Name: AMI (Anonymous) · Date: 04/09/2011 - 07:27 pm · For: In These Choos?!
Hi P4S!! *waves* I've missed you and your fab stories. This was a fun, happy, sexy and totally hot interlude . I know the angst is comin' in the next story so thanks for giving us this sexy little story.

Lots of "hints" I think in here about some of what;s coming maybe? Thoughts about destiny and heaven and Spike and Buffy being each others "other" half and being complete with each other,and their love being eternal and getting through everything together. It's sweet and romantic, but I just get an angsty vibe from this story.

I really loved this and I adored the pics as always(especially the one of Spike with his hand down his pants..sue me I'm a huge Spike perv;))

Can't wait for the next one angsty as it will be. *hugs*

Author's Response: Hi AMI!! **waves back** I know it's been a while, been working on the angsty story, but it's compicated and I keep having to go back and change things to make stuff work. I thought I better post *something* to let everyone know I hadn't died!

Yeah, it was hard to not have lots of hints in this story, since my muse and my brain are so far into the angsty story ... I couldn't help it!

That's one of my very favorite manips of Spike with his hand down his pants ... oh, mama! I was really glad to find a place to finally use it! :D Us Spike pervs have to stick together!

I hope to have the angsty one ready to start posting soon ... it's looong ... my blue-eyed muse just keeps going and going with the tears! He says that's what I get for making him write that damn happy Christmas story! LOL!

Thanks soooo much for stopping in and hanging with me! I love hearing from you ... love your notes, they always make me smile! -P4S 2011.04.09

Name: magnus374 (Signed) · Date: 04/08/2011 - 06:15 pm · For: In These Choos?!
Well it was a nice SMG picture and the playboy picture was good too. As I have said before the pictures makes your great stories even better and a hot woman is of course a bonus :)

Author's Response: Hi Magnus! COOL! I'm glad you liked them ... glad you enjoy all the pictures. They sometimes take longer to find than the chapter does to write, so I'm glad people enjoy them. I like visuals myself ... let me see them sexy or crying or fighting ... I think it adds to the emotions, which is what it's all about. Thanks for stopping back in!!! I'll try to keep you guys in mind in my choice of photos! :D -P4S 2011.04.09

Name: magnus374 (Signed) · Date: 04/07/2011 - 08:27 am · For: In These Choos?!
This was such a wonderful story that I guess that the next will be very angsty. This was domestic, nice and hot. Buffy must have looked really hot on that harley.

Author's Response: Hi Magnus! Oh, yeah ... Buffy would look really hot on that Harley ... I would have to say that Spike would look pretty good on it too ...heehee! Did you like the picture of SMG in the bra? I always put in hot Spike (or JM) pictures, but I thought you (and some other readers) might enjoy a hot Buffy picture once in a while! So, you've had an influence on me, magnus! Thanks so much for reading and stopping in every single time! You have no idea how much I appreciate hearing from you! Oh, and yes, the next story is going to be almost total angst ... my muse is about ready to kill me between the happy Christmas story and this ... he demands tears and he shall have them! Thanks again!! -P4S 2011.04.07

Name: claudia (Signed) · Date: 04/07/2011 - 07:41 am · For: In These Choos?!
What a great story even if it was only one chapter... Please write more.

Author's Response: Hi Claudia ... I will have more soon, I promise!! Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for reading and stopping in here! I love hearing from you! -P4S 2011.04.07

Name: Melly (Anonymous) · Date: 04/07/2011 - 01:51 am · For: In These Choos?!
Loved! Loved! Loved it!! This update along with those pictures have pretty much melted me into a puddle and I really want to thank you for that!! There's so much trauma going on in my rl right now I'm going to have to wait to read your future angsty updates at a latter time. But read them I will because I really love your writing. I'm just really needing happy Spuffiness in my life right now.

Author's Response: Hi Melly! Well, I'm so happy to help take a little of the RL angst away for a while and leave you melted in a puddle! :D I understand not needing more angst piled on top when RL is getting you down, but I hope you'll come back when you can. The next story will be very angsty almost all the way thru ... but, of course, my muse always finds a light at the end of the tunnel - we just hope it's not a train! Thanks SOOOO much for reading and stoppin in here, I really love hearing from you! -P4S 2011.04.07

Name: Tegan (Anonymous) · Date: 04/07/2011 - 12:48 am · For: In These Choos?!
Gahh! I'm so happy that you updated! I was having serious withdrawals from all the spuffy deliciousness! I loved this one shot. It was funny, and sexy! And I can't wait on your next update!

Author's Response: Hi Tagen! Thanks so much - glad you liked it! :D I have actually been writing, but their next adventure is a bit complicated and I wanted to make sure my muse had it all figured out before I started posting, so hopefully it won't be long now before I've got a nice long, angsty story for everyone! Thanks again for reading and stopping in here! Love hearing from you! -P4S 2011.04.06

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