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Etched in Stone by flowerofthewolf 1.5K  
Buffy goes to LA not knowing Spike is alive, Spike hides and she has a baby. Searching for this fic!! 0.9K  
Help Find A Fic, Spuffy but has Angel(us) and Dru. Managed to save tiny snippets of fic 0.9K  
All human. buffy has a young daughter and takes her to a comic con to meet her fav actor; Spike 0.9K  
... 312  Sam Lawson and Spike knew Joyce's family
... 241  Post S06 Spike comes back to Sunnydale as Buffy's Watcher. Found!
... 239  «So that's what this is» by Damperspoons
... 159  Spike has time to deal with his guilt?
... 56  Normal again based fic
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