Makebelieve by Lolita

1. Prologue by Lolita

2. Chapter two: Brotherly love by Lolita

3. Chapter three: Hostile Buffy and dead poets by Lolita

4. Like living on a Hellmouth by Lolita

Prologue by Lolita
Buffy Summers ran down the corridors of the Sunnydale High School, desperately trying to make it to English class in time. Her alarm clock had broken down, AGAIN, and she had woken up with only 10 minutes to get to school. Once she got to there, every one had already gone to class and the halls were empty.

She dashed around a corner and ran straight into a hard, muscular, black leather clad chest. She made a big ‘Umph’ as she fell flat on her butt and looked up to see her assailant smirking down at her with his bleached blonde hair and scarred eyebrow.

“Where’re you off to in such a hurry, luv!” She scrambled to her feet and he made no move to help her out. “To class, because unlike some people, I actually attend classes.” She brushed a lock of hair behind her ear and glared at him with murder in her eyes. His smirk only grew at her obvious hatred towards him and he stepped aside to let her pass. “Then by all means, don’t let me keep you.” She didn’t respond, only raised her head high and strode passed him.

*Damn, I hate that guy… he pisses me off so much!!!* She thought to herself while she quickly made her way to the class room.

*Annoying, little bint, who the hell does she think she is…* He grabbed his smokes from his pocket and lit one up, right next to the ‘No Smoking’ sign.


“Miss Rosenberg?” Mr. Wyndam- Pryce’s voice echoed through the classroom while Buffy tried to enter as quietly as possible. “Oh, right… I’m here,” Willow responded after being distracted by Buffy’s subtle appearance. “Mr. Sheldon?” A skinny guy from the chess club raised his hand, “here, sir.” “Miss Summers?” Buffy just managed to get into her seat before her name was called, “right here sir!” “Yes, and let me guess, your dog ate your alarm clock.” He asked, his voice full of sarcasm. The whole class snickered, except Willow of course. Buffy looked sheepishly down at her table and tapped her fingers on her tabletop. “No, I just think it’s broken, sir.” “Very well, miss Summers. And I assume you’ll be getting a new one at first chance to prevent this from happening again.” Buffy sighed, “yes sir.”

“By the way, you didn’t happen to run into McAllister on your way in, did you?” She rolled her eyes at the mention of the bleached wonders’ name. “Yeah, he was outside in the hall. I don’t think he’ll be attending today!” She replied, nonchalantly. “No, I assume he won’t. Mr. Taylor?” “Here.”

Willow scribbled down a note and handed to Buffy. *Long night?* Buffy wrote back, *the longest, tell you about it in recess!* The redhead nodded and crumpled the note.


Willow and Buffy walked over to their table at the cafeteria where their friends were already seated. “Hey Wills, hey Buffster… wow, someone got up on the wrong side of their coffin today.” Xander grinned at his remark but only received a swat on the shoulder from a very pissed off Buffy. “Ow… sorry!” He mumbled under his breath. Willow shook her head at her oldest friend and sat down between him and her girlfriend, Tara, and took her hand. Buffy sat down between Faith and Oz who was busy trying to get his fork to stand up straight. Next to Oz was a very sleeping Jesse and next to him was Debbie who was putting jelly in his hair. Anya was sitting opposite Buffy and was busy reading a Cosmo, but what disturbed her, was that the magazine was upside down. “I feel like I’m back in kindergarten!”

Willow just grinned at her and started on her meal. Buffy and Willow had been best friends for nearly 7 years now. They met when Buffy moved to Sunnydale from L.A and she was more than a little curious about that weird, redheaded bookworm. Xander soon became a good friend of Buffy’s and after that the three of them were inseparable.

Jesse slowly became a part of their tight group when he and Xander started hanging out a lot. They were practically identical, interested in all the same things, talked a like, had the same sense of humor, basically, they were the same person. Which was quite terrifying since one Xander was enough to drive one crazy.

Anya, what could you say about Anya… well, she was completely obsessed with sex, and had Xander all wrapped around her finger. She always said what she was thinking and didn’t give a damn what other people thought. All in all, she was a very weird person but also a real good friend.

Tara started hanging around with the group a few years back, mostly just as Willows friend. She kinda felt out of place cause they were all so tight but when she and Willow finally announced that they were a couple, they all welcomed her as a genuine scoobie member.

Debbie became a part of the group when school started again this semester. She moved to Sunnydale all the way from India when her parents got divorced. Her mother was American but her father was an Indian millionaire or something like that. She didn’t really talk that much about her father. It was really hard for her to change schools since all her friends were in India and she was really shy, but the group welcomed her and brought her out of her shell. She was still a bit shy when she was talking to someone outside the group but she was doing a lot better then when she first got here.

Faith, now there was a person who was everything but shy! She had the undisputed title of being the ‘Sunnydale High School slut’ and she was proud off it. Mostly it was just rumors cause she wasn’t really a slut, she just… slept with a lot of different guys. Mostly guys she didn’t know or who she had just met. She was a tough one, a girl not to be trifled with. But she was good company and could make people laugh. Jesse also had the biggest crush on her!

There wasn’t a lot to say about Oz, most of the times he just sat there, humming to himself, not really noticing what was going on around him. He was a bright young boy and had a lot to talk about when he started, but usually just kept to himself. He was also in a band called Dingoes ate my baby where he played the guitar. They often played at The Bronze, a place where a lot of college students came together to wind down. They had been playing for quite a while now and were actually pretty good.

Buffy looked around at her friends and thought about all the things they had done together. She really couldn’t imagine life without any one of them. They were all true ‘Scoobies’, a nickname she and Willow had come up with for them and Xander, a year after Buffy moved to Sunnydale. Other people at school just called them the B-group. That was what people who were popular but not that popular, were called. Then there were ‘The Nerds’, fine, interesting people who took school seriously but sadly weren’t cool enough for the A- group to have a group name with a letter. So that was what they were called, the ‘Not worthy for a letter- group’.

The A- croup consisted off the really, really cool people. The cheerleaders, the jocks, anyone Angel acknowledged. Angel, the object of Buffy’s affections for 5 years now, never even gave her a second glance. But she just kept telling herself ‘of course he doesn’t look at me, he’s busy. He’ll come around one day and we’ll live happily ever after’. Unfortunately Angel was taken, ‘at the moment, but not for long’ flashed through Buffy’s mind! His girlfriend Darla, you could say she was the schools biggest b***h. She only talked to Angel and her best friend Drusilla, the crazy Goth girl. No one else was important enough for her to identify. She wasn’t the most popular girl in school, but she had power over the students, the teachers even the Vice Principal Snyder. That was only because her father was one of the richest men in California. He was the co-owner of one of the biggest law firms in California. This was ironic because Angels’ dad was also a co-owner of a law firm in L.A called Wolfram & Hart. They probably planned their whole relationship to please their fathers.

Then there was Drusilla, the crazy Goth chick. Long, dark hair, mysterious, hypnotic eyes, weird, antic dresses and never made any sense what so ever. She wasn’t a cheerleader, yet she was one of the A-group because she was Darla’s best friend. And then there was her boyfriend, Spike. Buffy gritted her teeth. She really couldn’t stand that guy. She hated everything about him, his swagger, his accent, the ridiculous, bleached hair, piercing, ocean blue eyes and that old, worn out, leather jacket which he probably got at the dumpster. Buffy was brought out of her thoughts when someone tapped on her shoulder. It was Faith. “Hey B, better finish your meal before it becomes one ugly looking pop sickle.” Buffy looked down at her meal. She had lost all appetite and pushed away her tray. “Not really that hungry. I’ll just grab an apple or something.”

Just then Buffy’s younger sister Dawn, walked in. Her friend Katie, who was Debbie’s sister, was right behind her and after them came… Janice. Buffy’s face grew stern. She really didn’t like Janice. That girl was nothing but trouble, yet Dawn and Katie hung around with her every day and it really bothered Buffy. The three sophomores sat down at a table next to Buffy’s and her friends. “Hey Buffy, hey guys!” Dawn waved at them as she put her tray down. “Hey Dawnster,” Xander replied and the others just nodded their heads at her. Except Anya who was still busy reading her upside-down Cosmo.

They had been sitting there for about 5 minutes when two sophomore guys, rather geeky looking, came over to their table. “Hey Dawn, hey Katie,” said the shorter one while the taller, slim, brown haired guy stood back, looking a bit shy. His hair was kinda a curly and he had almost blue eyes, and his cheekbones were a bit prominent. He looked kinda familiar to Buffy. “Oh hey Damien, hey Robbie,” said Katie. Dawn just waved at them and Janice shot daggers at them with her eyes. “Mind if we sit down with you. All the other tables are full.” Janice cleared her throat, “you can sit on the floor, its good enough for you.” Katie and Dawn both sighed. “Oh come on Janice, be reasonable,” said Dawn before she turned to the two boys. “Please, sit down.” The shorter guy, probably Damien, Buffy thought while she observed the kids, sat down next to Katie, leaving an empty seat for Robbie between him and Dawn. Buffy frowned as she watched that shy looking sophomore take a seat next to her baby sister. She had to admit, she was a little overprotective over her sister even though she drove her crazy most of the time. But that guy seemed harmless so she relaxed.

Ten minutes later the bell rang and the remaining students in the cafeteria hurried to class. Katie grabbed Dawns arm and pulled her aside while Janice and the two boys headed to class. “So what do you think?” Dawn faked puzzle ness, even though she knew exactly what Katie was talking about. “About what?” Katie rolled her eyes, “don’t give me that. You know what. He’s cute, isn’t he?” “Who?” Dawn tried to look innocent. “Robbie! You know he has a major crush on you.” Dawn couldn’t help but blush, “no, he doesn’t.” “Oh, give me a break, Dawn. Didn’t you see the way he kept glancing at you when he thought you weren’t looking? I mean, wouldn’t it be cool to be dating the brother of a guy in the A- group.” Now Dawn really was confused. “What?” Katie looked at her with shock. “You don’t know.”

“Know what?” Katie sighed. “That he’s Spike’s brother. Really, Dawn. You have to start paying more attention to what’s going on around you if you ever want to make it in the A- group later on.” But Dawn couldn’t hear her, she was still shocked after what she said first. “He’s what?” “He’s Spike’s brother. You know, Spike. He’s that gorgeous, bleached haired guy who hangs around with Angel and his friends. He’s also the crazy Goth girls’ boyfriend.” Dawn rolled her eyes. “I know who Spike is. But he’s not Robbie’s brother. Robbie’s name is Robert Rayne, Spike’s is something McAllister.”

“Well obviously they have different fathers, but their still brothers. Come on! Just picture Robbie with bleached hair, sexy body and black clothes and their practically identical. Also why do you think Robbie is always talking about his brother but he never says his name? Obviously, he doesn’t want anyone know his brother is an A-group guy.” They finally made it to their class room just as their teacher read Dawns’ name. “Miss Summers?” Dawn raised her arm as she sat down. “Right here, sir.” Katie sat down next to her. We’ll talk about this later! She whispered to her and Dawn nodded her head.

Chapter two: Brotherly love by Lolita
By the end of the day, Spike finally made his way home after working for 12 hours straight at the docks. All the lights were out so he guessed Robbie and Ethan were asleep by now. When he came in though, he thought differently. The stench of alcohol and smokes was almost sickening and the noise from the TV in the living room told Spike his step dad was still awake. He decided it was best just to slip into his room unnoticed to get some piece and quiet. But just as he was about to sneak up the stars, someone tapped on his shoulder. “Not trying to sneak by me, now, are you… son!” The last word he said through clenched teeth and Spike winced as Ethan clasped his shoulder hard enough to cause bruises.

“No, just goin to m’room.” He tried to move away but Ethan held him too tight. “What, you don’t wanna have a conversation with your father, your old man?” He grinned at Spike and released his hold on his shoulder. Spike narrowed his eyes at him, “You’re not my father. You never were an’ you never will be my father. You’re too incompetent.” The grin on Ethan’s face quickly disappeared. “Watch your tongue, boy. In this house, I’M in charge, not you. I’m the one who provides food on your table.” Spike chuckled, “Yeah, ‘s why Robbie ‘s starving most of the time.”

Before he knew what hit him, he was lying on the stairs, his head throbbing and blood trickling down from a cut below his left eye. “Not so tough now, are you boy. Pfft, you’re pathetic. If your mother were here, she’d be ashamed to acknowledge you as her son.” Spike quickly stood up and raised his fist. But he hesitated as he saw the look on Ethan’s face. He was laughing at him. “Go ahead, hit me. Gives me an excuse not to go to work tomorrow, and then there will be nothing to eat for Robbie.” Spike slowly lowered his arm but as soon as he did, Ethan’s fist came crashing into his stomach, causing him to stumble over. “Don’t EVER raise your fists at me, boy, or I’ll make Robbie’s life a living hell. You know I can. Got it?” Spike just fell down on his knees and Ethan walked back into the living room to finish his beer.

Spike wasn’t sure how he got into his room but he suddenly found himself in front of his mirror in his bedroom, studying the swelling on his eye and the bruising on his chest. “‘s gonna hurt in the morning.” He said to himself. Just then, the doors to his bedroom opened, reviewing his younger brother standing there with sleep mussed hair and tired eyes.

“What’you doin out of bed.” His brother just sat down on Spikes bed and stared at the floor. “Woke up with Ethan’s yelling. ‘S it bad?” He nodded towards the black eye Spike was sporting. “Nah, ‘ll live! You should go back to sleep. ‘S a school night.” Robbie just scowled at him, “You can’t tell me what to do!” “No, but I can throw you out of m’room.” He sat down next to him and punched him lightly in the shoulder.

“You hungry?” Robbie nodded his head, “sorta. Got something!” “Yeah,” Spike replied as he got up and opened his schoolbag. He pulled out a tuna sandwich and threw it at him. “Here, bought it on the way home. Figured you’d be hungry.” “Thanks.” He took a big bite of the sandwich and growled. “I luv tuna sandwich.” “Which proves you’re only my half brother.” Spike replied and chuckled at his brother. “Finish up an’ then go to bed.” They just sat there together in silence, just enjoying each others company.

Apart from Robbie’s father, they only had each other. Spikes’ real dad had run off only two months after Spike was born. Two years later his mother Anne, met Ethan Rayne and they married only a year later. By that time Anne was already pregnant with Robbie and 6 years after he was born, the small family moved out of England to the states. Ethan was always drinking a lot and refused to go to AA meetings, no matter how much Anne had begged him. Ethan never really liked Spike and never paid him any attention, except when he was yelling at him or hitting him when Anne didn’t see and would then come up with excuses about how he had tripped or gotten into a fight at school. And then he threatened Spike he would pay dearly if he ever told anyone the truth. The only one that knew about it, except Spike and Rayne was Robbie. But Spike made him promise not to tell anyone or else Ethan was likely to do something horrible to either Spike or Robbie. And Spike would never EVER let Ethan come close to hurting his only brother.

By the time Spike was 14, Anne had become ill and after a trip to the hospital, she revealed to the brothers that she had cancer in her lungs. It was pretty bad and she had to have numerous surgeries, but a year after her diagnose, she passed away, leaving Ethan in charge of the boys. Of course then did the beatings start getting worse and there wasn’t much Spike could do. If he told anyone, he and Robbie would probably be put in a foster home and no one would want to adopt a 15 year old boy, and he and Robbie would be separated. Spike didn’t want that. He promised his mom before she died he would take care of Robbie. And Spike never broke a promise. So he kept his mouth shut.

Robbie finally finished his sandwich and threw the wrapper in the trash can. “Right then, off to bed, you. It’s way passed your bed time.” He ruffled his hair and Robbie swatted his hand away. “Do you want me to tuck you in?” Spike asked grinning. “Oh sod off.” Robbie quickly got up and went to his room, but before he left, he turned to Spike and sighed. “You can’t let him do this to you anymore. You’re not a kid anymore.” Spike’s face turned pensive. “Just stay out of it, ok. Don’t want you getting involved.” Robbie turned around and left, but stopped in the doorway.

“I’m already involved, Spike. I became involved the day it started. Heck, I’m probably the cause of it.”

“No, Robbie…”

“All I’m saying… this has to stop.” And with that, he was gone.

Chapter three: Hostile Buffy and dead poets by Lolita
For the first time in what seemed like weeks, Buffy woke up at the right time, and it was not because of her alarm clock. At 7:30, Dawn came skimping into her room singing something about the birds and the bees and god knows what. Buffy moaned and pulled her cover over her head. “Go away, you evil child of Satan.” Dawn scowled, “hey, I’m telling mom you said that.” “Suck up.” Dawn just sighed, “Whatever. Now get up, it’s a school day and you don’t want to be late again now, do you?” Suddenly a pillow hit her head, Buffy’s pillow. “You’re gonna be the most annoying mom ever, you know!” “Hey, at least then my kids will show up at school on time. Now let’s go.”

Buffy reluctantly got up and went to the bathroom. *Well, can’t say I’m mad at her. Look at me, I’m a mess. Now I can have some time to freshen up so I can look nice for a certain someone.* Buffy couldn’t help but smile. Happy Angel thoughts in the morning always brightened her mood. She finished brushing her teeth and her hair before applying some sexy yet subtle make up on. She didn’t want to look like a slut but she still wanted to look hot.

She opened her dresser and pulled out a red skirt that rode up just above her knee and a white tank top that was partly opened on the back. She put them on and her brown, high heeled boots and went downstairs for breakfast. Her mom was in the kitchen making pancakes.

“Oh, good morning Buffy. It’s nice to see you up on time.” Buffy kissed her cheek before sitting down at the island across from Dawn. “Yeah, you can thank your little brat for that.” She shot daggers Dawn’s way but she just stuck her tongue out at her. “God, how old are you, 6?” Joyce rolled her eyes and placed a plate of heart shaped pancakes between her daughters. “Girls, play nice. I won’t have any of that today. Now finish your breakfast and get ready. We’re leaving in fifteen minutes.” “Yes, mom,” they both said simultaneously.


Buffy cheerfully walked down the corridors of the school, content on not needing to run to get to class. She smiled as she saw Willow, Xander and Anya standing by their lockers and skittered to them. “Hey guys, what’s up?” “Buffy, wow! You’re on time, that’s… new.” Xander grinned at her. “Yeah, I know. I decided I wasn’t gonna waste time sleeping any more. Life’s too short and school’s too important and all that stuff.” She smiled brightly at her friends but they all looked at her horrified. “Ok, who are you and what have you done to our precious, little Buffy,” Willow said as she laced her arm through Buffy’s.

“Hey, I’m not little. I’m just not big.” But just then the bell rang and all the kids around them separated to get to class. “Damn, I thought I had more time than that.” Buffy pouted as Willow practically dragged her to class. “Let’s go, little Buffy. Let’s not keep Mrs. Calendar waiting.

Mrs. Calendar, she was the only teacher Buffy really liked. Apart from Mr. Giles, the schools’ librarian, Jenny Calendar was her favorite teacher. She was always nice to Buffy and her friends. She was their computer teacher and she was really good at her job. She made the most confusing computer knowledge seem like a walk in the park. Also, Buffy and Willow were pretty sure she and Mr. Giles had a thing going on.


At lunch, Buffy and Willow sat down at their usual table with their friends and enjoyed a healthy meal of pasta with something green and gooey looking. Most of the food was thrown away and Buffy decided to grab yoghurt instead. As they were sitting there, chatting nonchalantly about their activities, they heard a high pitched cry coming from the A- group table. They all turned around to see Drusilla pampering Spike. Buffy had seen him earlier that day with quite a big black eye and a nasty looking cut just below the bruising.

“I heard he got into a fight with a few police officers last night at the Bronze. Apparently, he had been drinking quite a lot and he wouldn’t leave when the owner told him to.” Jesse chirped after a long silence. “Sweetie, if he got into a fight with police officers, he wouldn’t be here right now, he’d be in a jail cell.” Tara pointed out to him. “Humph, it’s where he belongs anyway.” Buffy whispered to herself but it didn’t go unnoticed by Willow.

“I heard he stopped three big guys from robbing a young woman last night and that all three guys had to go to a hospital.” All eyes turned to Anya. “Well, it’s just what I heard.” She pouted and huffed back in her chair. “No, he probably was just stealing lunch money from poor, defenseless sophomores. I mean, he is the type.” Buffy’s voice was menacing and Willow slowly backed away from her.

“Wow, I’m sensing some hostility against the bleached wonder, aren’t you guys?” Xander looked around and was rewarded with several nods. “Well yeah, I hate the guy. He’s just so… so… arghh… every thing about him is annoying.” Willow and Tara exchanged glances and both knew there was more behind it than that.


Buffy entered the schools library and was welcomed with a very chipper looking librarian. “Ah, good day, Miss Summers. I haven’t seen you around here for quite some time. “Hey, Mr. Giles. I’ve just been busy, that’s all.” “Oh please, just call me Giles. You’re making me feel so old with the whole Mr”. Buffy smiled lightly, “how old are you anyway, 148… 49?” He removed his glasses and cleaned them sharply before placing them back on his nose and answering, “Actually, I’m more around 230. How may I help you, Buffy?”

“I’m looking for this book about the poetries of T.S. Eliot. Do you know of one?” Giles pinched the bridge of his nose before his face brightened up. “Why, yes I do. Wait here.” He quickly disappeared behind a shelf and came back with a worn out book. “Here it is, although, I don’t think I can give it to you.” Buffy was confused, “why not?” “Because it is being reserved for a student already. He said he’d come to pick it up today. I’m sorry.” Buffy’s shoulder shrunk, “damn, oh well. Suppose I could always go look in good ol’ Sunnydale library.”

Just then, the doors to the library flew open and in walked Spike, all swaggering in his leather duster, making Buffy grit her teeth. “Mornin’ Rupes, ol’ fella. Got that book for me?” He strode pass Buffy but not before he blinked an eye at her and grinned. She straightened up and glared back at him, strangling him in her mind.

“Oh yes, actually I have it right here. You’re lucky, if you hadn’t reserved it, I would have given it to miss Summers here.” Spike smirked, “Oh, so itty bitty Buffy is interested in good ol’ Thomas, now.” Buffy just scowled at him. “I just need it to write an essay.” “Well in that case, you can have it. I can read it another time.” Now Buffy was really confused, “really, you don’t need it for school work? You were actually gonna read it?” Buffy stared at him like he had just grown two heads and all of a sudden, she could have sworn she saw him blush. “Oh right, school work. That’s it, I need it for school. But aah, it isn’t due for another three weeks so you can have it for now. Well gotta get to class. See ya around Rupes.” “Yes, have a nice day William.” Buffy stared after Spike, “William, his real name is William, and he reads poems?” She asked Giles but he was back to cleaning his glasses. She just sighed and shook her head. *That guy just gets weirder by the day.*
Like living on a Hellmouth by Lolita
Chapter four: Like living on a Hellmouth

“Ugh, I hate Mondays.” Xander said and sat down at the table where Buffy, Willow, Tara and Oz were already seated. “Oh, they’re not so bad. I mean, we both have computer class and history and I, for one, think both subjects are very interesting…” Xander glared at Willow, “or not, whatever.” She sank back down in her seat and Tara smiled at her. “I think Mondays are really fun.” Willow brightened up a bit and grabbed her girlfriends’ hand. “Thanks,” she mouthed back to her.

“Guys, have you thought anything about the prom. I mean, you don’t have dates yet, do you?” Xander asked the group. “Xan, you do know the prom’s not for another two months, at least?” Xander looked sheepish. “Yeah, I know. Just… wondering.” “Well I was thinking about asking Jonathan to go with me,” Willow said and all eyes stared at her in aw. Tara choked on her juice, “WHAT?” Buffy asked her, thinking her best friend had gone nuts. But Willow just grinned. “I’m kidding, you guys. I’m already taken.” She squeezed Tara’s hand and they exchanged a warm look. “Of course you are, ‘cause you’re made for each other. You fit, like a piece of a puzzle. Not like me, I was made for only myself. I’m an already finished puzzle, a one piece puzzle.” Buffy sulked.

“That’s not true, sweetie. Believe me, one day you’ll meet the perfect guy for you and you will click together like a puzzle for a 3 year old. Trust me.” Willow patted her back and gave her a reassuring smile. “Yeah, all right.” Her eyes drifted to the A- group table and there he was, looking better than ever. But with a big, ugly zit on his face, aka Darla. She was all over him and Buffy felt her blood starting to boil. “God, I hate that girl,” she said to herself. Or so she thought. “Who?” Xander asked. “Huh, oh no one. Just… Darla.” They all just rolled their eyes. “Come on Buffy, you have to get over him. You deserve something much better than him. He’s… well he’s a… well he doesn’t deserve you.” Willow stated. “But he’s just so perfect. I mean look at him.” Buffy pouted.

“You need to find someone else. I know! The next guy who walks through that door…” She pointed to the cafeteria door. “The next guy who walks through there, he will be the new object of your affection.” Willow smiled brightly, thinking her idea was brilliant. “Oh, come on Wills. That never works. What if it’s Andrew or… or… god, Jonathan?” Buffy asked. Just then the doors open and in walked neither Andrew nor Jonathan. “Or worse,” Buffy continued, without noticing the guy entering the cafeteria. “What if it’s…” She turned around to see none other than Riley Finn walking over to their table. “…him?”

Buffy couldn’t help but stare at him. *Well, at least it’s not Andrew or Jonathan… or Spike.* A shiver went down her spine. *That would have been horrible.* He smiled brightly at Buffy as he passed their table. “Hey guys,” he said but only Xander greeted him back. “Hey there, mate.” Every one else was staring at Buffy who couldn’t take her eyes of Riley. *He’s actually not that bad. If you squint your eyes, he actually looks a lot like… Angel.* Buffy’s smile brightened. “Hey, Riley.” She waved to him and he waved back and… *did he just blink me.* Her heart was pounding against her chest. *Not bad, not bad at all.* She turned to Willow. “Ok, maybe not such a bad idea.” She blushed slightly and Willows eyes widened. “Really,” she said, a little bit too enthusiastically. “I mean, I know. Of course it is.”

Buffy shrugged and continued with her meal, occasionally casting glances at Riley’s table, and then at Angel. * I could definitely do this.* She smiled to herself. In her head she was already starting to form a plan.


“Stupid, ugly, lock. Why won’t you open?” Buffy had been struggling with her locker for at least five minutes now and she was gonna be late for class. “Ugh,” she growled in frustration. “Fine, I won’t have my books that. I’ll just tell Mr. Travers my locker ate my books.” She stuck out her tongue at the locker and turned around to leave.

“Trouble in paradise,” a low British accent asked her from behind. She rolled her eyes and faced him. “What are you talking about?” He just shrugged, “you and your locker. Seem to be arguing a lot lately. Have you considered therapy? Works, you know. I tried it with mine, and we haven’t argued since.” He smirked at her and was about to lit his cigarette when it suddenly disappeared and was crushed in the small, petite hands of Buffy. “Oi, you know how much those cost?”

“Huh, what do you want Spike?” He just reached into his bag and pulled out a book. Exactly the book she needed. “Here, take mine. Don’t need it anyway.” She raised her arm and backed away. “I’m not taking your book. It’s probably all covered in germs and… and it smells weird.”

“Well, pet. You can either take it or listen to Quinty go on and on about how bloody important it is to have your books and how it might stop the bloody world hunger. You know how passionate he gets about those books.” She slowly pulled the book out of his hand. “Then what are you gonna use?” He just shrugged and walked away, in the opposite direction from the classroom. “’m not going to class, luv. Got somewhere else to be.” He quickly strolled off and the bell rang. Buffy ran into the classroom and sat down next to Willow.

Quentin Travers walked in and the whole classroom went silent. “Good morning students.” “Good morning, Mr. Travers.” The classroom mumbled. Quentin Travers was the most hated teacher in the school, even the teachers and Principle Wood hated him. Every one except Vice principal Snyder and the A- group. Quentin loved the A- group, because most of them had rich parents. The others he loathed. They were below his dignity. He was the teacher that made high school like living on a Hellmouth.

“Open your books at page 237. Today we’ll learn about… Power.” He smirked at the students who seemed to shiver in their seats. The redhead finally noticed the awful state Buffy’s book was in and mouthed to her. What have you done to your book?

It’s not my book, it’s Spike’s!At the confused look in her friend’s eyes, she added.

Long story, tell you after class.


“So he just gave you his book, and ran off. He didn’t say where he had to go?” Willow and Buffy sat down at one of the fountains outside the school. “Nope, he just ran off, said he had somewhere better to be.” Willow shook her head. “He’s so gonna flunk out of school if he keeps this up. He hardly ever shows up, and when he does, he usually is sporting a new black eye or something that shows he was in a fight. You might think he’s a boxer or something.” “Or just a very angry person.” They both shrugged, “well, I don’t think you can get expelled from school if you get into a lot of fights outside of school.” Buffy stated. “Ugh, I’m getting sick of just thinking about that guy. Let’s talk about something else, shall we? Something fun!”

“Why do you hate him so much, Buffy? I mean, has he ever done anything to you… just asking.” She quickly added after noticing the awful look in her friend’s eyes. “He’s just so… irritating. With his stupid accent and stupid leather coat and stupid bleached hair and he’s just so… stupid!” She crossed her arms over her chest and pouted. “I think we’ve established so far that you think he’s… stupid. Am I right?” She grinned at her friend. “Double stupid!” Buffy added. “But why do you think so? I mean, you barely know the guy.” “What’s with the whole trial thing, Wills? I’m starting to think you have a thing for Spike.” She blinked at the redhead who blushed feverishly. “I just think it’s unfair of you to judge someone so badly without really knowing him, that’s all. Can’t you just give him a change?”

Willow surveyed her friend who seemed to really be considering what she had just asked her of. She knew deep down and so did Tara, that hate wasn’t the only thing Buffy felt for the bleached wonder. And they both knew for a fact that Spike was definitely interested in her. But it was really difficult to get her to see that.

“I guess, I have been a little too harsh on him,” she answered, shyly. “But this doesn’t mean me and Spike are gonna become bestest of buddies. No freaking way. That’s out of the picture, got it?” Willow nodded aggressively. *Yey, it’s working. Tara is gonna be so proud of me.*


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