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03/14/16 09:14 am
Hi nmcil! I had that same problem too but then i logged in and submitted a review. It went thru fine. I guess the system doesnt take guests or anonymous reviews, just those from logged in ones.
02/27/16 07:42 am
Why does the Review Option not work - no matter what I try it keeps rejecting the code
01/16/16 01:43 pm
Hi guys! How do i post challenges if i have one? Challenges/ideas for spuffy fics others might be interested to write about?
12/16/15 12:35 am
Hi guys. I completely rewrote Falling on Hard Times and I'm working on editing Wonderment, too.
12/05/15 02:26 am
Finally updated Sparks In The Water, for those who are reading. :)
11/28/15 11:58 pm
Living For Love has been Updated. Somehow I missed updating Ch 11. Ch 12 is now up as well.
10/10/15 03:13 am
Thanks for the reviews guys! Menage update this weekend.
09/13/15 12:35 pm
09/13/15 12:34 pm
When I search using 'Suammry' and just the word 'Pregnant' and I get 21 results
08/29/15 05:08 am
what is the best way to search for baby fics? please advise not having good search results.

Penname: spikester0889 [Contact] Real name: Jamie
Member Since: 03/10/2005
Membership status: Member
Wow, it is totally time to update this!

My name is Jamie and I'm now 19 years old. I have been wrting spuffy for about 4 years now and I absolutly adore it. I haven't been able to write anything lately, which sucks entirely, but I am trying to make time. I hope that I can start writing again soon...real soon. I hope everyone keeps checking back for updates:)
Web Site: http://
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MSN IM: MSN IM buffy_spike_fan03 [AT] yahoo [DOT] com
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Stories by spikester0889
Summary: Buffy is 16 years old and lives at home with her mom (Joyce) and her 25 year old sister, Faith. She knows that her sister is a known slut and sleeps with men, and then ditches them. When her sister tells Buffy and her mom that she has decided to change and that she has a new boyfriend to help her do just that, Buffy thinks that she is full of crap and that her new “boyfriend” is some druggie that lives on the street. Well….Buffy couldn’t be more wrong.
Categories: NC-17 Fics Characters: None
Genres: Romance, Angst Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 15 Completed: No Word count: 25491
Published: 06/05/2005 Updated: 01/05/2007
Summary: This story is about 2 people that found love...lost love...but in the end, they ended up together. (The song in the fic is by Brad Paisley featuring Allison Krauss)
Categories: General Fics Characters: None
Genres: Angst Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1181
Published: 06/17/2005 Updated: 06/17/2005
Why me?? by spikester0889 Rated: NC-17 [Reviews - 427]
Summary: Buffy Anne summers is a new student at a school. Her mother just died and she moved in with her uncle (Giles). Buffy meets Willow, xander, and a certain Bleached hair someone. She thinks her life is better than it should be, and she is very happy. But will some people, turn their jealously over the couple, into murder?
Categories: NC-17 Fics Characters: None
Genres: Romance Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 37 Completed: Yes Word count: 46998
Published: 03/10/2005 Updated: 07/15/2005