A Little Piece of Heaven by Magan

Rated: 15 • 24 Reviews Liked
Summary: What happens after the screen fades to black in 'Not Fade Away'?

Abled by PassionFish

Rated: 18 • 57 Reviews Liked
Summary: After a violent accident Buffy finds herself all alone, and Spike is the only one that can handle her.

Akoshta : Book III : Past's Problems by Kaylorin

Rated: 18 • 53 Reviews Liked
Summary: Just as The Scoobs are getting used to the changes in their lives, once again a wrench is thrown into the works. Old enemies return to Sunnydale to frolick and play.

All That's Good and Bad by mel

Rated: 15 • 1 Reviews Liked
Summary: My very first fic written in August of 2002 and posted on ff.net. Set between S 6 and 7. Now a trilogy! Spike, Buffy and Scoobs go up against the big bad. **This fic was written before Season 7 aired using spoilers from various sites** If you haven't seen season 7, spoilers in story!!

Always Knew I'd Go Down Fightin'.... by Slaymesoftly

Rated: PG • 6 Reviews Liked
Summary: Set in the Bumpverse (Things That Go Bump in the Night and sequels), but well into the future. Spike and Buffy decide to retire, but then something happens to bring them back.

Always Will Be by CrimsonAngel

Rated: 15 • 19 Reviews Liked
Summary: Takes place in After Life. How will Spike react to Buffy being back and will he leave her to face her friend alone? Sequel to Saying Goodbye. Or will be the sequel.

As I Should Be Series by Slaymesoftly

Rated: 15 • 6 Reviews Liked
Summary: Begins with a slightly tweaked season six break up scene and continues in three short fics set during and after Hells Bells. The last two were written for Schmoop Bingo prompts, so be warned. :)

At It Like Rabbits by NautiBitz

Rated: NC-17 • 77 Reviews Liked
Summary: SEQUEL to Heart Don't Lie! It's the final chapter in the Bunnyverse: Thirteen years after the end-all apocalypse, Buffy and Spike are happily married with kids (and are just as frisky as ever). Ah, domestic bliss. It must mean something's about to change around here...

Baby Makes 3 by Spuffy_obsessed

Rated: 15 • 4 Reviews Liked
Summary: Part of the one-shot Emily Series. AU Off Canon from Season 5. After Riley leaves Buffy and Spike's tentative work relationship blossoms into a relationship. After the battle of Glory where everyone is able to survive, they perform a mating ritual. The Powers that Be bless the two with a gift in the form of a child.

In this one-shot: Buffy and Spike have been mated for almost 3 years. While Spike is out of town helping Angel, Buffy suspects her mysterious food posioning isn't just that.

**One-shots in this series is not posted in chronological order and can be read with out reading other stories of this series.

Brothers in Arms by Sway

Rated: NC-17 • 176 Reviews Liked
Summary: Ten years have passed since Sunnydale fell. And for ten years, Buffy believed Spike to be dead and burried with it.
Now that a new apocalypse comes a-knocking, she has to rely on him for help.
But something just isn’t right with the vampire. Will she be able to figure out what it is before it is too late?

Nominated for Best Angst and Best Author at Spark & Burn Awards Nominated for Most Original Plot, Best General Saga & Best General Angst at Spuffy Awards Round 13

Car Trouble 12 - Belize, Release Me by Kings of Mercia

Rated: NC-17 • 70 Reviews Liked
Summary: Were were watching 'Lost' and were inspired.....

Car Trouble 14 by Kings of Mercia

Rated: 15 • 43 Reviews Liked
Summary: If you want to know HOW Buffy got pregnant, then go read Buffy and Spike's B-I-G Adventure -

Choices by spikes_bitch

Rated: NC-17 • 9 Reviews Liked
Summary: 5 Months after the battle with the first, the scoobies are called to LA to make the hardest decisions of their lives.

Chosen One by Pari

Rated: PG • 11 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy's dead, how everyone deals...

Cold Light of Day (New Territory Trilogy #2) by feliciacraft

Rated: PG • 1 Reviews Liked

“You really trust him?” It boiled down to this, didn’t it? Buffy comes clean to Willow about Spike. Set in Season 5, roughly following “Intervention”.

Crawling by RiverDoe

Rated: 15 • 5 Reviews Liked
Summary: Alternate Season 6, Buffy comes back a little… different. The others don’t know and the only one who understands, is Spike.

Daddy's Girl by pattyanne

Rated: PG • 5 Reviews Liked
Summary: This is a sequel to Unexpected Blessings, and the first of a series about Spike/Buffy/Katie.

Dark Gift by Schehrezade

Rated: NC-17 • 223 Reviews Liked
Summary: Set during Buffy v Dracula, then goes seriously AU after that! Buffy is missing, and Spike is the only one who has noticed. Where is Buffy, and why is Spike the only one who is worried? Be warned there is non con sex between Buffy, Drac and his Brides for the first few chappies.

Day 148. by HostilePoet_17

Rated: U • 4 Reviews Liked
Summary: Final installment of The Days Without You. Spike visits Buffy's grave.
Enjoy! :D
Nominated for Best Series at Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards, thank you! :]

Day 2. by HostilePoet_17

Rated: U • 7 Reviews Liked
Summary: I was asked to expand on Spike's grief for Buffy's death. So I wrote this. It pretty much speaks for itself.

Enjoy, little angst addicts. :]

Nominated at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards for Best Angst!

Deadly Blondies by Lu82

Rated: 15 • 1 Reviews Liked
Summary: it's the sequel to ' Team Work '... and the title says everything!!

Disillusioned by Peta

Rated: NC-17 • 145 Reviews Liked
Summary: Pissed that Drusilla dragged him back to the Hellmouth, Spike has to find SOME way to amuse himself. Pretending to have a soul, he decides to sweep the Slayer off her feet before going in for the kill. Trouble is, feelings (and grandsires) always get in the way.

Eclipse of the Heart by SinisterChic

Rated: NC-17 • 56 Reviews Liked
Summary: Things go wonky after Buffy and Spike get it on in Wrecked

Endlessly... by Elysian

Rated: 18 • 4 Reviews Liked
Summary: The last half of season seven started along on a much darker vein. I promise Spuffy in the end but a major rocky road along the way. Warning: Loads and loads of angst to come. Buffy/other sex in the beginning. Just keep in mind that it will be Spuffy in the end and all will eventually be right in the world.

Enough (New Territory Trilogy #3) by feliciacraft

Rated: NC-17 • 1 Reviews Liked

“Don’t hold back,” she whispered. A truer invitation he had never received.

Before her fatal leap off of Glory’s tower, Buffy invites Spike into her house to retrieve weapons. An extended version of that scene.

Set in Season 5, "The Gift".