twilight, she's afraid to love. But can she and Spike just be friends? Buffy, Spike, and their balcony, with a side of Dawn and Xander.

Hers by gryfndor_godess.
This follows from the S9 preview pages of Buffy and Spike at her party.

Overflowing Stream by tennyoelf.
A few months into S9 things get a bit hot. And silly. Buffy POV after a battle and a lot of booze.

Shadowy Corners by onlylyin.
Season 8 Comicsverse, pre the four-months-later scenes in Issue #40. Very little comics knowledge actually needed to follow, except that Buffy's now working in a coffee shop.

Steps Taken By the Heart by tennyoelf.
Between the scenes of season 8 and snippets of season 9 Spuffy.

Taking it Slow by penny_lane_42.
After #40. She doesn't want to mess this up. Slowly, she reminds herself. A step at a time. It's a new thing she's trying.

that stream of consciousness you're drowning in is called denile by penny_lane_42.
Welcome to the brain of Buffy Summers. Watch your step: things can get a bit hard to navigate, between the whitewater rapids of the River Denial and the deep canyons of Attempts at Introspection (and watch out for the quicksand of random fantasies that tend to pop out of nowhere—they'll suck you in!). And your tour guide most likely won't be of any help: most of the time, she's not even sure what's going on in here.

What Are Sisters For? by redeem147.
Today's personal theme for me is Robert Burns "O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us." This is set in the comic book universe, post season eight.

What Semi-Retired Champions Do On Their Nights Off by bobthemole.
Follows angearia 's utterly hilarious His Majesty, the Bug Queen – which I highly recommend if you haven't read it yet. The relevant bit is that Spike is living with Dawn, Xander and Buffy because he got kicked out of the Bug Ship and is too comfortable to find a place of his own. The mooch.

What the Heart Wants by dorians_kitten.
So, this is just a single scene that has been playing in my head ever since I read #40. I place it sometime soon, a month or two after what we last read.
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