A Conquering Love by SERDD
Chapter four by SERDD
Chapter Four

As the couple exited Calacis, both Buffy and Spike felt as the magic surrounded them.

“You feel that love?”

“Ya, what is it, and where is it coming from?”

“Not sure pet, but I feel up for a little rough and tumble, how ‘bout you?” Spike smiled like a kid in a candy shop. Gaining courage from Spike’s confidence, Buffy nodded and smiled back at him.

Silently, from behind the shadows stepped a Shwarsnic demon. Reaching out his purple, scaled arms towards them, the Shwarsnic gurgled his words of jumbled Latin.

“Jack! What the bloody hell do you think your do’en?” Spike screamed, enraged that a demon he had once called friend had betrayed him.

“Simple, Spike.” Jack hissed. “I wanted the Slayer!” he laughed. “And you brought her right to me, just like I knew you would. A fool for love, through and through.” He said disgustedly.

“What are you talken’ about?” Spike asked, sending a worried look towards Buffy. He was worried about the look of understanding that crossed her face.

“Oh, come now, Spike! You didn’t actually believe that it was real did you? A vampire falling in love with a Slayer of his own free will? Give me a brake. But then, you’ve always been a fool for love; I knew that you would be just the person to deliver me the Slayer.” The demon gave an evil smirk. “You two can chat about all of this latter…I mean…you have all of eternity…” The demon laughed as a swirling vortex opened under the floating couple. As Buffy and Spike were pulled slowly downward towards the vortex, all was silent, till and eerily dead voice broke through.

“Not real?” Buffy rasped. ‘None…none of it was…real…god, I’m such an idiot…how…could I not have seen…seen…of course it wasn’t real…none of it…none of it was real…’ Buffy slowly let the tears drop… ‘She had wanted it so badly…wanted the storybook romance. But things like that didn’t happen to her…for her…she was the Slayer. That was all she was…and look where dreaming got her. Suspended in the air over a vertex to hell, with a vampire who’d had a curse put on him, so that he could pretend to love her, just like her father…pretending to love her…an evil demon needed a curse to pretend…to love her…’

“You son of a bitch…” Buffy raised her tear stained face to look at the demon that held them there.

“You fucking son of a bitch. I don’t care where you send me…but you had better pray to god it’s as far as you can get from this dimension. Because I promise…wherever you go, what ever you do…be prepared…In to every generation a Slayer is born. And I swear this to you…one after another; we will hunt you down, and kill everything you hold dear. Slayers don’t love lightly or often. You just fucked with the wrong heart, you fucker’s whore.” As Buffy said this, a look of fear came over Jack’s face. Her voice was deadly calm, and there was promise in her eyes.

“Buffy, luv, I…”

“Shut up vampire!” She yelled scathingly. “Don’t you dare think of saying my name again!”

Spike was stunned, and more than a little hurt. He had been telling the truth! It wasn’t all lies! Not to him! He had really felt it! He felt it still!’ Spike didn’t notice the turn his thoughts made as they were pulled threw the vortex. ‘Bitch doesn’t know who she’s talking to…gotta learn her place…whether she likes it of not, she’s mine! And she will learn that…sooner or later…’

With a hard thump, Buffy and Spike landed on the rough, hard rock of the floor. When they fell, Buffy had managed to hit her head on the hard floor knocking her out. Shaking her head Buffy shook off the pain, and turned to find Spike, only to see him walking away from her.

“Spike? What…what are you doing?”

Turning to look at her, Spike had a furious and disgusted look on his face as his eyes settled on her. “I’m leaven’ what’s the hell it look like?!” he yelled back at her, heedless of her tears.

“What? Why?” She asked brokenly. Why would he leave her?

“Well, you know…I just figured that you would want the filthy vampire out of your
sight! Isn’t that what you said? Stupid, filthy, lowly, disgusting evil vampire!
Is that not what I am?!” Spike yelled stalking back to her.

“Is that what you need?” he sneered.

“Is that what you wanted? Cause I got to tell you ‘luv’, you are one sick Bitch if that’s how you get off. Pathetic too. Had to go find your self a demon to pretend for you, couldn’t ever find a human to finally show you some attention. You see ‘luv’? You’re even a freak in our world. Demons hate you, humans fear you…and nobody, out of that whole lot gives a fuck. Not your father, your mother… I even find my self not giving a rat’s ass about who the fuck kills you. In fact, I find my self looking forward to it, the though makes me tingle.” He drawled, smiling evilly.

Through his speech, Buffy had fallen to the ground, sobbing.

But Spike didn’t hear her gut wrenching sobs, or see her river of tears. He merely laughed at the pathetic lump in front of him.

Suddenly, Spike seemed to snap back to himself. And what he saw when he did…it was the most horrific thing he had ever seen. Tears ran down her face, as blood ran down her arms, legs, hands, feet, back, stomach, and skull.

Spike felt as though he was going to be sick.

Blood mingled with her tears creating a pink wash that pooled around her fallen body.

“Bu-Buffy…god. What…what…” Spike couldn’t find the words. He hadn’t heard any screaming that would usually come with this kind of torture. Hadn’t heard the swish of the blade, or the crack of the whip…only his own voice…only his words…God, what the fuck had he said? Why did he say those things? It hadn’t been him. He would never do that to her!

“Buffy…luv?” he spoke softly as he reached out to touch her. Buffy felt him come closer to her and flinched away, hugging her self tighter. Spike’s undead heart clenched in his chest. He hadn’t protected her…he had been so caught up in his own pain, that he forgot about her…ignored her…said that he hated her…that he wanted to kill her…he had caused this.

“Buffy…I, I wont hurt you luv…just, you’ve gotta tell me who…who did this, to you?”
Shaking now, and pulling farther away from him, Buffy moved her arms, which had been protecting her face.

“You…you…already…did…” she choked out. Spike stopped breathing. ‘No…No! He wouldn’t! He never would have done this! Not to her! Not to Buffy! He must have misunderstood, yes, he just heard her wrong…’

“What…what do you mean, luv?” he asked, his voice shaking. She flinched as though she had been cut again when he called her ‘luv.’

“You Spike…you already have hurt me…you did this to me…you broke me…you killed me…Spike? Why did you do this? I loved you…” She whispered brokenly.

“No. oh please god no. I didn’t do this…” Spike whispered, also broken.

“Yes you did. I loved you. And you killed me…Why, Spike? Why would you do this?” Buffy accused.

“NO!” He screamed, lunging for her. Buffy cried out in surprise.

“Please No! No! No more! I’ll do anything you want…just, please! No more! No more!” Buffy screamed over and over again trying as hard as she could to get away from him.

Blindly, Buffy crawled as fast as she could, looking for an escape, until she came up against a huge, solid wall. Sobbing in dismay, Buffy tried to clime the wall, when finding it slick; she started to dig through it.

“No, no, no, gotta get away, gotta get out.” She mumbled under her breath as she tried to dig.

One after the other, her nails broke, but Buffy ignored the pain. One by one, her fingers were ripped open, and bleeding. And again Buffy ignored the pain, as more of her blood clotted the dirt.

Spike just stood behind her, unable to stop her, unable to look away…helpless. ‘Your not helpless, you’re just bloody scared! You say you love her! Than help her! Stop being so damn afraid of being run from. Ya, it’ll hurt but…would you rather see her in pain, or you? Cause if it’s the first mate, than…you love her less than you realized.’ Nodding his head, Spike calmly walked over behind the Slayer.

“Buffy, stop it!” he said in a commanding voice, tears running down his face. Her movements stopped instantly.

“Good. Can you walk?” he asked in a softer tone, but kept the command.

Buffy hesitated before shaking her head negatively. Carefully, Spike walked towards her, and stiffened when she tensed at his approach.

“I want you to relax.” He said calmly. “That’s not an order, but it is what I want.” Buffy relaxed slightly, but Spike could see the rigidness of her posture.

“Good girl. Now, I’m going to pick you up. Are you going to fight me?” again she shook her head in the negative.

“Good girl. Now come here.” Spike said, as he lifted her into his arms. Cuddling her closely into his chest, Spike stood, contented for a moment, just to hold her, to burry his face into her neck, and take in her sent.

Then he broke down.

“I’m sorry my love…so sorry…” Spike sobbed into her hair. “I can’t…I’m sorry…so sorry, couldn’t…couldn’t help…can’t take it back…I love you, I love you…please, god…I love you so much…” Spike sobbed harder.

“Shhh, now…its ok now…it’s ok…it’s gonna be ok…” A soothing voice said from above him. Spike felt a hand stroking his hair, as well as rubbing his back in a soothing manner.

“Bu-Buffy?” Spike stuttered trough his tears.

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