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05/30/20 11:40 pm
The forum is back up now, sorry. We have been moved to a bigger and better server and things tend to get wonky with moving. If anyone sees anything strange please email me and let me know.
05/26/20 12:11 pm
Find-A-Fictional is not working
04/02/20 01:30 am
I'm finally able to log in again, Pari, so whatsoever happened, a hearty thanks!
03/13/20 07:51 pm
We are moving to a new server, so expect some downtime. Don't panic downtime is normal during this process. Thank you!
03/13/20 06:17 pm
Hey All, having issues with the server. My host is working on this now. So please be patient. Pages are not lost, just 'SCROLL DOWN' :D
07/02/19 10:57 am
Hi! Everyone I'm new here. I just heard about this site from EF. Looking forward to reading great fics!
05/12/19 06:00 am
Anyone have the whole finished story for Dispose the Day? I tried to PM someone and it says I'm not logged in when I am. Oh well. Happy Mother's Day to all!
03/12/19 03:04 pm
Hey everyone. Been a while. Happy BTVS-day
01/29/19 05:15 am
Another spammer : wwwe
01/07/19 12:02 am
And it seems back up now, as I'm currently on it and it appears to respond perfectly, Pari.


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Author's Corner

Reviews For Crushed
Reviewer: ildmeda Anonymous Date: 03/28/2020 - 10:09 pm Title: Chapter One

Specie be a climb laborious looking for the next legit and Over-emotionalism sildenafil over the counter Exceptionally the wing of precursors were reinstated during this timeframe

Reviewer: mycroftacd Anonymous Date: 02/22/2010 - 11:10 am Title: Chapter Four

I loved it girl. Just wish it had been longer.

Author's Response: *blushes* Thankyou. I was powerless to resist the idea of a tied up Spike :) Glad you enjoyed.

Reviewer: astrodex Anonymous Date: 11/01/2009 - 01:37 pm Title: Chapter Four

I loved every second of it. You have their voices down perfectly.

Author's Response: Thanks for takinfg the time to review. So glad you liked the Spuffy secapades ; ) x

Reviewer: Kristy B Anonymous Date: 10/31/2009 - 05:51 am Title: Chapter Two

Excellent.. although I will admit almost pulling my hair out at the 'no soul' comment. But I get that it is imperative to the story, I really do, I just absolutely hate it when Buffy sprouts that drivel. Heck the other night I got into an arguement with my 13 year old niece about why Spike was superior to Angel and she had the gull to quote that line at me.. I have never wanted to smack someone more. You don't love with your soul, you love with your heart. And I have gone way off topic.
Back to the story. Like I said you did a wonderful job, and the Spike and Buffy's insights were extremely believable and true to the characters, so much that if Joss himself had chosen to veer off in that particular direction it would have been written much like this. Keep up the top-notch work, I look very forward to the next one!

Author's Response: LOL. Thankyou so much for your kind words. I will admit that everytime I have to write those words I end up rolling my eyes myself! I'm forced to write Buffy with a bit more common sense than cannon because quite frankly, who in their right mind would be able to resist Spike? I mean she does have eyes right? ps. I'm totally on your side with the Spike vs Angel thing! The youth of today huh?! x LOL :)

Reviewer: saniryfair Anonymous Date: 10/28/2009 - 11:39 pm Title: Chapter Four

Thanks for yet another sweet, sexy story!

Author's Response: Thanks. I aim to please! x

Reviewer: AMI Signed Date: 10/28/2009 - 07:54 pm Title: Chapter Four

I just read the whole thing straight thru. Great little story! I loved it. Boy, Buffy actually used her brains and didn't run off into Denial Land... her favorite place. This should have happened in S5.

Hot, sexy , sweet, and a claim....Heaven!! You wrote a very HOT Spike. =)

Great job! Can't wait for more of your stories. (Don't care if they're not angsty...had enuff of that from the show. lol ) :)

Author's Response: Oh you're too kind! LOL Really glad you enjoyed it. Everybody's been so positive about my two fics and I'm working on a new one. Thanks again for reviewing. x

Reviewer: cordykitten Signed Date: 10/28/2009 - 07:41 pm Title: Chapter Four

I don't mind the missing angst :)
So, does that make you my knight in black leather? ~ “No just makes me yours. < 3

Author's Response: LOL. I feel really silly now... Just had to look up what

Reviewer: TammyAsh666 Anonymous Date: 10/28/2009 - 03:45 pm Title: Chapter Four

I hear you, every time I try to write angst, it never works out the way I want it to. I guess I can't resist the fluff since we got so little on the show. Anyway, this was a great read. Thanks for sharing=)

Author's Response: Thanks. Got an idea for a fun little *quickie* I'm working on, then maybe I'll be able to write a proper angsty one...Oh, who am I kidding? LOL Think I need a bit more experience under my belt before I can pull that one off. x

Reviewer: Spikes_slayer08 Anonymous Date: 10/28/2009 - 10:33 am Title: Chapter Four

So sweet, so sexy, so hot! Loved it, awesome job.

Author's Response: LOL. Your reviews have been much appreciated! Thankyou. x

Reviewer: cordykitten Signed Date: 10/27/2009 - 10:18 pm Title: Chapter Three

Buffy really loves to play. :))

Author's Response: Oh yes! But who can blame her?! x LOL

Reviewer: Eudora Scott Signed Date: 10/27/2009 - 07:46 pm Title: Chapter One

Very good, I can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm hoping to finish posting tomorrow. x

Reviewer: romy Anonymous Date: 10/27/2009 - 03:25 pm Title: Chapter Three

Well, if that wasn't hot!!
More please =)

Author's Response: LOL. Thankyou. I'll get the last chapter up soon. x

Reviewer: Spikes_slayer08 Anonymous Date: 10/27/2009 - 10:41 am Title: Chapter Three

Lol i love the last line "I'm gonna make you scream" so Spike! Awesome update, keep them coming.

Author's Response: Thanks. When I wrote it I could just picture the smirk! x

Reviewer: cordykitten Signed Date: 10/26/2009 - 06:20 pm Title: Chapter Two

Oh you have already a second chapter up :)
*phew* I hadn't thought that Buffy's slayer healing powers would have been enough. Good to see they were.
That really was a wake-up call for Buffy. :)
Sounds as if some things are about to change.

Author's Response: Oh yes, Buffy's about to take charge...in more ways than one. x

Reviewer: TammyAsh666 Signed Date: 10/26/2009 - 03:27 pm Title: Chapter Two

Aww, yay, loving this. It's still hard to believe this is only your second fiction, your writing is great. I see you're a fluffy girl just like me. Gotta love the fluff=)

Author's Response: Thankyou. I started this as an angsty little ficlet and then I gave in to the fluffy side! I'm just too weak to resist the spuffy goodness :)

Reviewer: sanityfair Signed Date: 10/26/2009 - 01:11 pm Title: Chapter Two

You're doing such a lovely job! Keep the chapters coming.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you're enjoying it. x

Reviewer: Spikes_slayer08 Anonymous Date: 10/26/2009 - 01:07 pm Title: Chapter Two

Really enjoying this fic, can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thankyou. Glad you're liking it. x

Reviewer: Spikes_slayer08 Signed Date: 10/26/2009 - 09:54 am Title: Chapter One

Loving this so far, please continue to write and post, people tend to not finish there fics and it can be so frustrating so I'm adding to my favs list so update ASAP lol

Author's Response: Lol. Don't worry this fic is completed and I'm hoping to post a chapter a day. I'm a bit like you, except I usually don't read WIP's cos I'm to impatient to wait! Glad you're enjoying it. x

Reviewer: Sanityfair Anonymous Date: 10/26/2009 - 02:35 am Title: Chapter One

I'm so happy to see another story from you. I hope you update this one regularly as well. Thanks so much for sharing!

Author's Response: Ooh I love compliments! LOL. This fic is complete so I'm hoping to post a chapter a day. Thanks for taking the time to review. x

Reviewer: jen Anonymous Date: 10/25/2009 - 11:32 pm Title: Chapter One

can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thanks. This fic is complete so hopefully I can post a chapter a day. x

Reviewer: TammyAsh666 Anonymous Date: 10/25/2009 - 10:55 pm Title: Chapter One

Dang, I had a feeling that would happen. I'm guessing Spike tried to warn her that the claws were poisonous or something, hopefully he'll be able to help her. I like that he's not giving up, and this Buffy at least admits that she has feelings for him. Give in, woman, you'll be a lot happier...lol! Great start, can't wait to see where you go from here=)

Author's Response: LOL. Thanks very much. I always thought if Buffy wasn't so stubborn in season 5 she could have avoided the nightmare that followed... Plus she gets to play doctor with Spike and who would complain about that?! x

Reviewer: cordykitten Signed Date: 10/25/2009 - 09:56 pm Title: Chapter One

I like the twist... Good to see Spike not giving up. And as his talk with Buffy showed he was right, Buffy is only afraid of her feelings. But what a cliffhanger! Hope she won't blame him for distracting her. And that she will be okay.

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. And don't worry nobodies going to die. I'm far too much of a sappy romantic to let that happen!! x

Reviewer: lizzie Anonymous Date: 10/25/2009 - 08:55 pm Title: Chapter One


Author's Response: Eek! You've reviewed quickly. So glad you liked it! This fic is complete so I'll get the rest up this week. x