Episode Four: The Chosen One by Pari
Summary: Buffy and Spike are given a gift...
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Genres: Angst
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Series: The Uncanny 6th Season
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1. The Chosen One by Pari

The Chosen One by Pari
Title: The Chosen One
Author: Pari
Email: parisian@spikeluver.com
Rating: NC-17
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Summary: Buffy and Spike have a somewhat ‘normal’ relationship, but while Spike’s away Buffy receives an unexpected gift, that will effect both her and Spike lives forever.
Disclaimer: You’ll know I don’t own. This fic as are all of my fics are meant to entertain not infringe:)

The Chosen One:
(Author’s personal note: The ~~~ indicates the passage of time.)

“You know you don’t have to go?”

“I know.” He said as he looked up from his packing to stare at the fidgeting girl.

“I mean we may not even need it.”

“Maybe not, but it could come in handy.”

“But do you have to go, now. Right now after, you know after we’ve gotten so,” She paused not sure how to label what they were.

“Normal?” He answered for her, causing her to smile.

“Yeah, normal. It’s been a long time since I’ve had normal, like never. I like normal, and if normal were to go away now, I’d really miss normal.”

“Buffy,” Spike said stopping his packing to give her his undivided attention. “It’ll only be a few days, a couple of weeks at the most…”

“Weeks?” Buffy interjected, with wide eyes. “Giles said nothing about weeks. He made it sound like you were just going to pick up a package and then come straight back.”

“Well, Love in a sane world that probably would be the case, but in our demon world you gotta build trust before these guys will even see you. So, it may take some time. Granted I could go in there and just take what I want, but I’m sure I’d have to kill somebody, and I’m trying to change all that remember…normal.”

“Yeah, you’re going all normal guy…Exactly how many do you think you’d have to kill?” Buffy asked in a joking tone as Spike threw her a smirk and stare. “Never mind.”

“I’ll be back before you know it.”

“And in one piece.”

“Yeah, in one piece.” Spike said with a smile as he reached out and grasped her wrist and pulled her to him. Buffy stumbled forward, into his arms, welcoming his touch and his closeness, he covered her mouth with his, tangling his fingers in her hair. Buffy ran her hands down and up under his shirt, and then gently racked her nail across his hardened abs, invoking a growl from Spike. He roughly yanked her head back, tearing her mouth from his, and moved his mouth to her neck. Buffy in turned gasped and then moaned, as he began to suckle her throat. Her breathing turned to pants, as her heart began to pound into her chest cavity.

“Mmmmm….need you.” She gasped as she racked through and pulled at his hair, while his face remained buried in the nook of her neck. Needing no further invite, Spike lifted his head and moved back to her awaiting mouth. He pulled her closer, tighter, lifting her, and Buffy obligingly wrapped her legs around his waist. Spike fell back, seating himself onto the bed as Buffy remained atop him, her hands now fumbling with removing his shirt, as Spike’s hands ripped open hers, sending buttons flying everywhere. Spike then latched his mouth onto one of her satin covered breast and slowly and gently sucked and nipped, eliciting joy down Buffy’s spine, causing her to throw her head back and groan out his name. Spike lifted her ass a little as so he could pull up her skirt, while Buffy worked on his zipper. Spike grasped the thin fabric now separating them.

“Spike don’t you…”


“SPIKE!” Buffy yelped not at all surprised, but quite excited. “Those were new.”

“So, I’ll buy you some more.” He said as his fingers now searched out a new, warmer, tighter goal.

“I don’t want you to buy me more, I want you to stop… OH GOD!” Buffy gasped as she bit down on her bottom lip and squeezed her eyes shut.

“Stop what luv,” Spike asked as he now had two of his fingers bury deep inside of her. “Stop this?” He asked wiggling them a bit.

“Oh, oh…no.” Buffy moaned unable to make a complete sentence. Spike smiled a bit, loving the way she looked when he made her speechless. As swiftly as he has impaled her with his fingers, he removed them and then thrust his fully erect, thickness inside her, getting another cry from her. Spike now closed his eyes and clinched his jaws, as her tightness a long with her warmth and wetness nearly over took him, consumed him. They started a rhythm that was slow and sweet, placing their foreheads together, eyes locked on to each other. Buffy’s breath became ragged and her body glistened with perspiration. Spike could see that she was already very close, it amazed him that her stamina in a fight could last for hours, maybe even days, but her sexual endurance was lacking. However, her slayer strength got her up and ready for more in no time. His pace quickened and her grip on his shoulders tightened. He moved his hands to her hips, lifting her and then slamming her back down onto him, making her yelp, which grew louder as his pace became faster and faster. Their eyes remained locked, but that in itself became a task as the waves of pleasure began to strike them both. An animalistic growl emanated from Buffy’s throat. “Yes…yes..YES!” She now squealed keeping in tuned with Spike fast and furious pace.

“Grmm…Ahhh!” Spike growled as he morphed into his game face. Buffy didn’t flinched she still stared him down, foreheads still fused. It touched Spike that his demon no longer frightened her that she no longer loathed it but loved it because it was a part of him. As if reading his thoughts, Buffy kissed him gently as so not to cut her mouth on his teeth. Then came the ripples, which over lapped with more ripples, building and building until Buffy thought she would drown in them. Then she finally let go.

“Ahhhhhh…..GOD! SPIKEEEEEEEEEEE!” She screamed and then dropped her head to his shoulders, exhausted. Spike continued his quest for release, which was so near now. Buffy slowly lifted her head and locked her eyes with his again, she then moved her damp hair from her shoulder, exposing her neck. Buffy was offering herself completely to him the man and then demon. Spike moved in close, burying his face in her neck as he climaxed, calling her name. After a few second he began licking and kissing her neck, which left her confused and a bit hurt.

“He didn’t even nip at it?” Willow asked from her spot at the foot of Buffy’s bed. Buffy just shook her head.

“There was a lot of licking, but no biting.” Buffy said with a pout.

“And that’s bad?” Dawn asked from her spot on the pillow beside her sister.

“I’ll explain it when you’re older.” Buffy stated and then directed her attention back to Willow. “I mean I know he wanted to bite me, right…”

“No he didn’t,” Dawn again interjected.

“Dawn I now I said that I would stop treating you like a child, which is why I’m letting you in on our ‘girl talks’ but you don’t get to add input.”

“Why not? Besides you don’t have a clue.”

“And you do?” Buffy asked growing irritated.

“Well, I know Spike. I know that he loves you. He would never bite you, because he loves you too much, and because he knows that you still have nightmares about the master biting you and Dracula, and even Angel, sometimes. He’s just trying to show you what he’s been telling you for some time now, He’s not like the others, he’ll never purposely hurt you and he’ll never leave you, but what do I know,” Dawn ended as she now stood an headed to the door. “I’m just a kid” She threw over her shoulder as she exited the room, leaving Willow and Buffy both stunned by what she had said, and feeling dumb that they hadn’t come to the same conclusion.


“Well there seems to be absolutely no suck heads out tonight.” Xander commented as he munched on tortilla chips. Willow nodded in agreement as she sucked on her big gulp drink. Buffy just walked aimlessly ahead of them. “Uhm Buff, what do you say we call it a night?”

“Huh?” Buffy now stopped and looked back at them.

“I was saying that there’s nothing out tonight, so what do you say we call it a night, and head over to the Bronze, and boogie.” Xander said with a smile and a shake of his hips.

“Oh, uhm, no I should look around some more, but hey you guys should definitely go, and have fun.”

“Not much fun to be had without our best friend.” Willow said with a sweet smile to Buffy.

“Oh Will, I’m sorry, I really should stay, you know scared duty and all.”

“Yeah and it has nothing to do with you being broody girl because your undead boyfriend isn’t around?” Xander threw out and was rewarded with glares from both Buffy and Willow.

“If you mean that I miss Spike, then yes I do, a lot, more then I thought that I would. And yes it’s put me in a very nonsocial mood, which is why you guys should go have with the fun without me.”

“OK.” Willow said as she moved in and gave Buffy a quick hug. Buffy gave her a smile for understanding.

“Well, we’ll see you later then, night.” Xander said as he too gave her a hug. Then Xander and Willow walked off heading to the Bronze. Buffy turned back on her trek through the cemetery, her mind wondering to another place.

“Here it is.” The short fat vampire said as he handed the silver box to Spike, who took it and looked it over.

“And the heart is inside?” Spike asked as he touched the clasped the held the top closed.

“Yes, and Uh I wouldn’t open that, unless you want your skin melted from your face, you can only open it during the spell.” The vampire stated as he watched Spike’s hands warily.

“Right then. Thanks.” Spike said as he placed the box in the pouch he wore across his chest, and them he mounted his bike.

“Sure, and if you need anything else, and you got this kind of cash, call me.” The vampire said as he leafed through the envelope full of cash. Spike nodded as he cranked the motorcycle. Suddenly a haggard old woman, wearing tattered clothes, stumble up to Spike.

“Tonight the sky is open,” The woman said as she looked up with white eyes. Spike stared at her in wonderment as his eyes followed her towards the sky. “It’s open and your Joy is falling down to earth, to the hands of the beloved one.” She said and then she leaned in closer and whispered. “Joy is not meant for you and the beloved one, not here, not this time and place, though it is your. Joy cannot dwell here for long, not for you vampire. Enjoy while you can. Enjoy.” She then staggered off as Spike stared after her, confused. He then shook it off as a crazy woman’s rants, which he knew all to well, he then sped off, heading home, to his beloved.


“Die slayer!” A voice cried out. Buffy turned to face her would be attacker, but only found an empty area. Her brow furrowed in confusion, but then her attention was pulled to the sounds of a struggle coming from the other side of the cemetery, Buffy took off towards it. Buffy stopped cold as she saw herself fighting two vampires. She watched in awe as her other self, moved with swift grace and threw fierce blows, quickly dispatching both the vamps into dust. The other Buffy then stood straight and began wiping the dust from her self, and adjusting her clothes. Her eyes rose and then met with Buffy’s.

“What the Fu…” Buffy began only to be cut off by her alternate self.

“I’ve found you, Willow is good, I didn’t know if she’d be able to teleport me to your exact location.” The alternate Buffy said with a smile, as Buffy just looked at her stunned and confused.

“Willow…who, huh, what?”

“Buffy, I know this seems bizarre but you’re not dreaming and you’re not going crazy. I’m Buffy Summers, but I’m from a parallel world, a parallel Sunnydale. There’s a great battle going on in my world, a great evil, so many have already died….mom, Giles, Xander, Dawn, and now Spike.” The alternate Buffy said as she cringed at the last name.

“They’re all dead?” Buffy asked her heart now heavy. The other Buffy simple nodded her head as the tears fell from her eyes.

“There’s just me, Willow, Oz, Cordy, and Angel. We’ve come up with a plan that we think will stop this evil, which is why I’m here, I need your help.”

“How, what can I do?”

“All the people I loved dearly are gone, my mom, my sister, my husband….all that I have left is…” The alternate Buffy then moved to a nearby bush and pulled a bundle from beneath it, as she walked back to Buffy. “All that I have left is her.” Buffy looked down into the face of a beautiful baby, who had soft blonde curls crowning her head, and huge sapphire eyes.

“She has beautiful eyes.” Buffy said as she stared mesmerized by the child.

“She has her father’s eyes, and Spike loved her so much.” The other Buffy said sadly.


“Yes, my husband. He was wonderful…”

“I know.” Buffy said causing her other self to look at her wide-eyed.

“You have a Spike here…of course you would I mean this is an alternate world, so everyone in my world would be here to.” The other Buffy spoke, mostly to herself. “So you know your Spike well, then?”

“I love him.” Buffy said and her other self cry out in happiness.

“Then I have come to the right place, I know that Spike and my daughter will be safe here with you and your Spike. After all she’s technically yours too, well genetically anyway.” The Alternate Buffy said smiling.

“But how. Here my Spike can’t have children, he’s a…”

“Vampire, yes so was my Spike but then he got his soul back, and then his life, through some ancient prophesy.”

“The Shanshu.” Buffy said in a whispered.



“So will you help me, will you keep her safe, until our battle is over, I can focus better knowing that she’s somewhere safe, and loved.” The Alternate Buffy asked as she gently placed her daughter in to the arms of her surrogate mother.

“I can’t…I…”

“Please, you’re the only one who can.” The other Buffy said as a blue light suddenly flashed just behind her, as a vortex began to open. “Willow has opened the portal to take me back, just keep her safe, and when this is over, if I survive, I’ll come back for her, I will come back.” The other Buffy said her tears now pouring down her face.

“No wait! What’s her name?” Buffy called out over the noise emanating from the vortex.

“Her Father named her after her grandmother and me, but we call her Joy for short. Keep her safe, please keep her sa….” The other Buffy and the vortex then disappeared, leaving Buffy alone in the cemetery with a baby. A baby that was, technically hers and Spike’s.


“Wow, she’s so cute.” Willow cooed over the baby that Xander now held as he made goofy faces to the child, who in turned began wailing. Buffy instantly jumped from her spot at the table where she and Giles had been searching the occurrence that had happen to Buffy, when her other self came and brought her a child, her child.

“Oh, what’s the matter baby?” Buffy spoke softly a she took the child from her friend’s arms, and she instantly stopped crying.

“I don’t think she likes me.” Xander announced.

“No that’s not it, is it Joy, you’re just hungry but Auntie Dawn, and Tara will be here any minute with baby food, and diapers.” Buffy said in a baby voice, which caused Giles, Willow and Xander all to smile at her. “What?” She questioned as she looked back at them.

“You’re really getting in to the motherly role.” Willow said, which invoked a smile from Buffy.

“Yeah…it’s just that…being the slayer doesn’t allow much room for a family life.” Buffy said as she gently rocked Joy. “Slayers never live to be my age, and I’m only here cause I cheated.” Willow and Xander both gave her a sad, ‘I’m sorry’ look. “This may be my only chance at motherhood. And I gotta say, so far I’m liking it” At that moment the Shop bell rang, and Tara and Dawn walked in with arms full of Baby things. “Whoa, did you guys buy the whole store?”

“Well, kind of.” Dawn said throwing an innocent smile.

“Dawn, you know we’re on a budge, we can’t afford all this.” Buffy said as she poked through the load they placed on the table.

“Oh, but we can. I used Spike’s “In case of an emergency’ Credit card.” Dawn said beaming.

“Wait Spike has a credit card?” Xander asked.

“Spike gave ‘you’ a credit card?” Buffy added and Dawn shrugged and nodded her head.

“Spike has credit?” Xander said still in disbelief.

“Ah yes, I pulled some strings and got him some documents, passport, driver’s license, social security card, birth certificate. On paper, Spike is as a live as any of us.” Giles chimed in.

“Uhm,” Buffy said and then turned her attention back to Dawn. “But Spike gave ‘you’ a credit card?”

“Yes, cause he knew you’d be too proud to take it, so he gave it to me, and I’ve been using it to pay some of the bills off, and buy food, like he instructed me to, and it has no limits, so you see we can afford all this baby stuff, and the stuff we dropped off at the house on our way here.” Dawn said excitedly. Buffy just stood there, surprises, touched and a little hurt by Spike’s gesture. She was a little hurt that Spike hadn’t trusted her enough now to offer the card to her, but she knew she hadn’t given him any real reason too, and that she most like would have turned it down anyway.

“Wow, she looks so much like Spike.” Dawn said a she now looked over Buffy’s shoulder into the baby’s face. Buffy herself too looked and noticed the strong resemblance.

“Yeah she really does.” Buffy agreed.

“And what are you gonna tell Spike, you know about the baby?” Dawn asked.

“I don’t know, the truth is always good, just wish I knew how he’d take it, but I have a few days to think on it.”

“Oh, well actually..” Willow spoke nervously. “Spike called while you were out meeting your other self, he said he finished his business earlier then expected. So, he’ll be home sometime tomorrow.” Buffy’s eyes grew wide at the news.

“That’s just great.” Buffy said with a pout, which caused Joy to giggle at her. Buffy looked down at the child with a sweet loving smile. “But he’s gonna love you.” She whispered to the child.


“Ok, do you think this is warm enough, or too hot?” Dawn asked as she handed the bottle of baby formula to Willow who was sitting at the Kitchen table holding Joy, as Tara sat across from her, cooing at the baby. Willow shook some of the milk on her wrist.

“It’s perfect,” She said and then placed the nipple in the baby’s mouth. Joy sucked on it earnestly. “Oh you were hungry, weren’t you pumpkin?” Willow said in a baby voice.

“You’re really good with her Will. You’ll make a great mother someday.” Tara said with a bright smile.

“You think so?” Willow asked happy to have Tara sending more time with her. Tara returned the smile and nodded her head.

“Why did Buffy have to go into work so early anyway.” Dawn asked a she munched on a pop tart.

“Oh she requested the morning shift, so she can spend the day with Joy, before she has to go out patrolling.” Tara said and Dawn nodded her head.

“Yeah, and when we finish feeding Joy, we’ll get her dressed and head over to the Magic Box, where we’ll help Giles search for the why and how Joy came here.” Willow said as she now placed Joy on her shoulder and began to gently tap her back to burp her.


“I’m sure your lady will love it, nothing says be mine forever like a 2 carat diamond ring.” The jeweler said, as he handed the ring over to the man standing before him. The man smiled as he handed the jeweler a stack of one hundred dollar bills.

“That should cover it.”

“Oh yes sir,” The jeweler said excitedly. “It definitely should.”

“And you keep the change, for all your help.” The man said, which created a bigger smile to cross the jeweler’s face.

“Yes sir, thank you sir, and if you ever need anymore jewelry, do keep us in mind.” The jeweler said as he handed the man his card. “Ahh..Mr…”


“Mr. Spike, you have a goodnight.” Spike nodded to the man and then walked out.


“Hey guys, sorry I’m late, Julie was a little late, so I had to stay. And then I got home and in the shower, and oh man is the stench of raw meat getting harder to scrub off. “Buffy said as she made a face of disgust.

“Buffy!” Willow said excitedly, and somewhat surprised.

“Yeah,” Buffy said eyeing her friend’s weird composure. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing,” Tara interjected as she jumped to her feet to stand along side Willow.

“Uhm, where’s Jo…”Buffy began to ask but was cut short by the loud crashes coming from the training room. “What’s going on?” Suddenly a small child who looked to be four or five, dashed out of the training room, and ran behind Willow’s leg. Giles soon followed, as he came out rubbing his head.

“Where’s that little Bra…Buffy?” Giles said as he noticed her standing there baffled. The small child then too looked up and a smile spread cross her face.

“Mommy, mommy, mommy!” The toddler sang as she ran and leap into Buffy’s arms. Buffy looked to the child and then to her friends in confusion.

“Hey did you find Joy?” Dawn asked as she ran up from the basement, out of breath. She stopped cold when she saw Buffy holding the child. “Oh.”

“What did you guys do to my baby?”


“So it’s kind of like what happened to Spike when he was in that other world, except it’s just Joy that’s going faster?” Xander asked trying to make sense of it all. He had arrived soon after Buffy and found them and the small blonde haired blue eyed child, sitting on Buffy’s lap, around one of the tables chatting about what was happening to Joy.

“Yeah kind of.” Willow said not too sure herself. “Maybe because she doesn’t belong here, her body is still in tuned to her own world. There it would appear time goes by faster then it does here. It wouldn’t have really effected Spike’s body when he was in the other world, because, well, he doesn’t age anyway.” Willow continued explaining and then she then turned her focus to Buffy who sat bouncing Joy on her lap as they played patty cake together. “You don’t seem too surprised by it.”

“I’m a girl with super strength who goes out and fight Vampires and demons, oh and did I mention that I happen to be in love with one too, that’s right yes I am.” Buffy said now cooing in her baby voice as Joy just giggled at her.

“Silly mommy.” Joy chuckled.

“Ok, now doesn’t that sound like an accent, like a British accent?” Dawn asked as she leaned in closer to Joy, who leaned in and placed a kiss on Dawn’s cheek, eliciting a smile.

“No way, I mean just because her father is British doesn’t mean she is too, I mean that sort of stuff isn’t hereditary. That’s like saying because her father is an evil blood-sucking fiend, she will be too, right?” Xander stated to the glaring eye that now fell on him. Buffy quickly covered Joy’s ears with her hands.

“Do not talk about Joy’s father like that.” Buffy said through gritted teeth.

“What, it’s nothing I haven’t said everyday since I’ve known Spike.” Xander defended.

“Well, how would you like it if someone said that your father was a lousy drunk, who isn’t good at anything except bullying you and your mom?” Dawn replied.

“Hey.” Xander said offended.

“My point exactly.” Buffy said.

“Oh,” Xander said now getting it. “Sorry.”

“Wanker, Zammer.” Joy said as she threw a plush toy and struck him in the head, which made everyone giggle in surprise, all except Xander.

“Hey, lucky for you, your parents are very strong and could beat me to death with their bare hands, or else I’d put you over my knee missy.” Xander said in an authoritive tone. “She really is her father’s child.”

“Speaking of which, when is….Spike!” Tara exclaimed.

“When is Spike what?” Buffy questioned.

“Yeah when is Spike what?” Spike asked from is place in the doorway, and all eyes looked to him, Buffy and Joy’s both wide. Joy quickly jumped form Buffy’s lap and ran towards him.

“Da, da, da, da!” Joy cried as she leaped into Spike’s arms, and wrapping her small chubby arms around his neck. Spike looked in horror from the girl he now held to, Buffy who was now standing and making her way towards him.

“Hey honey, welcome home.” Buffy said nervously. “Surprise, it’s a girl!” Again Spike looked in even more horror from Buffy to the child.

“Say something.” Buffy demanded to the vamp that sat beside her, with a small child seated on his lap.

“She really is ours.”

“Yeah she…”

“I mean she has your nose, and my eyes. Definitely your hair…”

“Wanker, Zammer.” Joy called out as Xander passed, which made Spike eyes light up with pride and plastered a goofy grin on his face.

“Yeah and she has your attitude.” Buffy said rolling her eyes.

“Damn right she does, that’s my girl.” Spike said as he tossed her up in the air and then catching her. Joy burst into laughter.

“Don’t you encourage that behavior.” Buffy said as she took Joy from Spike’s hesitant grasp.

“What, he can sometimes be a wanker,” Spike said as he again reached for the child. Buffy shot him a deadly glare as she moved back out of his reach. “Fine how bout, welp, can you say welp, Joyce Anne?” Joy simply giggled some more.

“How did you know that was her name?” Buffy asked stunned.

“Cause that’s what I named our daughter in my dreams I named her after two powerfully strong Beautiful women, whom I happened to love a lot.” Spike said softly and Buffy stared up at him lovingly. She moved to him, holding ‘their’ child between them, and leaned up for a kiss.

“Now, now you two, that’s what to you into trouble in the first place.” Xander said and both Buffy and Spike smiled as they stepped back away from each other, and looked down at Joy who lounge contently between them. Spike scooped her up again.

“Hello Sweet pea, when you get older your Dad here is gonna show you how to ride a bike and the best way to kill a demon, which is ripping its head clean off.” Spike said with a smile.

“Spike!” Buffy warned and he shot her his most innocent stare.


“At this rate, Joy will be a grown woman, in less then a two months.” Giles stated to the others who sat around the table.

“Ah yes, and it seems like only yesterday she was a little…”Xander began his jester but quickly stopped when everyone shot him a glare. “Not so funny at the moment, huh?”

“Really not.” Buffy affirmed. “So, what do we do, about schooling her, we can’t enroll her to primary school one week and then high school the next. Someone’s bound to question that.” She added jokingly.

“Don’t think that’s gonna be a problem.” Willow interjected causing everyone to look to her for an explanation. “Joy seems to be a genius.”

“Yeah, she’s already read through all of our school text’s, and she’s even begun to explain the theory of relativity to me.” Tara said. “And she explains it so much better then Prof. Boyd.” She added with a goofy smile, which Willow returned.

“Oh and she has an interesting view on Darwin’s natural selection, She says that he…and no one really cares, right.” Willow said. Buffy, Spike, Xander, and Giles all shook their heads, no. “Thought not, anyway, she’s upstairs right now read anything she can get her hands on.”

“What!” Buffy said wide-eyed. “Not the m-a-g-i-c books.” Everyone now looked at her strangely.

“Ah, no we locked all those away under the counter.” Tara said. Buffy breathe a sigh of relief.

“Well, you don’t seem to be to baffled by any of this.” Buffy said to Spike who sat beside her, quietly.

“Not really, she is after all our kid. She would be as smart as a whip, that’s to be expected. Now what I’m really interested in seeing is just how strong she is. A Hybrid of the Slayer and a vampire has got to have some major strength and skills.” Spike said, voicing what never occurred to anyone else.”


“OK Joy, I’m going to show you a move and I want you to try to do it, ok sweetie?” Buffy said to the now seven year old, as Spike stood against a nearby wall, watching, while the other’s gathered in the doorway.

“Is this a game mummy?” Joy questioned her speech now quite articulate.

“Yes sweetie, these are some games that Daddy and I want to show you.” Joy looked now to where Spike stood and threw him a sweet smile, it had become obvious from their first meeting together, that Joy was a daddy’s girl. Spike threw her a smile and wink. “OK, ready?” Buffy asked and Joy nodded her head and focused on her mother. Buffy then moved to the punching bag; She punched at it fiercely, with forward punches, backhands, and side jabs, she ended with a roundhouse kick. Then slightly out of breath she moved to where stood watching her intensely. “Ok sweetie you try it.” Joy looked at the punching bag, and then up to Buffy with a confused look.

“Why did you hit it, did it upset you?” Joy questioned it with the curiosity of a child.

“Huh, no sweetie…uhm,” Buffy went about explaining, throwing a look to Spike for help, but only receiving an arched brow and a smirk. “Yes, it upset me.” Joy’s face then funneled into a scowled, sour look, as she stomped over to the punching bag. She instantly attacked it, mimicking Buffy’s every move. Buffy, Spike, and then other’s watched in awe, at the precision, grace, and ferociousness of her moves. Their eyes followed the now airborne bag, as it flew across the room and settled in a far corner.

“And don’t you upset my mummy anymore.” Joy commanded with he hands on her hip. With eyes wide and mouth’s agape in shock, everyone now stared at the child. “Daddy, can we go for a ride on your bike again tonight?” Joy asked, smiling sweetly at Spike, totally forgetting the bag in the corner. Buffy too forgot the bag, and shot a dangerous look to Spike.

“Ride your bike…AGAIN?” Buffy questioned Spike, who quickly moved and scooped up his daughter.

“Kids, and their imaginations.” Spike said with a chuckle and a warily look as he passed Buffy, making sure to keep Joy between them. “No, honey, I can’t take you for a ride on my motorcycle, cause you could get hurt and then your mum would stake me. Remember, we had that talk last night?”

“Yes, and then you took me for a ride, and made me promise never to tell Mummy,” Joy said with a bright innocent smile and then she leaned in closer and whispered. “And I won’t tell her either, Daddy.” And she then placed a kiss on his cheek. Staring at her sweet face, Spike couldn’t even get mad, although he knew the Slayer was going to lay into him later, so he just chuckled at her.

“Thanks, sweet pea.” Spike replied.

“Spike.” Buffy said with her hand now on her hip.

“Now, now luv, you’re not gonna say any harsh words in front of our daughter, are you?” Both Joy and Spike gave her an innocent look, and Buffy simply sighed and rolled her eyes, knowing she was defended.

“Fine, but no more riding the motorcycle, especially without a helmet.” Buffy said as they now moved out of the room.

“God, I’m not daft, you think I’d let her ride without a helmet on.” Spike said with mocked hurt. “I brought her a helmet, had it’s specially made.” Spike said now excited as he moved behind the counter and pulled out the helmet. “See.” Buffy took the helmet Spike offered, and read the inscription on the side.

“The Little Bad.” Buffy said as she now smiled at Spike who was tickling Joy.

“Oh, you should see them, Spike has one that says ‘The Big Bad’. They’re so cute.” Willow was confessing that she knew Spike had been taking Joy for bike rides. “Well, they were when they tried on the helmets here in the shop, and not out back on the bike.” Willow said trying to cover. Buffy shook her head and gave a little giggle as she looked back at the helmet, and then to her bizarre little family unit, that consisted of Spike, Joy, and Dawn, who was now helping Spike tickle Joy mercilessly. It had only been two weeks since Joy dropped into her life, but now she couldn’t, didn’t want to imagine life without her.

“Morning,” Dawn said as she skipped into the kitchen. “Something smells good.”

“Morning Bit.” Spike replied with his head in the fridge.

“Morning Dawnie,” Buffy said from her spot at the counter, where she was pouring orange juice into four glasses.

“Hope you’re hungry, we made a feast.” Spike said as he stood, closing the door, having found the butter.

“Yeah starved, Ah When you say ‘we’ made a feast,” Dawn began as she stood close to Spike who now stood at the table putting butter on the mountain of hotcakes. “You mean, ‘we’ as in ‘you’ made a feast…right?” Dawn asked, hoping. Spike chuckled and gave her a nod.

“I love you and Buffy too much to let her go near a stove, Nibblet.” Spike replied as both he and Dawn now giggled at Buffy expense.

“Ah…you do know that when I’m in the room, I can hear you, right?” Buffy asked as she placed the glasses of juice on the table, and she then stuck her tongue out at them.

“Better go wake the squirt.” Spike said as he started heading for the doorway.

“Oh, I’ll go, I forgot my books upstairs anyway.” Dawn offered giving Spike as smile which he returned. “You sit, and eat.” She said as she headed out, turning back to stared at her guardians as they sat at the table together, laughing and chatting. To someone on the outside looking in they would appear to be a normal couple, in a normal family. Dawn was enjoying having them both around all the time. She had been seeing a lot more of Spike around, since he and Buffy finally admitted their relationship, but since Joy came into their lives, Spike had basically moved in, and Willow moved back into the dorm, and they had all settle into a family like routine, which Dawn reveled in. With a contented sigh Dawn turned and bounced up the stairs, happily. She arrived at Joy’s door, which was Buffy’s old room, since Buffy and Spike now occupied their mom’s old room. She slowly opened the door, peeking in, expecting to find the child still sleeping so sweetly as she did every morning, but was stunned to find the room empty.


“Hey, took you long enough, what did you do, dress her?” Buffy asked as she stared up at Dawn who reappeared in the kitchen.

“Yeah sort of…uhm guys there’s something…” Dawn began talking as a young girl, about her age, appeared in the doorway, and instantly moved to hide behind Dawn.

“Who’s your friend, I didn’t hear the door.” Buffy questioned.

“Joy?” Spike said his brow scrunched up as he stared at the blonde haired girl still hiding behind Dawn.

“Huh?” Buffy said looking to Spike confused, then her eyes quickly flew back to the girl as realization struck. Both Buffy and Spike shot to their feet, staring at the teenaged girl now standing in front of Dawn.

“I’m sorry Mummy, I didn’t mean to grow up.” The girl said nervously in a more mature English accent, which was now more defined and pronounced. It seemed it was genetic after all.

“Oh,” Buffy said very shocked. “Oh sweet heart.” Buffy moved to the girl, hugging her as if she were still a small child. “Mommy’s not mad, it’s ok. It’s just you’re so beautiful and big.” Buffy added as she released her and looked at her more closely, smiling lovingly. Spike just stood back gawking, speechless.

“Dad, are you ok?” Joy directed to Spike who she noticed looked paler then usual.

“Humada,” Spike said as he stared at the girl from head to toe, his eyes grew very wide when they settle on her chest. “Oh God, she’s got Bo…”

“Spike!” Buffy quickly interjected knowing what was spooking the vampire.

“Beautiful…beautiful blonde hair.” Spike said with a smile though his face showed a pained looked. “Very, very beautiful blonde hair.” Buffy sighed and gave a smile Joy too smiled, ever the daddy’s girl. “I thought for sure that you’d turn brown, like your old Dad, here. But you, you’re all natural, won’t need the bleach, like me.” He said forcing another smile.

“Mummy can I go to school with Auntie Dawn?” Joy asked, hopeful. Dawn too was smiling at the idea.

“Oh, Uhm…”Buffy said looking to Spike.

“It’ll be alright, school in England is out now. So just say she’s visiting and wants to experience American schooling while she’s here. I’m sure they’ll make an exception.” Spike said as he still stared at his child, more with pride now, at how beautiful she was.

“OK then, I’ll get my coat and we’ll all go and get you enrolled, but Joy you’ll have to be discreet.” Buffy lectured. “For instances to can’t tell anyone that I’m your mommy and that Spike’s your daddy, they wouldn’t understand that, ok?” Joy nodded in agreement, though she didn’t really understand it.

“And calling me Auntie Dawn won’t work either, so just call me Dawn ok?” Dawn added, and again Joy nodded. “Cool, you’re going to love high school, not only because well you’re kind of a nerd with all the reading you do,” Buffy shot her a glare. “But there’s also a lot of cute guys.” Dawn said with a bright smile, which Joy returned. Spike however didn’t find the idea too pleasing.

“Oh no, no cute guys, that I will have to eat if they touch either of you.” Again Dawn and Joy smiled and giggled.

“And do know that I will let him do it too.” Buffy added with a serious look and tone.


“And she’s like a teenager now?” Tara asked.

“Yes and a major hottie, you know the kind we all hated in high school cause they were so pretty, and got all he guys.” Both Willow and Tara smiled, nodding their heads. “I don’t know whether o be very proud, or very scared, and poor Spike,” They all looked to the vampire standing near the closed blinds, peering out. “He’s really taking it badly.”

“Isn’t school out yet?” Spike asked as he began pacing by the window.

“Yes, sweetie but it takes them sometime to ‘walk’ here.” Buffy said with a smile, he simply glared at her.

“Maybe I should go get them.” Spike offered.

“Sure, and maybe your dust won’t mess up their shoes on their way in.” Buffy said causing Spike to roll his eyes at him.

“Fine you go get them then.” Spike said as he walked to the table.

“I will not, I trust them…and they’re here.” Buffy said happily as she stood to greet the two girls walking into the Magic Shop.

“Thank God.” Spike said with a relieved sigh.

“Hey,” Buffy said as she gave them both a tight hug. Dawn cringed.

“Uh, Buffy from those of us who aren’t very strong…Awww.” Buffy quickly released them.

“Oh, sorry. So how was school?”

“It was great, they have so many books. I never wanted to leave the library.” Joy said excitedly.

“Are you sure she’s not my child?” Willow asked jokingly from the table where she and Tara sat.

“Yeah I had to drag her out” Dawn said. “And then force her to stay in the classes.”

“Nope, she’s definitely mine.” Buffy said to the last comment, invoking giggles. At that moment Xander walked in with Giles close behind him. They had gone to the public library to research more on the theories of Vortexes.

“Hello my dear friends…Spike.” Xander said getting an eye roll from Spike but a glare from Joy. She had pretty much taken her father’s disinterest to the man, who fondly referred to himself as Uncle Zammer. “And who’s your friend Dawnie, with the Big…” Spike swiftly smacked the man in the head, invoking a yelp from them both. “Awww, what was that for, I was gonna say with the big blue eyes. I can see that she’s jailbait.” Xander said as he made his way to the table where Willow and Tara were. “What’s his deal?” He asked as his eyes finally settled on the young blonde haired girl, who bore a mark of familiarity. “Great Mother of Pearl!” Xander exclaimed. “Joy! That’s Joy!” He said pointing to the now smiling girl.

“Hello, Uncle Xander.” Joy answered and Giles eyes shot up from his spot in the book he was reading at the counter, and then they looked to Buffy for an explanation.

“And you really think I know?” Buffy said.

“We’re thinking it has to do with that other place, you know, and the time difference.” Willow said trying not to spill the knowledge of the parallel world, to Joy, who didn’t know.

“Ah yes, of course.” Giles said.

“What other world?” Joy questioned.

“Nothing Sweetie Pea, so tell me about your day.” Spike said as he seated himself at the table, Joy moved to him plopping down on his lap, as if she still were a little girl, excited to tell of her adventure for the day.

“Well, like I said before the Library was very nice, and the classes, well they were very boring, those teacher had no idea about anything. I mean they just read from books written by people who didn’t know anything. Oh and I think I had my first crush and heartbreak, this boy named Michael. I thought he was sweet, and that he liked me, but when he touched my chest and I fractured his wrist, he went off flirting with some other girl, Bloody Wanker.” Joy said with a frown. “Daddy if I give you his address will you go eat him?” Spike smiled at that idea.

“No sweetheart, Daddy can’t eat your boyfriends, Daddy was joking earlier.” Buffy said from her spot by Giles, behind the counter. Joy’s frown deepened.

“I would have done it myself, but the sight of blood gives me the wiggins.” Joy said with a shrug as she stood and headed to the training room, where she liked to work out with her parents. Buffy and Spike’s eyes instantly locked.

“She was speaking metaphorically right?” Buffy asked. All unsure eyes fell to her.

“Maybe not,” Spike spoke. “We know that she has our strength and my speed, it quite possible…”

“No, no it’s not possible. I mean we would have noticed before now if she was a bloodsucker, I mean you need to drink blood to live. And look at her she’s grown up just fine without it.” Buffy said nervously, trying to convince herself more than anyone else.

“Maybe she doesn’t need it, but craves it every now and then, kind of like you and chocolate.” Spike said arching his brow. “Our maybe with her the need comes with puberty.”

“None the less, you two should speak with her about it, find out for sure. The last thing we need is a Slayer, vampire hybrid running around killing people.” Giles said as both Buffy and Spike looked to him somewhat offended. “Ah, not that she will.”

“I think it’s time we spoke to her about a lot of things.” Spike said eyeing Buffy.

“No.” Was her response as she walked to the training room door. “And if any of you say a word to her, I’ll never forgive you.” With that she walked into the room, shutting the door behind her. She entered to witness Joy doing several back flips, and land in a fighting stance. Buffy smiled with pride at the girl, near woman, standing before her.

“Hey you.” Buffy said as she walked further into the room. Joy simply smiled as she grabbed a nearby towel and began wiping off her sweaty arms. “Ah, Joy back there what you said.” Joy watched and listened to her mother intensely. “Sweetie you know when your Daddy, when he goes all Grrrr…Arrrggh and bumpy, Uhm…can you do that?” Buffy asked.

“No.” Joy answered simply and Buffy sighed in relief. “I mean I don’t go all bumpy but I do grow fangs.”

“You do?” Buffy asked not sure how to react. Joy nodded her head. “Joy Honey…” Before Buffy could finish her sentence a blue light appeared in the far end of the room, and a loud roar filled the room. Both Buffy and Joy jumped to a defensive stance, Buffy moving in front of Joy. Both stood stunned as a form emerged from the vortex.

“Hello Buffy,”

“Angel?” Buffy replied confused.


“So you’ve continued the fight, alone?” Willow asked.

“Ah, no over the years we’ve built a small army, vampires, another slayer, wiccas, thanks to you, well to my Willow.” The alternate Angel said and Willow smiled at him.

“Oh man this is really freaking me out,” Spike said as he leaned forward, raking is hands through his hair. “And it’s really ruining the relationship I have with you, the you that’s here I mean. I kind of really hate you, well ‘him’ now you’re making me have respect for him.” Spike said in disgust.

“Gotta agree with deadboy jr on that, feeling the same.” Xander added.

“Sorry,” The alternate Angel said and then looked to Buffy. “We’ve been successful in the many battles but to end this war we need something else. Before your death,” Angel directed to Giles. “You came across a prophecy.” Buffy groaned and rolled her eyes, but Angel continued. “It spoke of the evil that has befallen our world and of the key to stopping it, ending the wars and bringing about complete peace and Joy.” Joy looked up at him at hearing her name. “It tells of a being like no other being ever born, part slayer, part vampire…”

“No.” Buffy said sternly.

“A super slayer,” Angel went on.

“No.” Buffy repeated more in a warning tone. “She’s not a super slayer, she’s my daughter, and they’re no way…”

“She’s not ‘your’ daughter. She was given to you to protect, until she could be returned to her own world.” Angel stated and Joy looked at him in confusion.

“What are you talking about? What is he talking about?” She then asked Buffy, who stood and quietly walked back into the train room. “Dad?” Joy now focused on Spike, whom she knew would tell her the truth to whatever she asked him. Spike went about explaining.

Willow stood and followed Buffy’s trek, she entered the room to find Buffy on the couch crying.


“Why?” Buffy wailed her face red and wet with her tears, as her body shook from her sobs. Willow looked at her questioning, not sure what Buffy meant. “Why does this keep happening?” Buffy said looking at the floor and shaking her head as if confused.

“What?” Willow asked as she took a seat beside Buffy on the couch.

“First my Dad, then Angel, then Mom, and Dawn, and Spike…even me.” Again Willow looked to her unsure of her meaning. “Whenever I find love or peace, it’s stripped away from me, I lose it. My Dad left me and then Angel did too, twice. My mom died. Glory took Dawn and Spike got sucked into another world, I even get pulled from heaven.” Willow winced at those words, it was still a sore spot with her. “Now Joy, she’s getting taken from me too. I can’t…I can’t lose her too.”

“If you remember Buffy, you got Dawn back and Spike too, And Joy…” She paused not wanted to hurt the frail girl before her anymore, but knew it had to be said. “Angel’s right Buffy, Joy was never really yours.” Buffy shot her friend a dangerous glare as she wiped at her nose with the back of her hand. “And I’m not saying this to hurt you, I’m really not, but it seems that Joy was born to you, the other you, in that other world for a reason. She’s the only person that can save that world, without her they’ll all die, now you don’t want that to happen.”

“And what if I didn’t care, if just this once I could keep something and not care about the consequences? Not have to be so bloody righteous and up standing. Even if it means the end of the world in some other place that I don’t even know?” Willow sat silently for a moment then stood and moved to the door, she then turned back to Buffy, who remained seated.

“You’re the only one who can answer that, the one who has to live with the decision no matter what it is.” With that willow walked out. Buffy didn’t remain a lone long. The door slowly opened and Joy’s head popped in, she then entered the room and shut the door. Buffy didn’t look at the girl, couldn’t look at her.

“Daddy told me the truth,” Joy began as she leaned against the door and stared at the woman she had come to know as ‘Mummy’. “He said that I came from the world that Angel spoke of, that I was born there. That I was brought here by the other Buffy to be cared for and loved by you and him.”

“We do love you….I love you so much,” Buffy said her sobs coming again. Joy rushed to her and embraced her.

“I know that, I never doubted that, for you It’s only been a few weeks, but for me it’s been my whole life. Sixteen years of hugs and kisses, of you doing my hair and showing me the quickest way to reload a crossbow, of Dad telling me stories about his adventures years ago, and sneaking me off on his bike when you went to patrol. Me waking up every morning to a hot meal that Dad fixed, just because he loves me, and well because your cooking really stinks Mummy,” Joy said with a chuckle, which Buffy returned despite the fact she felt like her heart was being yanked out. Joy released her and knelt in front of her. “I have learnt so much from you and Dad, and Auntie Dawn, and Willow, and everyone else. I know right from wrong, and I like to think I’m brave, fearless even like my Dad, and honorable and strong like you.”

“This is your complimentary was of saying goodbye, isn’t it?” Buffy asked. Joy looked down, and then back up into her mother’s red tear-filled eyes.

“I’m that one girl in all the world,” Joy said and Buffy looked at her as if seeing her for the first time. “The chosen one, but for that other world. Protecting it is ‘my’ sacred duty.” Buffy smiled at the girl, understanding.

“How did you get to be so smart?” Buffy asked with a sniffle and a smile.

“Good genetics and a great upbringing.” Joy replied. Buffy quickly grasped the girl in a tight embrace, which Joy matched with one of her own. They were so lost in the hug that they hadn’t heard Spike enter the room.

“Is this a private party?” Spike question as the girls looked over at him and then quickly stood. Wiping at their eyes. “Or can anyone join in?” He asked as he moved to where they stood. They enveloped Spike in to their arms, and he clung to his daughter, burying his face in her hair. He was amazed that in such a short time he had grown so attached.

“You know Sweet Pea, you don’t have to go, and no one will make you.” Spike said into her hair, and she smiled feeling the love.

“I know, and I don’t want to leave you, but it’s what I have to do.” She said pulling back. They all turned as the blue light return in the corner. Within seconds Angel appeared at the door, having heard the familiar roar of the vortex. “I guess it’s time to go!” Joy yelled over the noise, as she still remained in Buffy and Spike’s tight grip. Angel nodded as he moved to where they stood.

“We have to go now, it won’t stay open long!” Angel said.

“Can I ever come back?” Joy asked and Angel shook his head no.

“The tear between our two worlds has gotten so unstable because of your presence here, once we return it will probably close permanently!” Angel stated. Joy turned back to her parents, making a mental note of their faces, never wanting to forget. They embraced again.

“You are the best thing to ever happen to me.” Buffy whispered into her ear, knowing that she could hear over the noise. Spike then whispered into her other ear.

“You are my redemption, my second chance at life.” Joy pulled back and looked to them both for another second, and then she pulled from their grips and walked over to Angel who stood near the vortex. Angel disappeared into the vortex, and Joy stepped into it.

“Joy!” Buffy called and Joy turned to face her as she began to fade. “I love you so much!”

“You do?” Spike asked. Buffy looked around in confusion, wondering why they were in the training room and why she was yelling.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” Buffy quickly recovered, not wanted nor meaning to ever say out loud what she felt in her heart for Spike, at least not yet.

“I’m the only other person here, luv.” Spike said with a smirk.

“And why are you here, why are we here, when did we get here? And why do I feel all stuffy?” Buffy said as she now turned to face Spike, who in turn jumped a little at the sight of her.

“Cor, luv what happened to you?” Spike asked giving her a displeased look.

“What?” Buffy asked self-consciously, fixing her hair and patting her face.

“Just looks like you’ve been crying your eyes out, what did you miss me that much while I was away?” Buffy just looked at him more confused.

“Your trip Giles sent you on, right? When did you get back and why the hell are we in the Training room, I don’t remember coming in here.”

“Me either, last thing I remember was getting the heart for Giles, from a very fat vampire, and a scary old lady.” Spike said frowning.

“And the last thing I remember was patrolling and…” Buffy’s eyes got wide.

“WILLOW!” They both yelled in unison. (reference to Tabula Rasa)


As the dust and smoke cleared, the weary souls looked around them to see an endless view of carnage. Bodies both demon and human lay everywhere. They were not sure if their battle was truly over.

“Look!” One of the witches called out as she pointed to the entryway of the castle that housed their enemy, and wager of this great war that had been going on for years. A lone form emerged from the doors and walked out towards them, toting something in her hand.

“Joy!” Angel who was covered in demon blood called out as he rushed to her. “Are you OKaaaaaaay, that’s nasty.” He said as he now looked at the demon head of their enemy, Talon, which Joy tossed on top of the other dismembered bodies. “What did you do?”

“Ripped his head off, it’s the best way really.” The twenty-one year old woman said as she looked out at the many faces of her allies, and smiled as they all roared and cheered at their victory.

“And where did you learn that from?” Angel asked with a chuckle. Joy looked to him and gave a sweet smile.

“My Daddy taught me.” She replied as her tears now wet her face.

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