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04/14/18 09:08 pm
I really wihs Fetching Mad Scientist would come back to do an update. :( after all these years it seems a bit impossible but...
03/31/18 02:39 am
So good to get an update, twilight child.
03/15/18 08:54 pm
Hey everyone. It's been a real long time. I've missed the fanfiction world.
03/15/18 02:02 pm
@Passion4Spike, thnx and spam reviews deleted
03/15/18 01:48 pm
ok, will do, Pari
03/11/18 06:32 pm
You can post it here in the shoutbox but I might not see it
03/11/18 06:32 pm
It's better if you guys email the spammer's username and then I can just delete all their reviews and account in one shot :) Contact me thru profile page
03/11/18 06:30 pm
I've deleted their reviews and account @Passion4Spike
03/02/18 02:21 am
PARI, help! Can you please do something about user aa and all the spam they are hitting me with?
03/02/18 02:21 am
PARI, help! Can you please do something about user aa and all the spam they are hitting me with?


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“Come on people. This isn’t a spectator sport.” Spike was saying as his minions charged after Angel and Xander.

Spike started to go after them but caught a whiff of something in the air.

“Fee fi foe fum. I smell the blood of a nice ripe…girl.” Spike said as he turned around and faced Buffy.

“Do we really need weapons for this?”

“I just like them. They make me feel all manly.” Spike he curved his hand down his chest to his crotch. Buffy’s eyes followed his hand on its trek and widened as he cupped his growing bulge.

Spike dropped his weapon and staggered towards her. Buffy dropped her axe and stood her ground.

“The last slayer I killed, begged for her life.” He said as he came to a stop a few feet away from her. “You don’t strike me as the begging kind.”

“You shouldn’t have come here.” Buffy said, trying like hell to sound like she meant it.

Spike laughed, his deep voice echoing down the halls.

“No. I messed up your doilies and stuff.” He agreed, turning and pointing to a table, then coming back to face her. “But I just got so bored.”

Their eyes locked again and Buffy felt a bolt of excitement run through her body.

“I’ll tell you what. As a personal favor from me to you, I’ll make it quick. It wont hurt a bit.” Spike cocked his head at her.

“No, Spike. It’s gonna hurt a lot.” Buffy countered.

Spike growled and tried to punch her. Buffy dodged the punch and blocked another one. She spun a low kick to knock Spike off his feet but he jumped and avoided her legs.

They fought back and forth; their movements making them look like they were dancing. Buffy finally landed a punch on Spike’s face and he grabbed her around the waist and threw her into an empty classroom.

She landed against a desk and flung her arm around to hit him only to see he was still at the door, with a smirk on his face he turned the lock.

“What are you doing?” Buffy asked slightly un-nerved.

“Giving us a bit o’ privacy. I know you want me. I can smell it.” He returned as he lunged for her.

Buffy jumped out of the way as he landed on the desk. She ran to the other side of the room looking frantically for a weapon. Before she knew it he was behind her. He trailed his hands up her sides and leant in close to her ear.

“Slayer…” his cool breath whispered.

Buffy’s skin tingled from where his breath blew. She wanted nothing more than to melt into his embrace and show him who was boss. Instead she cocked back her arm and spun, punching him on the nose.

“Arrghghh.” Spike yelled as he grabbed his nose. “What the bloody hell was that for?”

“What? Did you actually think you would make the first move?” She said as she pushed him against the wall. He looked at her, stunned for a minute, before her mouth came crashing against his.

Spike growled softly in his throat and kissed her back hungrily. Buffy sighed against his mouth, glad to finally have contact. He spun them around so he trapped her between the wall and himself. His thigh nudged her knees apart as he pressed himself harder against her. Buffy parted her legs willingly; glad she had worn a wrap around skirt. She felt Spike’s hand trailing up her leg, his nails lightly scratching her.

His hands made their way up her to her sides. He had fistfuls of her green top in his grasp, tugging the offending material over her head.

Spike broke contact with her mouth to trail kisses down her neck to her breasts. His cool mouth covered a bra-clad nipple; he sucked hard, Buffy arching against his mouth. She clutched at him, her hands dragging the long leather duster off his arms. Spike shrugged out of it, making it land in a pool of black at their feet. Buffy pulled the blood red shirt off his shoulders and stopped at his tight black t-shirt. She could feel his muscles through the fabric; she almost swooned over how tight they were. Buffy wanted nothing more then to rip the cotton from his body and with a smirk she did.

Spike responded by tearing her bra off her body. His cold hands cupping the warm flesh of her breasts and his mouth returned again to her nipple while he thumbed her other breast. Buffy tried to throw her head back and ended up hitting the wall.

Spike growled low in his throat, her scent of arousal heavy in the air. He felt himself vamp out and he bit her breast. She cried out against the pain but welcomed it as she ground herself against his knee. Spike almost came right then, the taste of her blood was like ambrosia. He suckled on her and licked his marks before spinning her around while un-wrapping the white skirt she had on. She now faced the wall only in her white silk thong.

Spike’s cold chest pressed against Buffy’s feverish back. He moved her hair to one side and trailed kisses down her shoulders to the middle of her back.

“Put your hands on the wall above your head.” He snarled at her as he dropped to his knees behind her.

The sound of his voice made Buffy shiver and she complied. Her hands splayed on the wall above her head. Spike grabbed her hips, spreading her legs wider and pulled her ass towards his face. He breathed deep and brought her quim to his mouth. He tasted her through the thin material of her panties, his tongue sliding along the damp silk. He licked her again and pulled her panties down, his tongue finding its way to her weeping cleft.

“Christ Buffy, you taste so good.” He said as he darted his tongue in and out her sheath. He flattened his tongue against her lips and licked from top to bottom, doing this several times. Buffy was pressed against the wall, her hands clenched into fists. Spike placed his cold mouth over her clit and sucked hard as he thrust two fingers inside her waiting entrance and made Buffy cry out. She started to move against his mouth and fingers, her juices running in a steady stream into his mouth. Spike was glad he didn’t need to breathe as he buried his whole face in her crotch, wanting more of her in his mouth. Spike replaced his mouth with his hand on her clit and pinched while his other hand sawed in and out of her. Buffy was about to protest about the absence of his mouth when he bit her on the ass, his fangs penetrating the smooth globe of her skin.

Buffy cried out and came in a shudder. He took out his fangs and sucked deep on her blood, his hands never stopping their work on her body. Buffy sagged against the wall and Spike ceased his movement on her pussy. He licked his bite marks, closing them before standing and unbuttoning his jeans.

Buffy looked over her shoulder at Spike who was taking his pants off. She wanted nothing more then to have the cold, pale column of his cock in her mouth. She licked her lips eagerly as Spike’s eyes met hers.

“Next time, luv.” He said as he stroked himself with his hand that was coated in her juices.

He pushed her back up against the wall, her breasts smashed against the coldness of it. Her nipples so hard they could cut holes in the plaster. Spike placed his hand on the small of her back and touched his head to the entrance of her body. Buffy spread her legs even wider in anticipation.

Spike eased his hard cock inside her tight body, his eyes rolling back in his head, Buffy moaning his name loudly. He held himself inside her, waiting for her to get accommodated to his large member. Buffy was in heaven, his shaft was just pure heaven. She leaned her head back and captured his lips in her mouth as Spike started to move within her.

They groaned against each other’s mouths, their bodies finding their rhythm. Spike held onto Buffy’s hips as he pounded away in her. She was clawing the wall with one hand while the other was holding onto Spike’s hip wanting him deeper, slamming harder.

“Spike, oh God, More. More.” Buffy yelled, her voice echoing in the quiet classroom. The only other sounds were that of slapping flesh and heavy breathing.

Spike felt that familiar tingling in his sac and knew he was close. His face was alternating between his vamp and his human form. His demon telling him to take her, drink her blood dry. He blocked out his demon and continued his movements. His head was spinning and he was drunk with her intoxicating smell and feel.

“Fuck Slayer.” Spike cried out as she clenched her vaginal muscles around his hard shaft.

“So close, Spike. So fucking close.” She moaned as she cocked her head to the side exposing the smooth column of her throat. Spike couldn’t resist and vamped out. He kissed her neck tenderly careful not to scratch her with his long fangs.

His amber eyes zeroed in on her throbbing vein and he bit down hard.

“FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.” Buffy screamed as she came, her body shuddering. Buffy grabbed his arm and bite down on his cold forearm, hard enough to draw blood.

Spike yelped at her throat and thrust harder, cumming in large bursts inside her. Buffy licked the blood she had drawn and swallowed it as their bodies continued pumping away at each other. Spike had withdrawn his fangs and pulled strongly on the blood seeping from his mark. With each pull Buffy came again screaming his name.

Spike licked his mark and whispered, “Mine.” against the back of her neck.

Buffy licked her mark and whispered “Yours.” against the whiteness of his forearm.

Both turned to look at one another, their lower halves still locked together.

Both of their faces mirrored the same expression--surprise.

Where do we go from here? Was said silently between them.

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