Makebelieve by Lolita
Summary: Buffy and her friends in the B- group in Sunnydale High are in their last year in High school. Buffy has been lusting over Liam ‘Angel’ McAllister for 5 years now and he never so much as spares her a second glance. Riley Finn asks her to the prom but when Spike, the guy she’s hated ever since elementary school, manages to force himself into her life, she starts questioning herself what it is that she really wants.
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Prologue by Lolita
Buffy Summers ran down the corridors of the Sunnydale High School, desperately trying to make it to English class in time. Her alarm clock had broken down, AGAIN, and she had woken up with only 10 minutes to get to school. Once she got to there, every one had already gone to class and the halls were empty.

She dashed around a corner and ran straight into a hard, muscular, black leather clad chest. She made a big ‘Umph’ as she fell flat on her butt and looked up to see her assailant smirking down at her with his bleached blonde hair and scarred eyebrow.

“Where’re you off to in such a hurry, luv!” She scrambled to her feet and he made no move to help her out. “To class, because unlike some people, I actually attend classes.” She brushed a lock of hair behind her ear and glared at him with murder in her eyes. His smirk only grew at her obvious hatred towards him and he stepped aside to let her pass. “Then by all means, don’t let me keep you.” She didn’t respond, only raised her head high and strode passed him.

*Damn, I hate that guy… he pisses me off so much!!!* She thought to herself while she quickly made her way to the class room.

*Annoying, little bint, who the hell does she think she is…* He grabbed his smokes from his pocket and lit one up, right next to the ‘No Smoking’ sign.


“Miss Rosenberg?” Mr. Wyndam- Pryce’s voice echoed through the classroom while Buffy tried to enter as quietly as possible. “Oh, right… I’m here,” Willow responded after being distracted by Buffy’s subtle appearance. “Mr. Sheldon?” A skinny guy from the chess club raised his hand, “here, sir.” “Miss Summers?” Buffy just managed to get into her seat before her name was called, “right here sir!” “Yes, and let me guess, your dog ate your alarm clock.” He asked, his voice full of sarcasm. The whole class snickered, except Willow of course. Buffy looked sheepishly down at her table and tapped her fingers on her tabletop. “No, I just think it’s broken, sir.” “Very well, miss Summers. And I assume you’ll be getting a new one at first chance to prevent this from happening again.” Buffy sighed, “yes sir.”

“By the way, you didn’t happen to run into McAllister on your way in, did you?” She rolled her eyes at the mention of the bleached wonders’ name. “Yeah, he was outside in the hall. I don’t think he’ll be attending today!” She replied, nonchalantly. “No, I assume he won’t. Mr. Taylor?” “Here.”

Willow scribbled down a note and handed to Buffy. *Long night?* Buffy wrote back, *the longest, tell you about it in recess!* The redhead nodded and crumpled the note.


Willow and Buffy walked over to their table at the cafeteria where their friends were already seated. “Hey Wills, hey Buffster… wow, someone got up on the wrong side of their coffin today.” Xander grinned at his remark but only received a swat on the shoulder from a very pissed off Buffy. “Ow… sorry!” He mumbled under his breath. Willow shook her head at her oldest friend and sat down between him and her girlfriend, Tara, and took her hand. Buffy sat down between Faith and Oz who was busy trying to get his fork to stand up straight. Next to Oz was a very sleeping Jesse and next to him was Debbie who was putting jelly in his hair. Anya was sitting opposite Buffy and was busy reading a Cosmo, but what disturbed her, was that the magazine was upside down. “I feel like I’m back in kindergarten!”

Willow just grinned at her and started on her meal. Buffy and Willow had been best friends for nearly 7 years now. They met when Buffy moved to Sunnydale from L.A and she was more than a little curious about that weird, redheaded bookworm. Xander soon became a good friend of Buffy’s and after that the three of them were inseparable.

Jesse slowly became a part of their tight group when he and Xander started hanging out a lot. They were practically identical, interested in all the same things, talked a like, had the same sense of humor, basically, they were the same person. Which was quite terrifying since one Xander was enough to drive one crazy.

Anya, what could you say about Anya… well, she was completely obsessed with sex, and had Xander all wrapped around her finger. She always said what she was thinking and didn’t give a damn what other people thought. All in all, she was a very weird person but also a real good friend.

Tara started hanging around with the group a few years back, mostly just as Willows friend. She kinda felt out of place cause they were all so tight but when she and Willow finally announced that they were a couple, they all welcomed her as a genuine scoobie member.

Debbie became a part of the group when school started again this semester. She moved to Sunnydale all the way from India when her parents got divorced. Her mother was American but her father was an Indian millionaire or something like that. She didn’t really talk that much about her father. It was really hard for her to change schools since all her friends were in India and she was really shy, but the group welcomed her and brought her out of her shell. She was still a bit shy when she was talking to someone outside the group but she was doing a lot better then when she first got here.

Faith, now there was a person who was everything but shy! She had the undisputed title of being the ‘Sunnydale High School slut’ and she was proud off it. Mostly it was just rumors cause she wasn’t really a slut, she just… slept with a lot of different guys. Mostly guys she didn’t know or who she had just met. She was a tough one, a girl not to be trifled with. But she was good company and could make people laugh. Jesse also had the biggest crush on her!

There wasn’t a lot to say about Oz, most of the times he just sat there, humming to himself, not really noticing what was going on around him. He was a bright young boy and had a lot to talk about when he started, but usually just kept to himself. He was also in a band called Dingoes ate my baby where he played the guitar. They often played at The Bronze, a place where a lot of college students came together to wind down. They had been playing for quite a while now and were actually pretty good.

Buffy looked around at her friends and thought about all the things they had done together. She really couldn’t imagine life without any one of them. They were all true ‘Scoobies’, a nickname she and Willow had come up with for them and Xander, a year after Buffy moved to Sunnydale. Other people at school just called them the B-group. That was what people who were popular but not that popular, were called. Then there were ‘The Nerds’, fine, interesting people who took school seriously but sadly weren’t cool enough for the A- group to have a group name with a letter. So that was what they were called, the ‘Not worthy for a letter- group’.

The A- croup consisted off the really, really cool people. The cheerleaders, the jocks, anyone Angel acknowledged. Angel, the object of Buffy’s affections for 5 years now, never even gave her a second glance. But she just kept telling herself ‘of course he doesn’t look at me, he’s busy. He’ll come around one day and we’ll live happily ever after’. Unfortunately Angel was taken, ‘at the moment, but not for long’ flashed through Buffy’s mind! His girlfriend Darla, you could say she was the schools biggest b***h. She only talked to Angel and her best friend Drusilla, the crazy Goth girl. No one else was important enough for her to identify. She wasn’t the most popular girl in school, but she had power over the students, the teachers even the Vice Principal Snyder. That was only because her father was one of the richest men in California. He was the co-owner of one of the biggest law firms in California. This was ironic because Angels’ dad was also a co-owner of a law firm in L.A called Wolfram & Hart. They probably planned their whole relationship to please their fathers.

Then there was Drusilla, the crazy Goth chick. Long, dark hair, mysterious, hypnotic eyes, weird, antic dresses and never made any sense what so ever. She wasn’t a cheerleader, yet she was one of the A-group because she was Darla’s best friend. And then there was her boyfriend, Spike. Buffy gritted her teeth. She really couldn’t stand that guy. She hated everything about him, his swagger, his accent, the ridiculous, bleached hair, piercing, ocean blue eyes and that old, worn out, leather jacket which he probably got at the dumpster. Buffy was brought out of her thoughts when someone tapped on her shoulder. It was Faith. “Hey B, better finish your meal before it becomes one ugly looking pop sickle.” Buffy looked down at her meal. She had lost all appetite and pushed away her tray. “Not really that hungry. I’ll just grab an apple or something.”

Just then Buffy’s younger sister Dawn, walked in. Her friend Katie, who was Debbie’s sister, was right behind her and after them came… Janice. Buffy’s face grew stern. She really didn’t like Janice. That girl was nothing but trouble, yet Dawn and Katie hung around with her every day and it really bothered Buffy. The three sophomores sat down at a table next to Buffy’s and her friends. “Hey Buffy, hey guys!” Dawn waved at them as she put her tray down. “Hey Dawnster,” Xander replied and the others just nodded their heads at her. Except Anya who was still busy reading her upside-down Cosmo.

They had been sitting there for about 5 minutes when two sophomore guys, rather geeky looking, came over to their table. “Hey Dawn, hey Katie,” said the shorter one while the taller, slim, brown haired guy stood back, looking a bit shy. His hair was kinda a curly and he had almost blue eyes, and his cheekbones were a bit prominent. He looked kinda familiar to Buffy. “Oh hey Damien, hey Robbie,” said Katie. Dawn just waved at them and Janice shot daggers at them with her eyes. “Mind if we sit down with you. All the other tables are full.” Janice cleared her throat, “you can sit on the floor, its good enough for you.” Katie and Dawn both sighed. “Oh come on Janice, be reasonable,” said Dawn before she turned to the two boys. “Please, sit down.” The shorter guy, probably Damien, Buffy thought while she observed the kids, sat down next to Katie, leaving an empty seat for Robbie between him and Dawn. Buffy frowned as she watched that shy looking sophomore take a seat next to her baby sister. She had to admit, she was a little overprotective over her sister even though she drove her crazy most of the time. But that guy seemed harmless so she relaxed.

Ten minutes later the bell rang and the remaining students in the cafeteria hurried to class. Katie grabbed Dawns arm and pulled her aside while Janice and the two boys headed to class. “So what do you think?” Dawn faked puzzle ness, even though she knew exactly what Katie was talking about. “About what?” Katie rolled her eyes, “don’t give me that. You know what. He’s cute, isn’t he?” “Who?” Dawn tried to look innocent. “Robbie! You know he has a major crush on you.” Dawn couldn’t help but blush, “no, he doesn’t.” “Oh, give me a break, Dawn. Didn’t you see the way he kept glancing at you when he thought you weren’t looking? I mean, wouldn’t it be cool to be dating the brother of a guy in the A- group.” Now Dawn really was confused. “What?” Katie looked at her with shock. “You don’t know.”

“Know what?” Katie sighed. “That he’s Spike’s brother. Really, Dawn. You have to start paying more attention to what’s going on around you if you ever want to make it in the A- group later on.” But Dawn couldn’t hear her, she was still shocked after what she said first. “He’s what?” “He’s Spike’s brother. You know, Spike. He’s that gorgeous, bleached haired guy who hangs around with Angel and his friends. He’s also the crazy Goth girls’ boyfriend.” Dawn rolled her eyes. “I know who Spike is. But he’s not Robbie’s brother. Robbie’s name is Robert Rayne, Spike’s is something McAllister.”

“Well obviously they have different fathers, but their still brothers. Come on! Just picture Robbie with bleached hair, sexy body and black clothes and their practically identical. Also why do you think Robbie is always talking about his brother but he never says his name? Obviously, he doesn’t want anyone know his brother is an A-group guy.” They finally made it to their class room just as their teacher read Dawns’ name. “Miss Summers?” Dawn raised her arm as she sat down. “Right here, sir.” Katie sat down next to her. We’ll talk about this later! She whispered to her and Dawn nodded her head.

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