The Unexpected by Pari
Summary: Spike's sick and Buffy plays nursemaid...
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1. The Unexpected by Pari

The Unexpected by Pari
She walked in the cool air of the night, hoping to clear her head. Hoping to forget the nightmare that had become her life. She walked aimlessly, yet on a steady path. As she walked by the cemetery, she heard someone cry out in pain. The cries were so agonized and tortured they made her own seem irrelevant. She moved swiftly towards the cries, which lead her to Spike’s own lair. She turned and started to walk away. She didn’t want to deal with “HIM”, not now. Then the cries rang out again. She cursed her self as she pushed open the door of the tomb, which led down to spike’s lair. She slowly moved down into the tomb with her guard up just in case. She had noticed that ever since Spike got the chip in his head, he had begun acting strangely, especially towards her. Although she had to admit there had been times when she enjoyed his company, like the night they had sat out on her back steps for hours, just sharing each other’s company. Also the times he had charged in out of nowhere and saved her butt. She had grown used to having him around, and even though she acted as if his presence annoyed her, she actually liked him there. When he wasn’t around a part of her missed him, and at times she even sought him out.

She stepped from the last step into Spike’s lower pad. He was curled up in a corner, rocking and crying in pain.

“Spike?” She spoke and he jumped, startled. He stared up at her for a moment, looking as if he had no idea who she was. She could see that his eyes were glazed over and dull. He was in obvious pain.

“What do you want slayer? I can’t play right now.” He hissed at her, glaring. The rims of his eyelids were bloody red. “Ahhh!!” Spike folded over, clutching his stomach. Buffy noticed that he was wet from sweating. She moved closer, and he jerked, cowering away from her, as if afraid.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” Buffy said, kneeling nearby, but a comfortable distance. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t know, but it hurts like hell.” Spike groaned. “I think those bastards who put this chip in my head, did something to my inside.” Spike said now sitting back. The pain had eased some. “Why don’t you go ask your boyfriend? He was there when they were poking, probing, cutting, and zapping me over and over again.” Spike glared at her. “In fact he did most of it him self, and I gotta tell you, I think he was getting off on it.” Buffy stood now, angry.

“Riley wouldn’t do anything like that. He was the one that helped to stop those secret experiments.” Buffy defended.

“Yeah well did ya ever think that maybe he did it to cover his own ass?” Spike asked, leaving Buffy speechless. She turned to leave. “Wait, Buffy. I’m…I’m sorry.” Spike said in a near mumble. Suddenly he began to shake uncontrollably. He was starting to scare Buffy. She moved to him. She touched him. His flesh was freezing, much colder than it normally was. Buffy went and got the blanket from the nearby bed, covering him with it. Still shaking, Spike looked at the slayer. “Thanks Love, but it won’t do much good.”

“Tell me what I can do.” Buffy said, rubbing him, vainly trying to warm him.

“Ask him, Riley, what they did to me, and how I can cure it, please.” Spike begged and for the first time since she had known him, Buffy could see that he was afraid. She nodded and then stood to leave. She turned back to him.

“I’ll come back.” With that she left, heading straight to Riley’s place. Buffy arrived at Riley’s to find him having a meeting with some of his old comrades. They still worked together sometime, for the greater good. They were wrapping things up when Buffy arrived. “Hi.” Buffy said with a smile. Riley turned and upon seeing her standing there, he too smiled broadly.

“Hey yourself. To what do I owe this wonderful visit, not that I’m complaining or anything?”

“I wanted to talk to you about something.” Buffy said, nervously. She knew that Spike wasn’t Riley’s favorite subject. “It’s about the experiments that were performed on the vamps, and demons, kept at the secret lab. You know where you worked?”

“Why all of a sudden you want to know about that?” Riley said, turning away and grabbing some papers from the table and looking over them. Buffy noticed that he was fidgeting.

“Well, actually I’m interested in the experiments performed on Spike.” Riley quickly returned his attention back to her, and glared at her.

“Spike, why? He hasn’t threatened you has he? Because if he has, I’ll…”

“No, nothing like that.” Buffy said, and then looked down unable to look at him as she said her next words. “I think he’s dying, and it’s because of something done to him in those experiments.”

“Good. I hope he does die. I really don’t understand why you haven’t staked him already.”

“Because now he’s harmless, you said that yourself. With the chip in his head he can't do any harm, he can’t even feed off of humans he's gotta bag it now.” Buffy said. She herself surprised at the words coming from her mouth. Was she defending “SPIKE”? Why hadn’t she staked him?

“Well what do you want to know, and what makes you think that I’d have any information?”

“Spike says that you were there, doing most of the tor…interrogations.” Buffy said. Riley smiled, but Buffy could see that he was hurt and a little pissed off. She started wondering why she was there on Spike’s behave. Why the hell did she care, if he lived or died?

“And you believed him?” Riley responded defensively. Buffy just looked at her feet.

“Well it’s no secret that you hate him.” Buffy countered and Riley laughed a little, shaking his head.

“I don’t know anything about what happened to Spike, and all the records have been sealed down there in the lab, which has been closed off. So, there’s no way down there to find out. But if you wanna go digging around down there, happy hunting. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to bed, and could you lock the door on your way out.” With that he left her standing there. After a moment she turned and left, heading to the underground lab to retrieve any inframtion she could that would help Spike.

Hours later, back at Spike’s lair:

Spike lay across his bed, which was covered with red satin sheets. He lay there, staring at the ceiling. His vision was hazy, and when he saw a woman standing over him, he thought it was an angel coming to take him from his miserable existence. Then as his vision cleared he saw that it was Buffy. “You again? I didn’t think you were coming back.” He said slowly rolling over.

“I told you I was.” Buffy said, looking down at him.

“Yeah and I really believed you.” Spike said sarcastically. Buffy laughed a little despite her self.

“Well, I went to Riley and asked him about the experiments done on you.”

“Oh sod off, you did not. Did you really?” Spike said sitting up now and leaning against the satin pillows. He motioned his hand, gesturing for Buffy to sit. She stared down at the bed, taking note of how big and beautiful it was. She sat at the foot of it. She then looked around the room. It was very bright, and homey, and it had state of the art electronics. Buffy was impressed, and as if he had been reading her mind, Spike spoke. “Just because I’m technically dead, doesn’t mean I have to live like it. So, what did Riley boy tell you?”

“That he didn’t know anything.” Buffy answered.

“And you believed him?”

“He is my boyfriend Spike.” At that Spike blew out hot air and rolled his eyes. “But he did tell me that there were records still down there.”

“Yeah but the place has been sealed off, so that doesn’t help.” Spike said, clinching his stomach, which still had a dull pain. Buffy lifted the bag she had carried in. She pulled out some tapes, and smiled.

“I’ve gotten in and out of tighter places.” Spike laughed at this.

“Slayer, you never cease to amaze me.” Buffy smiled.

“Thank you.”

“So what else do you got in that bag? It’s pretty big just for a few tapes.” Spike said, and then leaned forward reeling in pain. Buffy crawled up to him, pushing him back against the pillows.

“You OK?” She asked, concern written all over her face, which Spike caught a glimpse of.

“Why are you here, Slayer? Why are you trying to help me anyway? What you want to be the one that kills me.” Spike chuckled, as did Buffy.

“I’ve asked myself that a thousand times already. The truth is that lately, with all that’s happening with my mom. You have been a…a friend.” Buffy said not believing the words flowing from her mouth. Spike arched a brow as he too stared in disbelief. “Anyway I brought you some soup, and Pig’s blood. I’ll fix you some, and then we can watch the tapes.”

“I just hope there’s something on them that will help me.”

After a few moments, Buffy returned, with a bowl of tomato soup and mug of Blood, for Spike. She also had made some microwavable popcorn for her self. She found that Spike had moved to the black leather couch that sat in the middle of the room, which faced large flatscreen tv. She sat everything down on the glass coffee table housed between the couch and tv, and then sat beside the pale creature, who was curled up in the nook of the couch.

“So tell me Spike, when did you do all of this? I mean the last time I was here it was very dark and very gloomy. What did Harmony decide to add a woman’s touch?”

“Actually, it was Harmony who wanted dark and gloomy. She thought that was the way fierce creatures, such as ourselves were supposed to live. After she left, I decided to add a little color.”

“Harmony left? When will she be back? I don’t think she’s going to be too happy if she walks in and finds me here.”

“She’s not coming back. She was already freaked when she learned about the chip, and that I couldn’t behave like a vamp anymore. This sickness was too much for her. She thought it may be contagious, and that I was going to go dusty. Either way she felt it was time to find a replacement.”

“So, she dumped you?” Buffy said, giggling.

“Ha, ha. Laugh it up Slayer, but you just may be joining me in the singles line, once ole Riley boy finds out that you’re here.”

“But he’s not going to find out, and if he does, I’m coming back here with stake in hand.”

“Hey don’t tempt me. Death would be a relief from this.” Buffy looked at him, and noticed that he was sweating again. She handed him the bowl of soup.

“Here, eat.” She then got up and moved to put one of the tapes, marked “Hostile 17” into the VCR. She returned to her seat, and picked up the remote, and pushed play. For the next hour Buffy watched in shock and horror at the scenes playing before her. Stunned by the torture Spike had endure at the hands of Riley and others, but mainly Riley. At the tapes end she sat, staring at the static on the screen. Spike reached and took the remote from her hands, and clicked the TV off.

“Hey,” He touched her shoulder. “Are you OK?” She just shook her head no. “Come on, you can’t be that shocked. I mean he worked for those people.”

“I asked him did he have anything to do with it, and he told me no. He looked me right in the face and told me no.”

“He’s a man luv. We all lie, especially if it’s to impress the girl of our dreams. Also to keep from losing them.” Spike said in an attempt to comfort her. “So, did you see anything that might tell me what the bloody hell is wrong with me?”

“Not really, but they injected you with some green stuff, but I couldn’t make out what is was.” Buffy said, looking more sympathically at him. “To tell you the truth Spike, I think you may have the Flu.” Spike rolled his eyes at her. “Ok Bad explanation, hey maybe it’s bad blood. You’ve been getting blood from the butcher’s right? Well, maybe you got some that had spoiled.”

“Yeah and that would explain the vomiting. Well, if it is just tainted blood, then I guess I’ll just have to ride it out. Thank you for helping me.” Spike said, nearly choking on the words. Buffy smiled and continued sitting there. “Was there something else?” She shook her head no, and kept sitting. “Well, I guess you can leave now then, and go make up with your boyfriend or something.” He said pitifully.

“Actually I planned on staying a while. Just for a while, until you fall asleep, and I brought movies too.” Buffy said as she reached into her bag and pulled out more tapes. “Lets see we have Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, and my personal favorite, My Fair Lady.” Spike took a tape from her, and looked at it with disgust.

“Well, I can tell you now that your stay will be short, for these will put me out in no time.” Spike said, tossing the tape back to her.

“Oh come on, these are romantic movies, set in romantic times.” Buffy said as she got up and popped Casablanca in the VCR.

“They all revolve around war. Two were filmed while the world was at war. The other’s plot involves war. Now what’s romantic about that?”

“Just shut up and watch.” Buffy said, starting the movie. She curled up on the opposite end of the couch. Spike tossed her the end of his blanket, which Buffy covered herself with.

An hour and a half later:

The movie still played on the screen, but to closed eyes. Both Buffy and Spike had fallen asleep. Buffy was unaware of her surroundings, that she was in the arms of her once, immortal enemy. That the bare chest her head rested on, and strong arms, that enveloped her, were Spike’s. He had awokened before her, and buried his face in her hair, smelling its sweet scent. He gently stoked her cheek, and she began to blink. She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him. “Sorry luv, didn’t mean to wake you.” Spike smiled down at her. She quickly jumped, raising her self up just a little from his chest. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you either.”

“You didn’t. What time is it?" Buffy said, still lying across Spike’s body, and seemingly in no hurry to move.

“I don’t know, but we’re only half way through the movie, not that we were watching it.” Spike chuckled, and Buffy smiled. He reached out and gently pushed back a stray lock of her hair from her face. He noticed that she didn’t recoil his touch, which surprisingly aroused him. “I think you should go now.” He said, pushing her up off of him.

“Why, we haven’t finished the movie yet.” She said noticing his odd behave, and then the bulge growing in his boxers, which was all that he was wearing. She blushed as did he at realizing her discovery.

“You really should go, now before it’s too late.” Spike said more insistent.

“I don’t want to go." She said. “More like I have no place to go to. I can’t go to Riley’s, not now. And I really don’t want to go home. My mom…” Her tears welled up at the thought.

“How is she, still the same?” Spike asked genuinely concerned. Buffy Just nodded her head as her tears fell freely now. “Come on, don’t do that. It’s going to be Ok.” He slowly and cautiously pulled her back into his arms, and to his surprise she didn’t resist, but seemed to welcome it. She crumbled onto him, putting all her weight against him. She cried openly now, not caring about where she was or whom she was with. A part of her wanted him to turn into the old Spike and strike her down. But he just lovingly held her, stroking her hair, and reassuring her. His next move was a clumsy, unsure one as he leaned down to her face and kissed her forehead. Buffy quickly stopped her tears and looked up into his face. Her eyes were not angry, but questioning to the action. He watched her mouth, which was slightly opened, and as if it beckoned to him, he moved in closer, and kissed her lips, softly. Again she didn’t resist nor did she respond, at first. As she tasted him, his tongue encircled hers, his breath mingled with hers, and she lost her will. She deepened the kiss, raping his mouth with her own. He reacted by pulling her closer, and grabbing her hair, pushing her face closer to his. Suddenly he shoved her back off of him. She hovered above him, breathless, and looking down at him, yearningly. She didn’t run as he had expected her to, and had hoped she would, before it was too late. She didn’t move.

With a low growl he lunged at her, tearing at her blouse, He tore it from her, and threw the tattered garment across the room. He buried his face in her bosom as she hugged his head to her. Both breathed heavily, lost in their lust. With ease Spike lifted her, and carried her to the bed. He tossed her upon it, and for a second stared down at her, wondering if this was a dream. Like the ones had had been having lately, about her and him in this very situation. She held up her hand, reaching out for him. He crawled on top of her, and with his teeth he ripped away her bra, leaving her vulnerably exposed. He lightly ran his tongue across one of her nipples, causing her to let out a low moan. Again she grabbed at his hair, crushing him against her. He took as much of her breast in his mouth as he could, and suckled her. She arched her back, allowing him more access. His hands weren’t idle as they moved down to her black jeans. She lifted her ass, helping him slide them off along with her panties. Again he moved away from her, straddling her, wanting to see her in her full glory. She was more beautiful then he had imagined. This time it was her hands that weren’t idle as they pulled his boxers down. She gasped a little at the sight of him, and then smiled up at him. He smiled back and then slid back on top of her, kicking his boxers from his legs. They lay there a moment naked and open. Their movements were not rushed as they both explored each other’s body with their hands and mouths. Buffy parted her thighs and Spike eagerly slipped between them. He could feel the heat rising from her cunt, and he moved his hands down to investigate. She was dripping wet. He closed his eyes and groaned as he felt her juice. Slowly her inserted his finger inside her walls.

“Ahh!” Buffy cried out, and then bit her bottom lips, crazed with pleasure. She opened her legs further. Spike put his mouth to her ear.

“Are you sure about this slayer?” He said in a breathless, husky voice.

“Yes, inside me…Now!” At her command he rammed his thick dick into her womb. She screamed out as a wave of pleasure, laced with pain, ripped through her. At first his thrusts were slow, and she clung to him as if she would fall if she let go. Her thrusts matched his. Pelvis ground against pelvis, and legs wrapped around legs. They rolled around, each having their time to dominate on the top. Buffy now straddled him, bouncing around, her wet locks clinging to her face, as she rode him. Spike laid back watching her, and gripping her hips, lifting her and crashing her back down on his rod. He closed his eyes and groaned as he felt himself, readying to explode. As if taking a cue from him, Buffy grabbed for his shoulders, bracing her self as ripple upon ripple of maddening ecstasy, beginning in her womb, expanded out to her pussy wall, and down her canal, which was filled to capacity with Spike, and then down her thighs. She threw her head and body back, and Spike quickly sat up, holding her steady as she climaxed violently.

“Oh yes! Yes! Yes! God Yes!” She screamed. At seeing the look on her face and feeling the way her pussy walls trembled and convulsed around his cock, Spike let go.

“Ahh, yeah!” He exclaimed and then they both collapsed, with Buffy still on top. They lay spent and holding each other. As their ragged breathing steadied, Buffy spoke.

“I have to go. I have to patrol.” She said. Neither made a move, both feeling a little awkward, wondering if the other was having regrets. With a smile and a peck to her lips, Spike released her, and she rolled off of him and sat up on the side of the bed. She reached down and picked up her pants and panties, she put them back on. “Where did you throw my blouse?” She asked Spike who had already gotten up and put on his boxers. He walked to his dresser, and pulled one of his sweaters from one of the drawers.

“I ripped it, sorry ‘bout that. Here.” He tossed her the sweater. “You can return it whenever.” Buffy pulled the sweater over her head, grabbed her coat, and quickly left. Spike stood staring after her.

She hit the streets but her mind was elsewhere, still with him. She lifted the sweater to her nose. “God it smells like him, and he smells so good.” She thought, deeply inhaling his scent. She was so lost in thought that she didn’t see the figure approaching her, until it was upon her.

“There you are, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” Riley said as he stood before her. She glared at him, her anger flashing in her eyes. “About earlier…”

“Earlier when you lied to me.” She said. He stared at her bewilder. “You said you didn’t know what happened to Spike, that you had nothing to do with it.”


“I got the tapes Riley, and I saw what you did to him.”

“I tortured him so what. He’s a suck head, and the last time I checked it was your job to killed them.” Riley said as his own anger flared up.

“Yeah it is, but Spike is harmless now, you and your friends saw to that. So there would be no point in killing him.”

“Exactly when did you become president of Spike’s fan club, huh?” Buffy said nothing to this, and looked away. She wondered what was going on. Why was she having this sudden feeling towards Spike, and most importantly, why did she just make love to him. A Being she had loath and fought, and even wish dead. When did it change, why? She didn’t know, but she did know she wouldn’t be able to leave it alone until she figured it all out. It all had to mean something, and she planned on finding out what.

“Look,” Riley said, waking her from her thoughts. “Let’s just finish patrolling and talk about it later, OK.”

“I’m finished, and now I’m going home. Good night.” She said turning. Riley walked after her.


“Good night, Riley.” She said as she kept walking. He stared after her for a moment, and then walked off heading home.

Sometime later:

He heard the door to tomb open and close. He stood on guard, cursing himself for not locking it after Buffy had left. He went into vamp mode, ready to pounce on the unexpected and uninvited guest. He caught her scent just as she entered the room. He was late in detecting her because her scent was all over him. He instantly let his guard down, his contorted face changing back to normal. She walked further into the room and turned to him. Neither spoke at first. Spike moved to her, standing in front of her. He looked down into her eyes intensely, and she met his gaze. “I just came to bring back your sweater.” She said.

“Thanks.” He said, and then reached down and began to lift the sweater. Buffy raised her arms, and he pulled the sweater from her, tossing it aside. She touched his pale chest, and he leaned down and kissed her. She welcomed him, and he lifted her in his arms, and carried her back to bed, and to a night of passion. Neither knew what the morrow would bring, and just for the night, neither cared.

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