A New Year's Countdown by Suzee
Summary: A new Year's Countdown with our favorite couple. Everyone else is having a nice, normal countdown, but not them...did you really expect them to? Sequel to '113 Times' Series nominated at the Cradle of Humanity Awards Round One for Best 'Insider Tip'
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1. New Year's Countdown by Suzee

New Year's Countdown by Suzee
Author's Notes:
so putting it NC-17 fics might be playing it safe since...but anyway, here's my New Year's centered sequel to my ficlet '113 Times' And sorry if the summaries kind of odd, it's late.
A New Year’s Eve Countdown
(113 Times Sequel)

“Where are we going? Spike! Stop!” Buffy whispered harshly as he dragged her from the hotel ballroom.

“Pipe down Goldilocks, you’re going to draw attention to us,” He told her calmly, ignoring her questions.

“Then tell me where you’re taking me,” She demanded as stubbornly as she could.

“It’s almost midnight,” He said by way of an explanation.

“Yeah, I know,” Buffy told him, looking at him expectantly. When he didn’t say anything more, she continued, “Which is why we should be at the party. You know, the party you just dragged me out of!”

“Did you forget your New Year’s resolution already?” He asked her, smiling when she just looked at him quizzically.

A look that only increased, at least he guessed, when he pulled her into a darkened supply closet at the end of the hallway.

“Spike?” She questioned him quietly, all accusation and annoyance gone from her voice now.

“Now,” he explained, “I did try to get us a room, a proper one and all, but given that it’s New Year’s Eve and this is the poshest hotel in town…” he trailed off. “Didn’t work out completely like I’d planned, but better to improvise than give up right?”

“Give up what?” She asked.

“My plan.”

”Your plan?”

“Well, my plan, your plan, our plan. The plan. Whichever,” he answered evasively.

“Spike?” She questioned again.

“It’s New Year’s Eve, luv.”

“We’ve established that,” She told him.

“Figured you might want to get a start on that resolution of yours.”

“Spike! We could have waited til we got home for that; you didn’t have to drag me out of the party. That’s my work party, people are going to notice we’ve gone and they’re going to wonder where we went. They’re going to start rumours about me,” She said in a moment of realization. “I’m going to be the focus of all the office gossip next week!”

Spike seemed to think about that for a minute.

“Well, if they’re going to be saying you did it, shouldn’t you have done it?”

“Spike, that’s the attitude that got your suspended so many times senior year you almost didn’t graduate!”

“But I did,” He pointed out as if that won him the argument.


“But I did,” Spike repeated.

“Yeah, you did,” She had to admit.

“So, what’d you say, pet?” He asked, his arms already snaking around her waist in the dark closet.

“Spike, we’ve been having sex for what a week now?”

”Yeah,” He answered, “Best bloody Christmas present ever if you ask me.”

“So it’s not like this whole ‘sex however many times in a year’ thing is starting tonight. Can’t we go back to the party?”


“What?” Now she was getting confused.

“You said, ‘however many times’. It’s at least 113.”

“Fine. Now can we go back to the party?”


“Why?” She asked, hoping he’d actually have an answer but knowing it would be a ‘Spike answer’ anyway.

“Ever heard the bit about starting the New Year by doing what you want to do for the rest of the year?” When she didn’t answer him, he continued, “Like, you don’t want to be depressed or you’ll be depressed all year and if you’re, say really happy,” She could just see the look that was on his face, even if she couldn’t see him per se. “Then, you’ll be really happy for the rest of the year. Sounds like something to strive for to me.”

“And we can’t be really happy at the party?” She asked, already knowing the answer.

“We could, but it might attract some unwanted, but definitely not undue attention. And,” he added, “It’ll make you the center of gossip for quite a bit longer than the week.”

“Given that I’ve known you for five years I really should have thought of a better way to get this relationship going than bringing a challenge of how much sex we could have.”

“You know you want it,” He accused.

“Even if I do, Spike; there’s a time and a place—“ She started to explain.

“For the ‘regular’ people, sure. That’s why they’re all stuck at hundred and some change. Can’t expect to beat that if you’re stuck being all conventional.”

“Spike, not sneaking out of my office Christmas party to have sex in a linen closet is not conventional, it’s staying legal!”

“No one’s gon’ bust in here, kitten. Sides, the security blokes are probably pissed beyond belief at the moment.”

“And them being mad helps how?”

“Drunk, kitten. They’re drunk,” He clarified.

“You’re not letting me go back to that party, are you?” Buffy asked as she felt Spike brushing her hair over her shoulder so he could reach the zipper at the top of her dress. Waiting for his answer, she batted his hands away and pushed them back to around her waist.

“Never was planning on it.”

The fact that he’d whispered that in her ear right before biting it lightly was the last straw. Giving in, Buffy carefully put her hands on his face and turned her head to kiss him.

“Then we’d better get to it. It is almost midnight after all,” She said coyly.

When Spike took her hand and carefully walked her a few steps back before tugging her down with him onto a pile of towels, Buffy got suspicious.

“What’d you do?”

“Whatever could you mean?” He asked innocently. But when she turned away from his kisses until he answered, he decided to just fess up. “Came in here few hours back, set it up a bit,” He admitted.

“Who saw you?” She asked anxiously.

“No one, pet. I was stealthy,” He was back to kissing her now, each word whispered between a kiss placed to her neck and he carefully lay over her.

“You’re so getting it mister if everyone finds out about this.”

“Wouldn’t expect any less. Now hush, wanna make love to you and I only have a few minutes.”

“We don’t have to be exactly at midnight, you know.”

“Much rather spend the year making love to you than about to make love to you.”

Buffy was about to come up with some sort of smart ass reply to that, but could only gasp as she felt him slip of her underwear and kiss her soundly on the mouth.

As eager as he was now, she reached down and fumbled with the buckle on his belt and then with the button and zipper of his dress pants.

“Like your jeans better,” She mumbled as he pushed her dress around her hips, “Less to do.”

He was free of his pants now, having bunched them around his knees.

Spike pushed all the way into her, hearing her sharp intake of breath as he simultaneously sheathed himself in her and bit down lightly on her shoulder.

As they rocked against each other, Buffy started to tell him something, but was cut off by the shouts from the other room.


“Please, Spike,” Buffy pleaded, “Trying to push her hips up to meet his, hoping to increase the friction.


“So good, pet.” Spike still couldn’t believe this girl was his.


Buffy dug her nails into his back trying to get him as close as physically possible and tightened her legs as well.


Spike drew out of her nearly all of the way before quickly thrusting back in, having to bury his head in her shoulder to stop from making any noise.


As his thrusts increased so did the pressure of her nails on his back.


“Love you pet, so bloody much.”


Buffy could feel her orgasm approaching as Spike continued to thrust into her.


Buffy came, tightening around Spike’s cock and pulling him impossibly tighter against her, her screams muffled against his mouth as she kissed him roughly.


Buffy’s orgasm pushed Spike inexplicably closer to his own.


Pushing into her tightness a few more times, Spike came quickly, muttering his cries in her shoulder.

“Happy New Year!”

“Happy New Year, luv.”


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