Ball & Chain by PaganBaby
Chapter 3: Up, Up and Away by PaganBaby
Chapter 3: Up, Up and Away

At the airport, Willow and Xander gave their departing friends big hugs and wished them a happy, incident free honeymoon.

Then they were on the plane, winging their way to the sunny shores of Maui. They'd arrive a little before sunset if everything went according to plan.

Buffy and Spike relaxed after their long day in their roomy First Class seats. Buffy held Spike's hand and let out a pronounced sigh.

"God, what a day..." she said wearily. "Thank God I only plan on getting married the one time--I couldn't take going through all that again."

"Did everything meet with your approval, luv?" Spike asked.

"Yep. No complaints...amazingly enough, everything was great. I thought for sure something would be screwy, the flowers, the food, something...but it was great." Buffy smiled and leaned over to give Spike a short, sweet kiss.

"I'm glad. I wanted it to be how you imagined it." Spike yawned.

Buffy giggled and squeezed his hand. "Sleepy?"

"I didn't get a lot of sleep last night," Spike admitted. "Nerves."

"Let's rest up for tonight." Buffy waggled her eyebrows. "I want you peppy and full of energy later..."

Spike smirked. "You sure you don't want to nip into the bathroom to join the Mile-High Club?"

"Tempting...very tempting, indeed." Buffy grinned. "But I don't want you falling asleep in the middle of it."

"Impossible," Spike said, another yawn forcing itself out of him.

"Get some sleep, stud muffin," Buffy commanded him.

She stood and took a pillow and blanket from the overhead compartment. She tucked the pillow behind his head then arranged the blanket over their laps. Buffy laid her head on his shoulder and snuggled up against him.

They dozed off.


Buffy only slept for 45 minutes before she woke up, bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Spike remained asleep. She occupied herself by looking at magazines and looking out the window at the ocean below. She was bored.

Buffy looked at Spike, hoping to see him waking up. But his eyes remained closed. He was so cute when he was asleep (as if he weren't when he was awake!). There was such an innocence, an adorable, boyish quality to him when he slept.

She smiled devilishly.

'I bet I know how to wake him up...'

Buffy looked around to make sure no one was paying attention to them, then scooted close to the form of her sleeping husband. Her hand went under the blanket, and she walked her fingers over his thigh to his bulge. She cupped him gently through the denim of his blue jeans, rubbing lightly.

The only reaction he had was a little groan, but he stayed asleep. Buffy smiled and continued the light rubbing.

It wasn't working--well, part of it was working. His bulge was definitely growing under her hand, but he wasn't waking up. Feeling even more naughty, Buffy unzipped his fly slowly then slid her hand inside. She was rewarded with the smooth, hot skin of his cock. She brought it out of his pants, making sure the blanket would conceal him. Buffy began slow strokes, using her wrist more than bending her arm; she didn't want anyone to figure out what she was doing.

Buffy peeked under the blanket and smiled at the sight of his long column in her hand.

'Hi, there! Remember me? I missed you, big guy!' Buffy thought.

Spike moaned then opened his eyes. He looked down at his lap then at his grinning wife. His look of surprise turned into a sexy smirk.

"And just what do you think you're doin'?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, nuttin', honey," Buffy said sweetly as her fingers stroked up and down.

"Don't feel like 'nuttin'..." Spike said in a rumbling purr.

"You wouldn't wake up--so I took the matter in hand..." Buffy giggled.

Spike looked around to make sure no one was watching. "You're wicked. You know that, right?"

"Uh-huh," Buffy said.

"Maybe we should--Bugger! The stewardess is comin' up the aisle," Spike said.

Buffy growled and removed her hand from his cock. Spike modestly pulled the blanket up a little further. He didn't want the stewardess to get an eyeful if 'Little Spike' decided to peek out.

The stewardess approached them with the customary smile.

"How are we doing?"

"Just fine, thanks," Spike smiled and leaned forward, looking at her nametag, "Mandy."

"Need anything? Anything at all I can do for you?" Mandy asked, leaning over a bit.

Buffy's eyes narrowed. The woman was giving Spike a good look at her cleavage. And Buffy didn't like the way she was looking at Spike--all flirty and bimbo-like. The bitch hadn't even glanced at Buffy, it was like she was invisible or something.

"No, we're good, luv," Spike replied.

"Let me know if there's something you need," Mandy said cheerfully, then moved on to the seats behind them.

Spike looked at Buffy and was surprised to see her pissed off expression.

"What's the matter, pet?"

"She was so flirting with you," Buffy said. "The nerve! Hello!? I'm sitting right here!"

"They're supposed to be friendly to the passengers."

"Yeah, she wanted to get real friendly. I saw the way she was looking at you. And did you have to say her name?"

"I was just being polite, Buffy."

"Well, don't be. She was practically shoving her tits in your face..." Buffy grit her teeth. "You always flirt!"

"Stop being so jealous. How many times do we have to have this conversation?"

"Until you stop flirting. Then I'll be good to go."

"Reading the woman's nametag and calling her by her name was flirting?"


"That's crazy," Spike said tiredly.

"So, I'm crazy?"

"Buffy, please. Let's not bicker, pet." Spike moved closer to her. "It's our honeymoon. I don't want to do anything else but show you how much I love you for the rest of the trip."

A smile tugged at the corners of Buffy's mouth. "Okay...I'm sorry. I just get so mad when a bimbo hits on you."

"You're the only woman for me. Don't forget it. You're the only one who can turn my head." He kissed her.

Spike wanted to change to a lighter subject. "What do you think we should bring back for everyone as souvenirs?"

"Hmmm, t-shirts, some pineapples for mom, grass skirts for the girls...OH! I wanted to get a bunch of those cute, little bottles of booze too. Let's see if we can steal a bunch from the plane before we get off. Where do you think they keep 'em?"

"Stealing, Buffy?" Spike tsked. "You bad girl..."

She laughed. "It's a victimless crime. They got tons of those things, they won't miss a few..."

"I have to stretch my legs anyway. I'll go poke around, maybe I'll find their secret stash," Spike said, starting to stand.

"Spike!" Buffy pulled him back down into his seat.


"Penis--out of pants," Buffy whispered.

"OH!" Spike looked around, breathing a sigh of relief that no one had seen the brief glimpse of his dick. "Thanks, pet...getting forgetful in my old age..."

He tucked himself away and zipped up. Buffy giggled.

"You shoulda seen your cute!"

"Hmmm--thanks for lookin' out for me, luv." Spike gave her a quick kiss then stood up. "Be back in a flash," he said, heading up the aisle.

Buffy settled into her seat. She sulked a bit, remembering the stupid bimbo of a flight attendant, hitting on her husband right in front of her. Buffy knew that she had some jealousy issues, but how could she not with such a fabulous babe for a mate? Sometimes she wished he wasn't so hot, just so other women wouldn't constantly be noticing him. And again, it didn't help that he was a natural flirt. Buffy knew he'd never cheat on her; she was secure in the knowledge that he loved her beyond reason...but still... she couldn't help getting hot under the collar sometimes.

Ten minutes later, Spike hadn't returned yet. Buffy wondered where he could be. Maybe he got caught trying to steal the liquor? She bit her lip. It would be her fault, she's the one who thought of it.

Buffy got up and went in search of her man. As she approached the curtain dividing the stewardess area from the passengers, she heard a female voice, laughing and talking. Then she heard Spike's distinctive voice. Buffy pushed through the curtain.

Spike was there talking with that big-boobed stewardess.

"Hey, honey," Buffy said tersely.

Spike looked at her. "Pet, something wrong?"

"No, nothing at all...what could possibly be wrong?" Buffy asked with an edge to her voice.

Mandy had a disappointed look on her face.

"You guys sounded like you were having a nice chat," Buffy said.

"Oh, Mandy was telling me that she's in an all-girl band in L.A. We were talking music," Spike explained.

"How nice." Buffy smiled icily.

"Well, I--have to check on the passengers. Nice talking to you, Spike." Mandy shot Spike a winning smile and slipped out through the curtain.

"Bitch," Buffy said, grinding her teeth together.

"Buffy, pet, luv..." Spike soothed. "She's not all bad."

"Oh, no?" Buffy asked, crossing her arms.

'He'd BETTER NOT defend that woman...'

"She gave me this." Spike grinned and held up a bag full of tiny booze bottles.

"Oh, well...that was nice of her...but she only did it to get in your pants."

Spike chuckled and put his arms around her. "You're the only one who's going to be doing that. Takes a lot more than a gift of liquor to pry my dimpled knees apart."

Buffy couldn't help giggling. "Dimpled knees?"

Spike shrugged. Buffy leaned up and pressed her lips against his.

"I've been thinking more about that--Mile-High Club..." Buffy said, nibbling at his ear in a way she knew drove him crazy. "I'd like to join..."

"You don't say?" Spike smiled.

"I do say..." Buffy stepped back and took his hand.

They suppressed giggles and headed for the bathroom. Just as they were coming to the door of the men's room, a large man stepped in front of them and went inside. He had a newspaper under his arm. He was going to be in there a while--and they probably wouldn't want to go in there for anything after he was done...

"Dammit." Buffy stomped her foot. She turned to the ladies' room and growled when she saw that that too was occupied. "Now what?"

"Let's just go back to our seats, Buffy. Maybe waiting for tonight would be best. We've lasted a week, we can go a few more hours."

Buffy pouted. "I guess..."

"There's my girl." Spike took one of her hands in his and kissed the back of her hand.

They walked back to their seats and tried to relax.

Buffy was horny and squirming in her seat. She hated it when she got all hot and bothered and didn't see it through to the end.

Spike smirked. "Something wrong, luv?"

She shook her head, her lower lip jutting out.

Spike took the blanket and put it over their laps again. He leaned over to her and whispered in her ear, "Undo your pants, Buffy. I'll take care of you."

Her eyes widened. "Right here?"

"You were doin' a good job on me before." Spike smiled. "Go on, undo 'em..."

Buffy's heartbeat sped up. She quickly unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, pushing them down slightly. Spike put his hand under the blanket over her lap. While looking around nonchalantly, his fingers slid down between her labia.

Buffy moaned then stifled it. She'd been waiting and hungering for a week to feel his touch 'downstairs' again. She put a hand over her mouth and pretended to be gazing out the window as his fingers slid along her slit. She had to bite her hand to keep from crying out when he began rubbing circles around her clit.

Buffy whimpered and thrust her hips slightly.

"Shhhh," Spike said quietly. "Quiet as a little, bitty mouse, yeah?"

Buffy nodded quickly and shut her eyes. Two of his fingers slipped inside her pussy while the heel of his hand rubbed against her clitoris. Buffy started making low squeaky sounds, unable to stop them or the light bucking of her hips. Spike pumped his long digits in and out of her wet pussy as fast and hard as possible without moving his arm. She bit her hand hard as the orgasm crashed over her, leaving an impression of her teeth behind.

Spike continued finger-fucking her until her muscles began to relax, then he removed his hand. Buffy leaned heavily against the back of her seat, her breathing beginning to return to normal. She looked over at him with a smile on her face.

Spike grinned and sucked on his juice-covered fingers.

"What about you?" Buffy asked, sliding her hand under the blanket then over his thigh.

Spike took her hand and held it. "Too messy, pet. Plus, I can't help but shout when you get me off. Best if we wait for the resort for that."

Buffy leaned over and kissed him, her tongue sweeping over his lips. "I love those hands of yours. God, I really needed that!" she whispered.

"Mmmm, happy to be of service." Spike kissed her back, their tongues rubbing lightly against the other's. "Can't wait to get you to our room. After I carry you across that're all mine, do with as I like..."

"Can't they make this plane go any faster?" Buffy moaned. "We need one of those supersonic jets..."


After a few hours, they landed in Maui.

Once off the plane, they were each given a traditional lei and kiss by two good-looking Hawaiians. They had a happily easy time retrieving their luggage and hopped in a cab to their resort. They'd made it before sunset, and would be able to enjoy it together from their suite with a little luck.

When they pulled up to the resort, an employee helped them with their bags into the lobby. The desk clerk was a friendly fellow.

They waited while he checked their reservations in the computer.

"This place is so beautiful!" Buffy said, looking around the lobby. "Even nicer than the brochure."

"Yeah, it really is. I--Bloody hell...” Spike massaged his temples. “I don’t believe this...”

“What? What’s wrong?”

“Dru. Dru’s here,” Spike mumbled.

“Where?” Buffy’s eyes narrowed to slits, her left eye twitched as she scanned the crowd.

“Over by the doors. The chit with the long, brown hair.”

Buffy’s dangerous gaze fell on the woman Spike was referring to. It was a bit like the ‘Terminator’, Buffy had a single purpose in life right now, one goal: To make the bitch pay.

“Let’s hope she’s checking out,” Spike said. “I don’t fancy having to see her around the place...”

“Yeah, let’s hope,” Buffy said.

‘She ain’t goin’ no place! Not until I’ve mashed her bony ass into a fine paste.’ she thought.

Buffy watched as Dru exited the resort, with suitcases in hand.

“I’ll be right back, babe.” Buffy kissed his cheek.

“Where you goin’?” Spike asked suspiciously. “Buffy--don’t even say anything to her. Just let it go. Please, I don't even want her knowing we're here. Let's just pretend we never saw her.”

“I was just going to the little girls’ room,” Buffy said innocently, like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

“Oh, alright then,” Spike said slowly.

“Be right back!” Buffy said going in the direction of the restrooms.

She walked a few feet away then checked behind her, Spike was talking to the desk clerk. Buffy quickly changed direction and ran out the front doors. Because of that bitch Drusilla, Buffy had almost lost the single most important person in her life. That bitch was going to get her comeuppance.

Buffy grinned evilly when she spotted Dru standing near the street, presumably waiting for a taxi. She walked down to Dru then stopped a few feet away from the brunette, burning holes through her with her eyes.

Dru did a double-take when she noticed the angry-looking blonde staring at her. “Something I can help you with, dear?”

“As a matter of fact, I think you can. Your name’s Dru, isn’t it?” Buffy’s voice sent shivers up and down Dru’s spine.

“ I...know you?”

“We haven’t been properly introduced, how rude of me!” Buffy chuckled. “I’m Buffy. I believe you know my husband, Spike?”

Dru took off her sunglasses, her eyes widened. The last thing Buffy had said fully registered in Dru’s brain. “HUSBAND?! Spike? Bloody hell!”

“That’s right. Husband. We’re here on our honeymoon. And I don’t want you here.”

Dru scowled. “I’m just leaving. I’m flying home in a few hours, if you must know.”

“I wasn’t there for it, but I certainly heard alllll about your little visit to Spike’s house last remember, don’t you? You purposely embarrassed him in front of his dad and friends.” A fire raged hot inside Buffy’s gut.

Dru threw her shoulders back and stuck out her chin. “What of it? I do as I please.”

Buffy laughed; it was a menacing, scary laugh. “You didn’t care if you ruined his whole fucking bitch.”

“I’m not wasting my time by talking to you anymore,” Dru said haughtily. “Sod off!”

“Oh, I will...but not before I tell you exactly what I think of you.”

“How’s it feel, Buffy?” Dru asked, an evil smile spreading on her face.

“How’s what feel?”

“Being married to a man who pleasured half of the bloody east coast. You didn’t get sloppy seconds or even thirds...more like sloppy 400’s.” Dru cackled. "And I enjoyed that lovely body of his too, soooo many times...for free."

“I was soooo hoping you’d push me.” Buffy smiled. “Thanks for giving me the extra nudge I needed.”

“What?” Dru frowned.

Buffy swung at her hard, connecting with Dru's jaw. She yelled and stumbled back from the blow.

“That felt great! I've wanted to do that for a loooong time!” Buffy said happily, flexing her fingers.

“YOU--YOU BITCH! How dare you!” Dru shouted, holding her sore jaw.

Buffy growled like an animal and leapt on Dru, sending them both to the ground. Dru scratched at Buffy’s face and arms while Buffy concentrated on punching. They rolled on the ground. Buffy sat up, straddling Dru, and pinning her arms to her sides with her legs. Buffy spit in Dru’s face then proceeded to punch the hell out of her, alternating using her right and left fists.

“He almost died because of you! YOU BITCH!” Buffy yelled.

Dru raged impotently, crying for help as Buffy continued raining blows down on her like a woman possessed.

"PAYBACK--IS--A--BITCH--AND--SO--AM--I!!" Buffy struck Dru in between each word.

"Get off of me!! HELP! SOMEONE!! SHE'S CRAZY!"

By this time, the violent cat-fight had caught the attention of others. A few burly members of the resort staff grabbed Buffy by the arms and pulled her off of Drusilla. Buffy struggled in their grasps for a few seconds before calming down.

“I’m cool--I'm cool,” Buffy said, breathing hard and holding up her hands.

"What's going on here!?" one of the guys asked.

Adrenalin pumped through Buffy's veins. If the men hadn't stopped her, she would have kept hitting Dru until there was nothing left to beat.

Dru, bloody and dazed, scrambled away from the irate blonde. Blood flowed from her nose and a busted lip. Buffy was freakishly strong for such a tiny woman.

“You ever--and I mean ever--come near my husband or our friends again--I’ll make you very sorry that you did!” Buffy warned.

“You’re out of your bloody mind!” Dru yelled, wiping blood from her face.

“Yes, I am. So don’t fucking try me, bitch. If I’d been at Spike’s house the night you showed up...let’s just say you wouldn’t be walking around today.”

“I could have you arrested!” Dru's eyes widened, she spit out a tooth into her palm. "YOU BITCH! You knocked out one of my fucking teeth!" she screamed, staring at the tooth in her shaking hand.

"Do what you have to do. If you don't get your bony ass out of my sight, I'll give you a whole mouth full of bloody chiclets, you rancid bitch," Buffy said menacingly.

Dru studied the crazy blonde for a moment. Buffy was ready and willing to tear her apart should she get the chance. Buffy meant and was perfectly capable of fulfilling her threat. Even though she would enjoy ruining their honeymoon (the thought of her and Spike being married made Dru's stomach turn) and getting revenge for the vicious beating she’d just received, Dru decided to back away slowly.

“You’re--you’re lucky that I need to get back to L.A. and don’t have time to file charges against you,” Dru said, trying to sound brave.

Just then, the taxi Dru had called pulled up. Dru opened the door and threw her bags in, quickly followed by her body.

“Drive!” Dru said, a little frantically.

Buffy spit at the cab as it pulled away. The two burly resort employees were eyeing her nervously.

"I promise, I won't be any more trouble," Buffy assured them, trying to catch her breath. "That was a special case. It's a long story, but that was my husband's ex. She did something I needed to her about. I'm okay now."

They looked at her dubiously, but nodded then walked away.

Buffy felt her face. The bitch had scratched her. How could she hide the scratches from Spike? Maybe some makeup? Maybe she could say she scratched herself accidentally?

Buffy's thoughts screeched to a halt when she turned back towards the doors to the lobby--Spike was standing there looking at her. He had an angry look on his face. His jaw muscles were twitching...that wasn't good...

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