Cold flames by Blackoberst
Summary: This is a gift for Sotia. It's smut as written by a man - she was curious. This is what came out. I hope you enjoy.
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1. Cold flames by Blackoberst

Cold flames by Blackoberst
Author's Notes:
Thanks to Sotia for being the one to get me to write this. Thanks to Kristi (Tanit) for proof-reading this.
There were fingers everywhere, massaging every single muscle in her body until she was left in a puddle of blissful mush. They had started at the base of her neck, moving lower one vertebrae at a time, working the kinks out of her spine, then outward with palms pressing down and fingers – those magic fingers – tracing every muscle in her back, washing away the aches and pains gathered in her Slayer muscles. Then descending more, to her lower back, with pressure bordering between pleasure and pain, leaving her aching for more of either, but still sating her body’s need to relax.

They continued onwards, down her thighs, her calves, and to the soles of her feet. Up then down, on each pass over her legs, the fingers grazing her inner thighs in a way that was both relaxing and arousing. He was spending long, pleasure-filled minutes on each part of her. Next, he moved onto her arms, down to her fingers, working her like a baker would knead dough – until every single cell in her body was transmuted in a receptacle of pleasure. Not even back in her LA days, when going to spas with the cheerleading squad, had anyone taken care of her body’s needs like this.

Just as the fragrant oils and warmth in the room combined with the soothing way the hands with those magical fingers were running all over her naked body were starting to lull her into a sense of contentment, the stroking of her flesh reached her ass. The globes of her cheeks were worked over in the same manner as her thighs, with clear intent, making the muscles groan and then release their pent up stress and every so often teasing her with a more intimate touch along her cleft, hinting at the promise of a possible outcome that they both knew she wanted.

At her growing arousal, signaled by the moisture gathering between her slightly parted legs and the mewling sounds she started making without even realizing, the teasing increased. One of the hands moved up her back and started doing laps across her back, from barely touching the edge of one breast to the other. The other hand, alternating between firmly massaging her ass and barely caressing it, would occasionally graze her outer lips or her puckered hole, enticing, making promises she intended to see were kept.

And then the ante was upped; lips started skimming over her skin with feather-light touches and his breath made her skin break out in goose-bumps along her entire body, increasing the sensitivity of her skin, making her feel like cold fire was blazing along her skin, feeding the fire in her belly that only he could quench.

After he teased her for what felt like centuries, there was finally a shift in his movements, she felt the pressure from his hands increase slightly and then he joined her on the bed, lying beside her, his hard, naked body touching hers. She moaned softly in pleasure, earning her a chuckle from him, the vibrations reverberating throughout her own body. Her need made her start bucking off the mattress, trying to get his hands to touch where she needed him to – her now sopping wet pussy or on her rock hard nipples.

He chuckled again and climbed on top of her, cradling his erect cock between her ass cheeks and fastening his mouth to the back of her neck, using his tongue in open mouth kisses that sent jolts of pleasure to her needy body. His strong hands banded around her body, raising her bottom and spreading her thighs wider. His left hand latched itself to her mound, his right sought out and held her breast firmly in his open palm.

He stroked her mound, his fingers slowly working their way inwards until finally one of his fingers parted her inner lips, making her shiver in wanton need. She had been dripping wet for a while now and so his slick finger could play all along her inner walls without any resistance, which he did, mapping her from the inside, teasing her needy nubbin and making her almost frenzied with need. She started thrashing underneath him but still didn’t move either her arms or legs on her own volition, just as he’d instructed her at the beginning of the massage.

Finally she felt him shift above her, his weight would lift only to be lowered on her again and again. First, he ran his swollen member in tandem with his probing finger, coating it in her copious juices then he lifted again. This time he lowered himself with the tip of his cock pressed against her back entrance, a slight rhythm being kept by his hips. The lone finger inside her was joined first by one, than another until there were four fingers inside her, stretching her, testing her, molding her to them and making her cry out in pleasure. She felt her lower regions being engulfed in fire, burning her from the inside and making her ache more and more for his soothing touch. She felt like screaming her frustration at not having all of him, at being teased for so long, at not being allowed to move, but she could only grunt as his fingers worked inside her with ever increasing speed.

“Where do you want me, kitten?” he purred after nibbling on her ear lobe. “Do you want me to stuff your delicious pussy with my hard cock and ride you into oblivion? Do you want to come apart screaming my name as I pound into you from behind?” At her needy whimpers he bucked his hips again more forcefully and screwed his fingers inside her, working on her G-spot in a way no other had, or would. “God, woman, you’re so tight! So bloody tight and warm every time. And your smell… mmmm… I could eat you right up!” She arched into him more, needing him deeper, deeper, ever deeper. “Or do you want me to fill that glorious bum of yours as I finger you? Or maybe you want both? Tell me, Slayer, do you want me to take you in every hole, fill you to the brim with my cock and fingers and fangs and leave you dripping with my spunk?”

“YES! Yes, God, yes! Take me, take me NOW!” she was so horny and needy that she didn’t care that the tone of her voice was pleading. They’d both been on the end of such sweet torture enough times to know that the next time they could be setting the pace.

He repositioned himself again, took his hand out of her aching cunt – despite her mewl of protest – and wrapped his sodden fingers around his rock hard cock to position it. He entered her in one swift stroke, the head of his prick hitting the entrance of her womb, her inner walls constricting him from all around, his balls hitting her clit, making her shudder with a small orgasm that did nothing to ease her need. The tension in her body caused her to rip holes in the mattress with her nails.

After staying still for a bit so they could both adjust to each other and so that he wouldn’t spill himself like a schoolboy, he started moving within her, setting a punishing and merciless rhythm that he punctuated with grunts, his fingers on her pert nipples and loving words whispered in her ear. The more he fucked her, the more she wanted, the more she needed to feel him filling her in every way possible, so she started bucking even more than before in response to his movements. He grabbed her by the waist, impaled himself as deep as he could go – eliciting a scream of pleasure from her lust-addled mind – and hauled her up in a kneeling position, her upper body still pressed to the mattress, hands gripping the sheets in desperation. He rammed into her hard from behind, the deference of the position adding to both their gratification.

“More, ngnnn, more!” she chanted as her whole body rocked from his thrusts.

Hearing her pleas, he took one hand and circled it to her front, tracing the muscles of her lower belly and finally reaching her clitoris. Once he started pinching and fondling her there, she screamed like a banshee and came apart around him, the vibrations of her fluttering walls sending him into his own orgasm that, in turn, sent her into another even more powerful release, sending them both into oblivion.

Once they regained their breaths, Spike started moving ever so slowly inside her again, using his now semi-erect cock as it hardened. Their combined spendings were running down their thighs and the smell alone would have made him stand at attention in no time flat. Once he was sufficiently hard and she was thrusting back forcefully against him, he pulled out of her, despite her noise of displeasure, and replaced his cock with his fingers again, using three of them at first and then adding the fourth. He coated his fingers and used their own juices to smear her back entrance, easing his index finger up until the first knuckle inside her tightest channel.

The intrusion sent her on a wild frenzy of pleading and bucking, wanting him everywhere, anywhere as long as he was inside her again. He used her own motions to push his finger ever deeper until it was sheathed to the base inside her, then added another and started stretching her in preparation for the next bout of lovemaking. In her need, she started fingering her own pussy and periodically bringing her digits to her mouth to suck off the wonder that was their combined taste – she had acquired a penchant for this long ago and still found it to be the best thing she could taste, barring his cock covered in those same juices.

Once he was satisfied with how lubricated and loosened she was, he took his fingers out and placed the pulsating tip of his erection at her rear entrance and started slowly sliding in. However careful he had intended to be was a moot point, however, when a more powerful backwards thrust by the aroused Slayer buried him within her to the hilt. They both moaned in pleasure and pain at the intrusion and started moving in an even more frenzied pace together. The thrust and parry of their lovemaking was brutal to a normal human, thankfully they were unencumbered by such issues. She had four of her own fingers stuffed up her pussy, working up a storm while he pounded her anus mercilessly, content in the knowledge that any pain she felt was welcomed by her.

When she finally started to shiver in the beginnings of an orgasm, he bent over with lightning speed and buried his fangs in her willing neck, sending them both to the highest recesses of pleasure. Once again they blacked out momentarily as their bodies moved on their own, squeezing every bit of the other’s essences as they could. Once they were both spent, he gently licked the wounds he had inflicted clean before slipping out of her – something that caused a groan of protest from them both.

He climbed off her and surveyed the sight before him. What he saw made his heart swell: the love of his life (be it un- or otherwise) lay in a boneless heap before him, his seed dripping out of both her pleasure holes, mouth smeared with their combined essence and a bit of her blood still visible at the puncture wounds he had left in her flesh. Yes, there wasn’t much that could top this!

He opened his mouth to say something when the image shifted and her vision became blurry, darkness falling over the scene as his voice could still be heard:

“Luv, luv wake up! Come on Slayer, wake the bloody hell up now and get what’s coming to you!”

Her vision cleared and she found herself in their bed, the sheets soaked through and tangled around her sweaty body and Spike shaking her shoulder, wearing street clothes and a replica of his beloved duster – gone now for more than a decade. His hair was no longer slicked back, as she’d convinced him some time ago to leave it curly, as she liked it. His sapphire eyes were trained on her and his nostrils were flaring, no doubt inhaling avidly the smell of her arousal, as she could feel herself drenched in need.

“What’s going on here, Slayer? Started without me, hmmm?” It took her a few seconds to get her bearings and remember he’d driven their children to school that morning and she’d decided to stay in bed “just for a little while”. She looked up coyly into his eyes, reached out and took his hand off her shoulder, brought it to her lips and sucked his thumb past her pouty lips as his eyes narrowed and he tilted his head to the side, the beginning of one of his patented smirks playing at the edge of his lips.

“Grab some massage oils and I’ll tell you… husband!” she purred, knowing very well what that word did to him even after all these years. On cue, he swooped in for a kiss, howled his pleasure, and headed down the sun-filled corridor towards the cabinet of the bathroom designated as the fragrant cabinet, where all their incenses and oils were stored for just such occasions.

She smiled and leaned back on the bed, ready to re-enact her dreams.
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