Name: comicbound (Signed) · Date: 01/29/2013 - 08:02 am · For: ih-fuhl-juh-nt
Holy crap. Brilliant chapter. This makes me hesitate to ever post anything myself. Pretty sure I can't reach such a portrayal of love/erotica with my writing. Grrrrr.

Author's Response: Hey there!! Nice to meet you, comicbound!! I'm so glad you liked the chapter and are enjoying the story! Thank you sooo much! Please don't let what other people write discourage you! It's a process and everyone has their own style - although that is just the most awesome compliment I think I've gotten! I read people like Nautibitz and Holly and Damper and think the same thing, but I do my best, make my muse happy, get the voices out of my head, and that's all that matters. :) Posting can be very scary, you're putting your heart and soul out there for people to squash - believe me, I know!

Thank you so much for reading and stopping in here! It really makes my muse dance his happy dance to hear from new readers!

Name: PunkittenSin (Anonymous) · Date: 12/26/2012 - 06:37 am · For: Addicted
Hey just wanted to drop by with a review ;) this is the first time I've ever read this series n I just wanted to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the ride n the pictures especially this one at the end-I want that t-shirt lol great job I'm glad there's more to read :)

Author's Response: Hi there! Welcome to the Unexpected Universe! There is LOTS more to read! I'm so glad you've enjoyed it - including the pictures. There are times it gets really angsty and dark, but I hope the ups compensate for the downs. My muse loves to make me cry! Stop in again - I love hearing from you!

Name: Spuffy6 (Signed) · Date: 07/29/2010 - 12:25 am · For: You Complete Me
OMG! im stuck home from work with an injury and just read your ENTIRE SERIES in 2 days. I LOVE it. keep it coming, i never want it to end. i love what you've done with the characters and the plot. and the addition of the pics in with the story, that just brings the story to life even more. cant wait for more!

Author's Response: Hi Spuffy6!! WOW - 2 DAYS!?? Seriously!!?? NEAT! Not neat that you have an injury, but glad you liked the story and had all that time to read it!

I do have a one chapter "interlude" written and will get that posted probably tonight, then on to their next adventure which may be a few days away... Glad you like the pictures, too! I sometimes wonder if they're worth the effort (cause sometimes those take almost as long as writing the chapter to find), so it's good to hear that you like them!

Thanks SO MUCH for reading and posting here. I love hearing from you! --- will have more soon!!

-P4S 2010.07.28

Name: BuffyRat (Anonymous) · Date: 07/26/2010 - 04:57 am · For: Sweet-Bit and Baby Blue
So glad they all survived this. Damn strong Summer's women. :)

Author's Response: Hey BuffyRat! Ya gotta love those Summers' genes... and Spike jeans... ummm, I mean genes, too! LOL! Will have more soon! Thanks so much for reading and posting here - I love hearing from you!

-P4S 2010.07.26

Name: Inwen (Signed) · Date: 07/25/2010 - 03:13 am · For: Sweet-Bit and Baby Blue
Yay! Happy Ending! I actually had a friend who had meningitis once...not fun, she was actually in quarantine for a few days! yuck!
and dont' be mad, but I'm totally seeing James at FanExpo in tickets to his concert! yay! All the singing that you have Spike doing in your stories, just thought I would share...please don't hate me! lol. Can't wait for the next story...I'm sure it's gonna be great!

Author's Response: Hi Inwen! HATE YOU? HATE YOU?!! No - I totally ENVY you!! I bow at your feet and hope you take pictures and video and share it with me! And, if you get a chance to give him a slobbery,wet kiss, do it once for me! LOL!

I love his singing and his songs - - (duh!! hard to suss that out, ain't it?) . I've got in the back of my mind that next year I'll go see him in Atlanta ... I wish I could make it this year, he's doing that private party thing ...which would be so cool... {{sigh}} Think of me when you're there!

Glad you liked the story - the next one will definately put you in the mood to see JM *LIVE* and in person - but there isn't any singing involved! (although there may be some *noise* of other sorts!) :O I'll post it soon ...

Thanks so much for reading and posting here - I love hearing from you - even if you've now made me look like Lorne... GREEN :D

-P4S 2010.07.24

Name: westwingwolf (Signed) · Date: 07/25/2010 - 01:47 am · For: Sweet-Bit and Baby Blue
Yay! I love happy endings. If the PTB are screwing with them because of what happened to Angel, then they need to realize they need a new favored son because's their current one is an...well take all the negative words, add them together, and you might get close to what Angel is. Or it could be Cordy & Gunn if they were that vindictive. Or it could just be normal life that likes to screw with people in which case not much to be done but suck it up and enjoy the good times. Hopefully, the times will be more good than bad from now on. Or not because I suspect Spike's evil streak might be rubbing off on you. You should probably stay away from him for a while I know, you can send him to me, and I'll decide when you're ready to take care of him again. Shouldn't be more than a few decades or so.

Author's Response: Hi WWW! LOL!

You think that's what it is? . . . Spike's evil side rubbing off on me? ... maybe my evil side's rubbing off on him! I know -either way, you'll take care of him for me, right!? Wow - you are such a team player - taking one for the Gipper and all that rot! LOL! Thanks so much for your offer!! I was just asking another writer tonight if she hears Spike's voice in her head and never knows what he's gonna say until her fingers type it on the computer ... I'm afraid that I may be the only one that happens to!! :O That would be bad, wouldn't it? I keep telling the nice men in the white coats that they can take all the voices out of my head but Spike's - he must stay!

I agree that the PTB should find a new favored son ... but they always seemed to like Angel for some reason, didn't they? Mysterious .... I agree with Spike, perhaps they should switch to Nora Roberts, too!

I promise to give them some good times ... and some bad times, because if it's all good times, everyone gets bored, don't they? In fact, this (Kooks) story started out as a fluffy, good time story and those darn voices in my head just yanked me by the throat and made me write angst! Darn them! At least I was able to wrest control at the end, there ... :D

I'll be sure to pack Spike's toothbrush and put him on the next bus to you ... soon . ..very, very soon - you just keep a watch out for him, ok? :P

Thanks so much for reading and leaving reviews! I love reading your reviews - they crack me up - usually (except when you get on me about the Gem of Amarra - but -I'm working on it!!). Thanks again - {{HUGS}} and smooches from Spike... watch for that bus now!

-P4S 2010.07.24

Name: AMI (Signed) · Date: 07/24/2010 - 07:14 pm · For: Sweet-Bit and Baby Blue
Wow..this chappie had me so anxious cause Dani had pneumococcal meningitis, and that can be really dangerous. About 5/6 years ago our old neighbors across the street had family staying with them, and one day their son who was about 9 started feeling bad, so that night he was taken to the hospital, and it turns out he had pneumococcal meningitis, but unfortunately he died less than 24 hrs was so sad and so horrible. :( Thank god Dani is OK.. I loved the lullaby Spike was singing and JM's version too.

I loved the end too, that song fits them so well. lol
Thanx for another great Unexpected verse story...Yay! there's gonna be more. :) And of course thanx for the amazing JM pic. GAH! You're gonna kill me one of these days with the hotness.*huggles*

Author's Response: Hi AMI!

Oh, I'm so sorry about the boy you knew that died! It is definately a curable infection, but also deadly if not caught and treated quickly. Spike and Buffy got lucky with Dani.

I'm glad you liked the lullaby ... there's one youtube video of JM talking about it being a song he sang to his son at was touching - unfortunately, that video ended abruptly, so I didn't use it - but it was swooon worthy!

When I heard David Bowie's song, I KNEW it was our Spuffy! Had to use it!

I don't want to kill you with the JM pics, just feel the need to share and make everyone else drool on their keyboards like I do! :P Please don't have a heart attack looking at JM hotness, ok? I love your reviews - I'd totally miss you! Heck, I scan reviews on other stories looking for yours - they're always so good and usually crack me up!

More on the way... never fear! {{hugs}} -p4s 2010.07.24

Name: Vette (Anonymous) · Date: 07/24/2010 - 05:49 am · For: Sweet-Bit and Baby Blue
So…so glad that Dani is out of the woods and healthy again. William having been born in an era where the simplest of ailments were lethal, he must've felt the enormity of the battle his wee bit faced. After all the medical issues they've faced, they need to go to Disneyland! Imagine Spike wearing a Mickey Mouse cap for his brood. What an entourage the household would make and the laugh they'd all get going through the haunted mansion, where they live, their mansion though not haunted is surrounded by otherworldly beings! Annie would drive her parents crazy singing "It's A Small World" repeatedly. But Spike needs the Gem of Amara for them to enjoy it as a family darn it! They all really need a vacation! Maybe they could have the Buffybot patrol when they are gone! Having just watched the movie “Surrogates”, I wished that Spike had a surrogate to go out in the day time while waiting for the Gem of Amara to come back to him. Anyway, going way off topic here. Loved this story installment and I really look forward to the next! Keep up the good story telling, I’m enjoying your version of the “Buffyverse”.

Author's Response: Hi Vette!!

I have definately had some thoughts about sending them to DisneyLand for a vacation ... but you're right, we have to get the gem of Amarra back for that to work well (although I've had the best times at DisneyWorld at night! Fewer crowds!). Love the idea of Annie singing It's a Small World - were you at Disney with me - 'cause that's what I do! EVEN NOW!

So glad you enjoyed it - I have a short, one chapter, happy fic next for our Spuffy pair, then it's back to work...not much time for a vacation on the Hellmouth, I suppose.

Thanks so much for reading and dropping in here! We (my blue-eyed muse and I) love hearing from you!!

-P4S 2010.07.24

Name: BuffyRat (Anonymous) · Date: 07/22/2010 - 05:23 am · For: Un-Mixy
Love it when Giles dresses up. Hope Dani will be okay. Update soon.

Author's Response: Hey BuffyRat .... Giles dressing up is too funny... he's such a great character!

Will update soon - I'll try not to leave you hanging too long ...

Thanks so much for reading and stopping in here - I love hearing from you!!

-P4S 2010.07.22

Name: AMI (Anonymous) · Date: 07/21/2010 - 07:41 pm · For: Un-Mixy
OMG so much hotness in the beginning, so funny in the middle and the end is so sad. Good job bringing out ALL my emotions. :) Now I'm so worried about poor Dani, I hope she's OK.

Plz don't leave us hanging too long....I can't take it. :)

That last pic of Spike is GORGEOUS ...OMG his face is amazing.*stares dumbly at the pretty,pretty Spike*

Loving this hon! =)

Author's Response: Hi AMI!

Glad I could hit on so many emotions in one chappie - funny is so hard sometimes - I'm glad I got that in there, too!

I'll definately try to not leave you hanging too long - I've got the next chapter done and my wonderful friend PaganBaby is looking at it now for me (wasn't that a HOT chapter I got from her for my birthday!? Man, that was so cool!) - so hopefully, I can have it posted in the next couple of days, ok!? Just hold on, sweetie!

I always try to include at least one HOT Spike pic, just for you (and me!!) LOL! As scary as Dani having a fever was, picturing him with his jeans half undone, his belt hanging, no shirt and no shoes....ahhhhh.... I think I was the one with the fever for a minute or two! :D

Thanks so much for reading - I always love your reviews, and my blue-eyed muse says 'hi!" too! :D

-P4S 2010.07.21

Name: westwingwolf (Signed) · Date: 07/21/2010 - 07:26 pm · For: Un-Mixy
Spike is either really evil or really stupid to tease Buffy like that, probably both.

Poor Dani, I hope she'll be okay. Will they have to worry about Billy catching whatever she has?

Author's Response: Hi westwingwolf! I think he has a bit of an evil streak lurking in there...I think Buffy can handle him, tho ... she's a litlte evil, herself. :-)

Yes, there is definately concern over whether Billy has it, too ... that's coming in the next chapter,which I should have done in the next day or so... I'll try not to leave you hanging too long ...

Thanks so much for reading and posting! I always love hearing from you!!

-P4S 2010.07.21

Name: Vette (Anonymous) · Date: 07/21/2010 - 02:15 pm · For: Un-Mixy
The day started out really good, loved the intimacy between Spike and Buffy, having a family hasn't dulled their passion for each other. Well written through the Magic Box scene where Giles shows his need for his adopted family and Anya shows her zeal for profit. Poor Dani, most parents can deal with anything in the world but to have their kids and one so young must be akin to having their heart ripped out of their chests! Hope all goes well with the littlest bit. Crosses fingers.

Author's Response: Hi Vette!

Yeah, their passion is still there for each other ... even after all these years and the kids - it still burns brightly ...

Giles and Anya will make a great team at the Magic Box and it'll be nice to have that place with a sanctuary spell where Buffy and Spike can feel that Annie, Dani and Billy could go away from the mansion and be safe.

Buffy and Spike are trying to deal with Dani being sick, but it'll only get worse when they find out what she has and that being in the hospital doesn't necessarily mean they can save her...

More to come in the next couple of days... I'll try to not keep you hanging on too long.

Thanks for reading and posting -I love hearing from you!! -P4S 2010.07.21

Name: PaganBaby (Anonymous) · Date: 07/10/2010 - 08:55 am · For: ih-fuhl-juh-nt
I just realized I've been extremely lax in my official review giving to you - sorry! lol

This chapter was PERFECT! The romance, the sweetness, the love, the hotttttness - I applaud you, my friend! *claps* I can't say enough good things about it. Spike had me goin' all swoony several times =D Loved the poem, and the Tootsie Pop commercial reference too :P LMAO

Excellent chapter, ET! You are made of awesome sauce :D *smooochies*

Author's Response: >:D

Awwww - thanks ET-PB - go on . . .. I mean it, really - go on . . .LOL!

I'm so glad you liked it ! I really think it was my very favorite chappie in their whole life!

Spike outdid himself in this one - he made me cry and laugh and oooooo . .. . :P

And thanks to you for your wonderful suggestions, inspiration and encouragement - you always make every chapter better!

I think I'll go have me a Tootsie Pop to celebrate! Ah-one, ah-two, ah-three . . .. CRUNCH!

Thanks again, ET - you're the bestest! {{hugs}} -P4S 2010.07.10

Name: magnus374 (Signed) · Date: 07/10/2010 - 06:35 am · For: ih-fuhl-juh-nt
Good, now Buffy could feel better about herself.

Author's Response: Hi magnus! Yeah, I think Spike got the point across . . .. I think she's got it. Thanks so much for reading and stopping in here! I really love hearing from you! -P4S 2010.07.10

Name: AMI (Signed) · Date: 07/09/2010 - 08:27 pm · For: ih-fuhl-juh-nt
Wow,wow,wow...what an amazing chappie. And what an amazing Spike. I love everything he said to he pointed out that the scars and flaws are what makes her her and he loves her no matter what. That was one of the sexiest, most beautiful scenes I've ever read...Spike making her look at herself in front of that mirror. Oh man why couldn't BtVS have been on HBO and had that scene? JM And SMG would have knocked it outta the park.Well, I'll just pretend JM wa saying all that. *happy smile*

I loved the poem too... good job. But Spike quoting 98 degrees was too funny lol.

As always some HAWT sexins, good to see Buffy get her groove back. Yay!

I loved it P4S ! And those pics of JM are great too. Are his eyes that blue in RL or is that just the lighting? Whoa he's just gorgeous. :)

Author's Response: Hi AMI! Thanks so much! I'm so glad you liked it!

Oh, yeah, if BtVS was on HBO what an awesomer . . . errr . . . more awesome (yes, I actually write fanfic and English is my first language! LOL!) show it would've been! Oh, what a dream come true that would've been!

"That was one of the sexiest, most beautiful scenes I've ever read..." WOW - Thanks so much, again - that is so awesome . . really. I'm so glad it touched you!

No, his eyes aren't really THAT blue - I think that's a bit of Photoshop magic there - but man, I couldn't resist that picture! Crystal Blue . . . yeah, that could 'persuade' me anytime! :P

Thanks sooooo much for reading and stopping in here - what an awesome (Could I say that any more here?! Geez - what a limited vocabulary! But - that's just what keeps popping into my mind!) review! I love hearing from you - I'm really super glad you liked it - I think it's my favorite chapter yet. . . .

{{hugs}} -P4S 2010.07.09

Author's Response: Just had to add - I'm glad you liked the poem! I searched and searched the internet for a poem that would work and after a while I was like WTF! I can write better poetry than some of this crap! LOL! So I just started writing - it amazed me that it came out pretty good - even for William! LOL! I hate poetry that you have to have a dictionary handy to figure out what the hell the poem is even about . . or the ones where they use contractions on words that you normally don't contract when you speak - - just bugs me . .ANYWAY - I'm so glad you liked the poem . . .. . I was actually kinda proud of it, since I haven't written a poem in over twenty years! I was like "PFFFFFT This ain't that bloody hard!" LOL!

(watch, next time I try to write one it will suck so bad . . you'll think William's totally taken Spike back over!) LOL!

Thanks again!! - P4S

Name: Vette (Anonymous) · Date: 07/09/2010 - 04:07 pm · For: ih-fuhl-juh-nt
Okay, first, this is a beautifully written chapter that is well thought out with all the feelings and emotions a woman and a manpire could ever share. The conflict within Buffy has been qwelled by Spike's poetic and romantic ministrations. It was a pleasure to read this chapter devoted dedicated to the hard road taken to reap their well deserved rewards. How can anyone appreciate what blessings they have without the struggles, Buffy and Spike have earned their happiness and should never feel guilty about it.
(Personal thoughts because of this story)
Being married for a long time, I have conversations with single women who are lamenting that all the good guys are taken or married because of their failed relationships or less than glorious expectations of relationships. As they get older, they also have the same insecurities that Buffy suffered trying to be all things to all people. That is an impossible task! I hate to say this because it comes across as a critique but some of my friends look for handsome yet shallow, rich in money but poor in character, I could go on but what I tell them is, a REAL man doesn't care about you looking like a supermodel, he doesn't care about all the things that make women fear that they are not enough, a real man loves a woman for who and what they are without exception. Be it a man who is not a total hottie (like William’s character) or a man doesn’t toss money around to impress his friends or acquaintances. A real man is not so insecure that he needs a trophy woman in his life to make up for his short-comings. I hope that I do not stir anyone up with this commentary in a negative way because it is not meant to do that but to applaud a writer who inspires such thoughts and emotions. This is the opinions of a salt of the Earth woman married to a salt of the Earth real man. (End personal thoughts)
Anyhow, thanks so much for this chapter and I look forward to more. Sorry about the long commentary.

Author's Response: Hi Vette . . . wow . .. I'm sitting here trying to search for words . . .

As someone who, as JM said recently, has 'loved the wrong people for a long time' and loved the right man once, I couldn't agree more with your words. We are all the sum of our experiences and they often leave wounds - whether on your heart or on your skin - being able to heal those wounds together, turning them into scars - badges of honor - not forgotten, but no longer painful, is what makes a great lover, a great friend and someone worthy of spending your life with . . . Real men are hard to find - not sure why that is, but I found that to be true - or maybe it's our own insecurities that lead us to the wrong men . . . I don't know. Sounds like you've got a good one!

I'm glad the chapter touched you - it's really my favorite of any of them so far - it has William's heart, Buffy's (and most women's) doubts about herself and Spike's passion. Here's hoping we can all find someone with the heart of William and the passion of Spike.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing - I love hearing from you. You made my blue-eyed muse cry . . . in a good way.

-P4S 2010.07.09

Name: westwingwolf (Signed) · Date: 07/09/2010 - 07:37 am · For: ih-fuhl-juh-nt
This chapter reminded me that no matter how much I want a Spike of my own, he'll always want a Buffy. Oh well, such is the burden of loving Spike.

98 Degrees though, losing your street cred Spike. I mean, I may or may not have that song on my mp3 player, but come on Spike, not really your style. Nice sentiment though.

Author's Response: Hi westwingwolf!

{sigh}Yes, that is the problem with loving Spike - he always loves Buffy . . . darn it all . . . Well, we all have a little Slayer in us don't we? So, perhaps there's still a chance . . . we can't give up hope . . .

Well, Spike has to find some romantic songs for anniversaries and stuff - it's sometimes hard to head-bang when you're trying to be all romantic . . . I think he got that one from Willow or Tara's Ipod . . . and, he'd never admit it outside that room . . .. Street cred will remain in tack.

Thanks for reading and stopping in here - I love hearing from you, as always!! Be a few days before we have more, my muse is having to recover . .. . :O

-P4S 2010.07.09

Name: BuffyRat (Anonymous) · Date: 07/09/2010 - 05:52 am · For: Seeing Red . . . and Green
And Hallie has been turned into a rat. Well, at least Willow has experience with such things. Far worse things in the world than rats. And when rat movies come to mind, lets not forget Ratatouille. Awesome movie. Glad things cleared up this chapter. And Lorne is bloody brilliant. Updater soon!

Author's Response: Hi BuffyRat! Your wish is my command! Another chapter is up and waiting for you!! ;-)

I thought about Ratatouille, but they're only in 2004 and that movie was in 2007 . . . so - I left it out . .. maybe they'll take Annie, Dani and Billy to see in a couple of years! ;-)

Glad you liked it - thanks so much for reading and leaving me notes! I love hearing from you! -P4S 2010.07.09

Name: AMI (Signed) · Date: 07/08/2010 - 11:01 pm · For: Seeing Red . . . and Green
OMG..all I have to say is Thank God for Lorne and Willow, cause Buffy was probably gonna let Hallie get away with stealing her vamp. Good thing things got straightened out. And I LOVED Spike's line to Hallie about being beneath him. Just what the heifer deserved. LOL Thanx for the balcony scene reference btw....that was one hot scene...I for one never objected to it. :)

Heehee Rat! Hallie..omg I hope Annie's cat chases her around a bit and then makes her lunch.*snerk*

Now we need an honest Spuffy convo, and then HAWT make up sex! Cause this insecure Buffy is getting tiring. C'mon've got the hottest vamp in the world crazy for you...dayum woman what more does it take to make you feel sexy?

The twins being soulmates is cute, but I hope it deoesn't mean literally soulmates cause that'd be kinda squicky (even tho Damper's story "The Bond" about fraternal twins who are in love is tres HOT! , but that may be cause it's Spike and Buffy and they are always supposed to be together no matter what! At least that's the rule in my Universe lol)

Loved it of course, and I can't wait to see what your adorable, blue-eyed muse has in store for us next! *hugs*

Author's Response: Hi AMI!! Yes, thank GOD for Red and Green saving the day! Yay! Ok, shoo - we got Hallie all ratted up and out of the way, maybe Spike can suss out what's wrong with Buffy now . . .

I never had a problem with the balcony scene - other than I wasn't quite sure of the mechanics of that shag . . . well - we won't go into that now . . . LOL!

The twins are super-super close - been so since trying to come out into the world at the same time, so it makes sense that there's a real strong soulful-bond between them . . . that'll show up in different ways when they're older - just hopefully not like Damper's story . . . since they aren't Spike and Buffy! LOL! And yeah, I have to agree with that rule of your universe - Spike and Buffy must be together, no matter what.

I think you'll like what my romantic, blue-eyed muse has in store for the next chapter . . . I won't make you wait long, promise!

Thanks soooo much for stopping in here,AMI - I always truly love hearing from you and muse-boy loves reading your reviews over my shoulder! -P4S 2010.07.08

Name: westwingwolf (Signed) · Date: 07/08/2010 - 08:05 pm · For: Seeing Red . . . and Green
Well I happen to think you have one soulmate who is your love, and then other soulmates who are the people around you like friends and family. I hope that's the case for Dani and Billy because know.

Good for Spike, he finally got back at Cecily/Hallie after all this time. I wish Willow could turn her back into human form just so Buffy can kick her ass. Otherwise, I think they should just get a rat trap. A good mouse/rat movie was the The Witches especially when all the evil witches turned into mice...though Willow might not like that movie.

Looks as though Buffy's got her innate Slayerness back, so good talk with Lorne.

Author's Response: Hi westwingwolf!

I think there must be more than one soulmate for each of us, otherwise, how would we ever find them in the vastness of the world . .. but, who knows? I think that Dani and Billy will be ok - I just have a feeling about it . .

Maybe Will can figure it out! LOL! I was thinking they could get one of those clear plastic hamster balls that you put the rodent in and it can crawl across the floor - then Miss Kitty could chase her around the mansion for a while . . . :P

I missed 'The Witches" - but I'm thinking you're right, Willow would have a problem with it from the sounds of it!

Now, all Spike has to do is get the rest of Buffy's confidence back . . . let's hope he can suss it out .. .

Thanks so much for reading and stopping in here! I really love hearing from you! More soon . .. -P4S 2010.07.08

Name: Bridget (Anonymous) · Date: 07/08/2010 - 02:38 pm · For: Seeing Red . . . and Green
I am so thankful that the Hallie saga is over. It is a good thing Willow was there because Buffy would have just run awary. It was very fitting that she turned into a rat. I can't imagine what hill happen next in your universe.

Author's Response: Hi Bridget - Oh, you never know what will come out of my crazy brain next! Hopefully, Spike will have some luck sussing out Buffy's underlying insecurities . . . let's hope!

Yeah, Willow and Lorne really saved the day for Buffy - thank goodness for friends!

Glad you're glad the Hallie saga is over . . . now they just have to get her an exercise wheel! ;-)

Thanks so much for reading and stopping in here, Bridget! I love hearing from you! -P4S 2010.07.07

Name: magnus374 (Signed) · Date: 07/08/2010 - 01:56 pm · For: Seeing Red . . . and Green
That's one problem less.

Author's Response: YEP! Now all they have to do is get one of those little clear plastic rolly balls, but Hallie-rat in it and let Miss Kitty chase her around the mansion . . . .

Thanks so much for reading, magnus! I love hearing from you! -P4S 2010.07.07

Name: Vette (Anonymous) · Date: 07/08/2010 - 08:02 am · For: Seeing Red . . . and Green
Bout time Hallie got what she had coming to her. Gotta love how Willow's haphazard spells prove useful at times. Spike telling Hallie that she was beneath him was gloriously superb! Lorne really has earned his place with the Scoobies with his abilities. Buffy freaking out with the twins being soul-mates was every mother’s worst nightmare, here’s hoping that the twins will have their “love soul mates” in their future. Who knows if in another dimension Angel and Cordelia produce twins who are destined to dimension jump to Dani and Billie’s lives. If dimension jumping were to solve problems, then perhaps this dimension’s Angel could be fished out of the ocean, have the Gem of Amarra removed and evicted to another dimension….Pylea or Quor-Toth where Connor grew up. So proud that Willow had faith in Spike in proving his love for Buffy in a crisis when Hallie was all prepped to publically shag Spike at the Bronze. Such trust! Look forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: So much going on here!

Spike telling Hallie off was a highlight, for sure! Making her beg for it, then telling her off, was 'poetic' justice, pun intended!

I'm hopeful that the twins will be ok - those are great ideas about Cordy and Angel from another dimension . . . I was also considering bringing Wesley and Faith back to LA and letting Wesley get with Fred . . . that was so sad how they never got a chance on AtS . . . (what else is new, right?)

But, I do love the idea that somewhere, there's an Angel who's actually turned out to be a good guy and he and Cordy are living happily every after . . that's a great idea.

Now, all Spike has to do is suss out what's at the root of Buffy's moodiness . . . let's hope he can do that soon!

Thanks so much for reading and stopping in here! I really do love all your thoughts and ideas, Vette!! -P4S 2010.07.07

Name: Vette (Anonymous) · Date: 07/08/2010 - 07:06 am · For: Worry-free
Buffy not wanting sex with Spike? Truly, this is one of the seven signs of the final apocolypse! Now I really want to bitch slap her upside the head. If feeling undesireable is not enough, she dreams of the past involving William and Cecily to further deepen her depression. Too bad Buffy does not keep a journal so that Spike could be privy to her inner feelings now that their link is gone. Mayber a journal can be given to her to serve the purpose of writing down how she feels and to thump Hallie over the head, I know that I would feel better if that happened. Funny, but ever since Angel broke their link, it seems that Buffy has inherited Angel's broodiness, could it be that she is channeling Angel instead of Spike! Bites nails to keep from stammering on such a notion. Anyhow, should Hallie dare to mack on her man, Buffy should get D'hoffryn's talisman and give him a chant to summon him from Arashmaharr, he always enjoys a good smack down. Look forward to more to see what happens next.

Author's Response: "Buffy not wanting sex with Spike? Truly, this is one of the seven signs of the final apocolypse!"

HOW TRUE!! LOL! A very bad sign, indeed!

A journal would be a great idea - she did used to keep a diary, but after Angel invaded it, I'm not sure if she'd do that again . . . but it's a wonderful idea!

Oh, let's hope she's not channeling Angel! But that's an interesting observation . . hmmm - no, maybe not. Buffy definately needs to channel Angelus and knock the crap out of Hallie, tough.

I think things will coming to a head here very soon . . . .

Thanks so much for reading and stopping in here, Vette! I always love to hear your thoughts! -P4S 2010.07.07

Name: BuffyRat (Anonymous) · Date: 07/08/2010 - 04:38 am · For: Worry-free
Love how even well adjusted Spike and Buffy have issues communicating. Hopefully they won't let this go on for too long. Update soon!

Author's Response: Hi BuffyRat! Thanks for stopping in here!

Well, they are Spike and Buffy, after all - communication not always their strongest suit . . . but they usually work it out, eventually. I'm sure it won't be much longer til something gives!

Thanks again! I will update very soon! -P4S 2010.07.07

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