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Spuffy Survival Sex

Archel PM
Forums Member

#1 | Posted: 15 Jul 2017 04:04
I was wondering if anyone could recommend some fics involving the trope of survival sex, where Buffy and Spike have to have sex to survive or save the world, etc. Thank you in advance!
ScoobyDawn PM
Forums Member

#2 | Posted: 22 Jul 2017 15:23 | Edited by: ScoobyDawn
OK, these are a few where it is world saving, prophecy prompted or survival based...

All Over It by nautibitz
Mid-Season 3, Buffy has to stop an apocalypse in a really icky way. Then again, Spike's back in town and has just the stuff she needs...

Tricky Propositions by spikes_slayer08
Buffy and the gang come into contact with a prophecy that will change their lives forever. When Buffy finds herself faced with an impossible decision, she finds herself with the task of propositioning an unlikely alli. Will Buffy be able to do what must be done to save the world? Will she be able to save her relationship with Riley? After everything is said and done, will she even want to?

Bad Medicine by Addie Logan
Buffy's sick, and only Spike has the cure. But is she in for more than she bargained for?

To See the Sun Again by kallysten
Set somewhere after Something Blue, before Buffy dates Riley, before Dawn is 'created'. Answer to a Challenge. First Fanfic I wrote. Someone kidnaps Buffy and Spike to force them to fulfill a prophecy.

A Helping Hand by Constance
Season Five. In a Glory-free interlude post-Crush, there's a new demon in town.

Have To Be Here by Constance
Sappy Spuffy, Post Crush, a little plot but mostly naughty touching.

Live, From the Arena by spike_spetslayer
PWP answer to a challenge issued by RedWulfe on the Bloodshedverse Tagboard

Persephone by botias
This is a crack!fic whence the whole point is for virginal season 2 Buffy to get it on with ebol, unchipped season 2 Spike. - WIP but with final drafts/notes of how it was intended to finish (in the 2013 update found under the fic's tag, go down to the bottom of the page and 'back' to the previous 10 posts to find chapter 1)

Not sure on this one to be honest, but I think it fits...
Two Part Invention by Innie
What happens when Buffy's dreams contradict a prophecy?

Wants and Needs by facingthesun
Part I takes place after Passion, Part II takes place at the beginning of I Only Have Eyes for You, and Part III takes place somewhere during Becoming Parts I & II.

More Than She Bargained For by vampirische liebe
Here's something post 'Something Blue'. Buffy encounters a Demon which results in her getting more than she bargained for, especially from Spike.

Room Service by sunalso
S2 AU. Buffy needs Spike's help, Spike needs Buffy's help. My take on the much used trope of Buffy having to get it on with a vampire to save her life. Fluffy, smutty, and it ends up in a happy place. Set sometime before 'I Only Have Eyes For You'.

Catching Flies by Kari Mouke
Early season four. What if Buffy had decided to use honey instead of vinegar?

Extraordinary Considerations by Opal
Giles discovers a prophecy on how to stop Angelus from opening Acathla. In order to fulfill it, he must convince Buffy and Spike to work together ...intimately!

Weathered series by winter (Weathered, Murphy's Law, Crawling in the Dark, Again, Sweet Child
AU S5. Buffy and Spike are kidnapped to fulfill a prophecy.

Dreams and Nightmares by Abbyland - I can't find this online anymore but I have a copy in word, if you would like it then pm me.
Believe it or not this is Spuffy in the LONG run. Buffy is raped by Spike and Angel but it's not as straight forward as it sounds. There are sinister forces behind it and it is all a part of a bigger, diabolical plan to fulfill a prophecy.

These are a bit of a side step in the reasons why they are compelled to get frisky, but I thought you might enjoy them anyway...

Achilles Heel by Elizabeth

Something In It by annapurna_2
Spike makes Buffy an offer she can't refuse. Set in Season 2, around the time of "What's My Line Part 1." Then it...um...goes a bit AU.

Side Effects by hulettwyo
Written from a prompt: Person A is thinking sexually graphic or generally odd thoughts and suddenly panics and thinks, "If you're a mind reader, cough right now." Person B coughs. Takes place just after the Season Five episode, The Replacement, then goes AU.

Deep Purple by Megan
Set during Season Five. When the absurd comes to visit on the Hellmouth, and vengeful Slayer's twist the normal playing ground, how will the Scoobies cope? And will Buffy find solace in the arms of her sworn enemy?

The Itch by Gilly Bean2
Buffy's 25th birthday has the Council planning a nasty surprise. (note-Spike never returned after leaving with Dru)

Till The End of Time by Schehrezade
A Season Seven fic - NC17 Be warned very Porny! Buffy and Spike are on patrol and Buffy gets a weird reaction to some demon slime and Spike has to look after her and there are some interesting consequences.

Blood, Sex and Magic by dark dreamluver
Buffy's 19th birthday has a surprise attached-doesn't it always? Through a ritual of blood, magic and sex, the Slayer finds her mate.

Favours by Palerider
Buffy has a problem and asks Spike to help her with it. It has all sorts of supprising results.

Bite Me, Stake Me, Do Me by greyangel - I have this in word if you would like it pm me
Set at Halloween during season six. Buffy and Spike hang out together on All Hallows Eve where a game of kitten poker leads to a drunken bar fight, that leads to a round of drunken dares and bets, that leads to a visit to a tattoo parlour and eventually leads to them ending up in bed together...naked! And that's when the fun starts...
Archel PM
Forums Member

#3 | Posted: 15 Aug 2017 09:57
Sorry I'm so late replying! Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!
janab PM
Forums Member

#4 | Posted: 27 Aug 2017 03:45
Dreams and Nightmares by Abbyland

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