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04/02/20 01:30 am
I'm finally able to log in again, Pari, so whatsoever happened, a hearty thanks!
03/13/20 07:51 pm
We are moving to a new server, so expect some downtime. Don't panic downtime is normal during this process. Thank you!
03/13/20 06:17 pm
Hey All, having issues with the server. My host is working on this now. So please be patient. Pages are not lost, just 'SCROLL DOWN' :D
07/02/19 10:57 am
Hi! Everyone I'm new here. I just heard about this site from EF. Looking forward to reading great fics!
05/12/19 06:00 am
Anyone have the whole finished story for Dispose the Day? I tried to PM someone and it says I'm not logged in when I am. Oh well. Happy Mother's Day to all!
03/12/19 03:04 pm
Hey everyone. Been a while. Happy BTVS-day
01/29/19 05:15 am
Another spammer : wwwe
01/07/19 12:02 am
And it seems back up now, as I'm currently on it and it appears to respond perfectly, Pari.
11/28/18 02:48 pm
Sorry site was down, thanks for letting me know Chrissel. It's being worked on.
spikes mrs
09/06/18 07:21 am
receive a spam review from zzyytt deleted it but please be aware Pari thanks ...xxx


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Author's Corner

Reviewer: zpueqkh Anonymous Date: 03/28/2020 - 10:08 pm Title: Chapter 1

clamorous unassisted to successors sildenafil Protections with Halloween accept such

Reviewer: Munchkin111222 Anonymous Date: 06/22/2012 - 03:10 am Title: Chapter 1

I LOVE this world you've made!!! PLEASE update soon!!!!!!

Reviewer: Embers and Flame Signed Date: 12/03/2011 - 07:47 pm Title: Chapter 1

Great start! Loved the first story, I'm sure that I will love this one too.

Reviewer: jeanie Anonymous Date: 09/24/2006 - 11:00 pm Title: Chapter 1

glad to know how the differences in the stories explained the daughter and son mix up. hope there is going to be an update soon?

Author's Response: I'm afraid the muse has burned out on this for now..may perhaps I will pick it up but for now I have real life committments. Thanks for leaving feedback!

Reviewer: Crystal Pegasus Anonymous Date: 08/04/2006 - 01:54 am Title: Chapter 1

Interesting start. A sane Dru coming to call. The birth of Dawn, Buffy and Spike together and a prophecy, what more could a spuffy tale ask for. looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: DC Anonymous Date: 08/02/2006 - 01:27 pm Title: Chapter 1

i really really really like this story but you have to update more im all edgy waiting for the next part of this
awesome story

Author's Response: Thank you.

Reviewer: Woodstock Anonymous Date: 02/04/2006 - 12:44 am Title: Chapter 1

I love it so far! Cant wait to read more.

Author's Response: Hold tight! I'm working on it...slowly but surely!

Reviewer: Melanie Anonymous Date: 11/26/2005 - 06:21 pm Title: Chapter 1

Love it thus far!! More please!!! And I'm glal the comment about the baby being a girl in the last story is finally explained!!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: Spanky Anonymous Date: 11/16/2005 - 11:02 pm Title: Chapter 1

Good first chapter!

Though...I thought the baby was a little boy named William in Extrordinary Conciderations. I had just finished that one and then started this one and got a little confused.

Author's Response: There are two babies - William is now older from EO. DAwn is the new baby.

Reviewer: BuffyandSpikeForever Signed Date: 11/16/2005 - 02:02 am Title: Chapter 1

definitely good first chapter but just one question....what does it mean if a story goes off canon?

Author's Response: Thanks. Off Canon in my mind is when you write the charachters "out of character" in other words they do things, their mannerisms aren't as they were in the TV Show. Also any "rules" or known do's and don'ts of the TV Show are not adhered to. I'm sure someone can make a better definition, but I hope that is helpful.

Reviewer: wikkedlilgrrl Anonymous Date: 11/15/2005 - 04:46 pm Title: Chapter 1

love it so far....was glad to see a continuation of Extradordinary Circumstances...will Alessandra be good or bad...can her world be saved without sacraficing Dawn.... i will stay tuned for more updates.....

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: sirc Anonymous Date: 11/15/2005 - 03:14 pm Title: Chapter 1

a sequel? I had almost forgotten about it. Almost, not really :) And judging by this chapter I think I'm gonna love it as much, if not more, than your other stories

Author's Response: Thanks! I seem to have forgotten about it to since I haven't updated it in over a year! :)

Reviewer: Rider Anonymous Date: 11/15/2005 - 02:01 pm Title: Chapter 1

Ohh! Can't wait to read what happens next!

Author's Response: Me too! Hopefully I get around to writing it and finishing it someday! Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: maryperk Anonymous Date: 11/15/2005 - 01:41 pm Title: Chapter 1

Looks great, Opal!

Author's Response: Thanks Mary! :)

Reviewer: letitia Signed Date: 11/15/2005 - 01:11 pm Title: Chapter 1

Yea, more story. I can't wait to see what you have next for all of them. But where is everyone else??

Author's Response: Thanks! Everyone else will eventually come.

Reviewer: Nichole Anonymous Date: 11/15/2005 - 12:59 pm Title: Chapter 1

ooooo...sounds like another great adventure..loving it allready..i'm loving you off Canon Dru...soooo looking forward to more...N

Author's Response: Thanks!