Backstage Love by Nikilicious
Summary: High school nerd, Buffy Summers is the costumer on the school play, she really fancies the leading male and High Schools hottest guy, Spike Hamilton. There's no way he would ever fancy her back... or is there?
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Backstage Love by Nikilicious
Author's Notes:
Just a short Ficlet.... This is actually a present for Ciley.. everyone should go and check out her fics, they are under the pen name suzee.. she gave me the idea for this one... If enough people like this one I may write a sequel to it.. that would be longer... please please please give me feedback.. am nervous!!!! I hope you all like it.. this is my first ficlet... its basically short fluffy bit! Anyone who is redaing WIlliam Angel it will be updated soon I promise... I am however going away soon.. so it will only be once a week instead of twice!
Backstage love

Buffy Summers watched form backstage as the scene unfolded. The play had only just started but the audience was watching with rapture. As she stood behind the curtain, away from the audience’s line of sight, but enough over so she could see the stage, Buffy held her breath. Then as all eyes were on the stage, William ‘Spike’ Hamilton made his entrance, taking his place securely on the stage.

Buffy’s heart fluttered. Spike looked so damn sexy. His bleached hair glowed under the lights, making him look almost angelic. Gone was his usual all black ensemble. Instead it had been replaced by a deep purple Elizabethan costume with gold embroidery. The purple brought out the deep sapphire of his eyes.

As he started speaking his lines, his British accent making them sound so enthralling, Buffy closed her eyes.

She imagined that she was stood on the stage with him, the lines spoken directly to her. She was his Juliet, he was her Romeo, together they were one. As she dreamed, the stage melted away leaving her stood there alone with Spike. The two of them entwined in each other’s arms, staring into each other love filled eyes.

Buffy was rudely brought out of her daydream as Cordelia Chase, came colliding into her as she exited the stage. From her place now on the floor, Buffy’s eyes travelled up the legs of the leading lady to look to her very pissed off expression on her face.

“What the hell are you doing, Betty? You so nearly made me spoil my dramatic exit. All because your worthless ass decided to be somewhere it shouldn’t be… shouldn’t you be, I don’t know, cooped up in a corner sewing beads somewhere.” Cordelia said it in her best sarcastic voice that immediately made Buffy feel about 2 inches tall. With that Buffy watched Cordelia flounce off, no doubt to go and tell Harmony about Buffy’s complete clumsiness and have a good laugh at her.

Cordelia was right; Buffy didn’t belong on the front of the stage. She would never be good enough for someone like Spike Hamilton. Spike was the crème de la crème of the high school. He could get any girl he wanted, and, if rumours where to be believed, he had. Why would he ever go out with someone like Buffy Summers, a geek who had never had a real boyfriend?

Picking herself off the floor, Buffy went back into the costume room, ready to prepare the outfits for act two.

Buffy Summers had only joined the drama club after her best friend Willow Rosenberg had begged her. Willow had really wanted to be part of this year’s production of Romeo and Juliet, so Buffy had dubiously agreed to be part of it, and had then searched for the backstage job where she would have the least contact with people.

After being given the job of costumer, Buffy had found a love for it. She loved the feel of the fabric beneath her fingers, or the way the beads shimmered as she sewed them to the costumes.

Two weeks into rehearsals, Spike had been sent as punishment by Principal Snyder to join the Drama club. Despite his early protest, when Mr Giles had seen what he was capable of, he had cast Spike as the lead, in place of the sadly lacking Larry Blaisdale.

It had been no secret that Buffy had a big crush on Spike, the whole school knew it; it something many took great pleasure in teasing her about. So when he had been forced to join the club, Buffy had loved spending each day with him. She would sit at the back of the auditorium sewing the costumes and just watch him.

Of course by doing that she had also had to endure the elite squad, namely Cordelia and her minions, stinging comments. She also had to spend each day watching Harmony Kendall flirt with Spike.

Spike never once looked at Buffy, or ever registered that she was there. She didn’t exist in his world, and as Cordelia took great pleasure in pointing out, she was an ant and never would.

Sitting back on the simple chair in the costume room, Buffy listened carefully to the lines being spoken on stage—at least to those that she could just make out from her seat. Settling back so that she was comfortable she closed her eyes and imagined once again that she was warm in Spike’s arms.

Cheers from the audience awoke Buffy. She must have fallen asleep, while day dreaming about Spike and totally missed most of the play. It appeared that no one missed her, as no one had made any attempt to come and find her or wake her.

As people started milling into the costume room, Buffy decided to hide back away from them. She didn’t want to get in the way.

As Cordelia and Harmony came into the room, Buffy overheard their conversation.

“Cordelia, you were like soooo good.”

“Well I am an actress, Harmony, what did you expect? I would have been better if that idiot Willow Rosenberg hadn’t cocked up her lines… I mean hello what was she doing on stage anyway. Does anyone really want to look at her tragic hair?”

“I so totally know what you mean. It’s like when did she last have it cut… never?”

“So, Harmony, are you coming to mine? Daddy is letting me have an after show party. There will be muchos boys there.”

“Count me in! Is salty goodness Spikey going to be there? ...” Buffy couldn’t hear the rest of what Harmony said as both girls left the room, giggling.

Buffy knew that there was no way someone like her would ever be invited to one of Cordelia’s infamous house parties. They where only for the cool people, something Buffy Summers clearly was not.

Buffy didn’t come back out of the costume room again until she was sure everyone had been and gone. They would all be off to Cordelia’s house. She knew she wouldn’t have to worry about Willow; she would have gotten a lift home with Oz, she had been doing that a lot recently.

As she stepped out of the room, the backstage was eerily quiet; it was clear everyone had gone. Picking up her bags from where she had left them, she was about to leave when she thought she heard someone on the stage.

Carefully, with her heart beating loudly in her chest, she stepped onto the darkened stage.

“Hello? Is anyone still here?” carefully she looked around her; however there was no one to be seen.

Placing her bag down at the side of the stage she stood in the centre of the stage, making sure once again that there was no one else around. Closing her eyes she spoke the lines she had memorized and spoken in her head so many times.

“ ‘Romeo, Romeo where for art thou Romeo. Deny thy Father and refuse thy name, or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and I’ll no longer be a Capulet.’ ” Walking around on the stage Buffy imitated the moves she had seen Cordelia make.

She hadn’t been as alone as she had first though. From the back of the auditorium heading down the stairs a voice floated down to her ears.

“Shall I hear more or shall I speak at this?”

Screaming Buffy opened her eyes spinning round she came face to face with Spike. Turning bright red, Buffy tried to stammer an excuse as to what she was doing.

“Oh, umm Spike, I was… umm, that is… umm…” Closing her eyes tightly she waited for his laugh to come. There was no way he wasn’t going to laugh at her for this, no doubt the whole school would find out. However no laugh came. Slowly opening her eyes, she peeked at Spike who was stood there looking at her with a cute smile on his face.

“So, love, what are you still doing here? Play finished ages ago, everyone’s gone home.”

Suddenly Buffy didn’t feel so nervous, how dare he accuse her, when he himself was still here.

“Well what are you still doing here then, aren’t you supposed to be at Cordelia’s after show party?”

This time Spike did laugh, “Me at Barbie princess’s party? Not likely pet, anyway you didn’t answer my question.”

“Well, neither did you.” Buffy tried to ignore the way that it made her feel when he called her pet and love, she knew he did that to everyone, it didn’t mean she was special or anything.

Spike heaved a sigh. “Fine, love, you bloody caught me. I was looking for you. Knew you hadn’t left yet.”

“Looking for me? What? Needed to have another person to pick on did you? Well, I won’t stand for it”

Chuckling at her feistiness, Spike placed his hands on her arms to stop her storming off. “I was looking for you, kitten, to see if you maybe wanted to go and get ice cream or something.”

Buffy felt as if all the air had suddenly left the room, she struggled to find her voice. “W-what?”

“I like you Buffy Summers” running his fingers through her hair, he put a piece her hair behind her ear. “Been trying to catch your eye since I first had to join this sodding drama thing. You never once saw me looking or looked at me, always sewing away at the back. I figured you didn’t like me.”

“Didn’t like you? Spike I have liked you since the first day I saw you.” Buffy went bright red when she realised what she had just admitted.

Spike just smiled at her. “Well that works out nicely, pet, I feel the same about you. So what do you say about ice cream then, love?”

Buffy could only nod. Taking her Spike picked up Buffy’s bag for her and led her to the exit.

Hand in hand they walked out of the theatre together and into the start of a new relationship together.

THE END…. Or is it?
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