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Always Knew I'd Go Down Fightin'.... by Slaymesoftly

Rated: PG • 9 Reviews Liked
Summary: Set in the Bumpverse (Things That Go Bump in the Night and sequels), but well into the future. Spike and Buffy decide to retire, but then something happens to bring them back.

Always There by BloodyTearsofLife

Rated: 15 • 26 Reviews Liked
Summary: This story is canon based, takes place where season five is, but here’s the twist: a new vampire who has half a soul, who comes to Sunnydale to help with Glory. Starts after ‘Out of My Mind’, but Spike never tried to get the chip out, and there is no Harmony.

Always Wait For You by Slaymesoftly

Rated: 15 • 53 Reviews Liked
Summary: It is more than ten years after the events of NFA and we find Buffy in a familiar place - sitting in a crypt with a stake in her hand.

angelic hearts by DragonVamp

Rated: NC-17 • 7 Reviews Liked
Summary: What if the PTB stepped in when Buffy Jumped off the tower. (reposted 5/12/06)

Anger Control Issues by Elysian

Rated: 15 • 6 Reviews Liked
Summary: Just a quick little ficlet that I couldn't get out of my head. Buffy is having a few issues.

Incidental Buffy/Harry Potter crossover. No spoilers whatsoever for the new book.

Anonymous fun by lovelivevintage

Rated: AO-AdultsOnly • 8 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy finds Harmony's cell-phone and decides to have a bit of anonymous fun with Spike. That's right, this is a phone sex fic! Not much plot, but one-shot smut.

Anticipation by 2writers4spike

Rated: NC-17 • 123 Reviews Liked
Summary: Having no idea how it happened, Spike finds himself back in 1977, reeling from a newly acquired soul and more guilt than most could handle. After dodging Drusilla, his main focus is getting back to his own time and back to Buffy in Sunnydale so that he can atone for all he's done. That is, until he sees the newly born slayer in 1981 and goes off in a new direction. Can he stop the events that brought misery to Buffy's life, or will he be forced to watch destiny destroy the woman he loves all over again? 2writers4spike is the penname used for collaborations between dawnofme and mabel marsters
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Anything You Say by Science

Rated: PG • 8 Reviews Liked
Summary: A one-shot set during Chosen.

As it should have Been by Lilachigh

Rated: U • 26 Reviews Liked
Summary: Riley has arrived back in Sunnydale with his smarmy wife and his hatred of Spike. The grenades have been thrown and lives destroyed...but

As She Lays Sleeping by Addie Logan

Rated: PG • 29 Reviews Liked
Summary: Spike thinks about love as he watches his girl sleep…(Spike POV, takes place after my fic Daylight, though you don't have to read that one to understand this one.)

astronomy by white avenger

Rated: U • 13 Reviews Liked
Summary: Star gazing Spuffy Style

At First Glance by braat44

Rated: PG • 5 Reviews Liked
Summary: Season 2 Spuffy Drabble. What Spike was thinking when he first saw Buffy.

Back, Undead and Kicking by Marie

Rated: 15 • 4 Reviews Liked
Summary: Just a short letter.

Bad Medicine by darklingdawns

Rated: AO-AdultsOnly • 33 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy has a headache, and Spike has the cure

Because you're not her by Akela

Rated: NC-17 • 5 Reviews Liked
Summary: This is the sequel to the fiction “Because you weren’t him,” I penned many years ago; this one is Spikes story.

Bedtime by Lissa

Rated: U • 2 Reviews Liked
Summary: Just a drabble… The idea came to me and wouldn’t go away, so I had write it…

Before the Madness Begun by Nemo

Rated: 15 • 210 Reviews Liked
Summary: Set pre-series (to begin with). What would have happened if Buffy met Spike before she became a slayer, and said vampire could keep himself from killing her?

Bewitched, Bothered, and.... by Slaymesoftly

Rated: 15 • 20 Reviews Liked
Summary: Takes place during and after Willow's Will Be Done Spell - the title says it all.

Big Bad... William? by xoChantelly

Rated: NC-17 • 111 Reviews Liked
Summary: William Pratt is going to the Lowell House Halloween party dressed as Shakespeare? Nuh uh. Xander tries to break him out of his shell and dares him to go as a punk. What happens when a visiting Buffy meets this 'Spike' character? How long can William keep the charade up? Taboo Spuffy 81 Prompt Challenge: Set # 8 Free For All: What if Buffy went searching for a bad boy and met William, who was only pretending to be Spike because of a dare?

Bittersweet by Aisalynn

Rated: PG • 8 Reviews Liked
Summary: Unable to sleep, Buffy finds herself sharing a cup of hot chocolate with Spike. --Takes place sometime in season 7

Blood and Lightning by lindsay

Rated: PG • 8 Reviews Liked
Summary: Remake of the episode 'The Gift', one shot, Spike jumps from the tower, not Buffy.

Blood of My Blood by Blood Faerie

Rated: NC-17 • 202 Reviews Liked
Summary: Set at the very end of Season 2 with an alternate ending to the last episode. After Drusilla dies, Spike goes feral over the loss of his sire and drags off the injured Slayer. His demon decides it wants to keep her, make her his. He nurses her back to health, but she has no idea what he has planned for her once she gets healthy enough. Woohoo, BoMB was nominated at the Lost in Spike Awards. I probably won't win, but I'm flattered that someone thinks my story is that good!

Born To Be My Baby by Slaymesoftly

Rated: 18 • 41 Reviews Liked
Summary: As promised, the sequel to A Mother's Plea. Vamped Buffy is learning to live with her new body while she tries to bring down the Mayor before his Acesension ,Spike is learning to be a sire, Angel is learning that draining Buffy might not have been his best move and Giles is trying to cope.

Boys and Girls by SummerSays

Rated: NC-17 • 23 Reviews Liked Round robin
Summary: Buffy and Spike just happen to be at the same club at the same time...what could possibly cum of this? O_o Lyrics are from Britney Spears and Pharell's "Boys" This is now a round robin, so feel free to add any new chapters, I must ask that you continue my fad and include lyrics, though

Bruised and Broken by RavenX

Rated: 18 • 15 Reviews Liked
Summary: After the bathroom scene, Buffy tries to prevent Spike from leaving