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08/17/20 07:22 pm
@babygyrl what are the details of the fic you are looking for?
06/20/20 07:02 pm
I’m trying to put in a fic in the find a fic forum to but it isn’t letting me post the info about the fic I’m looking for I pretty sure I’m doing it right can you help
06/19/20 05:46 pm
Forum is back up.
06/19/20 04:20 pm
I have been informed that the Find-a-fic forum is down, and I'm working with host to get it back up. Please stand by. Thank you!
05/30/20 11:40 pm
The forum is back up now, sorry. We have been moved to a bigger and better server and things tend to get wonky with moving. If anyone sees anything strange please email me and let me know.
05/26/20 12:11 pm
Find-A-Fictional is not working
04/02/20 01:30 am
I'm finally able to log in again, Pari, so whatsoever happened, a hearty thanks!
03/13/20 07:51 pm
We are moving to a new server, so expect some downtime. Don't panic downtime is normal during this process. Thank you!
03/13/20 06:17 pm
Hey All, having issues with the server. My host is working on this now. So please be patient. Pages are not lost, just 'SCROLL DOWN' :D
07/02/19 10:57 am
Hi! Everyone I'm new here. I just heard about this site from EF. Looking forward to reading great fics!


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Author's Corner

Reviewer: Vette Anonymous Date: 12/17/2010 - 12:09 am Title: Happy Birthday

The “Weckerly Way” seems to involve a lot of singing and storytelling. Wonder if Buffy and Spike ever considered recording a disk for their kids and writing down their stories in a family journal just for their kids. Annie’s characterization is adorable, loved reading about her pout and folding of her arms in front of her chest. Would love to read more about the twins cooing or even grunting for stuff . Also, since big sis Annie is so intelligent, perhaps the twins could be taught to sign. I read that hearing babies that are taught simple sign language in their early development, can express themselves…hungry, sleepy, wet, tired or in pain. That would come in handy to big sis and everyone else around the twins.

Now as for making up between Buffy and Spike, nothing says I’m sorry like flowers and jewelry from Spike and naughty nightwear for Buffy. They really are acting like old married’s with kids.

The school that Annie is going to sounds like it will stimulate her intelligence and imagination….like figuring out how to say “orgasm” in many different languages! Hee Hee! Poor Spike, if his heart were still beating, he would have had a heart attack! He really should learn to tell Annie that little girls don’t talk about orgasms before they are married because it would give their Papa’s a heart attack!

Spike needs to tell Anya that her word vomit needs to be filtered around children, though he could always have a gag ready at hand to use on her. Perhaps, Spike can get the wicca’s to put a “no sex talk” protection spell in the mansion for Anya. It would be the equivalent of a dog shock collar to train her to act like a responsible adult around her child and other kids. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Hi Vette! Glad you're liking the Weckerly family ... I really love writing them! I'll try to get the twins more involved -- I'm just not good with babies - I like words! LOL! That's interesting about the signing thing - I never knew that! I'll see if I can work that in.

The next chapter will cover some of that making up that you're speaking of ... no worries! You know Spike's such a romantic devil! Emphasis on devil! :D

Yeah, that would've been a good thing to tell Annie about the word orgasm ... but she'd just keep asking 'why?' ... I don't think Anya knew Annie was listening ... but little ears can hear a lot - esp when we don't want them to! LOL!

Thanks so much for reading and your wonderful reviews! I love your ideas!

Will have more soon! -P4S 2010.12.16

Reviewer: carrot Signed Date: 12/16/2010 - 08:26 pm Title: Happy Birthday

Annie's birthday wish is absolutly HILLARIOUS! And your-verse Faith is really cool!

Author's Response: Hi carrot! LOL! Glad you liked Annie's Birthday wish! Poor Spike! My Faith has matured a bit ... still a naughty girl, but more level headed than she might've been a few years ago! She is very cool! Thanks so much for reading and stopping in here... I really love hearing from you! -P4S 2010.12.16

Reviewer: magnus374 Anonymous Date: 12/16/2010 - 12:32 pm Title: I Feel the Earth Move

A great chapter, it felt really good to read. After this should it be really hard to break them apart.

Author's Response: Hi magnus! You're very right ... I think their relationship is much stronger now. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for reading and all your reviews! I love hearing from you! -P4S 2010.12.16

Reviewer: westwingwolf Signed Date: 12/16/2010 - 05:30 am Title: I Feel the Earth Move


That is all.

Author's Response: LOL! You're welcome, WWW!! I try to please ... eventually! :D

-P4S 2010.12.16

Reviewer: Vette Anonymous Date: 12/16/2010 - 05:03 am Title: I Feel the Earth Move

When these two get physical, they get physical! First the warm up with the fighting and then the orgasms! Loved the banter expressed by Xander and Faith. Faith would sure sit by and watch and give her pointers if she was allowed – Naughty Girl! Glad they are back together, marriage is always a work in progress and when one fire is put out, another flares up in misunderstandings, ideals or parenting. Now that they have weathered their marital storm, now they have the watchers council to worry about. Look forward to more!

Author's Response: Hi Vette! I think Faith may have even wanted to join in! Such a naughty girl --- gotta love her! Oh yeah, they'll have lots of challenges to come, hopefully they can stand together through them now, rather than divided. Thanks so much for reading and stopping in here! Will have more soon! -P4S 2010.12.16

Reviewer: Bridget Anonymous Date: 12/16/2010 - 12:56 am Title: I Feel the Earth Move

Nicely done. I can't imagine any other way they would make up. I am sure the angst is not over. We still don't know what happened to Hallie.

Author's Response: Hi Bridget! Actually, we won't know what happened to Hallie for a while ... she's off scampering around now, but you're right, she'll be baaaack ....but later.

Glad you enjoyed the chapter! Thanks so much for sticking with it through the angst and stopping in here to chat!! I love hearing from you!! -P4S 2010.12.15

Reviewer: carrot Signed Date: 12/15/2010 - 08:52 pm Title: I Feel the Earth Move

*happy sign* perfect!...

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it!!! Yay! Thanks so much for stopping in here! More to come ... but the worst is over... for now. -P4S 2010.12.15

Reviewer: magnus374 Anonymous Date: 12/15/2010 - 01:03 pm Title: If You Leave Me Now

Of course he can get her in time, but it will take time for them to mend this and it's mostly Spikes fault. I like how Faith made Spike think more on Buffys side. It seems like Angel really has changed that's good, happy endings for everyone.

Author's Response: Hi magnus .... oh, you know my muse too well - - he loves to put everyone through hell, but in the end his romantic heart just has to come out and make everything ok again... It will definately take time for everything to totally mend, but they're gonna start working on that soon! Thanks so much for reading and stopping in here! I really love hearing from you!! -P4S 2010.12.15

Reviewer: carrot Anonymous Date: 12/15/2010 - 10:20 am Title: If You Leave Me Now

I think another song with " If you leave me now" line would be great for your story. Check out Sofia Nicol Candiani's "if You Leave Me Now" (More Then I Can Take)

Author's Response: Wow Carrot! You're right that song is perfect, too!! Thanks so much for the share!! Have you seen the lyrics posted anywhere for it? Thanks so much!! -P4S 2010.12.15

Author's Response: Found the lyrics .... thanks!!! -P4S

Reviewer: westwingwolf Signed Date: 12/15/2010 - 07:39 am Title: If You Leave Me Now

I told myself not to read until the story was over, and I could be assured a happy ending. I never freaking listen!

Faith is kinda the best person ever with this line: “’Cause I didn’t fight my ass off against the armies of hell and bury six teenage girls for the phone …” I may not agree with her tactics, but she got the job done.

I don't think Buffy can die anyways because if we have to believe Angel saved Annie & JJ, then we also have to believe what they said in the dream is true...which is Buffy and Spike don't age. If one part is/isn't true, then the other will follow that lead. She's basically tempting fate here. And really, she's gonna do all of this to protect Annie and then not bother to try and be in her life and see Annie live. I hope Spike calls her on her stupidity. They can call each other on their stupidity.

Author's Response: LOL! Oh, I'm so sorry, WWW ... the angst is nearly over *AND* you will get your wish ... they will each call each other on their stupidity - so READ ON!!

btw, even though Buffy won't age, she can die if injured, just like a Vamp can 'die' if dusted. In the dream, Angel said he wouldn't call 'them' that it would rile Spike up for Angel to call ... he never said he wouldn't call 'Buffy' ... he could've been talking about not calling Spike and Annie with the warning ...

Gotta love Faith!!

Thanks so much for sticking with me ... you can keep reading now ... really.

Love your reviews!! -P4S 2010.12.15

Reviewer: carrot Anonymous Date: 12/15/2010 - 07:21 am Title: If You Leave Me Now

Call me freak but I think its perfect! :)

Author's Response: Ok,if you insist ... You're a freak! :D and thank goodness for it! I'm glad you're enjoying the ride, carrot!! Got more for ya ... Thanks so much for reading and stopping in here!! -P4S 2010.12.15

Reviewer: Vette Anonymous Date: 12/14/2010 - 08:12 pm Title: If You Leave Me Now

Feel the angst! Did Buffy take poison and is waiting to go gentle into that good night? Geez Buffy, better to go out in a blaze of glory (sorry about the glory pun) than go out with a whimper. Love how Faith is taking her new undercover role in accordance to their best interests. I’m surprised she didn’t coyly call Hornblower “horny” just for the shock value. Angel is now lucid and back where he belongs and better, he knows where he belongs. Out of all the actions I pictured Buffy taking, suicide was not the one I would have imagined. Sure, she is in limbo and out of Spike’s life, but she has kids and friends who love her. Is her slayer death wish kicking in? I guess the only fight she never figured she would lose is the one with Spike’s love. Found this poem which hits close to home.
Turn around and don’t see me cry.
I don’t want to leave you
I don’t want to walk out in your life
I want to be with you
Because I love you so much

But the pain is too much to bear
You hurt my heart all the time
You tortured my mind
How can I stay with you?

I’d rather vanish from your sight
Than to hurt myself more
No matter I how I love you
Saying good-bye is the best thing to do.

By amrie soul

Hope Spike finds her soon. You and your muse are evil!

Author's Response: Hi Vette! Oooo ... we don't know what Buffy's waiting for exactly, other than death ... Her heart's just too broken, hurting too much to go on. This isn't the first time she's attempted 'suicide' ... once she succeed, to save Annie and Spike (vs. Glory), once Spike (etal) got there and saved her from the Ubervamps (which she did, she thought, to save Spike from her) ... this time she's doing it for herself - to stop the pain that won't go away.

Damn! Missed the chance to have Faith call him horny!! Crud! How did I miss that!? Shoot!

I think that, even with her family and friends, the one thing that keeps her 'grounded' back here on earth is Spike ... the tempation to go back to 'heaven' and stop the pain of losing him is just too great. I love the poem ... very appropriate!!

Evil is our goal ... I'm glad we have succeeded. :D

Will have more soon! Thanks soooooo much for stopping in here! Your reviews are sweet nummy treats!

-P4S 2010.12.14

Reviewer: IT Anonymous Date: 12/14/2010 - 06:50 pm Title: If You Leave Me Now

Aaarrrghhhhh!!!!! What an evil, evil cliffie!!!!

Way to go, Faith! She is such a cool character, and you wrote that scene really well.

Thanks for the update. :)

Author's Response: LOL! Sorry to have you screaming, IT! The one thing my muse likes almost as much as angst is cliffies! Will have more soon ... won't leave you hanging too long!

Thanks so much for reading and stopping in here! Now, back to work! Get that thesis proposal done! Crack that whip! :D

-P4S 2010.12.14

Reviewer: Bridget Anonymous Date: 12/14/2010 - 05:45 pm Title: If You Leave Me Now

This chapter has me so frustrated. I don't know if I should be more angry at Spike or Buffy. Buffy for takng the coward's way out. Although, I think she believes she is being noble and her heart is broken or at Spike for continuing to be a jerk. How long would he have held on to his anger if Faith hadn't shown up. I think Spike is a coward also because he did not have the courage to talk things out with Buffy and continually blamed her for the schism in their marriage and never looked in the mirror. I hope that Spike gets there in time and that they will be able to repair their relationship and marriage. Fantastic writing .

Author's Response: Our warriors can be pretty stubborn sometimes ... well, all the time ... LOL! It's one of those things we love to hate about them! If Faith hadn't shown up to knock (or kiss?) some sense into him, then I think Angel would've been the 'hero' and taken great pleasure in knocking some sense into Spike and perhaps Buffy, too. Just not quite ready for Angel to be all that heroic!

I think Spike might've let his anger go, but he may have been under the impression that Buffy didn't love/want him anymore; as Buffy is under that impression about him. **communication people!** {{sigh}} I think they will start communicating soon...

Thanks soooo much, Bridget, for reading and stopping in here! I love hearing from you - I'm glad you're ... well, enjoying, may not be the word, but at least sticking with the wild ride!

-P4S 2010.12.14

Reviewer: magnus374 Anonymous Date: 12/14/2010 - 02:39 pm Title: Love Hurts

As much as they have been through I find it strange that Spike react as badly as he does, mayby a few years ago but now should he be secure in their relationship. I wonder if it will be Angel that makes Spike see reason?. I will just have to wait and see.

Author's Response: Hi magnus! You would think he'd be secure with Buffy by now ... but I think deep down, he still feels like he's a monster who doesn't deserve her love - he may not even realize that those insecurities are still there and they make him overreact to things like this. Plus, with it involving Angel ... that's a hundred plus years of anger (and jealousy?) there built up. He truly loathes Angel, not just for what he's done recently, but from him stealing Dru when Spike was in the wheelchair and everything else Angel did to him when they traveled together as vampires. Spike could definately use a 'time out' to get some perspective. I had seriously considered making it be Angel who finally knocked some sense into him, but it will actually be a chorus of voices with someone who can perhaps explain Buffy's side of it to him better leading the way... that person will show up very soon!

Thanks so much for reading and sticking with me through all the angst and Spike's stubbornness ... I love hearing from you!

-P4S 2010.12.14

Reviewer: carrot Signed Date: 12/14/2010 - 08:52 am Title: Love Hurts

Ok I can't fall asleep last night thinking about your story :) And more I think about it more I am sure it won't work for Spike and Buffy if at some point they just kiss and make up. I think it all brough up more serious issue. Spike won't trust Buffy as long as Angel is undead and around. Maybe because of Cecily and Dru he cant trust her 100% at all (and sure recent lie just added to taht insecurity)... Buffy can't relay on him 100% because he can be stuborn and if he decide there is no hurm he wont see it till it late. Don't get me wrong I want them back together! I am totaly SPUFFY GIRL! But I think they both should really _work_ for it. Maybe they should be back to living under same roof but build up they relationship back together or maybe start anew... Cause to forgive and t forgetis not teh same. If tehy forgive each other few chapters later will they be able to never bging back the issue. Will Spike be alright every time Buffy says there is sele in shoe shop? How will Buffy feel whenever she need to bring up her slayer-dreams?.. I hope you are not upset with my blabbering

Author's Response: Hi Carrot! You're totally right! It will take more than each one apologizing and forvgiving the other. They both have to realize their mistakes and work on correcting their future behavior if they're going to make it. You'll find that many chapters later they are both still struggling with those issues and struggling to change themselves for the better; this experience won't soon be forgotten ... but hopefully, they can both learn from it and build from there.

Thanks so much for reading and leaving such an insightful review! And NO WAY do I get upset with 'blabbering' ... I'm touched that everyone feels as strongly as I do about our couple. I am sorry that you've lost sleep, though ... keep in mind that my muse is evil, but he's also a romantic at heart ... so they'll find a way to fix it.

Thanks again!! Love your reviews!! -P4S 2010.12.14

Reviewer: IT Anonymous Date: 12/14/2010 - 07:31 am Title: Love Hurts

So, I at least thought about my proposal today! lol Love the update. Willow and Tara are priceless - way to go with the wily woman witchy power!

I don't think I mentioned that I the pictures really add to the story. Please keep putting them in!

Thanks for the update. :)

Author's Response: Hi IT! Thanks so much! I'm glad you got something done on your proposal! LOL! And thanks for mentioning the pictures - I sometimes think I should drop them, because they can take as long to find as it takes to write a chapter if my muse is on a roll (really!), but then someone will tell me how much they like them (and I like them too!). Anytime you see a chapter with very few, you'll know that I just ran out of time ... some stupid RL thing came up and I wanted to get the chapter posted, so I saved time on the pictures ... but I will keep doing them. Thanks!!

Got more for ya ... hopefully, you can get something actually written on your proposal today! :D

Thanks soooo much for reading and stopping in here! I love hearing from you! -P4S 2010.12.14

Reviewer: AMI Anonymous Date: 12/14/2010 - 06:45 am Title: Love Hurts

OK Spike get over yourself. He has to realize why Buffy did what she did. It was wrong to lie, but it was for the right reasons...as Will and Tara proved to him. Willow's right neither one are saints. And poor Annie, her scene ith Buffy was heartbreaking. *pets her* I hope Spike realizes soon the harm he's doing to her, and he should not keep the kids away from her. :(

Hopefully someone will slap Spike upside the head(and that I don't say often) and make him see reason.He loves her and his pride has been hurt, and he's being stubborn, and he's making them both miserable.Oh our Spuffy.
Love the story, tho theangst is killing me. How will you fix this? Can'twait to see what trick you have up your sleeve.

btw...you traumatized me with that icky Bagel kiss pic. Evil author. :)

Author's Response: LOL!! Sorry for the Bangel kiss!! It had been so long since there had been any kisses, I was going into DT's ... I had to find one! Even Bangel! LOL!

Someone is coming to slap Spike upside the head ... very, very soon! It's almost over ... hang in there!

Thanks sooooo much for sticking with me through the heartbreak and Spike's stubbornness ... I love your reviews - so insightful and funny, too! I apologize again for the icky Bangel kiss! LOL! {{hugs}} -P4S 2010.12.14

Reviewer: Vette Anonymous Date: 12/14/2010 - 03:15 am Title: Love Hurts

Spread the pain and misery! It seems that Spike is holding Buffy responsible for every hurt and betrayal he has ever faced in his existence. I feel that he is exploiting Annie by using her and the twins to make Buffy pay for her lies. For example, the story he chose to read to Annie of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” - Could he possibly be any more clueless? The child is missing her mother and he keeps rubbing salt into her little wounds. Whatever issues he has in his personality and marriage, keep a neutral zone and a united front for the kids! I hope Spike’s goal is not to make the kids hate Buffy and selfishly hoard their love for himself. Another dad (Xander) needs to chastise him for what he is doing to his kids. Annie must feel like her Daddy is trying to make her choose him over her mother. Imagine telling her that her mother ran away and didn’t want them anymore? It would serve him right to have the kids taken away from him through a wish granted from a vengeance demon for hurting them and thrown straight into the fairytale of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” – for punishment. Spike would be the shepherd boy and his kids the lambs. The Scoobies could be the villagers and he goes through the misery of helplessly witnessing the wolf threatening to eat his kids. It won’t go as far as the kids being chomped on but threatened and insecure while under the protection of the shepherd - who exploited them for selfish reasons - which Spike is doing. The lesson here is that the wolf is following his primal instincts just like Buffy was following her own maternal ones. Spike should know that Buffy will always follow her instincts as a mother, wife and as a slayer. Spike selfishly used Angel to make Buffy and the others chose which vampire they want as a favored son. Still, Bad Buffy for lying but her instincts left her no choice. Look forward to more.

Author's Response: Hi Vette! Wow ... your reviews are awesome! I don't think Spike was meaning to rub salt in Annie's wounds ... I think he was trying to get a point across that lying is wrong ... he just isn't handling any of it very well.

You would think he'd be secure with Buffy by now ... but I think deep down, he still feels like he's a monster who doesn't deserve her love - he may not even realize that those insecurities are still there and they make him overreact to things like this. Plus, with it involving Angel ... that's a hundred plus years of anger there built up. He truly loathes Angel, not just for what he's done recently, but from him stealing Dru when he was in the wheelchair and everything else Angel did to him when they traveled together as vampires. Spike could definately use a 'time out' to get some perspective. Maybe someone will show up and help open his eyes very soon!

Thanks so much for reading and leaving your wonderful reviews! I totally love your ideas!! -P4S 2010.12.14

Reviewer: Bridget Anonymous Date: 12/14/2010 - 12:47 am Title: Love Hurts

Okay, I am tired of Spike's self righteousness. Buffy lied and didn't trust him enough to tell him about Angel. However, Spike is not walking on water. And where does he get off controlling Buffy's access to their children. Spike has no right to keep the children from Buffy. she did not harm them and as a lawyer who represents parents and children in custody cases I find it wrong and harmful that Spike would keep their children from their Mother. He is being very selfish. I really hope Spike will wake up and remember why he loves Buffy in the first place.

Author's Response: Hi Bridget! You're so right, Spike shouldn't keep Buffy from the kids, or vice versa ... and his self righeousness is getting old; like Willow said, Buffy's no saint , but neither is he. I don't think Spike intended to keep Buffy from the kids indefinately - he's still just really hurting and he just keeps tossing out barbs in all directions as a defense mechanism. He'll come to his senses ... eventually.

Thanks so much for reading and stopping in here ... I love hearing from you! -P4S 2010.12.13

Reviewer: Spuffy6 Signed Date: 12/13/2010 - 09:27 pm Title: Love Hurts

love this story, since the very begining. your writing is amazing, i get so into the emotions of the story. poor little Annie, i wanted to cry for her :( hopefully all this angstyness will lead to some amazing Spuffyness in the future ;)

Author's Response: Hi Spuffy6! Thanks for stopping in! I'm so glad that the story is touching your emotions ... I know it does mine! And yeah, well, you know, the more angst, the more spuffyness we'll have to have to get over it! :D

Thanks so much for stopping in here! I love hearing from you! -P4S 2010.12.13

Reviewer: Sibb Anonymous Date: 12/13/2010 - 08:08 pm Title: Love Hurts

Oh--this is beyond sad. I do understand Spike's anger but being willing to throw their marriage away and keeping her from their children is just as bad as what Buffy did. I trust that this will eventually be resolved and--I'd love for Spike to end up with the ring! No need for Angel to hold onto it that I can see :-).

Author's Response: Hi Sibb ... yeah, Spike's just lashing out in all directions now ... hopefully,someone will come along and smack some sense back into him very soon!

I think we all agree that Angel doesn't need the ring ... I know a few people that may lynch me if I left the ring with Angel at the end of this story! LOL!

Thanks soooo much for reading and stopping in here! I love hearing from you!! -P4S 2010.12.13

Reviewer: carrot Signed Date: 12/13/2010 - 07:44 pm Title: Love Hurts

...and if it zero tolerance zone: he run, and staied away and f*cked Harmony and then waltz in like nothing had happen! It was Buffy who apologiesed for treating him badly cause she left him behind on cemetary! He dost trust Angel because of Dru but he blames mother of his kids for it. Lovely. I could justify being hurt but things he says to Annie all wrong. They will get back together and she will have years in terapy... Will she respect her mother after it all? She already feels all insecure and can't share her worries with anyone. So sad he is ruining his kids life. But you right he think he had all the reason to do so... Love it! Counting time till next chapter!

Author's Response: Hi Carrot! Oh, you are so right on all counts ... how could their kids not spend lots of time in therapy, even without the stress of Spike and Buffy separating or divorcing? But without Buffy there, heaven knows what the kids will do. And yeah, Spike thinks he's right - he thinks he knows best and that he can raise the kids fine without her ... it will take a lot of voices to convince him otherwise - perhaps one voice of reason will come from an unexpected place ... Will post another chappie tomorrow or maybe late tonight ... it won't be long for you to count! Thanks soooo much for reading and hanging in here through this very sad time! -P4S 2010.12.13

Reviewer: AMI Anonymous Date: 12/13/2010 - 03:16 pm Title: If I Could Turn Back Time

Oh it's just getting more and more sad. :( And now Buffy is thinking Spike wants a divorce? Why is she thinking that...they haven't talked about that, is it cause of the dream or cause of the term he used "irreconcilable differences"?

I feel so bad for poor Annie...Spike messed up there. He shouldn't have said what he did. *cries* Oh man my Spuffy heart HURTS.

I'm hanging in there, cause I trust you and I hope it'll be better soon. The angst is great tho...but really painful.

Plz post more soon.*hugs*

Author's Response: Hi AMI! Buffy lept to that conclusion (that he wanted a divorce) from him using the words 'irreconcilable differences' ... Those words may come back to haunt Spike later...

I know it's so sad and Spike totally messed up with Annie - my muse loves to make me cry and I have no choice but to pass it on to you guys ... {{hugs}} sorry!

Keep your trust that my blue-eyed muse isn't as evil as Joss...almost, but not quite...

Thanks sooooo much for reading and stopping in here ... a little more sad before things turn around - hang in there! -P4S 2010.12.13

Reviewer: magnus374 Anonymous Date: 12/13/2010 - 12:19 pm Title: If I Could Turn Back Time

I get that Spike is angry, but this is a big overreaction. Buffy had reasons to help Angel and she tried to talk to Spike about it. Spike could have made her sing infront of Lorne to get some answers. Anyway, you'r really good at writing angst it really make me feel sorry for them, but I trust that things will be good in the end.

Author's Response: Hi magnus ... I know, there are lots of things both of them could've done differently ... but, if they always did everything perfectly and didn't overreact and do dumb stuff, I would be out of a job! My muse loves to make me cry ... and, therefore, I must share the pain with everyone else! Thanks for the trust that he (my muse) is not quite as evil as Joss ... not quite.

Thanks so much for reading and stopping in here! I love hearing from you!! {{hugs}} -P4S 2010.12.13

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