My Boyfriend's Back by Suzee
Summary: Buffy and William are well known as one of the closest couples at Sunnydale High. What happens when William goes to England for the summer and Angel decides that he wants Buffy for himself? And when William comes home and faces rumors of a cheating Buffy, what's he going to do?" *added an epilogue*
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Chapter One by Suzee
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Chapter 1

He went away and you hung around

And bothered me every night

And when I wouldn't go out with you

You said things that weren't very nice

August 2

"Poor, poor Elizabeth; you had the best boy in the school and just because you couldn't do without for one measly summer, you're gonna be all alone. So sad," Cordelia said as she appeared at Buffy's locker.

"For the last time, Cordelia, I didn't do anything with Angel." Buffy was really starting to get exasperated with all their accusations, ludicrous as they were.

"Then why would he be saying you did? What exactly do you think he's trying to get out of this?"

"Me." Buffy didn't even listen to the response as she turned her back on the girl and began walking to class.


May 27

"Please don't go, William, please." Buffy knew she must look a mess with her teary eyes and splotchy face, but she didn't care. Not when there were so many more important things to worry about. Like the fact her boyfriend was about to leave for 3 ½ months. And that he as going to be half way across the world. Never mind that it wasn't his choice. He was still leaving her.

"I have to, luv. Now, please, don't make me feel any worse than I already do. You know how much I despise Patrick and how much I love you. It wouldn't take a genius to figure out who I'd choose if I had the chance. But I don't so there's nothing either of us can do about this." She'd never know how much it was killing him to see her crying like this over something he was loathe to do. "So, let's not make this the last memory I have of you for two months, yeah?

When he'd moved here to Sunnydale nearly a year ago everybody—except for Buffy—had assumed he hated his stepfather because of how different they were, outwardly at least. Then when they'd found out he was going back to Kent to spend the summer with his father they couldn't understand why he wasn't jumping at the chance.

No one but Buffy understood.

"Two and a half," Buffy said with a watery smiled, deciding that he was definitely in the worse position here. Of course she'd miss him, but she'd still have her mother and some of her friends while all he'd have would be his psycho father who hadn't even attended his mothers' funeral and lived across the country from any of his old fiends. "You'll be gone for two and a half months not two."

"All the more reason to leave on a positive note then."


August 8

Buffy'd thought that after a week in school people would know that Angel was lying and would be leaving her alone by now. Even apologizing.

Apparently she'd underestimated the power of good gossip paired with jealousy. William was the boy that all of the girls, and probably a few of the boys, wanted. His girlfriend cheating on him when he was away for the summer, with his one enemy nonetheless, was just too good to pass up. Especially for the girls like Cordelia and, to a lesser extent, Harmony and Dawn who couldn't understand why their attempts to steal William away from Buffy hadn't worked. And they were still mad at Buffy, and secretly themselves, for her noticing him first.

There was no was they were letting this go, not until William got back—which was supposed to be today—and they filled him on everything and got him for themselves. Buffy could only hope that she hadn't underestimated William as well and that he believed her.

It was fourth period now and William was supposed to get there during lunch, sixth period. Buffy had talked to Giles when the schedules were mailed out so she already knew she and William had lunch, English, P.E. and Calculus together—every other period.

At least today would be the last day she'd have to suffer through math without him. 'Unless he believes Angel's lies and dumps me. Then- No, bad Buffy. He's not going to dump you, don't even think that. Pay attention to Mr. Pagels.'

Fifteen minutes later the bell rang signaling the end of class and Buffy realized there was only one more class between here and William. And just her luck it was art. Normally that would have given her 45 minutes of getting her mind off of things, even William. But not today, nope she was going to spend the entire class getting more and more nervous that William wasn't going to believe her.

"We haven't actually talked all summer so maybe he thinks I have up on him. It's all his stupid father's fault. His stupid father and his stupid 'no talking to anyone in California' rule and not having a stupid phone that he'd let William use. Stupid!'

'Oh stupid Buffy, he has to believe you. He's William. And you're Buffy. You're Buffy and William,' the more positive voice, and maybe not just a little bit more rational one, in her head tried to convince her.

'But still..' But she was Buffy and over a summer without her best friend she'd started to revert back to the insecure girl she'd been before meeting him. 'I just need to see him, then everything will be better.' And that was something that both of the voices in her head could agree on.


Buffy ran to the cafeteria as soon as the bell rang and stopped in the doorway to look for William. When she spotted him she decided it was a good thing she'd given herself her little pep talk; Cordelia was talking to him. Deciding she couldn't care less what the other girl did, she yelled his name and started running again, this time a bit slower to dodge the people.


June 3

"So, Buff, you want to go to the movies tomorrow night, maybe go down to the beach after?"

"First of all, to you Liam, it's Elizabeth, not Buffy and certainly not Buff. Second, did you suddenly get even more idiotic and forget that I have a boyfriend. Remember William, about so high, drop dead gorgeous, a thousand times smarter than you?" Buffy knew she was sounding bitchy, but she couldn't care less at the moment.

"Really Buffy," he emphasized her name, "What's he got that I don't?"

"It's Elizabeth," she corrected him, "And for starters he has me." Why she was even participating in this conversation she wasn't sure.

"So, no to the movie then?" he asked.

"Yeah, Angel, no to the movie and no to anything else you're ever going to ask me to do from this point on, so don't even bother asking." 'Could he get any more moronic?' Buffy wondered.


Chapter Two by Suzee
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Chapter 2

August 8

She was almost there, well not really, maybe one third of the way. And due to the noise of the cafeteria he hadn't heard her yell his name.


June 4

"Buffy, hey, I was just wondering, some friends of mine are having a party this weekend; you want to go?"

"Ugh, Angel, it's Elizabeth and no I don't want to do, I already told you yesterday." Apparently he could get more moronic.

"Yeah, but this is for something different, it'd be a lot of fun and—" he never finished his argument as Buffy hung up on him.


June 22

"Buffy, sweetheart, there's somebody here to see you." Buffy had heard the doorbell but she didn't think it was for her. All of her friends called before they came over and most of them were out of town at the moment, anyway. The only person who ever came by without calling or without plans was William so that meant either something was wrong or…

No, even Angel wasn't that thick. Was he?

Buffy got off of her bed and headed downstairs, "Coming mom!" she yelled as she made her way down the hallway.

And there stood Angel, just inside her doorway looking very smug. Buffy didn't even bother saying anything to her mother, just turned an accusing gaze on Angel, "What on Earth are you doing here?"

"Buffy," her mother cut in, "That's not any way to greet a guest."

Though she was looking at her mother, she could just imagine the look on Angel's face. "But he's not a guest, he invited himself after I repeatedly told him to leave me alone and all he's here to do is to try to get me to cheat on William."

Now, Joyce had always like William, so if this "Angel" was in fact trying to do what her daughter said, well then he wouldn't be welcome in her home any longer, "Is this true?" It wasn't that she thought her daughter was a liar, she just wanted to see what he'd have to say.

"No, ma'am, I would never try to do that. It's just that, well you see, William and I don't exactly get along very well. And I've always wanted the chance to get to know Elizabeth better and I thought maybe now that Will's out of town for awhile, I'd finally get the chance."

Joyce could tell from the look on the young man's face that he thought he'd succeeded in pulling one over on her, but she wasn't a unintelligent woman and she'd picked up on the 'get to know Buffy better' bit. Pair that with the fact that, by Angel's own admission, William didn't like him (nor did her daughter, apparently) and she knew that Angel wasn't a very good person.

And she wasn't going to stand for him trying to come between her daughter and William. "Angel," she began very sweetly, giving him hope, "That doesn't seem like a very good idea. I think maybe it'd be best, seeing how Buffy doesn't seem to want you here, if you went home and didn't come here again unless invited." 'Which I don't see happening any time soon, or ever,' she silently added.

"Of course, Mrs. Summers; sorry to have intruded." Angel began to leave, but any hope Buffy had that he'd gotten the message vanished with his next words, "I'll see you soon/around, Buffy."

He walked out the door before she could reply. Opening the door again, she yelled, "Stop calling me Buffy!" after him (she knew it was childish, but she couldn't help it—he was so annoying) before turning to face her mother.

"Want to tell me what that was all about?" Joyce asked her daughter leading her towards the living room.

Buffy and Joyce sat next to each other and Buffy began to explain things to her mother, "About a week after Will left Angel ran into me downtown and asked me if I'd see a movie with him the next nigh. He's asked me out every day since then—to the movies, dinner, the beach, parties, his house, a picnic, everything." Buffy sighed in exasperation and paused for a second before continuing, "And mom, I swear, I haven't given him a single reason to hope I'd say yes, I've told him no, flat out, every time. And when he said he and Will don't get along, that was a major understatement, he's hated Will since the day he got here."

"Why do you think he's been doing this?" Joyce thought she knew, but wanted to know if her daughter could see it.

"What reason could he possibly have other than wanting to annoy me to death? Or maybe make Will made once he hears about it." Buffy looked at her mother like she was crazy for thinking that there could be a deeper meaning behind Angel's actions.

"Did you ever consider that maybe the reason he dislikes William is because he likes you? And that's what all this is about now?" When she saw that Buffy was about to interrupt, she held up her hand to stop her, "Let me finish. You and William have been together for a year now, if Angel's like you since before then, which it sounds like, and he hasn't gotten over it, then he's going to be very desperate by now. You probably would have been in a better position in he was just trying to annoy you or upset William.

As it stands, I don't think he's going to be giving up anytime soon, honey. At least not until William gets back."

"Great, so now, not only do I have to deal with missing my boyfriend for the next month and a half, but now Angel supposedly likes me and he's going to try to convince me, in that same month and a half might I add, that he's 'like so right' for me. Just great!"


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Chapter Three by Suzee
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Chapter Three

June 23

"Buffy, hey, it's Angel. I was-" she hung up before he could even really get started. "So," Buffy said to herself, "Obviously, he didn't decide to give up. Yay!"


July 29

The rest of the summer passed in much the same fashion, Angel would call Buffy every night around seven or eight o'clock to ask her out for the next night. And on those few nights that he didn't call? Well, those were the nights when he decided to come over instead, not making it past Joyce if she was home.

"Giles! I'm so glad you agreed to come to dinner." Buffy greeted as opened the door to him, "I was worried that since William is out of town, you'd want to avoid me as much as possible," Buffy said it in a joking tone, but she had been worried about just that, so she'd had her mother call earlier in the week to ask the man to dinner. With William gone all summer Buffy hadn't seen Giles these past few moths, save the few times they ran into each other in town.

"Oh, Buffy dear, of course I came. You know I think of you like a daughter and I've hardly seen you or Joyce since William left." Buffy wasn't oblivious to the way he mentioned not having seen her mother. Joyce and Giles both acted like parents to William and Buffy

'-But not so that it's like incest or anything,' Buffy thought with a grimace. She was relieved of her oh-so-not-pleasant thoughts by the sound of Giles greeting her mother.

"Hello, Joyce, it's so nice to see you again. How have you been? Oh and how's the gallery?" Buffy could barely hold in a giggle at the way the two adults always tried to act so formal around their children. As if Buffy and William didn't know that as soon as they were off to college, their parent would start to, at the very least, date.

"I'm fine Rupert and yes it is very nice to see you again—especially after such a long time. The gallery's doing very well, you should stop by someday. Please, let's go into the living room, there's still a few minutes before dinner's ready."
After they'd rounded the corner and sat down, Giles suddenly remembered something, "Oh, dear—I nearly forgot," he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small piece of paper, "I found this in I book I purchase the other day. It seems to be some sort of small painting, I know it's not worth anything, but I just thought…" he stumbled a bit, "Um, well I guess I just thought that you might like it Joyce."

"Oh, Rupert, it's beaut-"
"I think I'm going to go check on dinner." Buffy knew she'd interrupted her mother and that it was rude, but she needed to get out of the room.

Buffy got up and headed for the kitchen, ignoring the strange looks she was getting from her mother and Giles. It wasn't that she wasn't happy for her mother, happy that she had such a sweet and thoughtful near-boyfriend (that's what she William had taken to describing their parent's relationship as, near-boyfriend and near-girlfriend since they weren't quite there, yet). No, Buffy, couldn't be happier for her mother, it was just that she missed her sweet and thoughtful boyfriend who was actually very far at the moment.

"Might as well check on dinner, since that's what I said I was going to do," she mumbled.

Joyce came into the kitchen to find her daughter rifling through drawers muttering something about, "goddamn oven mitts."

"Other side of the sink," she said, smiling when Buffy jumped slightly before turning around to face her, her face slightly red. Joyce knew exactly why and decided she could use it to her advantage, "How about you tell me what that sudden exit was about and I'll let that little bit of colorful language slip?"

As Buffy prepared to tell her mother what had happened, she realized how silly and selfish it sounded, "Or you could yell at me for the language and I could not tell you?"

Joyce just looked at her.

"It's just, well it's stupid," as she was that her mother wasn't going to give her an out, Buffy continued reluctantly, "Giles was being so sweet and nice to you and he gave you a present and everything. And well, it just—after everything with Angel—made me really miss William." Buffy was in tears by the time she finished, "I'm sorry."

"Oh, honey, he'll be home soon. Letting get to you isn't going to do you any good, so let's just try to have a nice dinner. Then you'll be a few hours closer to William coming home, okay?" Joyce knew pulling William in wasn't exactly fair, but it would work.

"Yeah, and I'm sorry about getting so upset, I guess I've been letting stuff get to me more than I realized and more than I should, sorry."

Rupert came into the kitchen then, a curious yet concerned look on his face, "Is everything alright? Because if you two need some time alone, we can always do dinner some other night…" Buffy could tell from the way he trailed off that he didn't really want to go home. She also knew that he would, though, because he always wanted to make sure she and her mother were okay.

"No," Buffy quickly assured him, "I was just being silly about some stuff, nothing that matters, and hey, all done now. So, really you should stay, sorry for being a drama queen there." Buffy smiled at the older man, hoping he wouldn't inquire into what had been wrong.

"As long as everything's alright and I wouldn't be intruding," at Buffy's hasty nod and grin he
continued, "Very well. Is dinner ready?"


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Chapter Four by Suzee
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Chapter Four

When, around a quarter after seven, the doorbell rang, Buffy and Joyce just looked at each other before Buffy got up to answer the door. She knew that should could just ignore it, but she also knew that Angel wouldn't give up if she did that; as a matter of fact, she'd tried it the week previous and he'd just rang it for about five minutes straight before calling her from his cell phone and then ringing the bell again when she didn't answer her phone.

Buffy, opened the door with a smile on her face, in case it was someone else. But it wasn't.

"Angel, can you just go home? We have somebody over tonight and it's rude for me to be leaving the table in the middle of dinner just to tell you to go home." Buffy didn't even sound angry with him anymore, she just couldn't expend that much energy on him, day after day.

Angel didn't seem to notice her indifference, though, and continued on with his normal routine, "You know, if you'd just say you'll do something with me tomorrow. If not, I think I might just stick around for a while." He thought that maybe if there was something more than his insistence compelling her to go out with him—like a need to get back to their guest—that she just might finally agree to a date with him.

But no one ever accused him of being the brightest guy in school, "Angel, I'm going to close the door now and if you so much as ring that doorbell after I do, then my mother's going to call the police….and I'm sure that's not something you want to explain to your father." When he didn't answer her right away, "Is it?"

"No…" he admitted sheepishly before seeming to regain his confidence, "But don't think this is over, I'll see you tomorrow." If she'd cared anymore, she would have already had him arrested for stalking, but she didn't really feel like going through all that entailed and so far all he'd really done was be annoying. And she wasn't sure there was anything illegal about being an maddening idiot.

"Sure, do whatever you want tomorrow, just leave me alone tonight, okay?" Buffy didn't want him to think she'd given in though, "But you know what my answer'll be tomorrow, so if you want to skip asking, feel free."

Buffy closed the door before he could tell her anything else and turned around to go back into the dining room, noticing that Giles and her mother were both looking toward the front door.

"So, you guys heard that?" She wasn't sure why she cared so much, her mother already knew about Angel and his ploy, but Giles didn't and for some reason that worried her.

"Just about all of it." Her mother replied, giving her a slight smile to let her know everything was okay.

"Giles?" Buffy wasn't sure why, but she wanted to hear him answer as well.

"Yes, I, um, heard it as well, not on purpose of course," he didn't want to sound like he'd been eavesdropping on a teenage girl's conversation, "but it's just sound carries so well in this house."

"I guess I should explain then, so you don't think it was something it wasn't…"Buffy went on to explain the events of the summer to Giles, how Angel pestered her every night for a date and how she turned him down every time. She emphasized how she wasn't at all interested and hadn't encouraged him in the least and in the end was very grateful when Giles believed her and didn't think she was trying to cheat on William.

"Buffy, dear," he assured her, "I know that you would never cheat on my son, the two of you love each other too much."

The rest of the dinner had been uneventful, talk stayed mostly on Joyce's work at the gallery and the two adults avoided talk of William, Giles knowing instinctively that, that was what had upset Buffy.

When her mother returned from the kitchen with dessert Buffy decided she'd broach the subject they'd all been avoiding, "So Giles, have you heard anything from William?" suddenly not so sure of herself she added, "I mean, I know Patrick's rules, but I though, you know with you being his dad and all you might have, I don't know heard something?"

"No, dear, I haven't heard anything." Giles took pity on the obviously lovesick girl, "If I had heard anything you know I would have told you and if William had any say in what I was told, you know he would have included a message for you." Giles smiled at her to let her know he wasn't upset with her for asking.

"Yeah, I figured. I was just wondering, though.


July 31

Joyce looked up as Buffy came bouncing in the back door, happier than she'd seen her in months, "And what do I owe this good mood of yours to?" She couldn't help the smile that spread across her face.

"I just got my schedule for school in the mail!" Joyce was confused as to why a reminder that school was starting soon would make her daughter so happy.

"Oh…and that's a good thing?"

"Of course it is. It means school's starting soon." At her mother's puzzled expression, she sighed, "And, silly, that means William's coming back soon!"

Before Joyce had a chance to respond, Buffy had hopped off the stool she'd sat on and was on her way back out the door, "Where're you going?"

"I'm gonna go check with Giles, see if he has Will's schedule yet so I can see if we have any classes together." And she was out the door.

Joyce wasn't the least bit surprised when, 15 minutes later, she got a call from a confused sounding Rupert Giles wondering if Buffy was alright, "Not that I'm not happy that she's happy; it's just…"

"She hasn't been this happy all summer?" Joyce finished.

"Exactly," he replied with a sigh, glad that the girl's mother understood where he was coming from.

"I take it you gave her some good news then?" Although it was possible that he told her the two teens had no classes together and her daughter was still as hyper as she had been when she left.

"Quite, they have, apparently, every other class together."

"Good lord!" Joyce knew she'd have to brace herself for her daughter's return.

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Chapter Five by Suzee
Chapter Five

"Mom! You're never going to guess how awesome this year's going to be!" Buffy said excitedly as she came bouncing through her back door several minutes later. "I talked to Giles," she was literally bouncing on the balls of her feet, "and he said that he had Will's schedule…but he wasn't going to show it to me, you know in case William and I didn't have any classes together, but I convinced him I could handle it and guess what?" Not giving her mother a chance to respond, the excited teenager carried on, "Will and I have every other class together. Every other one can you believe that?"

"I'm gonna go call Amy!"

"Sweetheart, you and Amy haven't been friends since we left L.A., you haven't talked to her in six years." Joyce explained calmly, trying to keep the amusement out of her voice.

"Well, yeah, of course I know that, but Wills is out of town and I don't have her number there and Xander's at those weird relatives of his that don't have a phone---so who else am I going to call?" Buffy explained, "And I just have to tell somebody!"

"Fine, dear, you do that," Joyce said, knowing arguing or even tying to be rational with Buffy wasn't going to get her anywhere.

"Amy?" Buffy said as the other end of the line was answered, "Hi, it's Buffy, yeah, a long time, right? Listen, I know this will sound horrible since I haven't called you in so long, but I just need to tell somebody and it was weird, I was just sort of, like, hey I should call Amy. And it wasn't for a few minutes until I realized I hadn't talked to you in six years and you might think I was a freak if I called you, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway."

"Well, what was it you wanted to tell me?" Amy asked, too stunned to say anything else.

"William, he's my boyfriend," Buffy started, only to be interrupted by Amy who had seemed to have finally gotten a hold on her confusion and had decided she might as well find out the whole story if she was going to be a part of this.

"How long have you two been going steady?"

"For about a year, ever since he moved here from England. Oh, Amy," she gushed, "he's the best boyfriend a girl could have and I just love him so much. I don't think anybody thought we'd last this long, I mean I'm co-captain of the cheerleading squad and William, well, he's a rebel if ever there was one."
"Really?" Amy asked, getting into girl-talk mode.

"Totally, he's a badass, but he's just the ginchiest."
"And you're doing the whole paper shaker thing?"

"Well, yeah, it's a blast, but I do have to put up with all of the jocks every week, but it's still fun. And I'm really not that good at it, I just do it for the social stuff."

"Well, you said you're co-captain, that has to mean something."

"Only 'cause the other girl, the one that was supposed to be the co-captain, she's PG," Buffy said with a secret giggle, knowing that she be happy about some other girl's misfortune, but she couldn't help it."

"Meanwhile, back at the ranch….didn't this all start with something about William?" Amy asked, trying to get Buffy back on topic.

"Oh, I can't believe I got so distracted, I guess it's just all this good mood-iness. But, let's see William….Oh, Amy he's so wonderful. He moved her the summer before junior year and we started going out right after that, I knew we'd be steadies since the moment I saw him, it was just like something clicked in my head…and I just…I just knew, you know?"

"I haven't ever felt anything like that, but I think I know what you mean. Didn't you worry about him getting you into trouble; I mean if he's a badass like you say, then…"

"Oh, William would never get me in trouble and, don't you dare tell anyone I said this, especially William, but really, he's just a big softy. I mean, look at how we met. I was having a really bad day," Buffy explained, "And I just couldn't sleep that night…too much on my mind, I guess. So anyway, when it was after one, I went out to go for a walk; snuck out my window and everything.

Anyway, for whatever reason I decided to go to the park, you know, sit on the swings and just "be". But there was someone already there. William was there sitting on the swings. Now normally I would have kept walking, but I just walked over and sat on the swing next to him, without really thinking. It was like I saw him and the next thing I knew, I was sitting next to him.

I thought for sure he'd yell at me, I mean, there I was interrupting his time alone, but he didn't. I asked him why after we'd been going together for awhile and he said he knew somehow that he could "be alone with me there," I thought he meant something mean by that, but he said that he just knew that he could still be himself, still relax and really be him with me there. It was just so sweet."

"He sounds just perfect, Buffy," Amy said after listening to Buffy's story.

"Oh, he is, he really, really is!" Buffy all but squealed.

"But then, not to be mean or anything because I really don't mind you calling at all, it was a nice surprise in fact, but why exactly did you call?"

"Oh, yeah, guess I didn't really explain that, huh? Well, William has been gone all summer and I haven't been able to talk to him at all since he's at his father's and he's a major ditz, he won't let William call anyone; it's horrible."

"You sound like you're in a pretty good mood though," Amy commented.

"Yeah because today we got our school schedules in the mail and I went over to William's dad's house-"

"Wait," Amy interrupted, "I thought you said William was gone to his dad's for the summer."

"Oh, he's going to his actual father's house, he lives in England. Giles is technically his step-dad but since he's known his as his dad for like forever, he thinks of him as his dad—and so do I, apparently. So, yeah, that's where I went today. And Giles let me look at William's schedule…and guess what?" Buffy asked giddily.

"What?" Amy asked indulgingly.

"William and I have every other class together," Buffy nearly yelled into the receiver.

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Chapter Six by Suzee
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Chapter Six

Buffy and Amy talked for over an hour after that, catching up on everything that had happened in each other's lives over the last several years and all about their current lives. They finally hung up after promising to keep in touch from then on.

After her conversation with Amy, Buffy decided to work on putting together her outfit for the first day of school—it was the day after tomorrow after all. She never understood why they insisted on starting school so early. August was when Southern California was at its hottest and they were forced to be in school and concentrate? It just didn't work. But she was getting off topic, sure she could rant on and on about the evils of the public school system and its administrators, but she had better things to do.

She had an outfit to pick out.

"Buffy, honey, it's time for dinner. Come on, you've been up there for hours," Joyce coaxed when her daughter didn't immediately pop out of her room.

"But I can't. School starts on Friday-"

"It's only Wednesday now."

"And I still don't know what I'm going to wear. Plus, I have to have a great outfit for next Thursday when William comes back. I can't use my best outfit on Friday, but I can't look bad either."

"Buffy, you're not going to look bad and William is going to be so happy to see you that he won't care what you're wearing, so don't worry about that. And you've always looked great for your first days, don't worry."

"Maybe he'll be happy, but it's the first time he's seeing me in months, I want to look good enough that when he looks back on it, he'll think 'God, Buffy looked great that day.'"

"Buffy," Joyce said in her best 'mom' voice, "Come eat dinner and then I'll help you decide on what to wear on Friday and when William gets back, okay?"

:"Yeah, I guess," Buffy said begrudgingly.

They ate dinner, taking much longer than Buffy would have liked and finally—at least to Buffy it was worth of a 'finally'—they returned upstairs.

"See, the problem is," Buffy held up two mini skirts, "This is my favorite one," she indicated the red one, "and it'd be great for the whole first day back thing, but William also told me he likes it. So that leaves my second favorite," the blue one this time. "But I'm not sure how much everyone else will like it, it's ordinary and someone else will probably be wearing it too."

"What about that shirt my friend brought you back from Spain? No one will have that." Joyce hoped she was helping Buffy.

"Ooh, thank you!" Buffy rushed over and tackled her mother in a hug, nearly knocking her over in the process. "I knew you'd figure it out," Joyce didn't care to correct her on how she'd actually been fairly reluctant to accept the help.

August 1st

The first day of school had been fairly uneventful: reconnecting with friends—both Willow and Xander had returned the day before, finding where classes were located and the quickest route, and finding out who you shared what classes with.

That last part had been the one Buffy was most worried about; she was worried that she and Angel—or worse, she and William and Angel—would have classes together. But fairly luckily, they only had one class together—P.E. last period—the bad part of it was that all three of them had the class together. That was going to be fun.

Now Buffy just had to make it through tomorrow and then she'd have the weekend.

Then next Thursday…next Thursday William was coming home.

August 8

Buffy ran to the cafeteria as soon as the bell rang and stopped in the doorway to look for William. When she spotted him she decided it was a good thing she'd given herself her little pep talk; Cordelia was talking to him. Deciding she couldn't care less what the other girl did, she yelled his name and started running again, this time a bit slower to dodge the people.

Buffy was out of breath by the time she reached William. She was a bit nervous as he was still talking to Cordelia, or rather he was listening to Cordelia. As she tried to explain to him how Buffy and Angel had been going steady over the summer. And how she was terribly sorry for him. But, of course, if he ever needed anyone, she'd be there for him.

She was about ready to panic when he didn't even turn to look at her, never once taking his eyes off of Cordelia and her excited ramblings, but she calmed immediately when he silently, with no other movements, reached over and took her hand in his, rubbing his thumb along her hand soothingly.

She relaxed and waited to see what William was planning for Cordelia, who hadn't noticed his little action.

"And of course," Cordelia went on, paying no mind to Buffy who was now there, "None of us ever saw them out and about, but you know what that means…" she trailed off.

"No, I don't know what that means, Cordelia," William said dangerously.

"It means," she faltered for the first time in the 'conversation', "Well you know what it means," she finished uncomfortably, looking around nervously.

"Well, what it sounds like to me…it sounds like you're calling my girl a bit of a floozy…something that I don't take too kindly to."

Cordelia was fully worried now, Spike, as he was quite often called, could be a scary guy when he wanted to be. "I'm just repeating what everybody's been saying. What's it they say? 'Don't shoot the messenger'?" She really thought she'd be able to get to him—maybe there was still hope. Maybe.

"Who's everyone?" Okay, so maybe she didn't have so much of a chance.

"Um, well you see, there's um...well there's Angel and," she thought for a moment, "Really it's just Angel I guess, but it's not like Buffy'd go around spreading the word," she hastily added.

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Chapter Seven by Suzee
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Chapter Seven

"Cordelia, you really are thicker than a five dollar malt," Spike said, already dismissing her, his anger now focused on Angel. "Now, where can I find Angelus?"

"Angel? I don't know, he had lunch last period," Cordelia stuttered.

"William," Buffy finally said something. "Let's go, okay? Lunch is almost over and I haven't even gotten to talk to you yet."

It was amazing how much William's demeanor changed when he turned his attention form Sunnydale High's Queen Bee to his girlfriend.

"Sorry, luv," he said sweetly, "Just don't like people talking bad about my girl." Heedless to the others who had been watching the spectacle and were still paying avid attention, he leaned in and kissed Buffy soundly on the lips. Breaking away reluctantly, he kept close contact with her, resting his forehead against hers. "I'm back," he stated simply.

"You are," Buffy returned with a smile.

They would have stayed like that for much longer if Harmony's voice hadn't screeched into their consciousness, "Didn't Cordelia tell you? I guess I'll have to now," before anyone could stop her, Harmony continued, "Your girlfriend was screwing around on you all summer…with Angel." She looked very pleased with herself, especially once she added the Angel part.

"Come on pet," William said to Buffy, "I'll walk you to class." He started to say more but was interrupted by Harmony yelling after the retreating pair.

"I said she was sleeping with Angel!"

William at first wasn't going to even dignify that with a response, but he thought he might as well put and end to the gossip mill—or at least attempt to.

"And I know she isn't, you daft bint. Leave it," Without another word he and Buffy, hand in hand, made their way out of the cafeteria.

When they were out in the hallway, away from all the prying eyes, Spike surprised Buffy by spinning her around and pressing her up against the lockers, his body pressed firmly against hers.

"I missed you so bloody much, kitten," he muttered, nuzzling her neck with his nose. "Missed how you smell, how you feel," he ran his hands along her sides. "Love how you taste," he gently kissed along her jaw, ending up with his lips just a breath away from hers. "Was sodding miserable without you, kept thinking of what I'd do to you…with you when I got home. Have it all thought up, was gonna make you feel so good. Show you just how much I need you around me," his lips were brushing against hers now. "But now we're stuck here and all I can do is," he finally gave in to what they wanted and kissed her.

It was both heaven and the sweetest of tortures, all at once. He'd meant to be delicate and sweet about it, meant to be the gentlemanly boyfriend, but as soon as he felt her lips on his, he…he broke. Snaking one arm around her back and the other around her waist, Spike pulled Buffy even tighter against him, pushing her up higher on the lockers as his knee made its way between her legs. Her tongue on his kips was the softest, warmest thing he'd ever felt and when it made its way into his mouth he didn't think he'd be able to take it. And as Buffy wrapped her arms around his neck and hooked her leg behind his, moaning into his mouth, Spike knew—in some deep, deep part of his mind—that they couldn't keep this going, not here. No matter how much he wanted to.

"Buffy…Buffy, come on luv," she wasn't giving up easily and God was it making it hard for him to keep his resolve. "Pet, as much as I want to do this," he gasped when he finally managed to pull back enough to talk, "We can't. Not here, not now."

Buffy wasn't giving up easily though. Leaning in to bite at his lip before running her tongue soothingly along it, she mumbled, "But there's no one here. And you were gone for soooo," she drew it out tightening her hold on him in the process, "long."

"Luv, we can't do this here. I can't do this here," he looked at her, hoping to convey his meaning without having to say the actual words.

Buffy wasn't sure she knew exactly what he meant, but she did know, whether she liked it or not, that they couldn't in fact keep up their earlier actions.

They'd waited seventy two days for a kiss that was over in a matter of seconds. Somehow that didn't seem right.

But right didn't matter. They'd just have to wait.

"Um, William, about what Cordelia was saying," Buffy began nervously.

"Luv, don't worry about it. Believing that Cordelia was doing something for another's good would be like believing Angel's going to dress in drag for the homecoming dance," he dismissed her fears, the visual he provided causing Buffy to grin and giggle too.

"Missed that, too," William said, seeming unaware of the fact he'd said it aloud.

"What?" Buffy was getting a little wigged out by how he was staring at her.

"Was just thinking how much I missed you. Missed your smile, how you sound when you laugh, the little way you squint your nose up like you are now. Just missed all the little things that make you, you. I missed you Buffy, all of you."

Slightly uncomfortable with all the emotion, Buffy tried to lighten the mood, "William, you're turning into a…"

"A ponce?" he provided.

"I was going to say a big sappy something, but ponce would work too…if I knew what it meant."

"Come on," he loved the puzzled look on her face as she tried to figure out what he'd called himself. "I'll walk you to your next class. What is it?"

"Didn't Giles tell you?" Buffy asked the puzzled look replaced by a brilliant smile.
Chapter Eight by Suzee
Chapter Eight

Now he was the one looking confused—and just a little bit suspicious. "What do you mean didn't he tell me? Tell me what?"

"We have next period together, ninth too…we have first, third, fifth—obviously—and seventh and ninth together."

"Right," he said disbelievingly. "What'd you do? Bribe somebody in the attendance office so they'd mess with the schedules? That Riley bloke? He was starting to sound a little angry.

"Quit being jealous of him. I don't even like him."

"Well why are you always flirting with him?"

"'Always'? God, did you get stupid over the summer? And what's with this jealousy thing…I only flirted with him once. And that was to get you out of detention you big oaf. I talked him into giving me the slip that was going to tell the principal Ms. Roberts was giving you detention. Saved you from getting suspended!"

"Fine! Why don't you walk to class, I'll meet you there in a few," he told her angrily.

"No, you're not if you even say anything to Angel, you're waiting 'til ninth period. If you go now, you're either going to pull him out of class or you're going to go into his class and deck him---either one will get you detention or suspended. And then I'll have to go flirt with Riley again to save you ass," she stated matter of factly.

"You'd better not," he threatened. "'Nd what's with him any way? Right creepy it is, old man like him chatting up young girls."

"Well first off he's not old, he's twenty-four," She carried on before he could refute that, "Remember how about, oh ten minutes ago you were about ready to have sex with me against the lockers?" He at least had the decency to look a little ashamed by that. "Now either you're going insane or you've turned into some jealousy driven creep over the summer."

"Buffy, I—"he started to explain when he realized what he'd been doing.

"I know," she reassured him "Just needed you to realize it. But you think that from now on you could stay angry with Angel and not get mad at me just because I'm the only one around?"

"I'll try. You yell at me if I start to again, I don't want to be mean to you, really don't. Love you so much, kitten—love how well you know me, too."

"And my sappy boyfriend is back," Buffy joked, leaning over to give him a quick peck on the lips.

"Aren't you cute," Spike joked.

"Yeah, actually I kinda think I might be."

"Come on you, let's get you to class."

"William?" Buffy asked, several feet down the hallway, "Are you okay? I mean tings with your dad, how bad were they?"

"Weren't so good," he admitted truthfully. "Okay if we don't' talk about it now?"

"It's fine, but know I'm going to talk to you about it later, okay?"

"Sure, but let's get to class now."

They didn't talk about it again as they made their way through the next two periods. Buffy was worried about what William was going to do during eighth period, with her halfway across the school. But she knew she had to trust him.

"Please," was all she said as she hugged him before they went their separate ways to their penultimate class.

Despite trusting him completely, Buffy still worried about Spike during her Spanish class.

As soon as the bell rang she quickly made her way to the gym locker room and got changed into her gym uniform before rushing out to the field. She didn't want Angel to goad Spike into something.


"Oh joy!" Not only had Angel found William, or William found—not only had Angel and Spike found each other, but they looked about ready to-

"William, hey," Buffy ran over and held onto his arm, looking for all the world like an overly clingy girlfriend when she was really just trying to stop him from hitting Angel. Not that she minded hanging onto his arm, mind you, it was a nice arm after all.

Three Minutes Prior

"Looks like Willy boy's back," Angel said as he saw William come onto the field.

'Obviously still thinks he's gonna steal my girl,' Spike thought.

"Sorry you had to lose your girl over the summer. Must be hard for you to come back to that," Angel didn't sound sorry in the least.

"Would you shut your gob already, you ponce? I know nothing happened between you and Buffy and I'd 'ppreciate it if you'd stop trying to sully my girl's good name."

"Look at you, trying to act like you're protecting your ex-girlfriend's reputation, when really you're trying to convince yourself she's still yours. Well I can tell you, she's not." Angel was stubborn and hopeful to a fault.

"Buffy's still my girl. Always has been," he started to say more, but it was at that moment that Buffy came running over and grabbed onto his arm that had been about to slug Angel.

"Can I talk to you for a second?" Buffy asked. "Over there," she carefully pulled him over to the bleachers. "Don't get in a fight with him, please Spike. I finally have you home, I don't want to have to get myself detention just to spend time with you."

"But, princess, he's telling everyone who will listen that you were cheating on me all summer…screwing around with him. I can't let him get away with that."

"Giving him a black eye or knocking him out isn't the only way to 'beat' him you know."

Noticing the glint in her eye and the smile on her lips, William knew exactly what Buffy was implying. "Then by all means, let's get back to the bastard. Give him his just deserts and all that rot."

Finally looking forward to something other than inflicting physical pain on the moron, Spike slowly made his way—with his girl—back to the small group that had gathered to see the impending fight.

"Right then, back to what I was saying. Buffy's still my girl. Always has been, always will be."

"You don't know that," Angel interrupted. "Some day she'll be mine."

"'Fraid that's where you're wrong mate," William turned to Buffy and slowly took her arms and put them around his neck before resting his hands on her hips. Slowly, deliberately he made eye contact with Angel before leaning down to capture Buffy's lips with his.

He made sure to keep it light and sweet, wouldn't do to ruin Buffy's reputation while trying to protect it.

It was light and sweet, sure, but by no means was it short. After what felt like seconds to only them, but in reality was probably more like a minute or two, Angel stormed off with a huff, muttering something about, "You keep her. She's too much trouble anyway."

Even with their audience gone though, Buffy and Spike didn't break away from each other. The kiss had started as a way to get back at Angel, to prove to him that he had no chance with her—but once they'd gotten into it? Well, once they'd gotten into it, all their longing and separation over the summer, pulled them to each other.

Buffy knew she should have been mad about the possessiveness of William's actions, but she just couldn't find it in her. She wanted his possessiveness right now, wanted to feel how much he loved her, how important she was to him, and know that he wasn't ever going to let her go.

In fact they didn't stop the kiss until the gym teacher came over and tapped William on the shoulder, telling him that they needed to join the rest of class in listening to the new P.E. policies for the year.

Chapter Nine by Suzee
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Chapter Nine


It wasn't long before both Buffy and Spike were back in their regular clothes and had their bags together, ready to walk home together.

Usually William drove them home from school, but as a treat to Buffy (and as a way of spending more time with her) the were walking home that day.

"You know, pet," he said after they'd been walking in silence for several minutes, "I've heard every version of the Buffy/Angel story except for the one that mattered. Yours."

"You do believe me don't you? That nothing happened?"

"You know I do, would have told you by now if I didn't. Just want to know what really happened is all."

"Well you left about the end of May and then around the first few days of June, Angel started coming by or calling every night to ask me to do something with him. A movie, a party, dinner, the beach…anything and everything.

I told him to leave me alone, told him I'd never go out with him, but he didn't give up. Mom even told him to leave me alone the one time he managed to actually get into the house. He tried to feed her some story abut how you and he didn't get along and he just 'wanted to get to know me better,'" Buffy rolled her eyes at that.

"He even tried to start something when your dad was over for dinner one night. He came over then to ask me out. I was worried your dad would be mad at me or something, but he told me not to worry, he trusted me not to hurt you.

You know that don't' you?"

"Know what, luv?"

"That I'd never hurt you."

"Of course I know that, baby. Just like I hope you know I'd never hurt you."

"I know that William, know how much you love me," the smile she gave him then warmed him to his very core—God he loved this girl.

"Just wish I could have come home sooner, spared you all the talk Angel and the girls were doing."

"I wish you'd never had to leave."

"I wish that too, Buffy luv. Now I know it's a school night and everything," he said as they approached her front door, "But do you think you could convince your mum to let you come out with me tonight?"

"I just might, she's been wanting to have dinner with Giles again so maybe I could work that in there somehow."

"Give me a ring and let me know how it works out. Hope I get to see you later," he gave her a quick, but deep goodbye kiss before making his way to his own house.


"Da' you think if Joyce calls about me wanting to take Buffy out tonight, you could back me up on it?" William asked his father hopefully.

When Giles saw the expression on his son's face he knew what it was about, "You're going to…already? But I thought you were waiting a little wihile….already?" he asked again.

"Don't think I can wait. I know it's the right thing to do and….and I just don't think I can wait."

"Would you like to have the house to yourselves then? I'm sure I could have dinner with Joyce again," Giles offered helpfully.

"That would be great dad. I'm going to go get my work done and make sure everything's ready so that…I hope I'm doing the right thing."

"From what you told me, son, I do believe you are. Let me handle Joyce, you go do what you need to."


Apparently either Buffy or his father had been able to convince Joyce, or she guessed the same thing that his father had guessed—either way less than an hour later, Buffy called to tell him that everything was fine with her mother.

He told her he'd be by to get her at seven o'clock, but refused to tell her anything else.

"Please, William?" Buffy begged, "Just a little hint? Please?"

But despite her pleadings, he refused to tell her anything. Much as he wanted to, it would ruin the night if he did. She couldn't know what was going to happen until…well until it happened.


At a quarter 'til seven, Rupert Giles left for the Summers house, giving his son a few minutes alone before he had to pick up Buffy. And while William was grateful for those few minutes, they were also some of the most nerve wracking of his life.

'Don't sweat it, mate. She'll…she won't get mad. It's the right thing to do and you know it.'

Before he could begin doubting his plan again, Spike got into his '59 Desoto Diplomat and drove to his girlfriend's house.

Tonight was the night.


By the time he and Buffy were both in his car, alone, Spike was literally a bundle of nerves.

But as always, his girl somehow knew that and relaxed him immensely by laughing as she got settled in the car.

"What's so funny, pet?"

"I wouldn't have ever thought it before this summer, but I honestly did miss your car. God, you must think I'm pathetic, missing all this stupid stuff while you were gone," Buffy blushed—adorably he thought.

"Not at all. Would be doing little things this summer, in England, and I'd wish you were there to do it with me. Was always thinking, 'Buffy'd love this' all bleedin' summer long." And in that second, that very second, he knew what he was planning was the right thing—for both of them.

He couldn't explain the feeling. He hadn't ever felt anything like it before, but still knew what it was.

It was right.


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Chapter Ten by Suzee
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Chapter Ten

As they finished the Italian food that he had picked up from the restaurant where they had had their first date, William knew he couldn't wait any longer.

"Buffy, you know how we were talking about all the things we missed about each other over the summer?"

"Yeah…" she said, unsurely.

"And how I love you and know you'd never hurt me and would never hurt you?"

"Uh huh."

"Well, I kind of broached this with my dad before I left for the summer, but after I got back…Buffy I hated this summer. It was horrible, missed you so much. I wasn't kidding when I said that I was constantly wishing you were there, that I could talk to you, that I could kiss you…just that you were there.

I would have been able to put up with it all, if only you'd been there.

And when I came back and heard everything Angel was trying to pass off as truth…

Buffy, I've known you for a year and a half now, think I've loved you every single one of those days…and then I had to be gone for nearly a quarter of a year and my feelings didn't change one bit.

And I know they're never going to…I can be apart from you for months at a time and all that happens is I miss you more and fall more in love with you when we're back together. All that and the fact that I saw how miserable Patrick is without having anyone in his life that he really loves…my mom and dad—Rupert—the really, truly loved each other.

So, I can officially say now, that I've seen what can happen if you don't have honest, true love in your life and what can happen if you do.

I don't want to lose you, luv. Don't ever want to be apart from you like we were this summer.

Guess what I'm trying to say, luv, is well…Will you marry me Buffy?"

After sitting in shocked silence for a minute, Buffy managed to utter, "But we're still in high school."

"I know and I know that it might be kind of young…but you can't control when you find the one person you're supposed to be with…and I just, I don't want to wait on this. But if you need to…I…I understand." It was killing him for her to be this unsure of it, of them.

"It's not that I don't…I just don't want you to…what if you don't want me in a year? In ten years?"

"I'm never going to not want you, I'm sure of that now. And I have given this thought, pet. I talked to my dad about this, this morning—'s why I was a little later to school than planned. I was going to wait until Friday or Saturday to ask you, was going to plan it all out. But I knew in the end, that I was going to say the same thing then as I would tonight and I just couldn't wait. So that's why I want to know if you'll marry me, pet." Not waiting for another reaction from her, he continued, "I need to go get something, you…you think about things and I'll be back in just a minute."

As he raced up the stairs, Buffy sat quietly on the living room floor. He wanted to marry her.

William wanted to marry her.

Really marry her, as in 'walk down the aisle of a church, live together and raise their kids' marry, not just some abstract 'I want to marry you someday' thing. She knew they wouldn't be the only ones getting married during or right after high school, Ford and his fiancé were getting married over Christmas and they were actually a few months younger than she and William.

She hadn't had a problem when she'd heard about them getting married, had been ecstatically happy for them in fact. Their age had never been an issue for her.

So, why was she having a problem now?

She thought she knew the answer. But it was a stupid one.

Her parents had gotten married young, during their first year of college and he'd used that as his excuse for their divorce, her father had. He resented her mother for tying him down so early—that's what he said.

She didn't want that to happen to Spike.

Buffy loved him too much to ever have him hate her and if that meant waiting several years for them to get married, then…

"I want you to have this," William said as he came into the room. Sitting down next to her again, barely a breath away, he held out his hand…

"Isn't that your mom's ring?" Buffy asked in awe, she'd seen it in enough pictures to recognize it.

"Yeah…I know we don't have the best examples of happy marriages around us, but my mum and dad…they were happy Buffy. They really did love each other…and I want something like this," he indicated the ring, "To start our marriage on…want you to know I'm serious about this."

"William," she began hesitantly, "I've told you about my mom and dad right—why he says they got divorced?"

"Buffy, that was just the pillock's way of trying not to sound like a coward. He fucked up. He cheated on your mum because he was a weak man who wasn't good for her. But because of who or how he is, he couldn't take responsibility for the way things ended. Their marriage would have ended no matter when they got married…just like ours won't, no matter when we get m married. I love you, sweetheart and that's never, ever going to happen."

"Do you really think that? Do you really believe that if we get married, let's say after graduation, that you will honestly never hate me? That when we're forty and have four kids, you'll still love me like you do now."

"I'll love you a million times more," he insisted with such conviction that Buffy—God help her—she believed him.

"Think you could put that ring on for me?" Buffy asked with a coy smile.

"You mean…?" he didn't dare assume…but could she possibly?

"William Marcus Giles, I would love to marry you. I'm sorry for making you wait so long, I just…I have my issues and I love you so much I didn't want us to have any…issues."

"And we won't," he assured her, adding a kiss out of sheer bliss.

"We're getting married," Buffy said as she looked at the beautiful diamond ring on her finger. "We're getting married!" she repeated a little more loudly before jumping on William and knocking him to the floor. "How about we, my beautiful fiancé, go finish what we started at school?"

"I like the way you think," he ignored Buffy's giggle as he picked her up and hooked her legs around his waist, carrying her upstairs—instead intent on getting upstairs to make love to her for the first time.


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Epilogue by Suzee
Author's Notes:
I'm hoping this all gets up properly as I'm rushing to get it posted (there's a thunderstorm coming--I can hear the thunder--that is apparently knocking out power and I knew you'd never believe me if I didn't finally post this thing.) Other a/n at the end.

Quickly looking down both ends of the hallway, Spike grabbed Buffy around the waist and pulled her into the room, shutting and locking the door before she even realized what he was doing. Before Buffy could react Spike had her up against a wall and his hand was moving down towards the hem of her dress.

“Spike, we can not be late to the wedding!” Buffy tried to stop him as he snaked his hand deftly up her dress. God he was good at that.

“Relax, luv, we have time,” Spike was patient as ever, of course.

“We really can’t be late to our own—Oh!” Buffy sagged back against the wall, no longer fighting Spike’s advances.

“Not so ready for me to quit now are you?” he leered at her cockily and pushed her dress up round her hips and out of the way but froze when Buffy surprised him by reaching for the buckle of his belt.

“If we’re going to do this now,” she emphasized the word, letting Spike know she still didn’t think it was a great idea—logically, “then we’re going to do it right, mister.”

Spike wasn’t about to argue wither as she pulled his zipper down, already having gotten his belt out of the way; she was good at that. Sure bloody church wasn’t the most opportune place—or proper place—to have sex, but…Have you seen his girl? Spike was always trying for things like this with Buffy and most of the time she gave in—sometimes not, but most of the time she did.

Made life interesting at least.

Interesting and only slightly criminal. After all, how were they supposed to know that the janitor was going to actually need the mop that day? He hardly ever cleaned the bloody school anyway why’d he have to start that day?

They hadn’t actually been charged with anything—though the principal had tried for it—instead they were let off with a week of detention, three days suspension, Buffy’s embarrassment, and Spike feeling horrible about making Buffy feel embarrassed.

After that they’d been a little more careful—or at least Buffy had been.

Buffy literally pulled him back to the situation at hand—and what a situation it was—with a gentle yank on the lapels of his suit jacket. Her kiss was as a breath taking example of just how passionate she could be. As their lips clashed and tongues dueled, Spike hitched Buffy further on up he wall and wrapped her legs around him.

Not breaking their kiss he moved the two of them over towards a narrow little table and sat Buffy’s butt on it—sad little excuse for a table really, more of a ledge if you asked Spike. Buffy instinctively moved her legs lower down on his waist and pulled him towards her, causing the length of his cock to rub against her still panty clad center.

“No,” she said quickly, finally drawing back from their kisses as he started to reach down, “let me do it.”

In that moment Spike decided that he’d let Buffy do whatever she bloody well pleased as long as it involved him inside her. And soon.

Spike got his wish just a few seconds later after Buffy pushed her underwear to the side and guided him into her.

“Will you fuck me, Spike?” the little minx whispered into his ear. Apparently the woman was just full of surprises today.

“You want me to fuck you kitten?” Spike asked even as he pulled his hips back and then slid quickly back into her and then did it again and again and again, building up speed each time.

“Uh huh,” the matter-of-factness of her answer turned him on even more and Spike sucked along her neck lightly—careful not to leave any marks that she’d yell at him later for—before biting gently on her earlobe.

Unable to take any more of, what Buffy considered to be his teasing, she put her hands, that had been grasping his ass, on both sides of his face and pulled him to her for a kiss.

He could do whatever he wanted, but Buffy still needed the feeling of his lips against hers, his tongue sliding along her own as his cock slid in and out of her. The symmetry of it was simple and basic but it got her hot.

And Spike knew it, too. Without conscious thought, he began to time the thrusts of his hips with the movements of his tongue.

Soon Buffy’s arms were wrapped around his neck holding his face to her chest as they both gasped in more and more air. “Love you, Buffy,” Spike murmured against her skin.

“God…I…ugh…I love you too Spike,” her orgasm had crept up on her so stealthily that its arrival truly surprised her and left her biting Spike’s shoulder, through the jacket and dress shirt to stop from screaming out anything that someone could hear. “Love you, love you, love you,” she whispered repeatedly to Spike as se calmed down.

When she could tell her was close, Buffy began to rock her hips against him and tightened the hold her legs had on his hips, drawing him more deeply into her. “Come for me baby,” before she even finished her request Buffy knew he was going to. Spike buried his face in he neck to keep his own cries silent.

They sat in breathy silence for several moments before Buffy started to get uncomfortable with the edge of the wood table digging into her. Carefully she started to unwrap her legs from around Spike so she could lower herself to the floor.

“Just one more time,” Spike grasped her thighs as he made his plea, a vain attempt to stop her.

When Buffy just looked at him in the way that she had perfected over the years Spike knew he was beat and gave in; it really was no use arguing with her, especially when she was right.

Helping her to stand once more and smoothing her dress out for her before fixing his own pants back up and smoothing out the shirt, Spike took a moment just to look at her.

“Still remember the first time I saw you in that dress, pet. Love it more and more each time.”

“Spike,” Buffy finally had her dress and underwear all set and had Spike looking presentable again, “Quit with the niceness, we’re not going to have sex again.”

“Mean it, pet. Bloody beautiful you are.”

Buffy knew he was sincere simply from the way he looked at her. “Well then let’s get going. We have a wedding to get to you know.”

“Like I could forget my little girl's getting married. That boy better treat her right or I’ll—“

“Come on Mister Tough-Guy,” Buffy grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the door. “You be nice and maybe we’ll have a little honeymoon of our own later on.”

Buffy didn’t let him know how much she loved that how protective he was of their daughter, nor did she tell him how much she loved the fact that after thirty years of marriage they were still having little trysts like this. She didn’t let him know she loved it, but she did. And he knew it.

“Still say twenty five’s too bloody young to be getting married,” Spike was mumbling as Buffy pulled him from the room. “Could wait till she’s at least thirty or forty—or sixty, be nice to dear ole da’ and all. Bleedin’ pillock’s lucky I haven’t kicked his ass; better realize how lucky he is, getting such a—Oi! Quit laughing at me!“


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