8 Doing the Domme Thing by Sarah Aless
Chapter 3 by Sarah Aless
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Part 3 – On the same page.

I can see the indecision on his face. Man I must suck at this dominance stuff if he has to think so hard about whether he wants to continue. It seemed to be going so well at first but he’s obviously not feeling it judging by his actions and the cocky looks he keeps giving me. I knew I should never have tried this.

I just wanted to give him what he gives me. That feeling of complete surrender to another and the peace and comfort in it. Guess I’m just too stupid to take the control in a game as intricate as this. I mean yeah, I could simply beat the crap out of him until he’s physically unable to fight back; but that isn’t what these scenes are about. It’s about trust and there’d be no trust on either side if I did that. I need to get out of this before it goes in the wrong direction completely, cos I’m right out of ideas other than sheer brutality and I so ain’t going there.

Feeling defeated and slightly dumb for imagining this would work out any other way I climb off Spike before he can tell me he thinks we should stop. Stepping off the bed I pause to pull my panties back into place, again feeling embarrassed at my amateur attempt to dominate. The idea had been that they stayed on until I had decided he had earned access. Yeah big whoop Buffy, that’s a hell of an incentive, trying to control him by denying access to something he’s had a hundred times over!

With a sigh, I move to go get my clothes when I’m stopped by Spike’s hand on my wrist.

“Buffy.” He says softly. “I’m guessing from the look on your face that we’re pretty much out of the game just now. That’s ok for the moment, but please, let’s talk a little then see where we go from here.”

“What’s the point Spike?” I say, resignedly. “I suck at this. We should probably just forget it.”

He doesn’t loosen his grip.

“Buffy please don’t go. I promise you, you in no way ‘suck’ at this. If anything is wrong it’s my fault, not yours.”

Wow he must want to talk seriously; he didn’t even make a dirty joke out of the word ‘suck’!

“Hear me out?” He pleads with his best puppy dog eyes as I turn to look at him.

“I’m a git. I wasn’t even trying to get into subspace. I get kind of crazy around you Buffy and I’m used to having you exactly how I want you. Please. Don’t stop. You honestly were doing so, so well at this. If I hadn’t pushed you with my disobedience it would have worked, I swear it. Just for a second there I wondered, almost doubted, myself if I could get into subspace for you. It was only a second though, because I realised I can do anything if it’s for you.”

The look in his eyes is completely heartfelt when I meet them; searching for any sign that he’s yanking my chain.

“Please. Let’s go again before I make myself puke with all this ‘anything for you’ stuff.”

That’s the Spike I know! For a second I still want to throw in the towel, and then it dawns on me that I went about this all wrong. I fired into it expecting him to obey just cos I’m the top today, but there’s a much better way to bend Spike to my will; it’s even better than the out and out nose-crunching violence I was thinking about a moment ago.

I’ve learned that even when Spike’s demon seems to have all the control the human in him is always there, in however small a quantity. That’s the bit that prompts speeches of the ‘anything for you’ variety. That is the way to get Spike to relinquish his control. It’s like a light bulb literally went on in my brain.

Pulling myself up as straight as I can with him still hanging on to my wrist I narrow my eyes at him.

“Take your hand off my arm right now……..” I say watching defeat bloom on his face, only to be replaced by astonishment as I finish my sentence. “….slave.”

His mouth drops open and I smile tightly, more to myself than him. He thought it was going to take a lot more ‘talking into’ than that. And he sure as hell didn’t expect me to jump straight back in like this. Good, keeping him guessing will work quite nicely along with my new approach to getting him well and truly under my thumb.

“If you were really sorry you would be on your knees in front of me right now.” I tell him, watching with satisfaction as he scrambles to get into that very position.

Evidently my confidence in the new plan of attack has lent authority to my orders already………and I haven’t even really started yet!

“Well, Spikey.” I say beginning to be carried along on the wave of my own new found confidence. “Seems like maybe we just got a little ahead of ourselves there. Of course, that’s because you are incapable of controlling yourself. Do you think you could possibly do what you are told for long enough for me to make you understand your place in this?”

“Yes Ma’am.” He says.

“Well then, why don’t you tell me, very slowly and clearly, why exactly you are in the position you are in just now.”

He looks up at me but before he has the chance to speak I cut him off with a ringing slap to his cheek.

“You know better than to look me in the eye.” I tell him. “Eyes down, you miserable excuse for a slave.”

He drops his eyes immediately and I’m pleased to see his cock jump at my command. All indicators say Buffy is on the right track! At last!

“I’m sorry, Mistress.” He says, his head bowing even lower.

“I’m sure you are.” I say, my tone heavy on the boredom. “At least you had better be if you know what’s good for you! Now, did I, or did I not, ask you a question?..........If I were you I’d be answering about now Spikey.”

“I’m here because I was bad and hurt you more than I should and we agreed you should punish me for it.” His head actually drops even lower as he speaks!

Good! Bringing up his hurting me seems to be putting him in so very much the right frame of mind! Probably best not to push that issue too far right now though, just save some of that juice in case he gets off track again!

“Then maybe you’d like to explain to me, Spikey, why you were such a royal pain in the ass just now. Do you suddenly think you don’t deserve to be punished for being careless?”

“No, Mistress. I- it’s not that at all. I – I just couldn’t control myself…. you were just so lovely and sexy and you took me by surprise by coming here to do this tonight!”

I take a step closer and lift his chin.

“So are you saying this is my fault slave?”

“No, no Ma’am. I would never….I’m weak and I lost control of myself, I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

There is sincerity in his eyes and it gives me hope that he really is getting into subspace. Letting go of his face I cross to his discarded pants and remove the belt from its loops. His head is down but I know he is watching my every move from under his lashes.

I walk slowly back to him, doubling the belt over and snapping it loudly.

“So if it’s all your fault Spike, how are you going to make up for it?”

“In any way that pleases you Mistress.” He replies, jumping a little as I snap the belt again.

“Good boy. It seems like you’re actually learning now. So this is how it’s going to go.” I begin to circle around him as I speak, snapping the belt, keeping him aware of it and of how he never knows when I might use it on him. “First I’m going to punish you for your insolence. Then you are going to make amends.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Okay. Lean forward, head to the floor, ass up!”

He immediately complies and I’m rewarded with a shudder from him as I run the belt from his shoulders up towards his ass.

“Arch your back.” I order slashing the belt down on the small of his back, whacking his ass as I continue, “This isn’t high enough.”

I smile to myself as he groans a little and immediately raises his ass.

“Twenty stripes,” I tell him. “And you will count them out clearly for me.”

I bring the doubled over belt down hard on his rosy ass.

“One Mistress, thank You.” He says, and I’m pleased to see his ass lift right back up for another one.


“Two thank You Mistress.”

Another satisfying CRACK.

“Three…..” He actually growls a little, his ass pulling forward. “Thank You Mistress.”

Wow! I actually seem to be giving him this strapping effectively. His groans and grunts, and even the occasional ‘ow’ continue right up to the twentieth stroke. The best thing though is that each and every time, his ass returns to the right position as he counts and thanks me. Good for him, but I’m not finished with him yet and I’m feeling ever more powerful and in control!

“On the bed on your back again. And make it quick.” I tell him. The last admonishment barely even needed as he scrambles to do as he’s told.

“Now, Spikey.” I stroll towards him, running a pair of handcuffs through my hands. “As you can see I was going to restrain you for this but I think we should have a little test. Just to see if you meant what you said about being sorry.”

I grab his face bringing mine inches from it; glaring into his apprehensive eyes. That’s when another part of this clicks into place for me. I remember when the roles are reversed it’s very common to see a yellow flash of Spike’s Demon in his eyes. He has enough control to use it to his advantage, to harden himself against pleas and begging from me. I allow my inner Slayer to surface. The part of me which is not only confident, adaptable, resourceful but also feral and wild and just a little bit dark. Want. Take. Have. That’s where I need to go. I feel the change in my expression and feel Spike respond to the hardening of my eyes as I continue to hold his gaze.

“That’s right.” I tell him, as he gulps, sensitive to the serious change that my demeanour just took. “You had better start fearing me vampire. I’m stronger than you, I can and will hurt you, and I mean really hurt you, if you displease me. Do you understand me you prick?”

“Y-yes Ma’am.” He gulps again. Now that we both understand how serious I am I go back to my plan.

“Good. In that case, what do you think of having a little test? Did you mean what you said about being sorry for disobeying and spoiling our game? For touching what is not your place to touch and for generally being the most pathetic excuse for a slave ever?”

“Yes, Ma’am, I meant it and I will do anything to prove it to you. Anything you ask.” Yes, this is working, it’s the man in him that answers me. He is holding down the demon in the same way I hold down my Slayer to keep from fighting back, and he’s managing it rather well.

“Good boy. Let’s hope you can follow through on that statement.”

Without further ado I climb onto the bed and straddle him facing away with my pussy at his face. As I lower my mouth to his cock and my pussy to his mouth I give my final instruction for a while.

“You will keep your hands firmly on the bed.” I tell him and you will lick my pussy like you have never done before. And I warn you right now that you’d better not cum before I do. Because if you do………..well then I will know you’re not sorry at all and you’ve been lying to me! And we both know that will not make me happy. Now get to it.”

TBC………..Will Spikey manage to control himself AND give the Slayer what she wants? Let me know if you want to find out.

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