976-EVIL by GoldenBuffy
Summary: *Nominated at Love's Last Glimpse Awards, Round 18*A phone call on Halloween night has one blonde on the edge of her set. (This is a Spuffy fic, didn't want to confuse anyone.)
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1. Oneshot by GoldenBuffy

Oneshot by GoldenBuffy

By: Golden Buffy

Summary: A phone call on Halloween night has one blonde on the edge of her set.

Disclaimer: Still the same, I own nothing, Joss owns them all.

Rating: NC-17 (it started out R,lol)

Author’s Notes: Thanks to Just_Sue for her wonderful beta-ing skills. Wanna archive? Drop me an e-mail and I’ll let ya! I’m late as always but I wanted this to be good. So surprise Just_Sue, this one's for you! Hope you enjoy it hon!


It was Halloween night, the young children were out collecting pillow cases full of sugary goodness, as their parents watched over them. Keeping watch so that none that went bump in that night snatched them away, carrying them off into the darkness. Living in Sunnydale it was just a thing residents came to accept, and also turn a blind eye to.

The young blonde was all too familiar to the dangers outside her front door, but tonight they were pushed aside. She was going to enjoy a quiet evening alone, watching a marathon of scary movies.

Placing the television on mute as a commercial danced across the screen, she entered the kitchen to pop some popcorn. The blinds were still open allowing the glow from the back porch light to filter in. After putting the bag into the microwave, she was reaching for the “start” button when the telephone rang.


“Is this Ann?”

“Yes.” The girl replied, her brow creasing in deep thought. The voice wasn’t familiar and she could tell it was being disguised. It sort of reminded her of “Mini Me’s” voice from Austin Powers, except it was “Mini Me” on steroids and using a voice modifier. It was way creepy.
“Who is this?”

“Oh, you’ll find out soon enough. But, the question you should be asking yourself is, are you ready to know who I am?”

‘Okay, this just to strange.’

“Kevin, if this is you quit it! This isn’t funny.” Ann chide, trying to get her friend to fess up. He was a prankster, and tonight was a perfect night to try and scar the pants off her, well skirt, since that was what she was wearing.

There was a long silence. All she could hear was the line crackling. “This isn’t Kevin. Aren’t you going to finish popping your buttery snack?”

“Ho-how did you know I was making popcorn?” Eyes wide with shock, Ann turned in a full circle, her eyes darting around the dimly lit room, scanning for a pair unknown eyes.

“I’ve been watching you, Ann. Waiting for the time to introduce myself.”

She audibly swallowed as her grip became tighter on the receiver. “Wh-where are you?”

“I’m closer than you think. I’m right outside your back door.”

Eyes wide with terror, she slowly crossed the distance between the island in the middle of her kitchen to the door. As her hand closed around the knob Ann hesitated slightly before opening it. Slowly she stepped outside and looked around.

Her breath was coming in slow ragged burst, sweat starting to form on her brow. Eyes wide, she scanned the darker parts of the property for any movement. Not a thing moved. There was nothing. Nothing at all. She released a breath she hadn’t realized she'd been holding. “I don’t see you. You’re not out here.”

“Yes, I am.” The voice now sounded slightly amused as it replied to her comment.

“Oh, yeah?” Ann said, turning in a circle, looking around once again. “If you’re out here tell me what I’m doing right now.”

She slowly bent over until her short skirt revealed her bare bottom and she wiggled.

“Can you see me? What am I doing?”

“You’re shaking your naked ass to the moon.” He paused. “Now do you believe me? I’m right here with you, Ann.”

Ann sobered quickly, shooting upright before dashing back into her house, locking the door behind her. Her heart was racing a mile a minute and her chest started to constrict. Frantically, she pushed the “end” button to cut off the conversation. She really wished her mother and father were home.

‘Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!’

Now was not the time to panic; it was Halloween and she was over reacting. People prank calls all the time - this was nothing different. A bit freaky, but still the same thing.

Still, the blonde hurried and closed the blinds to the kitchen window before walking back into the living room. Calming down once more, and convincing herself it was some sick-o with a fetish for scaring under aged girls. She turned back to her movie.

The phone rang and she could feel the nerves coming back. Just imagining the sound of that sinister voice sent an icy chill down Ann's spine. Why couldn’t the jerk just leave her alone? Find some other unassuming teen girl to mess with?


“Hey, Honey.”

Ann sighed in relief; it was her father. She wanted to cry, and beg for them to return home. But she didn’t. Her parents seldom went out to dinner and she refused to let her recent scare screw up their fun and ruin their alone time.

“Hey, Dad. How’s dinner?” she asked, hoping her voice wasn’t too shaky.

“It’s delightful. You’re mother suggested that I call in with you, just to make sure you’re holding down the fort okay.”

God, it would be so easy to break down and ask them to come home. “Yup, doing just fine. You two don’t worry about me. I’m a big girl, I’ll be fine. See you when you get home.”

“Okay, Sweetie. Love you.”

“Love you too!”

Ann had just placed the phone down when it rang once more.

“Hey, Dad, I said I was fin…”

“Don’t you hang up on me again you stupid little bitch!” The psychopath was back, and sounding very pissed off. She could just image tiny balls of spittle spray from his mouth all over the phone.

“Why are you doing this to me? Quit calling me!”

“Why? you wanna know why? Hang up again and you’ll find out. I don’t like it when they hang up.”

Oh God, she wasn’t his first. There had been more. Her mind raced at the implications not knowing how to respond.

“Where are you now?”

The doorbell rang, startling her. Hesitantly, Ann walked to the door.

“Aren’t you dying to meet me? I know I am... dying to meet you,” he cackled.

Ann looked through the peephole, but nobody was there. She knew it was stupid, something the girl always did in those scary movies, but she opened the door anyway.

“TRICK-OR-TREAT!” three voices shouted, making Ann scream in response. Her heart was hammering away in her chest as she dropped the phone.

“Oh, look at what you three did. You startled the poor girl,” their mother said, resting her hands on her hips.
“So sorry about that. They get so excited on Halloween.”

Ann offered a smile as she collected herself. “It’s cool, totally understandable.”

Reaching back into the foyer she retrieved the bowl of candy on the small table, and handed the sugary treats out. Waving good-bye to the costumed children, she snatched up the discarded phone, and headed back inside.

Ann turned to close the door as she juggled the bowl of treats and phone. She lost the battle and the candy spilled to the floor. Sighing, she placed the bowl beside her on the ground along with the phone, and began to clean up her mess. Something behind her caught her attention. Sliding her eyes to the side she was able to make out the shape of a black boot. ‘Oh god!’

Her eyes grew wide with fear. Someone was in the house with her! But how? Glancing at the still open front door, forming a plan in her head, she slowly rose to her feet.

The intruder smiled.

“Hello, Ann!”

That voice. Ann knew who it was; he had found a way inside. She swallowed loudly, her legs slightly shaking, but she refused to turn around. Closing her eyes she willed her legs to move towards the open door and out onto the street. Taking a step she moved closer to freedom. He didn’t let her take another step as his hand reached out, clasping her shoulder. For a moment all she could do was stand there, staring at his hand holding her possessively. Finally her petrified brain kicked in as a scream of pure terror ripped from her throat.

Not liking the turn of events the psycho wrapped his other hand around her ponytail, ripping her head back violently and effectively silencing her screams. Her eyes welled with unshed tears as her attacker spun them around and kicked the door closed. He turned, locking it.

Her neck hurt, pulsating pain was emanating from her abused head, but Ann didn't dare scream again. The tears began to trickle down her cheeks as images of what this man would, or could, do to her played out in her mind.

“Ready to play my game?” his electronic voice asked. Ann thought he'd sounded scary over the phone, but up close and personal he was down right frightening. She didn’t want to die like this, mimicking a stupid teen slasher flick. This so wasn’t happening, it had to be a bad dream, right?

Suddenly, she remembered she was still holding the bowl. Even after the hair pulling she’d managed not to lose it. With as much force as she could muster, Ann brought the bowl up and back over her head, smashing it in the man’s face. His head flew back, smacking the foyer wall. Not stopping there, the teen brought her foot down, hard, stomping on his. Then she elbowed him in the stomach. He grunted, automatically letting her go as he cradled his wounded belly.

Ann hadn’t much choice on where to go. She dashed up the stairs and headed for her room. The crazed man followed quickly, racing up the stairs after her.

“When I get you I’m going to rip you tongue out and make you eat it, you stupid little bitch!”

She knew he was close, on her heels in fact. But Ann didn’t dare look back. Running headlong into her room, she got the door closed before he reached it.

He stared at the closed door with contempt. Furiously, he tried the doorknob but it was locked. With a final pound of his fist he ran back down the stairs.

Ann sighed and slowly slid down the door. Pulling her knees up to her chest, she began to sob. This was the worst night of her life, but now the psycho had gone. Taking in a few ragged breaths she stood on shaky legs placing her ear to the door. Nothing. Dead silence met her. She needed to get out there and contact the police. Taking a deep breath, Ann unlocked the door. Slowly, she started to open it. Only to have another bone chilling scream ripped from her throat.

“Not so fast girly!” he whispered into her ear.

“No!” she cried out. 'He must have slipped in through my window,' she thought.

“Yes. Couldn’t get rid of me that easily little one,” he said as he forcibly spun her around.

Ann tried to run but the force of the push had knocked the wind out of her. For the first time she got a good look at him. His face was covered in a black hooded mask with a white ghostly face, its mouth open in a silent scream. He was garbed in a black flowing robe and those damned black boots!

“Get a good look, ‘cause it’ll be the last thing you’ll ever see,” he promised as he pulled up his robe reaching for his weapon.

Ann’s eyes grew wide with fear as she settled her gaze on the menacing thing. She quickly came to the understanding that she wasn’t getting out of this alive. As he moved to close the small distance between them, Ann closed her eyes.

His hard body smashed against hers, and he rivaled in her fear. Her increased heartbeat egged him on to complete is morbid task.

Ann screamed out as his weapon entered her. It quickly turned into a deep throaty moan as her legs wrapped around his lean waist.

“Oh, god, just like that!” she cooed, as her head fell back against the door.

“You like that don’t you, Slayer?” Spike growled in her ear as he pounded into her.

Buffy only nodded her agreement, unable to speak for the moment. His words were making her wetter.

“You like what I do to you, don’t you Buffy? Me pounding away at you tight little quim.” And to emphasis his point Spike picked up his pace, a hand massaging her clit.

Buffy wasn’t going to last long at this rate. Spike’s hard deep thrusts coupled with the attention he was paying to her sensitive nub, was driving her out of her mind. He could feel her getting close as he gazed down upon her, his smirk firmly in place. Buffy didn’t have to open her eyes; she knew the vampire currently ravishing her against her bedroom door was smirking. But she would show him; she’d get the last laugh.

Buffy flexed her vaginal muscles. Spike moaned into her neck before sucking and nipping at the smooth flesh.
“Who's smirking now,” she teased, still massaging his cock.

“You wanna play dirt little girl?” Spike spoke into her neck, giving her nubbin a hard pinch.

“Ugh... god...Spike,” Buffy shouted, arching herself further into his talented touch.

Spike could tell Buffy was close, as he picked up his pace bringing them closer to their sought release.

Buffy's eyes fluttered shut as her muscles clamped down on Spike's member. Head rolling back, and mouth falling open, Buffy screamed her release. Spike continued with his assault to her womanhood, drawing out her orgasm. Buffy bucked against him as another orgasm hit. That was Spike's undoing. With a final thrust he followed her over the edge, roaring as he came.

They both slid down the door resting on the floor. The blonds lay there for several moments, their heavy breathing the only sound in the darkened room. Spike stood, scooping Buffy up in his arms before carrying her over to her bed. He fell back onto the bed, draping Buffy over his chest.

“How'd you come up with this idea again?” he asked, running his hand through her tangled locks.

“Saw this movie the other night. Though it would be a good one to act out.”

“Bloody brilliant, it was. Need to watch more movies.”

Just then Buffy's bedroom door flew open. The two turned their head at the interruption.

Angel stood in the doorway, his face even paler than normal.

“What's... how... what are you doing? And why are you naked and lying on top of Spike?”

“What does it bloody look like you git? Me an' the Slayer was having a shag.”

The broody vampire chose to ignore his annoying grand-childe and turn his gaze upon his beloved Buffy.

“No. Question is what are you doing barging into my bedroom?” Buffy demanded.

“I was out for a walk and heard screams coming from your room. So I came to make sure you were all right.”

“Yes, Angel, I'm fine. We're both fine. Now go away so me and Spike can finish having sex.”

“But... I... you can't he's evil.”

Buffy didn't have time for this, and she did warn Angel to leave. Getting up from her comfy spot atop Spike, Buffy grabbed Angel and tossed him out her bedroom window. Returning to Spike she straddled his hips, giving him a saucy smile.
“Now, were where we?”

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