Just the Beginning by spike4buffy
Summary: ~New Summary~ Now Buffy has chosen to let Spike into her heart she's left with the challenge of telling him this. And How will the Scoobies react. Sequel to - Buffy's Diary
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You and Me by spike4buffy
Author's Notes:
This is my sequel to Buffy's Diary and i hope you guy's love it as much as i loved writing this first chapter. All Feedback is appreciated.
Previously From Buffy’s Diary

As Spike continued rambling on about his experiences with Dru, Buffy had moved to lean against the door from watching Spike closely when she realized she had the answers to her questions.


'I am Ready. Now I’ve just got to tell him that’

Spike sensed Buffy as soon as he entered the Summers Residence. After promising Buffy to take dawn off of her hands for a few hours the Vampire and young girl decided to head back to get Dawn home. Spike couldn’t be gladder to get out of that cinema.

‘Thank god that’s over anymore Tom Cruise and I probably would have driven all the way to La just to bloody snap that mans neck.’ Spike thought as Dawn and Him made their way inside.
Somehow they got on to Spike reminiscing about Drusilla interrupting him while he was attempting to rob some people in an attempt to gain enough money to purchase the Top Gun Soundtrack.

That was when he saw her. Buffy. His Love. Although he wouldn’t dare say that to her. She was currently leaning against the door frame appearing to be deep in thought and currently staring at him.

“Huh? Wat? Oh nothing, um… How was the movie?”
“Awesome, Tom is sooo Hot, you should have come with us” Dawn replied enthusiastically.
“Sorry but the idea of seeing Tom Cruise in a movie doesn’t exactly fill me with lust as it use too. Besides lately he’s turned into a wanker.” Buffy replied as if it was the most obvious thing ever.
“Oh really, so who are you’re lustful thoughts directed at now?” Dawn inquired wandering what type of answer she will receive.

“Oh, you know there is this one guy. But he’s like totally old. But not in an eww looking way”
“ You’re not still thinking about the poof are you Slayer?” Spike asked wondering if it was possible to be this nervous about the simple answer to a question.
“I never said it was him Spike.” Buffy shot him lustful eyes, which Spike returned eagerly.

All Buffy could think was ‘Oh God, look at those eyes, and those lips, and that Chest and look how big…’

“Anyone want Dessert?” Dawn said interrupting Buffy’s train of thought and disrupting the lustful looks being shared between the two mortal enemies.
Dawn quickly made her way too the kitchen. ‘Maybe if I give these kids some time alone they’ll finally get over the UST stage of their relationship’.

“No thanks bit, I should probably be going” Spike stated while looking to Buffy Pleading her with his eyes to ask him to stay.
“Well we were just going to watch some more movies, you know if you want to stay… or not you know… You might have something on…Of course you’d having something on… so um rain check then…. Coz you’re busy” Buffy blabbed on.

‘God she’s cute when she’s flustered’ Spike thought. “ Buffy ‘ill stay, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be”
“Oh, Ok then” Buffy tried to talk while her brain was swooning over the cuteness that is Spike. “ So what do you want to watch?”

“ Buffy put on the Notebook, it’s my turn to pick remember” Dawn practically yelled from her position listening to their conversation.
‘Damn she’s right. Stupid Dawn she know how that movie makes me cry’
“ This isn’t one of you’re soppy girl movies is it?” Spike asked dreading the answer.

An Hour and A Half Later

Buffy was basically sitting on Spike’s lap crying and babbling. “ Oh that movie gets me every time… its just with the… love and the … the…. the commitment it’s just so sweet” Buffy found herself with even more tears.

Dawn had snuck off to bed a good half an hour ago. Her excuse being she ‘didn’t want to be here when Buffy started crying again’ but really Dawn just wanted to give these two some space.

“Um luv, as much as I love being in this position with you it’s getting pretty late and you’ve got work tomorrow”.
Although Buffy wouldn’t admit it Spike was right it was late and she probably should get some rest for work tomorrow. After the incident with Glory had been dealt with thanks to Spike’s quick reflexes with the doc, Giles had quickly offered Buffy a position at the Magic Box, which she accepted due to the money shortage she was suffering from.
But truthfully Buffy just didn’t want to get up. She had never felt so comfy and safe in her life.

“But I don’t want to move” Buffy said while snuggling deeper into Spike’s chest. “Believe me, I don’t want to either luv but you better get up to bed”
“Fine” Buffy said reluctantly “ but you have to carry me up there for being such a poop head” She quickly wrapped her arms around his neck so he could carry her up to her room.
“Excuse me, did you just call me a poop head?” Spike asked while sending her a mock glare.
“Yes, now take me to my room” Both of them wish it were said under different circumstances.
“Fine but don’t be expectin’ this service all the time”
“Yeah, Yeah, Mr Grouchy”

Spike easily carried her upstairs and placed her under her covers. “ Night luv, I’ll see you tomorrow”.
“ Will you come see me tomorrow at work?”
“You know I will sweet”
“ Okay, night then” Buffy said as she kissed him sweetly on the cheek.
“Yeah Night”

As Spike left the Summers residence after checking the house was locked up he realized things between him and Buffy were about to get interesting.

Some Lyrics to get me over the limit

You and Me By Splendid

We are electricity,
conducting sparks,
shower with me
We made this about
We made this about
You and me
You and me
Woven on the couch
I hold you like a baby boy
Runnin' my hands
in your warm black hair
you don't mean to be number one
and that's how come you are

I love how you surrender
I love how you surrender
We made this about
We made this about
You and me
You and me
You make me see
why I should love me
I'll look at you in love with me
We made this about
We made this about
You and Me
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