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07/02/19 05:57 am
Hi! Everyone I'm new here. I just heard about this site from EF. Looking forward to reading great fics!
05/12/19 01:00 am
Anyone have the whole finished story for Dispose the Day? I tried to PM someone and it says I'm not logged in when I am. Oh well. Happy Mother's Day to all!
03/12/19 10:04 am
Hey everyone. Been a while. Happy BTVS-day
01/28/19 11:15 pm
Another spammer : wwwe
01/06/19 06:02 pm
And it seems back up now, as I'm currently on it and it appears to respond perfectly, Pari.
11/28/18 08:48 am
Sorry site was down, thanks for letting me know Chrissel. It's being worked on.
spikes mrs
09/06/18 02:21 am
receive a spam review from zzyytt deleted it but please be aware Pari thanks ...xxx
08/17/18 08:57 am
looks like the Series Category search has a series listed that is restaurants spam -
08/03/18 04:39 am
More spam. Reviewer Jing. Will delete.
07/04/18 05:05 pm
I have added some coding to deter hem from trying to post links. We shall see how it goes


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Reviews For Believe
Reviewer: jess Anonymous Date: 08/20/2008 - 12:51 am Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

oh wow. are all your stories this good? i loved your other one too. guess i have to keep reading them! wow. you never find out why he had to leave, but you dont really have to...its perfect as is. very good. amazing.

Reviewer: sc Anonymous Date: 08/06/2008 - 09:47 pm Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

soooo sweet! I absolutely loved it!

Reviewer: sarah g Anonymous Date: 02/02/2008 - 02:41 am Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3


Reviewer: Squid Anonymous Date: 04/14/2007 - 07:19 pm Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

OHHH!! I so liked! Very romantic, a bit angsty but loved the end.

Reviewer: Morbidmuch Signed Date: 02/17/2007 - 12:06 pm Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

I like it, it's sweet

Reviewer: Alien Anonymous Date: 02/05/2007 - 11:54 am Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

Actualy I havent but it doesnt matter itš realy good

Reviewer: Missytheslayer Signed Date: 01/21/2007 - 03:07 pm Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

Sweet story. Only thing is the question, why did he have to go in the beginning? But, it was probably meant to be short, and with that, a very fine job done.

Reviewer: Fyreburned Anonymous Date: 09/24/2006 - 02:57 am Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

Very sweet! You have an awesomely developed descriptive style! Many writers forget to use description as a method or a tool, thinking solely in terms of narration or even perhaps conversation between characters. Descriptive technique greatly sets the scene, can fill in blank spaces or dragging places in a tale, and can truly breathe life into what might otherwise read only as a 'he said/she said'.....
Enjoyed it! I rarely review, and not because I don't read and greatly enjoy the fiction; rather, I almost always enjoy fanfiction, sometimes adoring it, sometimes moved to blubbering tears and sobs by tearful, sad, or bittersweet tales; sometimes having to go wake up my ole fella or take a cold shower (or whatever....) when a story's rating and heat factor are right up there with the likelihood that it's rated NC-17 and/or PWP; usually sticking with a story even though spelling and grammar are awful, a 'ship doesn't exactly suit me, or it's pretty obvious that English is either not the writer's original language or that the writer is just beginning and has put a lot of themselves on the line to post a story. But anyway, I'm pulling a Buffy and Willow and rambling....I've gotten into reading a LOT of fanfic, in the last year. I decided "Hey, I LIKED the show, why not read
wHAT I LIKE to read! And in ways and in any myriad of outcomes of HOW I'd LIKE to read it!" Ergo, the fanfic reading....hey, online anyway, is lots cheaper than paperbacks in the longrun, is relaxing at night, and with either the cell phone browser or laptop is portable.
But back to reviewing----I prefer to respond to direct review linkups like is set up on this site, so I don't have to stop, open up yahoo or AOHell or whatever, as by that time I'll lose the built up steam to respond and/or critique or praise. Also, seriously, my parrots ate the keys off my laptop's keyboard when I fell asleep before closing the infernal thing early one a.m.; Dell graciously decided in light of all of their recent problems that since mine was truly overheating for some reason, it would be best to just replace it for me and give me time to copy one HDD to the other. So, is actually easier to type AND review now....
But, also, sometimes it is simply the uniqueness of a story, a premise, an original character or situation, handling of a difficult subject matter, or as in your case, skill, craftmanship, style and flair in a simple story that begged me to praise.
The story? Not so original! But hey, we love the old tales revamped (pardon tne pun) and told anew. And sweetly! Personally, I think we could ALL use more of a little bit of sweetness in our daily lives!
So, thanks for the story! I've probably read a half-dozen or so short to medium length fics tonight, plus caught up on some updates on ongoing fics, checked others for updates, and have a good dozen other fics pulled up on my desktop TO read or look at.
So far, yours is the only one tonight, actually in several days at least, that I've felt drawn to review.
Again, thanks, Enjoyed it!

Reviewer: Ashlie Anonymous Date: 07/28/2006 - 09:04 pm Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

cute story! I got the whole they = parents and whatnot thing. And I figured that the reason he had to leave was because she was underage. But it also led me to believe he was leaving on her 17th birthday. which would be the suckiest birthday present ever. Awesome little fluff though!
BTW, what was the Mr and Mrs Smith line? I have yet to see that movie=)

Reviewer: aoife mc Anonymous Date: 04/11/2006 - 01:12 pm Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

sweet but i didnt really understand it. why did he have to leave! who were "they" ? why couldnt she go with him?

Author's Response: I guess i was a little to metaphoric in this story for my own good... I made a few references to Romeo and Juliet,... which basically gives that "they" = their parents. There's not a concrete answer to why he had to leave... he could've been too old for her. The best thing i can say is that their parents didn't approve ... which doesn't answer why he had to "leave" per say,... so create an answer for yourself.... it could've been family obligations, schoolwork, etc... And she couldn't go with him because she was underaged and had to stay with her parents. hope that helped clear things up.

Reviewer: Spuffy_obsessed Signed Date: 04/09/2006 - 09:57 pm Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

Oh my this story was so sweet...though i was about to cry when she thought he forgot about her.

Reviewer: Kill_Pineapples Anonymous Date: 04/08/2006 - 06:32 pm Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

Aaaaw! That was such a cute story. Made me feel all happy and warm inside.

Reviewer: Maia Anonymous Date: 03/23/2006 - 04:49 pm Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

charming :)
just what I needed after the angst on "ain't love grand?"!

Reviewer: spikeshunny Anonymous Date: 03/08/2006 - 12:47 pm Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

Oh i loved that so sweet thank you x

Reviewer: cordykitten Anonymous Date: 03/08/2006 - 12:16 pm Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

Sorry, I haven't seen Mr. & Mrs. Smith so no catching the line. This was cute little fic. I feared first it would have a sad ending but it didn't. That's even better :) (Thought for a moment they would miss one another.) :-D

Reviewer: *bite me* Anonymous Date: 03/07/2006 - 02:37 pm Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

AWwwwwwwww! that is so romantic! I love it, even though that stuff is usually corny, but yours was great!

Reviewer: Tasha Signed Date: 03/07/2006 - 10:55 am Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

That was a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing this idea that you had with us. I loved it!

Reviewer: PhotographyNut Anonymous Date: 03/07/2006 - 10:05 am Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

What a wonderful fic! I loved it!

Reviewer: spufette Anonymous Date: 03/07/2006 - 09:25 am Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

Very sweet.
A nice change from the angst stuff.

I needed it.


Reviewer: maura Anonymous Date: 03/07/2006 - 07:10 am Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

i love this story, im having a shitty day and this made me smile. Keep up the great word

Reviewer: TammyAsh666 Anonymous Date: 03/07/2006 - 06:44 am Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

I haven't seen that movie, so I probably missed it. I really loved this story. It was really cute and I'm glad they found each other again and had a better ending than Romeo and Juliet. Why did Spike have to leave in the first place? Anyway, great work=)

Reviewer: Rikka Anonymous Date: 03/07/2006 - 02:38 am Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

Loved it. So sweet. But why couldn't they be together? I guess it doesn't matter since they got together in the end.. lol

Reviewer: SarahandJamesFanatic Signed Date: 03/07/2006 - 12:45 am Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

good story

Reviewer: DaniD Anonymous Date: 03/07/2006 - 12:44 am Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

awwww..Now that was a nice, short, to the point Spuffy..Very romatic!

Reviewer: DK Anonymous Date: 03/07/2006 - 12:14 am Title: Prologue, Ch. 1 - 3

Nice story. Why did he have to leave? Why couldn't she go with him? Really liked the ending. Good luck in your future stories and thank you for sharing.