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Spikes famous buffy wins a date with him

Author Nikkig88
#1 | Posted: 14 Jun 2021 22:56 
Looking for a fic we're buffy won a date with famous spike , they have a 1 night stand and she ends up pregnant any help would be great please

Author gdp

#2 | Posted: 15 Jun 2021 19:12 
It seems like I'd Do Anything by Buffy Williams

Summary: Buffy Summers wins a date with Spike Giles, famous actor/singer. At first she's obssessed, but when she meets him, she forms an immediate dislike for him, and vice versa. 4 years later, he's still famous and she's a movie critic. What happens when she's sent to critique his latest movie? Will he recognize her?

Find-A-Fic Spuffy Find-A-Fic Forum / Find-A-Fic /
 Spikes famous buffy wins a date with him

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