A Different Road by Chelsea
Summary: Buffy left Sunnydale at the end of season three. A year later she runs into a certain blonde vampire...it turns out the same people are trying to kill them both. What happens when the two start to fall for each other, but must head back to the Hellmouth?
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1. Chapter One -- Clem's Bar by Chelsea

2. Chapter Two -- After Effects by Chelsea

Chapter One -- Clem's Bar by Chelsea

A Different Road


By Chelsea



*** *** ***


Road Less Traveled


By Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth

Then took the other as just as fair
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear
Though as for that, the passing there
Had worn them really about the same

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet, knowing how way leads onto way
I doubted if I should ever come back

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence
Two roads diverged in a wood
And I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference


*** *** ***







* Clem’s Bar *


        Clem walked into his bar on a warm early autumn night. He was happy to see his bar filled with his favorite sort of demon. Peaceful, non-violent demons. Well, he was happy until he saw who was sitting halfway to Drunk Ville in the corner.


William the Bloody.




Slayer of Slayers.


It was just his luck for Spike to come to his bar. Spike had been a nice sort of bloke, well until Drusilla left him. Clem figured Spike must have been traveling around looking for the missing Slayer. He had heard Spike’s new plan was to give Dru Buffy’s body to prove his love for her. Clem figured it was a better plan than the love spell thing that had gone down in Sunnydale. Well, except for Spike was always too drunk to fight the Slayer these days.


At the very moment that thought crossed through Clem’s mind the door burst open and in walked the Slayer herself.


“Oh, shit,” Clem, muttered. All entire room of bar patrons eyes were swiveling from Spike to the Slayer and back and forth. The Slayer walked towards the bar and slipped into a stool two down from Spike.


“Slayer,” Spike said. This surprised quite a few demons that had thought Spike was too sloshed to comprehend what was happening.


“Vampire,” Buffy nodded. She turned to Clem. “Tequila, lime, and salt. Keep it coming…oh, and buy Spike another of what he’s having,” she said with a smile as she handed Clem a hundred dollar bill.


“How ya been?” the Slayer of Slayers asked.


“Peachy. You?” she asked back.


“Swell,” he replied just as sarcastically as she had.


At this point everyone but Spike and Buffy’s jaws had hit the floor.


“Oh, come on people. Spike and I talk all the time when we fight. He’s even given me relationship advice. Get back to whatever you were doing.”


        And they did.


        Clem slid the freshly poured drinks to Spike and Buffy and slowly headed down to the other end of the bar shaking his head. None of tonight’s events made sense to him.


        “What ya doin’ in the middle of a ruddy ‘lil town in Tennessee, luv?”


        “Left home and traveled a bit. Now I’m on the run. You?” she asked full of interest. Buffy of all people hated to be in this Hicksville of a place, but it was full of demons. And she knew demons.


        “I figured Dru wasn’t worth it. I was deciding what to do next when I got bamboozled. I’m on the run too.”




        “Yup,” Spike agreed.


        Three hours later and several bottles of Tequila had Spike and Buffy rolling around on the floor laughing about old times. Clem and the other guys had no idea what to make of the mortal enemies, who no longer seemed like mortal enemies.


        It was just about closing time and Clem was trying to get Spike and Buffy moving.


        “Hey, Slayer?”


        “Yeah, Spike?”


        “You wouldn’t happen to be running from a government agency called the Initiative would you?”


        “Hey!” yelled the drunken slayer. “Are you psychic?”


        “Nope. I’m running from them too!”


        “We should probably talk about this,” Buffy decided.


        “Yes, we should.”


        “Maybe when we’re sober.”


        “That seems right.”


        “How long does it take?” Buffy asked. “I don’t get drunk very much and I’ve never timed it before.”


        “Let’s meet up tomorrow when we’re right as rain. I’ve got to go find someplace to spend the day.”


        “Spike!” Buffy shouted excitedly.


        “What?” he growled. Buffy giggled.


        “I’ve got the greatest idea!”


        “What’s that, kitten?” he asked.



*** *** ***



        The next evening Buffy awoke quite groggy and unsure of what had happened the night before. She felt a body wrapped around her. Damn, she had sex and missed it! She rolled over to check out her sleeping partner and shrieked.


        Spike flew off the bed and was up in a fighting stance in less than two seconds.


        “What the—” he started. He was staring at Buffy in a bed with the covers pulled up to her neck.


        “YOU! I went home with you?” she said. Secretly she was pissed she missed it. She had always found Spike quite attractive. Little did she know that Spike was thinking the same exact thing. He was pissed he that he didn’t remember finally having gotten a go at the Slayer.


        “Do you remember anything?” she finally asked and patted the bed. Spike was shocked but sat down.


        “We talked…and drank,” Spike said.


        “And laughed. Oh, and you cried, too.”


        “I bloody well did not!”


        “Whatever you say.”


        “I did not cry,” Spike mumbled to himself.


        “Okay, I’m not gonna freak. I probably didn’t sleep with Spike. I’m just gonna take a shower and try to remember what happened.”


        “Good idea, luv. Since we’re so intimately acquainted will this be a together shower?” Spike asked with a leer.


        “No!” Buffy yelled and she ran to the bathroom and slammed the door behind her. “Stupid tempting, vampire,” she muttered.



*** *** ***



        An hour later the sun was setting and Spike and Buffy were cleaned, fed, and ready to leave Buffy’s hotel room. They decided the best course of action was to go back to Clem’s Bar and see if anyone there new anything about what happened to them last night.


        They got into Spike’s old Desoto and headed towards downtown. Buffy knew that there was something she and Spike were supposed to be talking about. She told Spike her suspicions.


        “I got the same feeling, Slayer.”


        “So, let’s just hope someone at the bar was listening to us last night.”


        “They must have been. Imagine a bunch of demon’s seeing you and me all…” Spike started, but was at a loss for words.


        “Chummy?” the Slayer supplied.


        “Right. Chummy.”


        They both burst out laughing. Spike parked behind Clem’s Bar and the two bleached blondes headed inside. The two stood in the doorway looking at what was going on inside.


        “Oh, hell,” Clem said. Buffy headed straight towards him after he said that.


        “Hi, I’m Buffy. And you are?” she asked chirpily. Spike snorted.


        “Clem. What do you and Spike want, Slayer?”


        “Information,” Spike growled from behind Buffy. She giggled.


        “Oh, shit! The Initiative!” Buffy yelled.


        “Oh, bugger. That’s right…they are after you too, yeah?”


        “Yup. We were gonna talk about it and that’s why you went home with me,” Buffy said.


        “Right. So what are we going to do?” Spike asked after a moment.”


        “I have no freaking clue.”



*** *** ***



I know this doesn’t make a lot of sense. The next chapter is a flashback to the year before, which is right after the battle against the mayor. So after you read that you’ll see why Buffy isn’t in Sunnydale and this chapter should make a bit more sense. Please review! Hugz. – Chelsea


P.S. If your wondering why I took down Kailiff Kidnapping…it’s because I wasn’t getting positive feedback. Apparently, the story wasn’t believable. I was writing it with my eleven-year-old sister…it wasn’t perfect, but she and I were really bummed by the obvious dislike of the story. Sorry to anyone out there who actually liked the story.


*** *** ***


Chapter Two -- After Effects by Chelsea
A Different Road


By Chelsea



*** *** ***






* After Effects *


One year previously…



        Buffy walked away from the burning school building oblivious to the chaos going on around her. She headed as quickly as possible to Angel’s place. She was extremely pissed off at him. His reasons for leaving were ludicrous and she wasn’t going to let him leave like that.


        Buffy ran into his apartment and laid the neatly written letter on his bed. She knew she was making the right decision. Her next stop was home, she needed to see her Mother and explain things.


        Joyce Summers was sitting in her daughter’s bedroom waiting for her to get home. She had found the note her daughter her left on her bed. It said she would be back to explain more and to get her things. This time Joyce was determined not to let her daughter run off. The last time was mostly her part for telling Buffy not to come back, but this time things would be different.


        “Mom?” Buffy asked from the door of her room.


        “Buffy, please don’t leave again.”


        “I have to, Mom. Not forever, but just for a little while. I need to learn how to be me, by myself. I want to be able to make my own choices, without you or all my friends telling me how to live my life. The only times I make the decisions are when it comes to slaying. The rest of the time you all decide for me. Like you talking to Angel and the Scooby’s telling me whom I can and can’t date. I…I just want a chance when I’m on my own making all my own decisions.”


        “You did that last summer!” Joyce yelled.


        “Last summer I didn’t do anything. I worked at a diner and after shift I sat in my apartment and looked at the wall. I was…I was grieving, not living.”


        “Oh, Buffy,” her mother said and pulled her in for a hug.


        “Did you read the letter?” Joyce nodded affirmative. “So you’ll help, Faith?”


        “Of course. I’ll start working on the guest room right away. Now, what was that bit about e-mail at the end of the letter?”


        “Willow helped me. She’s setting up a Scooby website, e-mail addresses, and a few other things. It’s just so we can all stay connected and kept up to date. Xander is doing the road trip thing, Willow is going to Europe for the summer, and well I’m going somewhere too. I’m just not sure yet.”


        “So, I’ll be able to stay in touch with you and you’ll let me know how you’re doing?”


        “Of course. I’m going to miss you.”


        Joyce and Buffy spent the next few minutes packing Buffy’s bags and talking about what Buffy thought she was going to do. They headed downstairs and towards the front door.


        “Mom…I’m giving Faith a potion of sorts. It’s to help her out of her coma. I’m gonna talk to her. Please, go see her. I’ll call you if she’s still pissed…and well evil. Willow will be by soon with your e-mail address. I’m pretty sure it’s TheScoobyMom@theScoobys.com .”


        Buffy hugged her Mom tightly.


        “Don’t forget to right. I love you.”


        “Love you, too. Oh, and don’t tell Dad I’m gone. I’ll probably need the five hundred bucks he deposits every month in my account.” Joyce gave her a watery smile.


        “Bye, baby.”


        “Bye, Mommy.”



*** *** ***



        Buffy quietly walked into Faith’s hospital room. She sat next to her bed and held her hand. Buffy realized that she and the Scooby’s had handled Faith badly. It must have been very hard for Faith after killing a human, even though she pretended it didn’t.


        Buffy uncapped the vial that Willow had given her the day before. Buffy smiled when she thought of her talk with Willow. Willow had been very supportive of Buffy decision, but would miss her. Buffy told Willow she would be back in time to start at Sunnydale University with her, but she wasn’t so sure she would be.


        Buffy gently opened Faith’s mouth and poured the liquid in. She sat back down and held Faith’s hand again while she waited for her to wake up. A few moments’ later Faith’s eyes began to flutter and she tried to sit up.


        “Faith, it’s okay. Don’t move you’re in the hospital.”


        “Buffy?” Faith murmured.


        “I’m here.”


        “What happened?”


        “I…I put you in a coma.”


        “Angel?” Faith asked quietly.


        “Alive. But, he dumped me.”


        “Sorry, B.”


        “Yeah, well. You feel okay?”


        “Yeah. How pissed are you?” Faith asked with a small smile.


        “Not that much. I’m leaving town for a bit.”




        “Want, take, have. I need to be myself and make my own kind of decisions.”


        “I get that…my mouth tastes weird.”


        “Sorry. I had to give you stuff to wake you from the coma.” Faith nodded. “Promise me something?”


        “Anything, B.”


        “Stay with my Mom. Let her take care of you.”






        “Okay. But, I’m not gonna get too goody-goody.”


        “Deal,” Buffy said on a grin. “So how does LeatherLady@theScoobys.com sound to you?”


        “Pretty damn good.”


        “Cool. Keep in touch. My Mom will be by tonight. Maybe you can go home then.”


        “Okay. I’ll see ya, B.”


        “Be good. Later, Faith.”


        And then Buffy walked out the door to take a new path in life.



*** *** ***



        Angel stepped into his apartment. He could smell her scent. He hoped she wasn’t still here. He had tried to explain things so that she would understand. She couldn’t have a normal with him there. He walked into the bedroom and saw the note on the bed. He sighed picked it up and read the front.


To: Angel

With Love from Buffy

        He wasn’t sure if he should read it or not. It was hard enough leaving her here, but it was even harder being close to her and not being with her.


        He silently pulled the letter from the envelope and began to read. His heart broke at the words he read there. She was asking him to stay there, in Sunnydale, to help Faith protect the Hellmouth, while she went away…to find herself. He chuckled a bit at that thought, but if anyone could do it, Buffy could.


        “I’ll do it, Buffy. It’s the only right thing I can do in this situation…” he whispered to himself.



*** *** ***



        Joyce dropped off, Buffy, and all her stuff in front of Giles’ apartment. She kissed her daughter good-bye and wished her the best of luck. Buffy promised her Mom that she would write often and keep her in the loop. 


        Buffy headed up the walk towards the front door of Giles apartment, knowing that all the Scooby’s would be there, waiting for her. She knocked on the door softly, almost afraid, of what this last Scooby meeting would be like.


        Giles answered and motioned her in. They headed into the living room where the entire gang was gathered. Buffy sat on the couch next to Willow, who was quicky typing away on the keyboard.


        “Things all set up, Wills?” Buffy asked.


        “Yeah, Buffy, we are good to go. Let me just show you all how the site works and then we can…”


        “Say good-bye?” Xander said bitterly. He was the most upset about Buffy’s decision, even though he himself was planning on a short summer road trip.


        “Yup,” Buffy said quietly. She quickly explained about Faith and how she had asked Angel to stay and help also, just until she could come back.


        “Thank you, Buffy. Even though Angel isn’t my favorite person, it is comforting to know it just won’t be Faith here. I’m afraid too much stress on her could be bad. We’ll just have to support her in any way we can. We could have handled that situation in a much better way.”


        All the Scooby’s agreed.


        Willow spent the next hour going over the Scooby website set-up, how to access it, use it, and contact all the other Scooby members.


        When everything was understood. There were hugs all around and Buffy promised to keep in touch. She told them she loved them and she would see them soon.


        Then she walked out the door on a journey to try and figure out who and what she was.



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