Little by Little by facingthesun
Summary: William Giles is suffering from the heartache of losing his fiancée, Joyce, when he is forced to become the legal guardian of Joyce’s daughter, Buffy Summers.
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Introduction by facingthesun
Little by Little


You’re all I have left.

Immediately after the death of her mother, Buffy Summers was supposed to live with her mother’s fiancé, even though Buffy was only months away from her eighteenth birthday.

The aneurysm had come as a shock to everyone.

Joyce, Buffy’s mom, had been preparing to wed her boyfriend of two years, William Giles, at the time of her death. Their relationship was held over a long distance. Joyce planned on staying in Sunnydale, California until Buffy graduated high school; then she’d rush off to William in England for their romantic wedding and new future together.

Buffy had never met her mother’s boyfriend. She was fifteen years old when her mother mentioned meeting a special man on a business trip. She was still smarting over her parents’ divorce and the thought of her mother seeing a new man made Buffy queasy. She knew of the late, long-distance phone calls and saw her mother giggle while she read her email; however, Buffy’s own personal life was more important to her at the time.

Buffy was to meet her new guardian at the funeral. Modestly dressed in black, Buffy held her breath as she wobbled across the uneven grounds of the cemetery.

“You look like her.”

Buffy didn’t turn towards the softly spoken British voice instead she looked down at her shoes, afraid to move.

“You William?”

“I am, pet,” he said with a smirk.

Buffy sighed, “It’ll be starting soon. I need to go.”

William wasn’t shocked by her actions; he knew Buffy was going through a terrible time. He was also aware that her father had failed to show at both the funeral and reception.

‘Sure, Joyce was an only child with no close relatives but someone could’ve shown for her daughter’s sake,’ William thought, disgusted by the lack of family members at the funeral.

He wrinkled his nose, watching from the shadows as neighbors and coworkers swarmed around Buffy. They asked her the same questions over and over again and it was making William more upset with every passing minute.

‘Are you alright? How are you feeling?’ he mocked. ‘Sod off, you bastards.’

“Hey Will. I’m so sorry.”

Before William could react long red hair and salty tears surrounded him.

“Red,” he sad with a sigh of relief, “I didn’t think you’d make it, pet.”

Willow Rosenberg was Joyce’s best friend. They had known each other since high school and were working together at the museum. Willow had introduced William to Joyce two years ago.

“Have you talked to her yet?” Willow asked.

“A few words, but she never looked my way.”

“I’m sure she is just so overwhelmed right now. I wish…” Willow’s voice broke in a sob, “I wish I could’ve done something.”

“Hush, no one knew what was to be. We’ll all be right as rain soon enough.”

“You are just saying that,” she muttered, her head buried in William’s chest.

“Of course, love. You should go to her; I think she’s finally alone.”

“Will you be alright? You don’t look so good.”

“I’m fine. Go to her. I need a smoke anyway. I’ll be out.”

William kissed Willow’s forehead and silently wished her good luck before he headed outside.

Willow found the small bathroom of the church and knocked once.

“Buffy, it’s me.” She smiled as the door swung open and Buffy fell into her arms. “I’m sorry I missed the funeral. My stupid car broke down and I couldn’t find a ride. I had to call a pickup truck and the guy was a major poophead--.” Willow took a deep breath, ready to continue but Buffy broke her off.

“I understand. It’s okay,” Buffy said, hugging her tightly.

“No, it’s not. I--.”

“Willow, just get me out of here. Please?”

Willow scanned the reception’s guests twice for William and when she could not find him, she took Buffy back to her house. Buffy was unfazed by Willow’s new, dirty rental car and fell asleep instantly. Later, Willow dialed William’s cell phone as soon as Buffy was settled into the guest bedroom.


“That’s a nice greeting you have there,” Willow said with a laugh.

“Red, you left. Everything okay?”

“I think so. She wanted to leave and I couldn’t find you.”

“That’s alright. I needed a night, you know, before I met her all official like.”

“William, are you avoiding her?”

“No, I--.”

“Joyce picked you for a reason. She really wanted you and Buffy to become a family. Don’t deny Joyce that.”

“I just don’t know a thing about kids… She was supposed to help me.” William struggled to keep his voice steady.

“I know, sweetie,” Willow sighed. “Buffy’s seventeen, almost eighteen, and she just graduated. She’ll only need you until college starts in August. Until then, I’ll help, you know I will. You won’t be alone.”

“Thanks, love. I’ll be around tomorrow. Noon-ish. I’ll meet her then. Night, Red.”

“Good night, William.”

Buffy felt numb. She had stopped crying at the funeral when she saw the last of the casket. Now, she felt the side effects of her weeping and her eyes hurt. She tossed and turned until climbing out of bed in the morning.

“Hi, sweetie!”

“Morning,” she grumbled with no enthusiasm.

“Pancakes or cereal?” Willow asked, standing on her tiptoes trying to reach a box in the pantry. “Oh, we also have Pop-Tarts!”

“Cereal, I’ll get it. So where is he?”

“Who?” Willow turned, and walked towards Buffy. She sat across from her at the table. “Oh, you mean Will, right? He said he’d stop by around noon. We’ll go out for lunch. You choose the place, anywhere’s fine.”

Buffy looked down at her fruit-accented Cheerios and her tone was flat, “I don’t need him, Willow. I’ll work and get a place. I don’t need a babysitter.”

“Buffy,” Willow sighed, “it’s what Joyce wanted. She loved him too. She always wanted you and William to get along, but she didn’t feel comfortable taking you out of school for visits to England. William’s a good man; I know it and your mom certainly did. Give him a chance, for her. He feels as uncomfortable as you do about the guardianship, maybe even more. Give it a chance until August, by then you’ll be eighteen and ready for school. Please, sweetie?”

Buffy looked up from her Cheerios to Willow’s hand that was placed on hers. “Until August. I’ll do it, but only for her.”

When the doorbell rang, Buffy’s heart sped up.

‘I’m going to meet him,’ she thought dramatically. ‘I’m seconds away from seeing the man Willow and Joyce gushed over for more than two years. Oh, his cheekbones, his hair, his porcelain skin and rock hard body. Give me a break.’

Buffy rolled her eyes, expecting nothing great.

“William Giles, this is Buffy Summers,” Willow said, after clearing her throat.

‘Good Lord, she’s beautiful.’ William was speechless, finally taking a good look at Buffy. Instantly, he started comparing the mother and daughter.

‘Straight, long blonde hair, not her mother’s wave. Green eyes, not brown. She’s shorter and her eyes are much larger. She’s so beautiful.’

Looking into Buffy’s eyes William knew he would help Buffy and that he would protect her.

He’d keep the promise he made to Joyce.

‘Maybe, just maybe…’ William grinned as Buffy blushed under his gaze. ‘Maybe I’ll need her too… We’ll get through this together.’

‘So this is the man that promised himself to my mother?’

Buffy couldn’t help but look at the man from booted toes to bleached blonde hair. He dressed all in black and carried himself as if he were younger; however Buffy knew he was in his mid to late thirties.

‘Black Doc Martens, black tight pants, black tight t-shirt and a black leather jacket…mid-life crisis much?’ Buffy thought, laughing softly. It was the first genuine laugh she’d made in months.

‘He looks so sad.’ Buffy nearly gasped, looking into William’s electric blue eyes. ‘His eyes don’t seem to hide his age as well as his body.

Fine, whatever, I’ll give him a chance. What do I have to lose?’
“Buffy, nice to meet you, pet,” William said softly. Not sure want to do, he reached out to her, extending his right hand. “I’ve heard so much about you.”


He grinned, squeezing her warm hand.

“Ok guys! Let’s go!” Willow bounced out the door, giving them each a big smile. “I know you guys are going to love each other! I can feel it!”

“Red, love, are you going to be this annoyingly chipper all day?” William asked with a groan.

‘Fuck, this is awkward.’ William glared at Willow as she attempted to lighten the mood between him and Buffy. ‘If she makes one more joke, I’ll…’

“So, pet, are you looking forward to starting at the university?”

“Kinda,” Buffy said with a shrug.

“What’s your major going to be?”

“I can’t make up my mind.” Buffy wrinkled her nose as she played with her food. “Where am I going to live?”

“Ah, pet.” William was shocked to hear her low voice. “I have things to wrap up in England before I can move. I was thinking you could stay with Willow for a few weeks. If that’s okay with her, yeah?” He looked to his friend for the final go-ahead.

“No, it’s not okay with Willow,” she said. “You two are going to learn to live together. Take her to England, William. Bond. Become friends. I’m staying out of the picture for a while. Starting now.” Willow hurriedly left her seat at the restaurant.
Chapter 1 by facingthesun
Little By Little

If you thought this story looked familiar, that’s because it is. :) It was the first story I put online and I felt it needed to be reworked and I dramatically deleted it. (It was very sad because my 400 reviews went with it, but I did save most of them) Remember all the junk that was in my profile on the author’s page? Probably not. ;) Anyway, it’s back and I’m making the chapters more reader friendly.

Chapter 1

“Eh, right. I guess we’ll go whenever you’re done, pet.” William ran his fingers through his hair. “I can’t me believe she left me. ‘You won’t be alone,’ my ass.”

“Was I supposed to hear that last part? She left me too, you know.”

“Um, where’s your stuff? You know, clothes and whatnot?”

“At home. I never brought anything to Willow’s. Are you really taking me to England?”

“You wanna go?”

“Do I have a choice?”


“Well, I guess I’m going to England, now aren’t I?”

Buffy couldn’t breathe. She hadn’t been back to Revello Drive since she had seen her mother lying lifelessly, wide-eyed and cold on the living room couch.

“I gotcha, love.”

Buffy felt William’s hand on her back. It slowly pushed her through the open front door. She should’ve wiggled out of his reach but she found the contact comforting. He was in her personal space, but she allowed him to nudge her past the living room and up to her room.

“See we may not be so bad together after all, huh, kitten?”

Buffy barely caught the mumbled question so she let it pass and pretended not to hear him.
She soundlessly circled her room, trying to concentrate on gathering her things. If she had allowed her mind to wander, she would’ve broken down. Being in the house, seeing smiling family photos, and remembering the calm before the death: it was too much for her to handle.

“Best to travel light, princess.”

She was thankful that he helped her focus. She knew William wouldn’t let her fall apart.

“I’ll get you new stuff at home, okay, pet? Don’t worry I have plenty of money tucked away,” William said as they drove towards the hotel.

“I’m sure you’re loaded,” Buffy said, rolling her eyes. “You’ve worn the same outfit since yesterday and you could only afford this cheap, crappy rental car. I’m sure you’re staying at the Motel 8 off the freeway too.”

“Been keeping tabs on me, love? I’ll admit, I’m a cheap traveler.”

“Sure, whatever. So, tell me about yourself, William.”

“She’s up for small talk now.” William couldn’t help but tease her. “This is a bloody breakthrough for us, pet. Oh, maybe we’ll have a full conversation too.”

“I asked you a question, William,” she smirked.

“That you did, ah, your mom and I met through Willow, who knows my father, Rupert. You see, Rupes is a curator at a la-ti-da museum. He was Willow’s mentor for a while, I guess. Anyway, I’m a ghostwriter: boring research papers at day and pathetic fiction by night. Raunchy novels and hideous poetry are my specialties.”

“The clothes are just a cover? You’re really a shy, sensitive, writer guy?”

“Exactly. I’m a lonely man who lives only through his terrible writing. I dress like a Big Bad because I want to scare off and impress people.” William kept his tone sarcastic but his words were laced with true confessions. “You look right through the Big Bad thing, don’t ya, princess? You see right through me.”

“I do. It’s a gift,” Buffy said, a little grin tugging on her lips.

It was late and William continued to toss and turn on the hard, nonexistent hotel carpet. Being a gentleman, Buffy had been given the queen-sized bed all to herself.

‘Tomorrow,’ William thought, ‘I’ll be traveling across miles of land and sea with Buffy Summers—the wrong Summers. Listen to her snore, she’s so dainty, bet she doesn’t have a clue that she makes such a racket.’ Smirking, William rested his head on his arms.

‘Bet a sleepless Buffy equals a pissy Buffy, just like my Joyce.’

“Hey, Will.”

William felt her hands slide up his naked chest. She was sitting on him, straddling his waist. Ribbons bound his legs and arms; his body was stretched out like a star.

William felt his eyes water as he devoured Joyce’s image. Her medium-length hair was framing her face beautifully. She was his angel, dressed in white gauzy material. William’s eyes focused on the hard nipples he could see peeking through her dress.

“I’ve missed you--.” Her hand covering his soft lips muffed his confessions of love and loneliness.

“Listen to me, Spike, honey.” Joyce took her palm away from his mouth and left a chaste kiss in its place. She moved upwards, kissing his forehead and weaving her fingers through his hair. She continued to dot his neck and chest with sweet kisses. Traveling south, she stopped before reaching his hips. Joyce looked up into his eyes, a smile on her face.

William wanted to voice his disappointment, upset that her kisses had stopped but he was hushed again.

“You were always a talker, weren’t you?” She leaned her body flush against his. “Without warning,” she whispered into his neck.

He struggled to move towards her, to increase their contact, but he couldn’t.
“As a whirlwind swoops on an oak…”

Her hand moved between them, finding its target easily. Her two fingers moved slowly, making lazy circles the head of his cock. Soon she circled his hard shaft, moving up and down, waiting for him to reach the edge of his anticipated climax.

William’s breath became faster, his eyes rolled back and his legs tensed up. As he came, Joyce whispered, looking into his dilated shining eyes, “She will shake your heart.”

“William, wakey, wakey.”

William groaned as a feather pillow hit him in the head.

“I though our flight is at ten?”

“Bloody hell!” William was rushed back from his dream, his body sore from sleeping on the floor and his pants uncomfortably wet.

He groaned and mumbled more curses as the current time registered in his foggy brain.

“God, you’re very British,” Buffy remarked with a soft laugh.

“Glad you could tell, love. Move your ass, princess. We should’ve been at the airport an hour ago.”

Five hours, thirty ‘bloody hells’, and seventeen ‘wankers’ later, Buffy was convinced that William Giles was the most entertaining man alive. He growled, his eyes popped out of his head, and all the airport staff saw was an insane, short blond man.

They had been on the plane for a while now. William sat next to her in the middle seat. After he calmed down, he quickly fell asleep.

With his head rested back and his eyes closed, Buffy noted he had long eyelashes. They were the only soft feature to his chiseled face. His gorgeously pale skin and defined cheekbones hid his tiny imperfections. ‘He aged well,’ Buffy mused. ‘He looks so…flawless.’

‘He’s beautiful. Mom had good taste. Hmm, he does look tasty...’

‘Ick!’ Buffy suddenly felt dirty. ‘William should be my stepfather! Nasty, I’m so going to hell now! I shouldn’t think about his tastiness and…wonder if all that hair gel and bleach makes his hair feel sticky. No! No! That would be bad, Buffy, very bad.’

She swallowed, looking out the window trying to shut up her scandalous mind and dirty thoughts.

William didn’t sleep for long but he kept his eyes closed as his mind worked, thinking about his dream.

‘Hell. Well even my dreams butcher good sixteenth century poetry. Why did my sodding subconscious have to choose Sappho for its cryptic attacks? And who the hell is ‘she’?’

William hoped he was wrong. He hoped his dream had nothing to do with the seventeen-year-old sitting next to him. The dream had left him feeling confused and scared. Joyce had called him Spike. That bothered him the most. Joyce had never known him as Spike.

Spike was dead and buried; Drusilla had made sure of it.

I’ll never leave you, kitten. Never.

“I never want to see, let alone ride in another plane for the rest of my life,” William groaned as he walked with a slight bounce, making sure that his legs still worked.

“What’s that?”

Buffy pointed, a look of disgust jumbled her face. “I thought you said you were loaded?”

“I said that, yes. She’s a classic, you know. I’ve had her for ages. My black beauty she is.”

“You love it so much you named it after a crappy horse movie?”

Buffy had never ridden in a car like the De Soto. It had bench seats; perfect, clearly babied, black leather interior; and a scent that could only be a mixture of cigarettes, alcohol and something sweet.
Buffy inhaled deeply. ‘Yup, definitely gummy bears,’ she thought biting her lip to hide her smile.

“Sit back, princess. Get comfy, it’s quite a ride to home sweet home.”

“We’re here, love,” William whispered, gently shaking Buffy’s shoulder.

Buffy’s eyes fluttered open as William’s car door slammed closed. She had forced herself to sleep on the drive, seeing cars drive on the other side of the road and drivers on the passenger side had been too much for her.

“It looks like Hansel and Gretel’s house!” Buffy thought cottages like the one before her were only seen in amusement parks. The house was cute and tiny. It had heart-shaped shutters and numerous flowerbeds. She looked at William in a quick glance. “You must’ve been really whipped by my mom. I can’t picture you living in a large replica of my dollhouse.”

“Well,” William blushed, “there’s no way it could’ve been their house, the little brats were trespassing, remember?”

“Are you keeping the house?”

“I doubt it. Too many memories. We decorated it on her last trip.“

“Oh. It’s really nice, William.”

Buffy was shown to a round, pale yellow room. The space was sparsely decorated with an old wooden bed and other large pieces of furniture. Buffy held back her squeal, ‘Bed knobs!’ William explained that the room was hers; it would’ve been kept to her liking between her visits and Buffy smiled, touched by the gesture.

“This is really great, William. I love the color…it’s really nice.”

“Your mom said you liked things cheery,” William responded with a shrug.

“Too bad I won’t be able to make it my own. I would’ve liked that.”

“It is too bad.”

Buffy frowned as he turned on his heel, leaving her alone in the room. She could tell he wanted to sell the house and move on. Like he said, the house kept too many memories, but it was missing her mom.

‘It is too bad. I really like it here.’
After an awkward night, William left early the next morning. He had to get ready for the move and had people to see.

Buffy was sitting on the sunken, comfortable couch in the living room when she heard knocking at the door. She looked through the peephole and saw an older man with defined smile lines and a full tweed outfit.

‘Hey, where’s Waldo?’ She thought, slowly opening the door.

“Hello, Buffy. I’m William’s father, Rupert.” He kept his hands in his pockets and nodded a greeting. “Rupert Giles.”

“Oh, come in.”

“I’m so very sorry about your loss, dear. Joyce was a remarkable woman. I enjoyed working with her at my museum…William sent me to keep you company.”

“That was sweet of him; I was getting kind of lonely. British TV is very…ah, British.”

Rupert grinned softly in amusement. “Um, yes. Have you seen around town yet? I imagine not, since you arrived only yesterday. Would you like a tour?”

“Yes, that would be nice, Rupert.” Buffy struggled to causally say his name. “Um, can I call you ‘Giles’? It rolls off the tongue much easier.”

Giles looked up, with embarrassment in his eyes. “Sure, Buffy. Let’s go.”
Giles and Buffy wandered all over the town. Buffy liked Giles instantly. He was kind and easily embarrassed. Buffy noted that when he was uncomfortable, he cleaned his glasses with a monogrammed handkerchief. The couple met William for lunch. Since they arrived before him, they talked and enjoyed each other’s company.

“Did you see William and my mom together? I wish I could’ve.”

“Yes, William would parade Joyce around like his prize. Joyce was perfect for him. They were an amusing couple, always smiling and laughing. William had just come out of a horrid relationship. Joyce made him very happy. Now, however, I am concerned about him, since your mother’s death. I know you haven’t known him for long and I hate to ask but, have you noticed William drinking at all?”

“He’s been sad and bad moody but that’s normal, right? There hasn’t been any alcohol or at least not around me, Giles.”

“I don’t want to worry you, Buffy, but William has suffered from an addiction to alcohol in the past. I was only worried he may relapse in his recovery…He loved Joyce very, very much.”

“I’ll keep an eye on him, I promise,” Buffy said. “Thank you for telling me.”

There was a long silence where both avoided each other’s eyes. Both were uncomfortable taking about William behind his back.

“Hey, dad. Buffy.”

“William.” Giles stood up and warmly embraced his son.

William sat in the squeaky restaurant chair and nodded a welcome to Buffy. “How were the sights, pet?”

“…so then little William screamed, ‘I’m the Big Bad!’ and took off on his bicycle…”

“He didn’t make it did he?”

“Not exactly,” Giles chuckled. “He was able to jump the first ramp but fell on the second, leaving him with that nasty scar on his eyebrow.”

“Ah, poor little William.” Buffy mocked William and giggled at his misfortunes.

“Bloody hell, dad. No more, okay?” William wanted to die. In the past hour Rupert had covered his potty training mishap, the eyebrow tragedy, and the real reason behind why he was forced to bleach his hair for the first time at nineteen.

“Must you go back to work, Will?”

“Nope, I’ve got the rest of the week off. Holiday and all.”

Buffy suddenly brightened. “What holiday? Did I miss something? Are there presents?

"No, love. A holiday is like a vacation.”

“Oh, now I’m disappointed and…um, slightly embarrassed.”

Giles watched as the blondes left, bantering as they went. Giles was glad; Buffy was a joy and William seemed to be coping.

Giles wondered if he was too quick to mention William’s drinking problem with Buffy. He hoped Buffy wouldn’t have to deal with the damage that Drusilla had caused.

“Your dad seems nice.”

“Yeah, he’s alright,” William said sheepishly. “He just talks way too much.”

“He’s Superdad compared to mine.”

“I recall Joyce saying yours was a real wanker.”

“He’s definitely wankery. I think he’s living in Spain with his new and improved family, of course. Every now and then he sends a picture greeting card with his new wife and kids on it. It’s like he is rubbing it in, you know, that he left us? He never responded when I wrote about mom, not even when she first got sick.”

“Well then he’s a bastard and a sod. He never deserved you anyway.”

Buffy looked at him and smiled. “Thank you.”

William picked the telephone on the third ring.


“Hey, Will. Now there’s the voice I yearned to hear. Don’t you sound chipper?”

“Willow, it’s nice hearing from you, pet.”

“So are you and Buffy getting along? Are you playing nice?”

“And if I’m not are you gonna come here and rough me up?”

“Of course.”

“Well in that case, I think so. Yeah, we’re good.”

“That’s great! I’m so proud of you, William. If you were here, I’d give you a cookie.”

“Chunky chocolate chip?”

“That’s the only kind I buy and you know it. I’ve missed you guys. I’m kind of lonely out here.”

“We’ll be back soon, pet. I have to sell the house and furniture. I’m also trying to set up a long distance relationship with my ghostwriting people.”

“Well have fun; don’t work too hard, okay?”

“Do you want to chat with Buffy? She’s around here somewhere.”

“Naw that’s fine. I’ve got to go. Tell her I called. Love, ya Will.”

“Take care, pet.”

‘Go team Buffy,’ she smiled, proud of herself.

She had been with her attractive guardian for almost a week and her impure thoughts were kept to a minimum. She scrambled around the house trying to keep herself busy and to take her mind off of William’s good looks.

Buffy sneezed from all the dust. ‘God, does William even own Pledge?’ She was in the attic of the little house. It was tiny also, about the size of a large closet.

‘William seems to be gifted in shoving a lot of stuff into little spaces,’ Buffy smirked.

Buffy was sorting through boxes and various items, seeing if they were worthy to make the trip back home. Before her mom got really sick, she was sending a few boxes to William a week. Their ultimate goal was to be completely moved in before the honeymoon.

William’s boxes intermingled with Joyce’s and Buffy tried to avoid going through his stuff to respect his privacy.

“Hell, one box wouldn’t be too bad, now would it?”

Buffy opened the box labeled, ‘Golden Years.’ She smiled at his weird sense of humor.
She came in contact with a number of journals filled with daily entries and poems. Buffy passed on those. She remembered how violated she felt when her mom had ‘accidentally’ read her diary. He had worn novels hidden throughout the box. Buffy was almost disappointed with her findings until she reached the bottom of the box.

Crumbled in a flattened ball was a dirty, well-worn black leather duster. Buffy picked up the jacket and was assaulted by his scent: cigarettes, alcohol and again a sweet smell. “Gummy bears,” she giggled out loud. Moving the duster allowed a picture to fall from its creases.

She gasped and held a hand to her mouth as she took in the photograph. William was embracing a pale, skinny, dark haired girl. They were standing in front of his adored De Soto.

“She’s very pretty, well, in a Dracula meets flat-chested Barbie kind of way,” Buffy commented. “Mmmm, William’s quite a looker too.” Buffy knew that was very true because her underwear was damp by just the sight of him.

‘Good lord, he’s wearing makeup!’

William was wearing all black, as usual, but a vest instead of his tight t-shirt. The vest and pants were holey and adorned with various metal rings. His hair was completely bleached, no brown roots, and sticking up on all sides. William’s eyes had a wicked gleam to them and his curled tongue was just as suggestive.

“He’s beyond hot,” Buffy moaned softly, “a mixture of Billy Idol and one of those Punk music gods. Who is it, Sid Vicious?”

“Buffy, food!”

She slid the photograph into her back pocket and placed the duster and books back into the box.

‘Damn, now I have more fuel for my fantasies.’

Buffy ran downstairs.

William sighed as he slid between the cool covers of the bed. It was one of the best feelings, in his opinion, soft sheets against naked skin.

Buffy had acted strange all during dinner. She never looked at his face unless she thought he wasn’t paying attention, but he was constantly. He knew her face had a red cast and that she squirmed a lot in her chair, making it crackle under the pressure.

William had tried to make polite conversation asking her how the attic was going. Buffy responded to his questions with one-word answers and a deeper blush.

‘Buffy, what have you been up to?’

He hoped all would pass by the morning. If not, he’d go up to attic and poke around.

Buffy couldn’t sleep. Her face and lower regions were on fire.

‘Mom, why couldn’t you have wanted to marry an icky guy?’

She pulled up from her pillows and retrieved the photograph from underneath. She closed her eyes, trying not to look at the blue-eyed man on the front. She had been wondering all night if the photo had writing on the back. She wanted to know how old he was and who the woman was.

She opened her eyes and found the inscription. “My bloody valentine. Forever yours, my Dru. Love, Spike.”

“Dru?” Buffy had never heard of her. “Maybe Giles will know. I’ll see him tomorrow,” Buffy whispered to herself out loud.

Cursing herself before looking at the picture once more, Buffy etched his image into her mind. She quickly shoved it back under her pillows and sighed, “I’m going to hell.”

Disgusted with herself, she wrapped her sheets up to her neck and pulled up the long t-shirt she was using as a nightgown, resting it at her waist. Buffy put her palm against her crotch, “Wet”, she groaned. “Mom, forgive me.”

Buffy slid the soggy underwear off and threw them on the pile of dirty clothes. Her heart raced as she slowly moved her fingers through her pubic hair. She gasped, using her pointer finger to play with her vaginal lips. Thinking of William as Spike: the sexy punk rocker, she circled and teased her clit. She thought of her supposed-to-be stepdad as she pushed her middle finger deep inside. As she pumped her fingers, sliding them in and out, making herself come hard, William was the only person on her mind.

William stepped into the bathroom. It was late and he hated when he had to roll out of bed with a full bladder. As he tucked himself back into the pants that he had slipped on for Buffy’s sake and was getting ready to flush, he heard moaning. William froze. He quietly moved out of the bathroom and tiptoed towards Buffy’s closed bedroom door.

William held his breath as waited. Then he heard it again.

“Ahhh, Spike, don’t stop.”

William felt his eyes widen and his cock harden.

“Buffy…oh, fuck. This can’t be good.”

William wobbled back into his room, freed himself from his flannels, and dealt with his erection properly.

“Not good at all.” He chewed on his lip, spent and frustrated that while he pleased himself, his mind wandered from Joyce and centered on her daughter. “Fuck.”

I burn for you, Buffy.
Chapter 2 by facingthesun
Little By Little

Chapter 2

William was up early and Buffy was on his mind.

‘That little bint has been poking about,’ William thought, glaring at the ceiling. After the lust that had clouded his eyes began to fade, he became angry.

‘Spike. She knew me as Spike.’

His thoughts went to Rupert first, thinking that his father had exposed his pathetic past with Drusilla that day along with the other childhood embarrassments.

‘No, dad would’ve asked me first.’

William then remembered, ‘What about the Mr. Clean routine Buffy had adopted lately? Shit, I wonder if she read my journals?’

William had been more than just a sensitive boy. He wrote poetry and short stories while the other boys played football. He was William the Bloody Awful Poet for at least two full decades. Until William was nineteen, he was positive that he would die the horniest virgin alive and he would have, if he hadn’t met Dru.

William had done well hiding his past from Joyce and he planned on hiding it from her nosy daughter as well.

Buffy woke up to pounding on her bedroom door. Before Buffy was completely awake she saw William walk into her room. Buffy was thanking God for the blankets that covered her exposed body. She hoped that time had covered the smells of her late-night activities.

“Are these your dirties, love?” He swooped up her clothes before she answered. “Today is wash day. Hurry and get in the shower, princess. You can throw out your clothes.”

William stood with her soiled underwear dangerously close to his face at the top of the pile of clothes. He ignored its smell as he watched her, daring her to reveal how naked he knew she was under the sheets.

Buffy lowered her blankets from her neck, disappointing him. She hadn’t taken off her shirt. She quickly pushed the fabric past her thighs and jumped out of bed. “I’m going, I’m going.” She grabbed her robe and walked past him into the bathroom.

William watched her, smirking. She hadn’t fallen for his trap and that somehow made him proud.

Buffy walked to Giles’ house because it was close to the cottage. She was confused by William’s strange behavior but her confusion was beginning to become a natural occurrence. William was very moody. She was relieved when he was called into work while making breakfast. Buffy thought he seemed to be feeling feisty, making her feel guilty.

‘God, I hope he really doesn’t know about…” Buffy blushed all morning that the possibility that William could’ve found out about her masturbating to his image.

Rupert was shocked to see Buffy when he answered the door. He had only seen William twice since the three of them had lunch. Both of their meetings had been difficult, resulting in lots of tears. “Buffy, is everything alright?”

“Things are good. I would’ve called but I don’t know your number and all.”

“Oh that’s fine, come in, dear.”

Buffy was not surprised by the appearance of Giles’ home. Books were everywhere. The numerous stuffed bookcases and shelving made his house smell musty and resemble a library. Buffy waited until they were both settled with their tea and pastries, before she started with her question. “Giles, who’s Dru?”

He choked on his pastry and jelly fell, covering his tweed coat. “Buffy – er -- you should really ask William about that.” He set down the remains of his food and cleaned most of the jelly off his coat with a napkin. He seemed not to worry about staining because he quickly pulled out his handkerchief and began to clean his spotless glasses.

“I know, but you see, I was cleaning the attic when I found a picture of William and this Dru girl. I don’t want William to think I was snooping or anything. Especially since I kinda was…”

“Buffy, I can’t. William’s very protective of his past and I will not betray his trust. I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay. I’m sorry I asked.” Buffy decided against using her Summers’ Sad Puppy Eyes. She knew if she would’ve Giles would have told her everything.

Giles felt guilty but stood by his morals as they spent the remainder of the day together.

“Buffy, we need to talk.”

Buffy jumped as she walked into the dark cottage. William was sitting on the couch and his hair seemed to glow eerily.

“God, William, creepy much?” Buffy’s mood had soured because of Giles’ withholding of information. William had scared her and that made her mad too.
“Come here, sit with me.”

She felt slightly queasy at his tone. Her heart picked up speed as she chose to sit on the opposite side of the couch, as far away from him as possible.

“Buffy, I have always lived alone. I was warming up to the idea of sharing my space with Joyce, but I’m still a loner. I know you’re young and you need to be constantly entertained.” He paused, moving to turn on the lamp near him, “I know nothing about kids, so I’m just going to give it to you straight. I don’t want you poking your nose in my business. I want to respect your privacy and I want you to respect mine. I think if that can be our golden rule, we’ll have no troubles. Ya got me, love?” William looked into her guilty face.

“William, I’m so sorry. I’ll be good, I promise.”

“That’s good. Now let’s go see that flick you wanted to see, with that boy.”

“You mean the one with James Marsters!”

“Yep, I hear he’s a real dream boat.”

The intervention had gone well, William hoped so anyway. Somehow he doubted all kids were scolded and then taken to the movies. William just couldn’t stand punishing Buffy and acting like her father. He knew something had to be said when Rupert had called him, telling him of Buffy’s question.

Buffy’s busybody tendencies were now focused outside the house. She visited Giles at work and went around town by herself. According to Giles, Buffy had made a few friends in town. William wasn’t sure if he should be concerned. Buffy seemed to really enjoy England and he hoped she wasn’t getting too attached. Joyce had jumped through hoops, helping Buffy get accepted to UC Sunndydale and he wanted to keep Joyce’s wishes alive.

William held his head as he sat at his computer. ‘Joyce probably wouldn’t want you wanking to her daughter’s image, you git.’

That night had ruined him. She was always sneaking into his thoughts. He had even started writing poetry again. His themes of course, were forbidden lust and unresolved sexual tension. Buffy was becoming his muse. She was a strong girl and fiercely independent. Her laugh was glorious and her smiles were contagious. William found himself looking forward to their ‘Movie Nights,’ and ‘Bad TV Nights,’ each week where they spent time together, eating and laughing. William cared deeply about her.

‘She is just a girl, you know,’ he reminded himself constantly.

That was the subject of most of his internal conflicts. She acted so mature, so much like Joyce sometimes. She could persuasively argue the greatness of post modernism in one breath, and then in the next, she would move to convincing him that Scooby Doo was the best cartoon of all time. ‘Why,’ he’d ask, ‘because I say so,’ was her logical explanation.

William was drowning. He knew he couldn’t pretend to be her father or even brother, when he was really her secret admirer.

He was drowning; he was falling in love with her.

Want you so much.

You have me.

“I’ll be back around midnight.”

“Wait, you. Get in here.”

Buffy walked in the kitchen, her heels making noise against the tile. She held her breath as William turned from his dirty dishes, a rag thrown over his shoulder.

“You are not wearing that,” he said, slowly.


“Nope. I’m not gonna listen.” He wagged her finger at her outfit. “I’m not going to let you prance about and show all the boys your goodies.”

“My goodies are fully clothed--.”

“Why don’t you wear that black shirt you made me buy?” He cleared his voice, getting ready to speak in an octave higher. “Please, buy this,” he mocked. “Please, it’s the cutest shirt I have ever seen, blah-blah-blah.”

“I do not sound like that and besides I wore that last weekend. This is a new weekend, mister. I must be seen in something new.” Buffy nodded at her last statement, making it sound very matter-or-fact.


Buffy turned at his tone. She muttered her newly adopted British curses as she stomped into her room.

“I heard that!”

Buffy had been dating Angel for over two weeks. He was her type; tall, dark, handsome and broody. Her relationship with him was going well even though her taste in boys was changing. Buffy started preferring Billy Idol look-a-likes, but Angel seemed nice and neither of them was interested in the long term, especially since she only had a month left until college.

“William, this is, Angel, my boyfriend.”

Angel could tell by the fire in William’s eyes that his handshake would not be returned, so he didn’t bother trying.

“Angel, now isn’t that a poncy name, huh?” William stared holes into the boy’s long forehead from across the restaurant booth.

Buffy hid her need to giggle. William was acting like a dog protecting his bitch and his actions gave her a warm fuzzy feeling. She decided to rile William up some more as she moved her hand to Angel’s thigh.

William almost snarled. He wasn’t sure who he wanted to attack; Angel, or Buffy for making him jealous.

“In school I had a funny little nickname, you know?” William grinned at Angel. “The kiddies in the schoolyard called me, ‘William the Bloody.’ That’s because I was a big bad…”

“I hope you’re proud of yourself. Angel will probably never call me ever again.” Buffy leaned over and grabbed a handful of Wheetabix from William’s bag.

“Hey, that’s mine.” He pretended to want to move away from her. He was actually very content sitting snuggly on the sunken couch with her. Buffy brushed more of him each time she snagged more of his snack and each time it gave him shivers. “That little bugger should fear me, you know--.”

Buffy cut him off. “Yeah, yeah you’re the Big Bad. Sometimes I think you’re nuts.” She gobbled down another handful of Wheetabix.

“Hush now, it’s back on.”

“I’m sure Angel will think you’re scary when he finds out you record a crappy show like Passions and watch it religiously.”

“If you think it’s so bad, leave.”

“Nope, I can’t let you off that easily. I must sit here and mock you. Besides, ever since they started putting Ethan in those nice tight shirts, he’s become really yummy.”

William gave her a look that made his eyebrow lift and his head cock to the side. Buffy’s heart started to beat irregularly. “Yummy, love?”

“Shut up. Watch your damn show.”
When William left for work, Buffy practically ran to her room. The house was getting empty and seeing its naked state made her uncomfortable. Buffy had plans for today. William wasn’t leaving the house very often. He was always watching TV or typing on his laptop, which he set up on the kitchen table.

William told her he’d be back for dinner. That meant she had at least half the day to herself.

Buffy pulled out a brown bag from her tiny closet and moved into the bathroom. She pulled out bubble bath, a portable stereo, CDs, and vanilla candles.

Buffy ran a bubbly bath and strategically placed the lighted candles so she could turn off the bathroom’s fluorescent lights and not be blind. She felt her face flush as she eyed the selected music before her. All the CDs were chosen with him in mind: all greatest hits albums of the bands William had mentioned. She wanted a mix of punk and the Brit pop he seemed to enjoy but never admitted to liking.

“God, I’m such a dork,” Buffy giggled.

After carefully choosing the first CD, and pushing the repeat button, she placed the stereo in a reachable location and dropped her robe around her toes. Buffy sighed loudly as the warm, scented water engulfed her.

‘This is the life.’

Buffy relaxed listening to the music and smelling the vanilla. She drifted off to sleep with William’s blue eyes on her mind.

“Hey, sweets.”


“Wanna dance?”

“Of course. All we do is dance, William.”

Buffy took his outreached hand and allowed him to sweep her towards the dance floor. All details such as her clothing, his clothing, if people were surrounding them, were blurred. Buffy was aware of only William. He was all she could feel. Only his face came into complete focus.

Buffy let him hold her. His arms weaved around her small form and Buffy felt warm and loved. She hadn’t felt so complete since before her mom was diagnosed with the brain tumor. Buffy rested her head on William’s shoulder, surprised at how well their bodies fit together. They swayed together not following any dance technique. Buffy couldn’t hear any music except the beating of William’s heart.
Annoyance. Panic. Fear.

When William came home early, he was annoyed when her music was loud. He could hear its echo throughout the empty house. He recognized the accented squalling and couldn’t help but feel pride. She was picking up his curses and now his music preferences.

William walked up to the bathroom. “Turn your music down, pet.”

Buffy didn’t answer.

William tried banging on the door. The knob didn’t turn because it was locked.

‘Who locks the door when they’re the only one home?’
His panic turned to fear. ‘Maybe she slipped. That tile can get slippery. Maybe she still can’t hear me. Maybe she…’

It took William two charges before he crashed through the wooden door.

Buffy woke up in her bedroom. She was upset that her dream had ended, however she couldn’t recall what it was about.

‘It had been good though…’

“You’re awake, kitten.”

Buffy was confused. Her last complete thought was being in the tub. She registered that she was clothed in her warmest pajamas and her hair was damp. William was home and he was leaning against her doorframe. “Huh?”

He looked at her scrunched up features and walked into her room, sitting on the edge of her bed. “I found you in the water, blue and pruney skinned. You scared the life out of me, love.” His tone was gentle as he moved a damp blonde strand behind her ear. He knew she wasn’t noticing his shaking fingers. She looked so young in her puppy pajamas and as she looked up at him with wide eyes. The moment reminded him of every love song he had ever heard. ‘Take my breath away,’ ran over and over in his head.

“Oh, sod it all,” he muttered, leaning in and kissing Buffy.

Buffy thought she was going to die. He was moving towards her.

‘Oh. My. God.’

Buffy’s world slowed down, all her dreams were going to come true. William was going to kiss her.

Buffy closed her eyes and waited until she felt his lips.
‘You have got to be kidding me!’

Those were the phrases that pounded through Buffy’s mind, instantly giving her a headache. He had kissed her on the forehead, the kind of kiss a father gives to his daughter. She had sat in a disappointed shock, with her eyes still closed when he had pulled back. When she opened her eyes, she was alone.
Buffy sat on her bed, arms crossed; a pout on her face. She had never wanted something so bad before. He had denied her.

‘This means war.’
‘You bloody coward!’

William splashed cool water on his face, running wet fingers through his bleached locks. He had chickened out.

‘I wanted to kiss her. Hell, I needed to kiss her.’

He couldn’t take advantage of her though. He still didn’t know want had happened in the bathroom. His mind played cruel games with him making him think she was dead as he saved her. She was so blue, almost purple. He was sure he had lost her. Lost her, like he had lost Joyce.

‘Hey, at least I saw her naked.’

William glared at his reflection, disgusted with himself. He placed his fisted hands on each side of the sink for support. Guilt hit him--he’d seen Buffy’s reaction to being kissed, and she looked upset. William hoped she didn’t think he was playing games with her.

‘God, why am I so messed up? I shouldn’t even think about her, what about Joyce? I’m a bad, sick man. I don’t deserve her any way. She needs a normal kid, not a man twice her age. Not a man who planned on marrying her mom. She doesn’t need me. But I’m falling for her. Need to stay away from her. August. Can’t wait ‘til August. A little less than a month, that’s all.’

Buffy broke up with Angel so she could freely seduce her guardian. She had exactly two weeks before their flight back to California. The house Buffy and William were living in was sold and they’d be out of it in a week. After that they’d move in with Giles during their final days in England. Her major plans of attack would happen within the next week, she didn’t want to risk traumatizing Giles in his own home.

Buffy’s first stage of attack was innocence. He’d almost crumbled when he saw her after the bathtub incident. She planned on working her puppy dog eyes and quivering lip.

“William, you up?” Buffy called to him quietly, she had no intention for him to wake. “William,” she whispered, with a musical tone, moving closer to his bed.

‘Oh, God,’ Buffy almost whimpered aloud, ‘he’s breathtaking.’ She’d never seen so much of his pale, porcelain skin before. ‘Mmm, he sleeps naked.’ His chest was bare and a single sheet was draped across his waist and it rode dangerously low.

She looked at his alarm clock, 2:47 a.m., and touched his shoulder, ignoring the feelings that shot through her arm. She gently shook him, calling his name louder than before.

William groaned softly. He rolled over to his side, facing her.

‘Eeek!’ Buffy watched as the sheet revealed more of his backside to her. ‘Come on heart; don’t die on me now…’



William was dreaming. Dream Buffy was straddling him, seconds away from taking him deep inside her. He woke up moaning her name, waiting for Dream Buffy to give him the ride of his life.

William nearly died when he saw Real Buffy standing above him. He took everything in at once -- her shocked face covered by the shadows of the dark room, the sheet that was not covering his ass, and his hard cock that was forming a tent under the sheet.

‘I’m in hell,’ he thought groggily. “Buffy, what the hell are you doing in my bedroom!”

“I--you see--um.”

“Spit it out, now. Throw me my jeans, pet, and turn around.”

Buffy’s brain seemed to stop working. The knowledge of his erection and that he wasn’t wearing anything under his tight jeans was making her head spin.

“Buffy?” William’s tone was demanding an answer.

“I-I wanted to talk to you. I had a nightmare. The bathroom thing brought up memories, I think.” She talked quickly and rambled.

“Buffy.” William sighed her name and ran a hand through his hair. Buffy’s mouth watered at the sight of his curls. He usually tamed his hair with gel. “Come on, love. Let’s take this into the kitchen. I think I have some hot chocolate mix and those little marshmallows.”

“I drowned once, when I was eleven. I was at my friend Xander’s pool party. I went into the deep-end and no one saw me. The last thing I remember was bobbing in the water on my toes. I was considered dead for a minute. Xander saved me. We had a baby-sitting business so he knew CPR.” Buffy looked down at the foamy leftovers of her marshmallows. “Since then I haven’t been a water person. Buffy and water are not mixy things. I rarely take baths; mom wouldn’t let me. If I did, she would make me leave the door open and she’d play watch dog every ten minutes, checking for drowning.” Buffy tried to laugh, but failed. Her plan was failing. She couldn’t look at William without blushing, so she pretended that her, ‘Kiss the Librarian’ mug was fascinating. William hadn’t said much; he had only explained that the mug belonged to his father. He encouraged her to continue on by staying quiet.

“I needed a Me Day, you know? I was going to take a bath for a while, then watch sappy movies. I wasn’t suicidal or anything. I feel asleep in the tub and I woke up in my bed. You know the rest.”

She waited for William’s response to her confessions. He remained silent and got up from his chair. He took her empty mug with his and ran water in them, putting them in the sink.

“Thanks for telling me, love. Now if everything’s okay, I’d like to get more of my beauty sleep.”

Buffy nodded, feeling strange and not liking his tired tone. She quietly pushed in her chair and padded to her bedroom, leaving him alone.
Chapter 3 by facingthesun
Chapter 3

William was sitting outside, smoking, and watching the gray cloudy sky. “It’s gonna rain, love, why are you wearing that?”

“Why do you smoke when it‘s bad for you?” Buffy sat next to him, closing her jacket. His comments about her white halter bothered her slightly. She wanted the opposite to happen. She wanted him hot and bothered by her wardrobe.

“Got any plans, today?”

“Nope, Giles is busy.”

“What about the boyfriend? You could give him a ring.”

“We broke up earlier this week.”

“Oh? We should throw a party then.”

Buffy giggled and hit his arm. “He wasn’t that bad, well, except for all that brooding.”

“A regular Gloomy Gus, was he?” William played along, rubbing his arm.

“Yup, it was always, ‘my pain,’ or ‘my unhappiness.’ Blah. It got really old, really quick.”

“You dumped him, yeah?”

“Of course, do you really have to ask?”

William shrugged in response, relieved that they were on friendly terms after the night before. “Today’s Wednesday, pet. Maybe we could expand Bad TV Night into Bad Movie Day? I hear a new independent cinema popped up across town...”

“That sounds great,” Buffy hopped to her feet. “Let me get my purse!”

Buffy couldn’t seduce him. She didn’t have the guts.

After choosing the sexiest sounding movie title, she insisted on leaving her coat in the car with the intention of showing off her body to William.

Everything backfired. The movie was something comparable to foreign porn and she didn’t feel sexy watching it next to William with her red face and stubborn, hardening nipples.

‘I don’t feel sexy. I feel like a ho.’

William had to readjust himself many times during the movie. More than once his circulation was cut off at his jeans. He paid no attention to the screen; Buffy soaked up all of his attention. He tried to look forward and allowed his peripheral vision to feast on her loveliness.

‘God bless that little shirt.’

He was right at predicting the weather and Buffy was still coatless when the rains began. William offered his jacket to cover up with but she refused, making him upset and confused by her actions. He made sure as they walked through the theater’s lobby that she hugged the popcorn bucket to her chest, hiding her perky breasts from greedy eyes, including his own.

‘She’s mine,’ he growled silently, making a point to glare at every male they came in contact with.

William looked heavenward and rolled his eyes once he realized what they were watching. Buffy looked queasy during the entire ninety minutes. She wiggled in her chair, uncrossing and re-crossing her legs. Each of her movements caused a ripple effect and William felt himself harden at each bounce and shake.

“Damn it, princess, if you don’t put on this jacket, I’ll throw you over my shoulder and drag you to the car.”

In the De Soto, William glared at her. “What the hell was that all about?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking--.”

“Stop.” He raised his hand, quieting her. “Give me my coat. Put yours on and if I see even an inch of white, I don’t know what I’ll do.”

William drove in silence and when they reached the house, Buffy walked to her room and closed the door.

William sat at the kitchen table, still boiling. She was killing him. His body wasn’t under his own control around her. He felt like a horny teenager and feared that he was slipping back into his Spike persona. It took all of his restraint to stop him from mauling Buffy in the car. He wanted her so badly.

‘Fuck, I need a drink.’

Buffy woke up at her usual time. She and William were going to move in with Giles and she was looking forward to it. She walked into the kitchen in her thin tank top and pajama bottoms, not sure if William was home and not caring that her robe was still on her bedroom floor.

“I can see your goodies, kitten.”

Turning with the milk carton in her hand, she was shocked to see William, who was giggling on the floor, behind the kitchen table.

“William, what are you doing down there?” She moved towards him, bending down, not bothering to hide her chest from him. William squealed like a little boy and continued to laugh, pointing at her.

“Holy crap, William. Have you been drinking?”

As he adamantly shook his head no, Buffy stepped away and winced, looking into the kitchen trashcan, which was overflowing with empty booze bottles.

‘This is what Giles warned me about,’ she panicked, putting her hands in her hair.

“Come on, William, let’s, eh, let’s get you in your room.” Feeling awkward, she grabbed his upper arm and struggled to pull him to his feet. “God, you’re heavy.”

“I’m not William, kitten, I’m Spike. I’m a bad, rude man...a bad, sick man.”

“Okay, sorry Spike. Do you think you could help me a little? Can you stay on your feet?” He babbled incoherently, his body remaining limp. “I’ll take that as a ‘no’.”

Buffy had stayed at his side until he passed out, then out of boredom, she decided to watch television.


She frowned at his sad, raw voice and went directly into his room where William was stretched out on the bed. She again covered him in the blanket he had kicked away and sat next to him.

“Joyce,” he whined, shuffling in his sleep.

“William.” She moved to stroke his face, but hesitated, not sure how he’d react.


“Spike. Sorry, I forgot.” Biting her lip, Buffy carefully placed her hand on his back. “Is this ok, Spike?”

“I’m so lost, pet,” William sobbed, his face twisted in pain.

“Tell me about it?” she said, softly, running her fingers down his spine and across his shoulders.

“I love her, Joyce. Don’t hate me, but I do.”

Buffy held her breath and froze.

He moved side to side, demanding her to continue touching him.

“Who? Who do you love, Spike?” Buffy croaked out her questions, closing her eyes as her chin trembled.

“Buffy, pet. I ache for her. I love her.”

Tears ran down her face and her heart swelled. She continued to comfort him until he fell soundly asleep again.

“I think I love you too.”

“Bloody sodding buggering hell!” William ran to the bathroom before he threw up, almost tripping over Buffy, who was sleeping on the floor next to his bed.


“In here, pet, at least what’s left of me.”

“I think I’ll wait until you are done. Do you need anything?”

“Maybe some aspirin, love, and some water.”

“Ok, I’ll be in the kitchen.”

Buffy closed the blinds as William walked in, looking ragged and rubbing his eyes. He sat down and took the pills and downed water that was on the table.

“So, you owe me an explanation.”

William looked down, embarrassed.

“Giles told me about your drinking. Have you been boozing it all along? I defended you, you know? God, I am such an idiot!” Buffy slammed down the water pitcher, making William hiss and grimace.

“Ah, pet, not so loud. Give me a minute.”

“Your minute is up. Talk.” She sat in the chair next to him and grabbed his elbows, forcing him to look at her.

He tried to move back but was still too groggy. “What do you wanna know?”

“Let’s start easy. What happened last night?”

“That’s not easy. Pass, next question.”


“I had to clear my head, alright? You’re driving me bonkers, you know that?”

“Me! You’re telling me it was my fault!”

“Shhh, not so bloody loud, princess.” William pointed to his pounding head. “Of course, it was your fault. You’re gonna be the death of me and you very well know it.” He looked at her and sighed at her grumpy face and crossed arms. “So beautiful,” he mumbled.


“Oh, nothing.”

“William,” she growled.

“Right, right, you bossy bint. I never thought I would care about you so much, Buffy. I knew since you were Joyce’s daughter, you couldn’t be a total bitch, but anyway, yesterday I got pissed because I’m supposed to be your bloody father-figure and I wasn’t exactly thinking of you…in a fatherly way.”


“Yes and I can’t lie, pet, not to you. I think you’re brilliant, charming, so strong…”

Buffy didn’t know what to say as he continued his list. His eyes grew cloudy as he praised her. ‘He really likes me. He loves me…’

“…but I can’t do anything about these feelings. It would be wrong. Sick even.”

“Huh? What?”

“You’re seventeen, love, and I’m near forty and not to mention, I should be your step-dad.”

“But you’re not and my birthday’s next week.”

“Oh, is it? That’s--shit, it doesn’t matter!” He wouldn’t allow himself to enjoy the fact that she would be of legal age in a few days.

“I guess you’re right, we’d be wrong…immoral even,” Buffy said, her stomach doing flips. “Really wrong, uber wrongness there. I’m sorry I drove you to drink. Damn my sinister attractiveness.”

“Now, Buffy I--.”

“No, I totally understand. I make you sick.” She refused to cry in front of him, even though he had broken her heart and hurt her feelings. “I make you bonkers. I’ll have to stop that I guess. I’m so sorry. I...I really didn’t want to make you drink again.”

William looked like she had punched him with her teary eyes and sarcasm. “Buffy, before, I drank because…I don’t know…I was different then.”

“You were Spike then, right? Oh, don’t worry, Giles didn’t tell me your secrets. I saw pictures, but that is beside the point. Last night, you demanded that I call you Spike.”


“I have no idea how mom put up with you! That skanky ho really messed you up, huh Spikey?”

“Buffy, don’t call your mother that!”

“I’d never-I was talking about that girl -- Dru the skanky ho -- you jerk! I can’t talk to you anymore!”

Buffy got up and angrily walked out the front door.

“What? Oh hey, dad. No, I’ve no idea where she is. Yes, I checked there. Yeah, give them a ring for me. I’m worried too. I know. I know, damn it! Fine, I’ll be over tonight.”

“Rough day, blondie?”

William turned off his cell phone and didn’t look at the waitress who hadn’t stopped flirting with him since he sat at the table. “Yeah, can I get the rest of this to-go, pet?”

“Sure, cutie.”

Buffy had been gone for over twenty-four hours and William was a wreck.

“Here you go, sweetie.”

His brow scrunched at the annoying waitress. He squinted until he read her nametag. “Harmony, pet, have you seen a girl around here, she’s about this high, real cute, blonde hair, kinda long, an American like you?”

“Yeah, maybe.” Harmony chewed on her press-on fingernail. “Let me think, mmm… Oh, yeah, I saw a girl like that when I was clubbing last night. Bitsy? Biffy? Anyway, you should so go there sometime, the Bronze is totally hot. Oh! Definitely Betty, right? I saw her outfit on at least three other girls. If you see her, tell her she’s definitely making us Americans look bad. I mean, has she even heard of Gucci, come on. Anyway--.”

“God, love, shut up. Where’s the club? Who was she with?”

“You’re really hot, you know that?”

“I’m old enough to be your father, love.”

“Ewww! Old guys aren’t supposed to be dreamy. Damn, you’re too dreamy.” Harmony stomped her foot and began to pout.

“Tell me where she was.”

He needed to find Buffy. He needed her.

“Eww! Get off!” Buffy woke up to hands trying to unhook her bra. She rolled off the bed, disgusted with Angel. “I told you no boinking!”

“But, Buffy--.”

“Thanks for the place to sleep. I gotta go.” Buffy quickly ran out of Angel’s creepy, dark apartment.

William got the address from a nerdy boy named Andrew, who worked as a janitor at the Bronze. It seemed that Andrew had a crush on Angel and had a second job as Angel’s stalker. William wished the couple success. He was charging up the stairs when he saw her. Buffy’s face was rosy and she was buttoning her shirt as she bounced down the stairs.

‘What did she do? Did she fuck him to get back at me?’ William stopped going up the flight of stairs and waited for her on the ground level. Buffy almost ran through him. “Watch where you’re going, pet, a bloke could get hurt.”

Buffy’s heart was pounding as she watched William drive. She saw a blue vein pop out above his scarred eyebrow.

‘He’s gonna bust. I am so dead. Just look at his face…’ Buffy felt guilt wash over her. ‘He looks so mad that I left him.’

“I met Drusilla when I was at a party; my heart had just been trampled on by Cecily, that bitch.” William shook his head as if remembering suddenly. He never looked at Buffy as he spoke; his eyes were glued on the road. “I was a desperate, bad excuse of a man. A waste of fucking space. But Dru seemed to like me even though I was William the Bloody Awful Poet. No girl before her had given me any attention, not even a crumb. Sure Dru was a little nuts; always talking to her dollies and all, but I was under her spell. I never thought Drusilla would hurt me. We were going to be together forever, you see. All was good until I found her fucking some wanker in our bed. Damn, was he a disgusting, slimy bloke. I loved her so much. I took her back, of course, because I didn’t want to be lonely again. Ha! Sometimes I wish she would’ve just chopped off my head to stop the pain, but no, she continued to cheat and lie. She’d always say I made her feel… whatever the bloody hell that meant - I bought it, nevertheless… Hell, I let her use me and I was aware of it. I started drinking then. It dulled the pain; it dulled my heart. One night I came home drunk and she told me she wasn’t in the mood.”

Buffy noticed she had no idea where he was taking her. She doubted that he knew either. His eyes were full of tears.

“I forced myself on her. I would’ve taken her on the bloody bathroom floor. I would’ve raped her but somehow I snapped out of my daze. But, fuck, Dru looked so scared. I’d terrified her. I couldn’t face her or my shame so, I ran like a ponce, to dad. Back home. I was intent on living alone and dying alone, until I met Joyce. She never knew, you know? I never told her I was a bad man; that I was practically a rapist, and now I can add pedophile to the fucking list. She would have been proud.”

William suddenly pulled off the road, stopping the car. For the first time he looked at Buffy, his eyes heartbreaking and embarrassed. “Now you know all about me, pet. You are gonna leave me, aren’t you?”

Buffy moved quickly, unhooking her seatbelt and shifting towards him until he was in her arms. She sighed in relief as he accepted her embrace.

William sobbed, holding her tightly.
Don’t leave me.


“William, it’s getting late. Where are we?” she whispered, running her fingers through his hair.

He slowly opened his puffy eyes and then shut them tightly, refusing to move his head and enjoying the pillow her chest made for him.

‘Buffy’s chest,’ he thought and snuggled closer, ‘Mmm, chest of Buffy.’


“Just a few more minutes, kitten. I’m basking here.” He was stretched out along the bench seat, laying on his side, between her legs, and his head buried in her cleavage.

‘This is like the best dream ever, even better than Manchester United winning the cup…’ William slowly moved his arm from his side and found the hand closest to him and curled it to his lips, placing kisses on every other of her knuckles. When he ran out of knuckles, he moved to her thumb. Buffy let out a tiny moan as he sucked and nibbled on the finger.

William was delighted to hear her response to his actions. Shifting downwards so he could rest his head on her thigh, he made an exaggerated inhale, “You smell so sweet, my Buffy.”

Buffy felt another rush between her legs and unseen muscles involuntarily clenched. She closed her eyes. ‘His Buffy. God, don’t let me die.’

He drew on her skin, making circles and patterns while brushing against her lightly. Then he lifted his head and shifted his body until he was given better access to the fabric of her shorts. Buffy moaned again as he slid a finger under them, traveling along the hem.

He looked up, a smirk on his face. Buffy’s eyes widened at the sight of his dilated, lust-filled eyes. She nodded, chewing on her lower lip and grabbing onto the leather seat. Going down once again, he pushed up her pant leg to expose another inch of golden skin. He licked a line up her thigh and close to where her underwear was resting. He kissed and playfully bit her leg, causing Buffy to squirm in anticipation. With shaking fingers, he unbuttoned her shorts and once he was about to pull down the zipper, the sound of sirens halted his actions.

William sat and anticipated the police officer’s arrival. ‘Good timing, mate.’

He manually rolled down the window, taking off his jacket and resting it in his lap. “Is there a problem officer?”

“I was going to ask you the same question, sir. Is there a reason why you’re parked in the center medians?”

“Center median?”

“It's not very safe.”

“I understand, you see my, ah, daughter and I were just out for a drive and I got sleepy you see-.”

“I’m not his daughter,” Buffy said, angrily, her body language screamed her unhappiness. “He’s my legal guardian. My mom died not too long ago.”

“I'm so sorry to hear about that. You poor little thing.”

“We were just getting ready to leave, weren’t we, pet?”


“That’s good. Have a nice evening.”

“Sodding Rent-a Cop,” William mumbled as he pulled the car onto the road. “Where the hell are we?”

William drove in unknown territory and wondered if there was a casual way that he could release the pressure that threatening to bust the zipper of his jeans. He took a sideways glance at Buffy and frowned from guilt.

“Buffy, we need to talk.”

“Do we?”

“Yeah, we do, about back there…I’m sorry.”

“That’s good to know, that you’re sorry. William, you jumped away from me like you were caught cheating with a hooker or something. Then you call me your daughter. Your daughter!”

“Well, what was I supposed to say? 'Yes, officer you see, I was just seconds away from fingering and orally pleasing my wife’s underage daughter. Yeah, you really coulda had a great show. My wife? She doesn’t mind. Why? She passed on a few months ago.'”

“Shut up.”


“You regret it, don’t you?”


“Oh, well...good.”
“We're here, pet." Buffy opened her eyes to see the gaudy neon lights. “We’ll stay here just for tonight, love and then we’ll be off to dad’s in the morning.”

Buffy didn’t say a word.

“What a shithole!” William announced over Buffy’s squeals.

“Oh, there’s another one!” The first bug had broken Buffy’s silence. Now she was standing on an unsteady wooden chair, screaming and pointing at each bug she saw.

“When was I deemed the bloody exterminator?” William squished another large black bug under his boot.

“You’re the Big Bad, remember?”

“Sure, goldilocks, you just stay on your chair and the Big Bad will protect you from the demon buggies.”

She rolled her eyes. “Goldilocks now? God, how do you keep on coming up with all those nicknames, I mean--ew! Ew! Over there!”

“Sod sleep. We’re leaving.”

It was music to Buffy’s ears, she practically ran to the De Soto. "Thank God."

“Do you drive, love?” William said as he buckled his seatbelt. The mood was lighter and his voice was raspy due to the fact that he had spent the last hour laughing at Buffy. He fell more in love with her each time she yelled and squirmed, scared to death because of a few bugs.

“Define drive. If you mean hit everything in sight with the aid of heavy machinery, sure I drive.”

“Remind me to never let you borrow my car, okay, love?”

“Okay,” she answered, smiling.

Buffy was determined not to fall asleep because she knew William was struggling to stay awake. “Wanna play a game?”

“What kind of game?”

“How about Either Or?”


“I give you two choices, like…um, macaroni and cheese or wheels and cheese. All you do is say which one you like better.”

He nodded, “Sounds easy enough.”

“Ok, we will take turns asking. Me first. The Beatles or The Sex Pistols?”

William frowned. “What kind of question is that? How could anyone choose between Lennon/McCartney and Johnny Rotten? I have no idea…”

Buffy’s giggles filled the car. “I’ve never seen someone use so much concentration during this game! You’re so, so predictable.”

“I don’t wanna play anymore.”


“Nope, I’m not gonna let you trick me into dissing one of the two greatest bands of all time. Nice try, kitten. I’m not playing.”


William felt his pants grow uncomfortable again as she crossed her arms and stuck out her lower lip.

Buffy. Buffy. Buffy. Mine.
Chapter 4 by facingthesun
Chapter 4

“Buffy! Thank the lord!” She was attacked by Giles and pulled into his crushing embrace. “You never called, William, and your phone was not picking up.”

“Sorry, dad. I had the thing turned off. We lost track of time...”

“You both look awful! Have you been out all night?” Giles ignored son’s weak explanations and paid attention to Buffy. “Where were you? You scared us so much, young lady.”

“Giles, I’ll tell you but back up little. Can’t breathe.”

“Oh, sorry. Explain.”

Buffy paused, realizing how very similar Rupert and his son was. “I stayed with a friend…”

William made a grunting noise, walking away and into the back of the house.

‘What’s his deal now,’ Buffy wondered.

William grabbed the nearest box of snack food and sat in front of the television, suddenly not so tired.

‘I wonder if dad even knows how to turn this bugger on?’ He brushed dust from the buttons of the TV remote.

‘I don’t wanna get mad at her,’ he thought, shaking his leg and trying to get his mind off of Buffy and her stay with her ex boyfriend.

He watched flipped through the channels until he felt her presence behind him.

“You can take off your grumpy jealous pants now.” Buffy’s eyes widened, “Damn, me and my way with words--you know what I meant, nothing happened with Angel.”

“Sure, nothing did. You always come out of a bloke’s apartment buttoning your blouse.”

Buffy kept her distance, staying behind the couch. He had never turned to face her so she was glaring holes into the back of his head. “Grow up, Spikey. He tried to feel me up and I left. That’s all that happened.”

“That wanker! He--.” Furious, William turned to address Buffy but she was gone. William turned back to the TV and sighed when he heard her bedroom door close.


“So, what are you getting Buffy for her birthday?”

“Dad, she’s in the shower. I don’t think you need to whisper.”

“Ah, see, you don’t know about the ears of a teenage girl, unstoppable they are. So?”

“I haven’t the foggiest.”

“You only have two days.”

“I know, I know. You’ve reminded me hourly. You know, dad, I think you’re more excited than she is.”

“Eighteen is an important age, William.”

‘Don’t I know it? She’ll be an adult and then one of my biggest excuses for not shagging her to death will go right out the bloody window.’
“Hey, didn’t I just see you making tea? God, Giles you’re a tea making machine.”

“Well if that was a compliment, thank you.”

“Take it any way you’d like,” Buffy said, grinning widely.

“You’re in an awfully good mood. Tea?”

“Birthday happiness.” She looked down, noticing lint on her shirt. She brushed it away. “Giles after these past few months, I never want to see tea ever again. I shall deem myself tea free.”


Buffy grinned, loving how Giles made faces in reaction to the way she spoke and played with words. “My, what pretty tea cups you have.”

“They’re quite lovely aren’t they?” Giles sat next to her and tipped his cup to admire it. A half grin appeared on his face, “They belonged to William’s mother.”

“Oh?” Buffy hadn’t heard any mention of William’s mother and wasn’t sure if the subject was open to her. “Can you tell me about her? I am missing mom so much lately, especially with my birthday and all.”

“Of course.”

“Dad, why are you still here? I thought the opening was at six?”

William was home from his last day of work in England and Buffy searched his face for emotion, as they’d never talked about how he felt about the move. He just looked tired as he set down the bag that held his laptop. She bit her lip watching as he ran his fingers through his hair. He’d bleached it the day before and Buffy had peeked as he walked into the bathroom with a towel around his shoulders and with hands full of Sweet ‘n’ Low.

She stared, in a daze, checking him out from head to toe. He was wearing a purple tie and she silently decided it was her new favorite color. She had rarely seen him is his work clothes; on a typical day he would nearly run past her to change in his room.
‘God, don’t let me drool.’ She held her breath as he wiggled out of his casual suit coat and hung it in the nearest closet.

‘Hell, his ass even looks good in loose pants too.’

“…must go, Buffy. I’ll be back later this evening,” Giles said, touching her shoulder


Giles laughed and called out to William as he walked out of the house, “Take care of her, son.”

“I’m gonna wash up, pet,” William said, wanting to get away from her hungry stare.


He chuckled as he retreated to his bedroom.

William looked down when he was safely behind his closed door and rolled his eyes at the sight of his tented pants.

‘And that, mate, is why you can’t be seen around her wearing trousers.’

‘I have no shame.’

Buffy pressed her ear to the bathroom door, gasping and radiating with pride each time she heard William moan her name over the sound of the running shower.

Buffy lay on her back, staring at the ceiling of her bedroom.

‘I have to leave here soon.’

Buffy’s eyes filled with tears thinking of how much she’d miss Giles, the shopping, and the English weather.

‘I’ll miss living with William, so, so, much.’

She had a roommate and dorm waiting for her at UC Sunnydale.

‘What can I say? I’m so sorry. I can’t live on campus. Why? Because I am hopelessly in love with my dead mother’s fiancée... I want to live with him and bear many of his children. Yeah, I know, it’s icky, immoral, and just plain bad.’

Legally she was free because it was her birthday. She was an adult now and no longer required a guardian.

Buffy knew William wouldn’t leave her completely. ‘I have no job. I can’t drive. He won’t leave me, he can’t. I need him. He loves me.’

“…Happy Birthday, dear Buffy—William, I can’t hear you—Happy Birthday to you!” Giles clapped his hands, grinning ear to ear, wearing a pointy birthday hat.

“Thank you, Giles, you’re really sweet,” Buffy said, kissing him on the cheek.

‘Not fair. I want one, too,’ William pouted.

“Oh, Giles. It’s beautiful,” Buffy cooed, hugging the fuzzy red sweater.

‘Bloody sweater. Sod it all,’ William rolled his eyes, ‘I’m sitting here, jealous of a bloody piece of fabric. The fabric that will surround her, encase her vanilla scented skin...’

“This is from William…”

Buffy’s heart raced as she was handled the pale pink bag.

‘Pretty bag.’ She peered inside and pulled out the jewelry box. Her eyes filled with tears, recognizing it as her mother’s. The box had been hand painted and constructed by Joyce during her college years. It was the piece of work that had received the most praise from her professors, pushing Joyce to declare art as her major.
“Open it,” William softly urged.

“I…I don’t know what to say,” she whispered, touching the necklace that was tucked inside. “Wow, William.”

“Here, love, let’s see how it looks on you.” He moved until he was behind her and she lifted her blonde hair out of the way as he fastened the chain.

Buffy took a deep breath and walked towards the mirror. ‘The jewelry box was from mom,’ she thought, ‘the necklace was from William.’

Turning, she looked at him, her eyes shining. “I love it.” She hoped that her words would also reveal how much she loved him as well.

When William looked away embarrassed, she pounced on him, holding him in a tight hug, not caring that Giles was still in the room. “Love it so much.”

Giles cleared his voice a few times, took off his party hat and tapped on William’s shoulder. “William?”

Minutes later the couple separated, with Buffy wiping her eyes and announcing that she was going to bed early. Saying thank you again, she scooped up her gifts and walked out of sight.

“Night, dad. I think I’m gonna call it a day too.”



“I know that it’s a cliché but I think that Joyce would understand.” He paused to take off his glasses. “But hurt that girl, son...”

William nodded.

Buffy lay in bed and twisted to reach underneath the mattress, retrieving her nightly reading material. She had stolen the book from one of Giles’ many shelves and hidden it under her shirt like a five year old. She wanted the book because it reminded her of William, but she was too embarrassed to ask Giles if she could borrow it.

‘I am such a dweeb—the biggest, hell, the queen even. Just call me Buffy, Queen of Dweebonia.’

She snuggled in her covers and began reading where she had last stopped in the book of poetry.

William was up early because of his bladder.

‘This is what happens every time dad forces all that fizzy drink in me,’ he grumbled, not happy about having to leave his warm bed.
He had slept soundly, at ease because of Rupert’s words. William was happy to know that his father didn’t think his feelings for Buffy were sick.

‘That’s if I ever grow the balls to do anything about my feelings.’

William walked out of the bathroom and glanced at Buffy’s closed bedroom door. Her light was on.

‘Maybe she fell asleep with the lights on…’ William was standing in the hallway, facing her door, when it opened.

“Eep!” Buffy moved quickly to close her robe because her tank top was see-through.

“Sorry, love—eh—I was coming out of the bathroom and--.”

“It’s too early for me to care,” she pointed at her barely opened eyes and messed up hair. “See, I’m sleeping even as we speak.” Walking over to him, she moved her hands, shooing him away. “I need to pee.”

Buffy rested her forehead on the closed bathroom door. ‘Well, it’s good to know that looking good in the morning isn’t just a myth.’ She cringed at her own reflection. ‘Great, now I’m wide-awake.’ She opened the door and peeked out, seeing that William had disappeared and that the door to his room was still open.

‘Smoke break,’ she thought, smiling because she knew him so well.

Buffy giggled behind her hand.

“I’ve never had a dream come true, ‘till the day that I found you. Blah-ity blah bla bla bla bl-a. You’ll always be, my baby.” William stopped singing and hummed more lines of the song, deep in thought while he watched the cigarette burn as he rolled it between his fingers.

“I knew it! You are so into S Club 7!”

William turned around quickly, burning himself in the process. “Bloody hell! If you breathe a word of this to anyone I’ll--.”

“Sing again?” Buffy laughed, sitting down next to him on the porch as he sucked on his burnt finger.

“Ha, bloody ha. You’d better watch it, princess, or I’ll--.”

“Oh, oh, I know pick me! You’ll threaten to rip out my intestines and then wear them as a hat. I’m so shaking in my booties.”

“That’s right,” he said, smirking.

“And you said I make you bonkers. I think you come to it naturally, Spikey.” Giggling, she patted his wild hair.

“Bite me, pet.”

“In your dreams.”

William’s voice dropped, “True, each and every night.” At her silence, William cursed himself. “May the awkwardness begin...So sorry, love.”

“It’s okay, I’m getting used to it,” Buffy said, shrugging.

“Oh, is that so?”

“Yup,” she exaggerated the ended making her mouth pop. “Sometimes I wish we’d just stop this. It’s gets annoying because we are always dancing around each other. I want you. You want me. I think we could be really happy together, and when I think that we’re being denied a happy ending, it sucks. A lot.”


“Don’t interrupt me, mister. Anyway, but I think without this,” she wiggled her pointer finger between them, “life would be boring, you know?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“So we live on unhealthy amounts of unresolved sexual tension and awkward moments until one of us explodes, right?”

“That sounds like the plan.”

“Ok, then, I bet you that I’ll last longer than you.”

“You think you can resist my insanely good looks and charm?”

“God, conceited much?”

“You’re on, princess,” he chuckled, amused. “What does the winner get?”

“Oh, I don’t know. We’ll decide when we have to, when you cave into my insanely good looks and charm, okay?”

I guess I won.


“You’re still whining over that finger?”

“Yup, it’s a second degree burn.”

“Yeah, sure it is. Let me see.” Buffy carefully held his hand and cooed, “Poor baby, I’ll kiss it and make it all better.”

William held his breath, allowing his head to recall Buffy Fantasy Number 76, one of his favorites, involving Nurse Buffy and lots of boo boos that needed kisses.

“There, better?” She placed a tiny kiss on his red finger. The small contact with her lips left him hard and speechless. “William, do you know how to cook?”


“I’m so gonna win,” she smiled. “Cook, you know, mix together ingredients and stuff to make yummy edibles?”

“Got ya, pet. Yeah, I know my way around a kitchen.”

“Good, come on, let’s make breakfast. Buffy needs pancakes.”

Giles woke up to two distinct peals of laughter. “What are you doing to my kitchen?” He yelled.


“Giles, it was all his fault.” Buffy was covered in flour and other various baking ingredients.

William pointed a dirty finger at her. “Is not! She--.”

“I don’t want to hear it. Clean this up. Now.”

Giles walked back to his room mumbling about ‘bloody children’ under his breath and growing more disgusted as their laughter continued.

“I don’t see why we have to pack already.”

“Buffy, we’re leaving tomorrow.”

“I know.”

“Now, pet, we can always come back, yeah? For holidays and whatnot.”


William didn’t want to leave either but he was moving for her. “Love, can you help me with the boxes in my room?”


“Bye, Giles.”

Rupert’s eyes twinkled as he hugged Buffy and whispered in her ear, “Visit anytime, dear. Take care of our William and make sure he’s well-behaved.”

Buffy nodded in response, pulling back from their embrace.

William was waiting for her in the taxi. She got into the car and waved until Giles was out of sight.

“So William, Wheetabix or those fried onion thingies?”

“Whatcha reading?” Buffy leaned over, taking off her headphones, disappointed by the flight’s choice of movie.

“A book.”

“Oh really?” She giggled as William tried to move out of her reach. “Let me see.”


“Please? Why are you hiding it? Did you buy one of those seedy romances at the airport?”

“No! Keep it down, people are looking.”

The plane was not completely full and they had the row of seats to themselves. Buffy sipped on her drink, patiently waiting for him to talk about his reading material.

“It’s one of my bloody books, alright?”

“Yours? What’s it about?”

“It’s poetry.”

“Read it to me.”

“Since when are you into poetry, princess?”

“I like poetry, just not writing it. Way too personal. Read.”


“No excuses allowed, mister. Just read quietly,” she whispered, folding up the armrest that separated them. She moved closer to his side and rested her head on his shoulder.

“Your wish is my command.” He cleared his throat and started on the first page.” Effulgent….”

“Where are we gonna stay?”

“I talked with Red and she said we can crash at her place for a few. It’ll be cozy though and I’ll probably get the couch.”

Buffy didn’t respond, knowing it would be inappropriate for her to offer him her bed, especially with her in it. “Are you going to get a new car soon since we had to ditch the De Soto?”

“What are your thoughts on a motorbike, pet?”

“Eww, too dangerous.” Buffy recalled her ex-boyfriend’s motorcycle. He’d used the bike and its close seating arrangements as an excuse for constant touching and groping. At the time it had been nice, but just thinking about sitting, arms around William’s muscular body, on an overgrown vibrating machine was just too much. “Way too dangerous. I’ll miss the De Soto.”

William tried to hide his smirk; she had hated his car so much when she first laid eyes on it. “Yeah, we had some good times.”

Buffy suddenly looked out the window, very interested in the bottle-necked California traffic. Her face glowed with a blush, “Yeah, great times.”

“Should we have called first? It doesn’t look like she’s home.” Buffy and William tiredly looked at Willow’s dark house, weighed down with luggage.

“Not to worry, love, I’ve a key.”

“Mmm, Oz, lower, baby.”

“Eeek!” Buffy dropped her bags. William did the same, covering Buffy’s eyes with his hands and pulling her into his chest.


“Oh my God! Oh my God! Wait a minute! I’m so sorry!”

Buffy and William were fused together, waiting for the sound of shuffling clothing to end. “Take your time, Willow,” William urged softly.

“Ah, you can open your eyes, now, all dressed. God, I’m so embarrassed.”

“Red, Nice to, er, see you again.”
Chapter 5 by facingthesun
Chapter 5

Willow welcomed back them back, her face the color of her flaming red hair. Her lover had been very quiet and only nodded a few times before leaving. Buffy had also excused herself shortly after, claiming to be sleepy.

“I’ve traumatized her!” Willow squeaked.

“Somehow I think she’s seen worse, Red, but I bet she’ll never sit in that chair ever again—hell, neither will I. ”

“Well, I know that I’m traumatized. Kill me now please.”

“Nope, you’re not taking the easy way out. Tell me about him.”

“His name is Oz.”

“Oz, huh? So, he’s the little man behind that bloody curtain?”

“He’s not that short,” Willow insisted, blushing. “He’s in a band. Lead guitar.”

He smirked hearing her sight dreamily. “That explains the blue hair and black nails. Where’d you find him?”

“At work.”

“He sounds like a keeper,” William chuckled.

“Oh, I know you’ve got that stupid musician theory, but he’s different.”

“Hey, ‘players only love you when they’re playing.’”

“Bah, if you don’t be nice, you’re going to have to put on your own sheets.” She pouted, tucking in blankets making his makeshift bed out of the sofa.

“Red, I thought you know?”

“Kinda gay? Yeah, there’s been a slight change in that theory.”

“I see. Well as long as you’re happy, pet.”

“I am.”

“It least one of us is getting some.”

“Ah poor Will.”

“I know.”

“Well on the brighter side, the house sold last week.”

“Oh that’s great. I wasn’t ready to sell another fucking house.”

Willow had been left in charge of the house on Revello Drive. Neither Buffy nor William wanted to keep the house where Joyce had taken her final breaths. All of the Summers’ belongings had been packed by movers and put into storage. “I made a list of places you can check out too.”

He started his new job in a few weeks. His company had been very understanding about his situation and transferred him to the Los Angeles branch. It would only be an hour drive without traffic to Sunndydale and to Buffy. He wanted to stay as close to her as possible and be there when she needed him. “Thanks, pet. You’re a lifesaver.”

“I know. Goodnight.” Willow kissed the top of his head before leaving the living room.

Buffy came out of her room and inhaled deeply. “Mmmm, cookies.”

“Hi, Buffy, I made you some, ‘I’m so sorry that you saw me naked and doing nasty things, please forgive me,’ cookies. Want one?”

“No, I want two.” She sat at the kitchen table and hummed. “Everyday should start with cookies…I forgive you, Willow, but God, keep that funny business in your bedroom, okay? I’m so afraid to sit down on any of your furniture.”

Willow blushed.

“Willow, why are you looking like that—eww! I eat on this table!”

“What are your plans for today?”

Buffy was sprawled out on Willow’s sofa, staring out into space.

“I didn’t know. Willow mentioned if I got too bored I could go to work with her. Somehow I doubt I’ll ever get that bored.”

“Do you wanna look at the things in storage with me?”

“Storage? Have you decided on a house?”

“Not telling.”

“Spikey’s keeping secrets.”

“Yup. You coming?”

“Of course.”

"You have a ton of junk."

"It's not junk." Buffy opened a box and closed it quickly. "Okay, now this is junk.”

"What's in there?" He smirked, trying to look in the box. “You poked in my things, it’s only fair, love.”

“Alright,” she grumbled, crossing her arms. “I wanted to be an ice skater when I was little.”

William picked through the glittery costumes and smiled at the photo albums of Buffy on the ice. “Is this a big secret, you wanting to be a mini Tonya Harding?”

“I don’t tell people now and if they know for some reason, I say that they’re talking about some other Buffy.”

“I heard stories about a certain Buffy...she who had so many trophies and such that her mom feared the shelf in her room would bust.”

“Mom said that?”

“Oh yeah, I know more than you’d think. I know Joyce thought the world of you, even if you frustrated her and weren’t exactly the perfect daughter all the time.” He moved to a new box and ripped off the tape. “She talked about you a lot. I couldn’t shut her up when you got on the honor roll for the first time, it was last year, yeah?”

“Second semester, junior year.”

“Did she tell you about me?”

“ be honest, I didn’t listen much. I’d gag after she said most of the things about you.”

“I guess that’s understandable,” he chuckled, shaking his head. “I was the same way when dad tried to date.”

“I wish I would’ve listened, I like learning about”

“I like learning about you too, kitten.”

“I feel like I’m bugging you, since I’m around you all the time.”

William gave Buffy a sideways glance as she busied her hands. “I enjoy your company, Buffy. But if you have better things to do...”

“I don’t—I mean I like helping you look for a car and a house...I just want to make sure that you don’t mind. I don’t want to crowd you, you know?”

He struggled not to laugh, thinking it would be impossible for her to get too close or to be around him too much. “I’m dreading tomorrow, pet. What am I going to do when you’re playing at the university?”

There was a silence and then Buffy whispered, “I’ll miss you when I’m at the dorms, not just tomorrow, but everyday when I’m at school.”


“Just say you’ll miss me too and I’ll be happy.”

“You know I’ll miss you.”

“You nervous, pet?”


“Come here.”

William hugged Buffy tightly on the morning of her orientation to college. All the freshmen were corralled together and forced to stay in the tiniest dorms overnight. She had never been to the UC Sunnydale campus, except for once on a kindergarten school field trip. All she heard were college horror stories of never finding high school friends, living on nothing but pizza, gaining at least ten pounds, and of evil, unreasonable professors.

“You’ll be great, sweets. You’ll probably just get the campus tour and set up your schedule, that’s all. It’ll be painless.” He comforted her, running his fingers through her hair and inhaling the scent of her shampoo. ‘She smells like sugar cookies. Want to eat her up.’

“Thanks.” She mumbled, pressed against his chest. “I should go, I must look like such a baby.”

“No, you look beautiful.” He spiraled a lock of her hair between two of his fingers. “Stunning...”

“So do you,” she smiled shyly and kissed his cheek.

“Ah, pet, here I’m trying to make you happy and you end up turning the tables on me. Now run along, I’ll get you tomorrow.” William watched until she was out of sight and then walked away with a bounce in his step.

‘She kissed me.’

“Hey, you dropped your stake.” Buffy’s victim rubbed where the pencil she’d been carrying had stabbed his hand.


“Hey, Buffster, long time, no see.”

“…so I said, a caveman would so kick the ass of any wussy astronaut.”

Buffy just looked at Xander and smiled. She loved Xander and he’d been her best friend since they started school.

“What? Do I have ketchup on my face again?” Xander asked, his mouth full of food.

“Nope, I just really missed you, Xand.”

“And I missed you. How was the Mother Country?”

“Good. You know, rain and tea.”

“How was what’s-his-face? Do you still want me to beat him up for you?”


“The dreaded Captain Peroxide?”

“Oh, William... He was good, very good. We actually got along, believe it or not.”

“Cool. Have you picked your classes yet?” He pulled out the class listing and flipped through its pages. “We should take a class together like, oh, ‘Comic Books and the Human Mind,’ or maybe...”



“Hi, love. You miss me?”


“So what’re you up to? It’s kind of late.”

“Can’t sleep. The beds are lumpy—make sure I bring my own mattress—the bathroom is big but the shower is icky and my roomies are loud.”

William laughed, “Is that so?”

“Oh, but I’ve a great schedule. I only go on Tuesdays and Thursdays—oh, and Xander’s here too.”

“Xander, he’s…?”

“My best friend, you know—Life Saving Boy?”

“That’s great, pet, that you have someone to talk to.”

“Miss me?”

“Every second and you know it.”

“Aw, my job’s complete then.”

“It is now?” he chuckled.

“Well I should let you sleep. You have a comfy bed and you should use it. Say hi to Willow for me, okay?”

“Okay, goodnight, kitten.”

“Goodnight, William.”

Buffy swooned, “He misses me.”

‘ Kitten,’ she died each time he called her that. ‘I miss him and it’s only been fifteen hours.’ She lay on the hard bed and thin pillow, feeling lonely.

‘Oh, my, God! I kissed him today!’ Buffy’s nerves made her forget about the kiss. ‘Sure it was tiny;’ she reasoned, ‘but it involved my lips and William’s skin. He was so sweet trying to make me feel better. I couldn’t resist. It was a nice kiss, a friendly kiss. But he didn’t push me away. A kiss is just a kiss—but I think really kissing William will definitely be a lot more.’

William was early because he wanted to see Buffy and take her home. He bought and signed the last of the paperwork for his new place and was excited to finally show it to her. It was in a nice neighborhood between Sunnydale and Los Angeles with a pool and huge backyard surrounded by tall shade trees. He knew Buffy would love it.

She was laughing with a dark-haired girl when he saw her. ‘That bird doesn’t look good enough to talk to my Buffy,’ William thought, taking in the girl’s scantly dressed form and flirty strut.

‘I know those types, the kind of girls that think they’re God’s gift—sod that. I’d rather have the kind of girl that needs to be told that she’s beautiful, the kind of girl that makes even the simplest task look sexy...a girl like my Buffy.’

He smiled seeing Buffy wearing his birthday gift. To him, it meant that she was thinking of him and willing to show around her neck a symbol that she belonged to him. He was standing, propped up one leg and smoking when she saw him.

“Hey, Buffy, you know that guy? He’s totally checking you out. He looks like he’d be a wild ride, you should introduce me.”

“Ah, no, I don’t know him,” Buffy tried to gave William a little smile as she ushered Faith away.

“That’s great. I can have him all to myself.”

“Faith!” Buffy grabbed her shirt, pulling her back. ‘What a skanky ho.’ Faith had gone to many different high schools throughout California. She was a feisty girl who went after what she wanted. ‘Want. Take. Have,’ Faith said over and over.

“What’s the beef, B?”

“N-nothing, we need to go, we’ll be late.”


“Please, Faith?”

“Fine, fine, keep your pants on, girlfriend.”

Buffy breathed a sigh of relief as she steered her horny friend from William.

‘He’s mine.’

William couldn’t help but be hurt. Buffy had ignored him. He thought he’d seen her smile in his direction but dismissed it as wishful thinking, believing he was seeing things.

‘She snubbed me,’ he thought, ‘Guess I’m not good enough to meet her friends.’

His feelings were still smarting when he stood with the other parents at the official pickup time. He watched, seeing how happy Buffy looked as she said her goodbyes to the dark-haired girl and a guy he had never seen before. She gave the boy a longer hug and a kiss on the cheek, making William have to force back his growl. He was upset but his jealousy was still fully intact.

‘She’s mine.’

Buffy bounced over to greet William, a huge grin on her face. “Hey! I can’t wait to leave! I’ve--.”

“Let me get that.”

“O-okay,” she said, disappointed that William didn’t seem happy to see her. “Aren’t you at least going to say hi to me?”

“Hi, pet.”

She got into the passenger seat of the car and frowned. ‘Did I say something wrong? Why’s he so upset? I missed him so much. All I wanted to do was hug him and hear his voice again and now he won’t even talk to me.’

Buffy was deep in her thoughts and didn’t pay attention to where he was taking her. She was more concerned with forcing her tears to say back. William stopped the car in front of a Spanish style house. It had a tiled roof and a little courtyard surrounding the front door.

“Where are we?”

“My new house.”

“Oh,” she said, a tear sliding from her eye. ‘Not our house, his.’

“There are two bedrooms, a master, and a bathroom on each level…”

Buffy continued to pout. ‘He gets the master bedroom—that means no sharing a bathroom like we did at Giles’ house.’

“…office and studio upstairs--.”


“Yeah, I paint sometimes. Anyways, I want to keep the room empty, a clear space. I’ve already hung some of Joyce’s paintings up there.”

“That sounds nice.”

“It is. There’s a pool out back and a big yard.”

Buffy just nodded and responded equally to his cold descriptions of the house. ‘Good thing he isn’t in real estate.’

“You can have this room.”

She peered inside the empty space. It was on the ground floor, on the opposite side of the master bedroom. ‘He wants to stay away from me.’

Her belongings that she had kept with Willow were on the floor. ‘I guess I’m not staying with Willow anymore. I should be happy; we’ll be alone again.’

Buffy tried to smile but it was too hard.

William walked outside to smoke, leaving Buffy alone.

She took a closer look at his decorating skills. She loved the house, especially the Spanish floral patterns of the tile that lined the pool.

‘A pool!’ she would’ve screamed if she weren’t so upset. Buffy wasn’t in the mood to show William that she adored the house and his decorating. He had done very well. The house had a nice mixture of leather and softer fabrics, black and bright colors, metal accents and rich wooden highlights. The house didn’t look like a bachelor’s pad. Looking around her she inferred that William had decorated and chosen the house with someone else’s needs in the back of his mind.

Buffy would’ve sworn it was her and only her, but after today, she wasn’t so sure.

“I move in on the 19th. Yeah, I know it’s late. You’d think we’d get more than just a weekend to get settled. I know, Xand, great injustice is afoot.” Buffy laughed and changed her position in her new favorite chair. “I miss that. I demand more Snoopy dancing. Good times, good times. Tomorrow, sure I have nothing better to do…”

William stood in the hallway, watching her. They hadn’t really been on good speaking terms since orientation.

‘Buffy’s doing well without me,’ he thought, ‘always on the phone with that Xander.’

William was managing by locking himself in his office all day. When he ventured out of his hiding place he’d avoid her and watch her from afar. Watching, knowing he would never have her.

‘I was a fool that morning, thinking a peck on the cheek meant something...’

Buffy’s sadness turned to anger quickly. She was lost and confused and she didn’t like the feeling. Every time she saw him watching her from the shadows she wanted to hit him and then kiss him. The stalker role was strange but still oddly appealing.

“Just because he’s an idiot, doesn’t mean I don’t still love him, ”Buffy smiled wickedly as she dressed in her new bedroom. “Take this William, I dare you.”


William was channel surfing, finding nothing worthy to watch. ‘Need cable. Oh, or maybe a satellite; I heard they have so many bloody channels that--.’ His thoughts were smashed to pieces by Buffy as she strolled into the backyard.


William’s pants were uncomfortable and he had only seen a few minutes of her in the bathing suit. He didn’t know where to focus his eyes, on her full chest, her legs that seemed to have grown overnight, or on her muscled behind that enticed him with its movements.


Just walking through the house had made Buffy’s knees weak. She imagined what she was doing to him and the bulge that was probably growing under William’s jeans.

‘I’m bad. Go me.’

William sat, his head resting in his hand. He looked at the door to the backyard for minutes, the afternoon sun blinding him.

‘Hey, I’m the Big Bad. I’ve been broody and pathetic—hell, she wants to parade around in near nothing, I should take advantage of her charity.’

William got up and proudly adjusted his pants. “Now where did I put my swimming trunks?”

Buffy was lying on her bright pink inflatable lounge chair, eyed closed, when she felt ripples in the water.

“What do you want?” She demanded, never opening her eyes.


“Huh?” Before Buffy could take in his bluntness, she was tipped out of her chair. “William! You, you--.”

He scooped her up in his arms with one arm under her knees and the other cradled her shoulders and keeping her above the water. “Shhh, settle down, pet, I’m not gonna drop you.”

She stopped struggling, looking up. “William?” Her mouth went dry realizing she was pushed against his chest.

“Hush.” William bent forward, his face so close to hers, but not touching. A word, a slight twitch and their lips would brush against each other. He stared into her eyes and saw exactly what he had been feeling: confusion, betrayal and hope.

‘Gonna kiss her. Been waiting so long, too bloody long.’ His arms were shaking and his heart wanted to burst out of his chest. He had to put her down in the water because he didn’t want to risk dropping her.

Buffy took the action as another rejection. “No!”

Before William could explain, she was on him. She pressed herself against him, legs wrapped around his waist. Her mouth ravished his, putting all her pent up love and lust into the kiss. She moaned, finally being able to explore his mouth, tongue and teeth.

‘Heaven. I think I am in heaven.’

He eagerly responded to the kiss, returning her moans and pants. He needed help in supporting both of their weight, so he moved to the pool’s edge, resting her back against it. Their kiss wasn’t broken with his movements; instead it was transformed, becoming slower, and deeper. He concentrated on her lower lip, biting and sucking, finally able to get retribution for her many pouts. He moved down, planting open, wet kisses on her neck.

Buffy was bursting. ‘Finally.’ Grabbing fistfuls of his hair, she quivered as he worshipped her neck and shoulders. With each moan he made, she squeezed his waist with her legs. ‘Need him.’

“Buffy!” His erection was slammed between her legs as she grinded against him, “Stop!”

“Can’t,” she whimpered. “I need you, William.”

“Please, not here, love, we need to do this right. I want to make love to you, not fuck you in the pool.”

Buffy grasped his face between the palms of her hands, “Promise you won’t chicken out on me. Promise me you won’t run away from me. Promise, William.”

“I promise, I swear it, Buffy.” He placed a kiss on her lips. “Never going back.”

“You’d better not. Race you back to the house, Spikey!”
Chapter 6 by facingthesun
Chapter 6

As soon as they reached the house, Buffy was pushed against the nearest wall. “Buffy,” William moaned, kissing her again and again, never getting enough of her taste. ‘Knew she’d taste good; just like sugar cookies.’


“Hmmm?” Before she could answer, her stomach rumbled loudly. “Hungry?” he asked, laughing and brushing his fingers over her abdomen.

“Very hungry. Neither of us ate lunch, remember?”

‘Be still my heart,’ he thought, taking in how beautiful she looked. Her lips were parted and swollen. Panting, she rested her head back and exposed her neck. “I’ll fix you something,” he said, pushing back a few strands of her wet hair. “Why don’t you take a bath, kitten? I never showed you the master bath, it has a huge tub.”

“You sure?”

I’ll check on you regularly; hell, maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll join you.”

“I’m feeling really lucky, William.”

“So am I.”

“Don’t fall asleep!”

“I won’t, I swear,” Buffy said, talking to William as he got their food ready on the other side of the house. “There’s no way I could sleep.” Smiling, she undressed and filled the tub with warm water.

“Love, you want macaroni and cheese or um…macaroni and cheese? Sorry, I guess we need to go to the grocery tomorrow.”

“Macaroni is good, William,” she said, closing her eyes and sliding into the water.

“Alright, it’ll take, ah, three minutes. Can you wait that long?”

“I’ve waited this long haven’t I?”

Minutes later William was propped up against the frame of the door, awestruck by the sight of her.

“Are you going to just stand there?”

“You knew I was here?”

“Yup, could feel you watching me and I could smell the mac and cheese. It’s not very fair that you get to ogle, and I don’t.” She opened her eyes and frowned, “You haven’t gotten out of your swimming suit yet.”

“Sit up, pet.”

“Why?” she asked, propping up on her elbows.

“I’m going to feed you, that’s why,” he said, sitting on the edge of the tub.

“Oh,” she laughed softly, moving closer to him. “It’s good,” she said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. “You do wonders with a microwave.”

“Don’t get cheeky, pet.” He smiled, pleasantly surprised that she felt so comfortable with him as she sat naked in the bath. “Are you all washed up? Don’t want you getting all pruney.”

She looked at her hands and then showed him. “I’m okay, but are you saying you wouldn’t want me if I were pruney?”

“No, not at all. I want you any way that I can have you.”

“I’m all squeaky clean, William.”

“Good, get out then so I can take a shower.”



Buffy flashed him her deadliest pout, causing William to capture her hand and bring it to his lips. “Wait for me.”

‘My room or his?’ Buffy settled on his. William’s bed was bigger and it meant she could lie down and wait to pounce the minute he appeared from the bathroom. Buffy was dressed in her prettiest nightgown as she lay over the covers.

‘Oh.My.God,’ she thought, feeling nervous. ‘I so need to calm down. I feel...bubbly.’

Laughing to herself, she rolled on top of the bed until she was comfortable.

William took a quick shower, barely able to control his excitement. ‘Finally.’

He came out of the bathroom a towel loosely around his waist and he used another to dry his hair. “Buffy? Oh,” he whispered, “must be quiet. My girl’s sleeping.”

He knew he should’ve been disappointed but she looked so peaceful, slumbering under his sheets. ‘I’d be a wanker to wake her,’ he thought.

After searching for his rarely used pajama bottoms, he got into the bed. Buffy automatically made her way into his arms, sighing contently.

“Love you, Buffy,” he whispered, kissing her forehead and holding her tight.

Buffy woke up the next morning to the feeling of her breast being kneaded through the thin covering of her nightgown. She moaned softly and pushed back against the warm body behind her.

“Morning, princess.”


William was making light brushes against her shoulders with his lips. She moved back again and began to gently move up and down, pressing against his crotch. William lost his ability to speak as she grinded against him and his movements on her breast became more intense. His kisses moved to her ear, where he nibbled on the lobe and licked its outer edge. Taking his hand from her chest, he moved it up her thigh to where her nightgown rode. As he caressed her, he groaned, finding no panty lines.

“Naughty Buffy,” he whispered, kissing her neck.

“Sorry, I fell asleep...”

“That’s…” his hand snaked up her nightgown finding a resting place between her thighs “…alright.” He cupped her mound, not allowing his palm to make contact but still feeling damp heat radiating from her.

“Not fair,” Buffy whined when his hand didn’t move. As a result, she just rubbed against him faster.

William’s breathing was erratic, “Give me a few more seconds and...”

“I want you to come for me, William.”

William rolled on his back and Buffy moved to face him, snuggling into his side.

“Looky looky, Spikey wet his pants.” Buffy daringly petted the wet spot on his pants and gasped as her touch made his pants tent again.

“Don’t look so shocked, kitten. You wound me.”

“Sorry, I’ll just have you kiss and make it all better.”

“You better believe it,” he said, and welcomed her warm lips.

Their kiss grew deeper, their tongues entwining; and he was about to pull her on top of him when the phone rang.

“Bloody hell.”

“Don’t. It’s no one important.”

“Could be my job, it starts soon remember? Or your school, your classes are on Monday.”

“Fine. I’ll be making breakfast,” Buffy said, stumbling out of bed.




“How was the showing? Doesn’t she love it?”

“Well, actually, I’m not sure…” William suddenly remembered why he was mad at Buffy. “We never talked about it...”

“Will, is something going on? Do you need to talk?”

“No, not now, I need to get off here, but we should get together tomorrow, yeah?”

“Okay, be good, William.”

“Always, pet.”

“So, I was going to make something eggy, but we have no eggs.” Buffy turned to greet him, wearing a robe. “So, I’ve decided that one, we’re definitely going shopping; two, no one needs this much tea and Wheetabix; and three, I hope you really, really like macaroni because…hey why are you looking like that?”

“We need to talk.”

‘Oh God, oh God, it’s over already.’

“Okay.” Buffy walked past him as he leaned against the doorframe. He nodded, following her into the living room. “Let’s talk.”

Buffy looked terrified and William suddenly felt like a jerk. ‘Maybe I should just let it go…No, I can’t, I have my pride; big bad and all that rot.’

“What I am I to you, Buffy?”

‘Oh no, not Buffy. Don’t call me Buffy. Give me a nickname, any nickname.’

“Um, well I think we are good friends. Ah, good friends who want to…to be more to each other?”

‘You’re my best friend, my crush, and my savior, my love,’ Buffy spewed silently. She was scared to say the words, dreading that he was going to break her heart.

“Do you know why I was upset with you before?”


“Well I think we should get what happened straightened out before we—ah—become more to each other, okay?”

“Okay.” Buffy waited.

“You really have no clue, do you, pet?”

“Nope, I thought about it for hours and gave myself unbelievable amounts of stress, but I have no idea.”

“Buffy, I…”

“Don’t get all squeamish now. Tell me what I did.”

“Bossy bint,” he mumbled, feeling embarrassed. “On orientation day, you ignored me. You were ashamed to even hint to that chit that I was your…whatever the hell I am.”


“You could’ve given me a crumb, you know; a grin, little wave, instead of running off like I was some stranger.”

Buffy got up from the couch, moving until she was standing in front of him. She kneeled before him and looked into his eyes. “That’s what made you so cranky?”

“Yes, I--.”

Buffy put a hand on each of his knees and leaned closer to him. “You’re so adorable.”

“Buffy, now, don’t interrupt me—adorable?”

“Yup.” She smiled at him, “That girl I was with, Faith, she’s not good news. She’s the skankiest of the hos.” William nodded, having no idea what the other girl had to do with anything. “She thought I knew you, so she wanted me to introduce you to her. I couldn’t let it happen. You know why?”


“Because I was Cave Buffy, and Cave Buffy didn’t want anyone messing with her man.”

“Her man?”

“Yes, you,” she placed her hands on his chest, “William, are my…whatever and I’m not gonna let anyone, especially Faith, take you away from me.”

“Is that so?” he said with a guilty laugh. “I feel like a bastard.”

“Don’t.” She moved in even closer, until he could see down her robe. “You see, Cave Buffy is really fond of you.” She placed a quick kiss on his Adam’s apple. ‘Been wanting to do that for forever…’

“Only Cave Buffy, pet?”

“All Buffys like their William,” she said, kissing his chin and forehead. “And their Spike. You should’ve talked to me earlier.”

“Sorry, never do that again. I think you missed a spot, love.”

Buffy kissed his lips. “We good?”

“We’re great, brilliant even.”

“Good,” Buffy laughed, kissing him again.

“Love, don’t you think we should get dressed today?

“Nope.” Buffy snuggled closer in his embrace. Somehow she had gotten in his lap, their chests were touching and his hands rested on her lower back.

“I really think we need to get food, pet. Don’t want us to starve, yeah?”

“Well, if you put it that way, I guess we should at least take a shower. Your manly scent is kinda turning into BO.”

“Funny, pet.”

“So, since I was cheated last night, are you going to join me in the shower?”

“Well, that depends.” He touched the tip of her nose with his pointer finger. “You would have to stay on your best behavior and resist my sexy bod.” He removed his finger, planting a kiss on her nose, and then resting his forehead against hers. “Which I know would be just…”


“Yeah, especially since I know you’ve held a torch for me ever since you laid those beautiful green eyes on me.”

‘Held a torch? Hell, I literally became a walking flame.’

“Ego, much?” She teased.

“All true, pet and you know it,” William said, his eyes twinkling.

“Sure, I know it, but why are you so sure of yourself?” She wrinkled her eyebrows, thinking that he was hiding something.

“Well, I had ears, pet, I heard you back home, at night, you were--.”

“You spied on me!” Buffy leaned back, horror in her eyes.

“No, Buffy--.”

“Ha! Let me play. Well, Spikey, I had ears too. You took some really long showers and the noises I heard---.”


She got up and ran towards the master bath, a red-faced William on her heels.

“Hey! No touchy!” Buffy slapped away his wandering hand. She was trying to be good, but if he touched her, all bets were off.

“But, love...” He whined.

“No! You said in and out and off to the store, remember?”

“I’m a liar, you see...”

‘I will not look at his…you know. Nope, can’t—ahhh! Too weak!’ She quickly glanced behind her. “I can see that, you and your little Spikey better stay away,” she said, surprised that her voice wasn’t shaky.

William looked down at his cock as it curled up towards his belly button. “I’m not little,” he pouted.

‘I can see that, too.’ Buffy closed her eyes, massaging shampoo in her hair.

“Let me help.”

Before Buffy could stop him, she felt his fingers gently scratch and rub her head. “Mmmm.”

“Like that, princess?”

“Hmmm.” She nodded. Buffy drifted off for a few minutes and he brought her back.

“Time to rinse.” He moved her under the spray and turned her until she faced him. “Ah, Vanilla Bean or Sugar Cookies ‘n’ Cream?”

Buffy opened her eyes to see him squinting to read her body wash selections. ‘Wonder if he wears glasses? That would be too cute--.’


“Um, you choose.”

“Gotta love cookies,” he said squeezing his choice into her pink body sponge.

“William, are you sure you can handle washing me?”

“I hope so.” He looked up and down her body, not sure where to begin. “Give me a foot, love.”

‘That was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.’

William had great control as he glided the fluffy sponge over her tan body. He almost cracked twice. He tried to not notice how beautiful her breasts were covered in bubbles or how it would feel to run his fingers through the coarse hairs between her legs. “Love, since you’re done, maybe you should dry off you know…”

“You and Spikey need some private time?”

William looked away, embarrassed. “You know me too well.”

“It’s okay. I need to blow-dry my hair anyway.” She kissed his cheek, stepping out of the shower.

“Don’t have too much fun without me.”

“You never told me your schedule, sweets.” William placed a few cans of soup in their grocery cart.

“Oh, I have English 101, Math 100—also known as ‘Math for Dummies’--.”

“You aren’t dumb, sweetheart.”

She smiled and continued her list, “European History Part I, Intro to Black and White Photography and ah, 19th Century Poetry.” She hurried through the last class, jumbling the words together.

William grinned. “What was the last class, pet?”

“Oh, I feel like a dweeb. 19th Century Poetry.”

“You weren’t fibbing when you said you liked poetry?”

“No, I love hearing it, I don’t like to write it, and most of the times I don’t understand it, but hearing it makes me happy. I was kind of hoping you could help me with the class.”

“I’d love to.” He stopped in the isle and kissed the top of her head. ‘This is my girl.’

“Did you ever figure out your major, kitten?”

“I don’t think so. I’m still kind of confused. I was thinking about looking into photography. I really enjoyed it in high school.”

“Oh, right, I remember now. Joyce brought your prints with her sometimes. She would go on and on about her daughter being a photographic genius.”

Buffy grinned at the mention of her mom but then guilt flooded her. ‘I’m going to fuck my mom’s fiancée. I really, really want to fuck my mom’s fiancée.’

William seemed to be reading her mind. He steered their cart to a safe location and hugged her. “Buffy, my love, I have no regrets. None. We need to move on; Joyce shouldn’t haunt us. We’re good together; she would understand and I think she knows how much I love you and she’s smiling up there, with her harp and little cherub friends. I bet they are rooting for us, even.”

Buffy started to cry. ‘He said he loves me.’

William brushed away her tears with his thumb. “Ah, kitten, don’t cry. I didn’t want to upset you.”

“I love you too, William, so much.”

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Chapter 7 by facingthesun
Because I thought you needed a 7-page love scene, this chapter is a little smaller. And if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice those weirdo italic phrases are popping up again in the dialogue. :)

Chapter 7

William was afraid for a few minutes that they would be kicked out of the grocery store.

He had kissed her and it was their deepest and most passionate lip lock. He was intent on not letting it end until the store manager tapped him on his shoulder. William almost ripped the little bald man’s head off as he claimed that he was receiving customer complaints about their public display of affection.

“Ha! I bet we were the best show those housewives have seen outside of their Soap Operas,” William grumbled as he lit his cigarette.

He had left Buffy inside to pay for their food. He needed a smoke and to hide his hard-on from the nosy customers. She had been so earth-shatteringly beautiful, with weepy eyes while proclaiming her love for him in the grocery store. He hadn’t even realized what he had said, about him loving her, until her eyes widened and for a minute he thought she was mad at him.

He leaned against the De Soto, smiling when she appeared with her stuffed grocery cart. She pushed the cart to the trunk and then jumped in his arms.

“Buffy,” he gasped between kisses.

“Huh?” She struggled to breathe as William pushed his forehead against hers.

“We should go before they call the coppers and before I mount you in the parking lot.”

Buffy looked around, as if she had lost her sense of place. Then she giggled and kissed his cheek. “Let’s go.”

They drove through the neighborhood with their hands entwined.

Buffy secretly ooh’ed and aah’ed at the passing scenery. Even though she said nothing, William felt her involuntarily squeeze his hand as she found something new that delighted her.

“So, you like the house and all, sweetheart?”

“Oh yeah it’s perfect. I would’ve told you earlier but you know, you were a big jerk, remember?”

“Jerk, eh? One minute you love me then I’m a jerk,” he laughed, putting his arm around her, pulling her close. “I’m glad you like it, princess. It’s all for you.”

“You’re a regular little Mighty Mouse, aren’t you?”

Buffy grabbed as many full plastic bags as she could mange. “Yup, fear me Big Bad, I bet I could snap you like a twig.”

“Try it, love.”

“Maybe later, baby.”

“I get a nickname now?”

“I have many where that came from, sweetie.”

“Be still my heart.”

“I’ll catch you when you swoon, but open the door first.”

“Bossy bint.” William held open the screen door with a leg so Buffy could walk into the house.

“Look, a message.” Buffy placed down her groceries on the table and pushed the red button on the answering machine.

-Hey, Buffster, it’s yours truly. This is your friendly reminder that I’ll be picking you up at ten in the morning tomorrow and I have decided that I, as Mover Boy, should be treated to lunch. Please? I’ve been cut off again. Anyway, see, ya.-

“Xander, always thinking about his stomach,” Buffy laughed, shaking her head.

William was putting away the frozen foods, trying not to be jealous. “What’s tomorrow, love?”

“Oh, I’m moving in the dorm tomorrow.”

“You never told me,” he said, not facing her.

“No, I didn’t. Remember, you were still being a jerk.”

“Oh, will you ever forgive me?”

She hugged him from behind, pressing her face into his back and wrapping her arms firmly around his waist. “Of course, I’m sorry that I made you upset. I was just so jealous.”

Enjoying her touch and the cool air coming from the freezer that was still open, he took a deep breath. “Would you mind if I joined you and the boy? You may need extra hands and whatnot.”

“Are you questioning the strength of the Xan Man? He’ll be heartbroken,” she teased, but quickly sobered, feeling his body tense up. “William, I’d love for you to be there,” she whispered, kissing the back of his neck. “I really don’t want to leave you here, all alone in your pretty house. I don’t want to leave you at all.”

“Buffy.” William spun in her arms until he faced her. “I’d love for you to stay here with me but you need to live in those God-awful dorms, pet. It’s the whole college experience and all that rot.”

“Yeah, yeah I know.” She took a finger and outlined a chiseled cheekbone. “Responsibility, blahty blah. I’ll miss you. You’re all I have left.”

“Buffy…” William felt his heart race. ‘I don’t deserve her. She’s so perfect.’ He moved away from her to close the freezer door, and then he picked her up and placed her over his shoulder. “Sod the groceries; I’m taking you to bed.”

William laid her lovingly on the bed. ‘It’ll be our bed from now on,’ he thought with a grin. “Sit back and relax, love. Let me have my way with you.” With her eyes shining in anticipation, she stretched out, her head resting on the pillows. “I’ll miss you too, so bloody much,” he whispered, kneeling at her feet.

‘Must treat her like the goddess that she is...’ Taking off her strappy sandals, he admired each of her toes. He took one foot in his strong hands and began to massage the ball, heel and each individual toe.

“Going to map every part of you,” his hands slid up her legs, “I’ll never leave you, kitten.”

He kissed, licked, and explored on his way up her body and smiled when he felt goose bumps forming under his fingertips. “Never. You see, my love, I’m nothing without you. Just a shell of a man.”

Reaching her thighs, Buffy gasped as he unbuttoned her shorts and gently pulled them off her body. She quickly hugged her legs together embarrassed, knowing her thong was soaked.

He smiled, kissing her waiting lips. “Too much. Too much clothing, not enough Buffy.” He attempted to unbutton her shirt but the buttons were too tiny for his shaking fingers.

“Here, let me,” Buffy croaked, surprised that she could speak.

“I can get this part.” With her top off, he reached behind her and without looking, unhooked her bra’s clasp.

“You’re awfully good at that.”

“Years of experience,” he replied with a wink.

Once exposed, Buffy hugged her chest, shielding her breasts from him.

“That’s not nice, love.” Chuckling, he kissed her lips again, moving her arms away. “Let me see you.”

“Sorry, habit.”

“My Buffy likes to play hard to get, yeah? So perfect.” Moving left to right; he made the most of his mouth and tongue. He playfully bit the fullness of each breast and also attacked her nipples.


“Hey, you’re still up there?”

“Need you. Need you.”

“Need me where, kitten?” he said, looked up mischievously.


“Nope, not unless you tell me. I’m busy here.” He licked her nearest nipple with the tip of his tongue, making her squeak. “Now that’s a sound I love to hear.”

“William, go, ah, lower, please.”

“Lower. Okay, will do.”

He moved down to her bellybutton. “Here okay?” Before Buffy could respond, his tongue slid into the little hole. He held his head so his forehead rested against her stomach. On his third lick in the shallow space, he was delighted to feel fingers in his hair.

“Hmmm…lower, again.”

“As you wish.” He was assaulted by the scent of her arousal as he faced her floral thong. “Open up, sweets.” He slipped his hand between her legs, spreading her thighs. He placed a finger on her underwear, pressing against her clothed clit.

Buffy gasped and moaned, “William…”

“I am going to be bald before I get you naked.”

“God, just take them off!” Buffy demanded, giving his hair another yank. As soon as she was free of all her clothing, she announced, “My turn.”

“Something funny, pet?” he asked, as she giggled, pulling his shirt over his head.

“Yup, you were all sexy and seduce-y until you saw all my, er, down there all up close and personal—now you’re out of it, William.”

“I’m not sexy anymore?” William pouted playfully.

“Stop it. You know you’re going to get some. No more pouting, you know what it does to me.”

“I do,” he smirked.

“Now there’s my Big Bad.” Taking a deep breath, she pulled his pants from his hips. “William, do you even own underwear?”


“Damn, that’s going to make being around you very difficult in the future.”

William kicked his pants away and hovered above her body. “I’ve dreamed about many dreams.”

“Me too.”

“I burn for you, Buffy...have since I first saw you.”

“Want you so much.”

“You have me, kitten”

“Promise, me if we skip the foreplay I get some later.”

“Love, I think the foreplay stared the moment you pranced around in that suit yesterday.”

“Can I be on top?”

William swallowed and nodded, rolling on his back. Looking into his eyes, Buffy sat on him and shimmied her hips up. They both gasped, and William held her hips as she wiggled onto his hard shaft, biting her lower lip.

“Oh, finally.”

Buffy began to move and William set the pace. “Love you.”

“Love you more.”

“Can’t. Not possible.” She rode him until breathing became more difficult. The thrusts were deep and slow, quick and shallow. He never let go of her moving hips and she never stopped staring into his beautiful eyes.

“William! Gonna come, don’t let me stop…”

“I’ll keep you moving. Come with me. Come with me, love—Buffy!”

“Oh—oh, God, William!”

William had changed their position somewhere during their second climax. He was on top of her about to slide out of her.

“Don’t leave me.” Buffy moved her legs quickly, keeping him inside and altering his angle.


“Hmmm. Life is good,” Buffy announced, feeling that he was hard again.

“Life is perfect.” William kissed her shoulder and then her lips as he began to move.

“So, I guess I won.”

“Huh? I thought you were sleeping.”

“I was trying to but then I started thinking about our bet. I think I won.”

“Which bet?”

“You know, Spikey. Don’t play dumb on me now.” She ran a hand down his spine and William shivered. He wasn’t looking at her; his face was buried in her chest. “The ‘Who will explode first?’ bet.”

“I don’t remember exploding.”

“Stop being difficult and let me have my glory. You said that I’d be the first to give in to your handsomeness and charm. Remember? But you came on to me first, in the pool, therefore, I won.”

“Not so fast princess. You kissed me first and you attacked me tonight.”

“Attacked you?”

“Yup, I was defenseless against your horny ways.”

“You’re insufferable.”

“No, I’m tired and I’m not gonna to let you take advantage of my sleepiness and I’m not going to let you demand prizes for a bet you didn’t win.”

“You’re no fun. What if I told you I would want my prize to come in William shaped boxes?”

“Mmmm, that sounds interesting.”

“So, did I win?”

“Will it make you happy?”


“Alright, then you won,” he said, yawning and snuggling into her cleavage. “Night, kitten.”

Chapter 8 by facingthesun
Chapter 8

William woke up and smiled, finding Buffy sprawled out on top of his body. "Buffy, rise and shine, my love." Whispering, he nudged her and kissed her brow.

"No," she whined, wrapping her arms tightly around him. "I'm still sleeping."

"Buffy," he sang, enjoying the sound of her name coming from his lips. He continued to touch her, replaying the events of their lovemaking. He gasped suddenly remembering that they had not used any form of contraceptive. He shook her lightly, "Buffy. Get up. Bloody hell—now!”

“What?” Buffy rubbed her eyes. "Pinch me," she said, watching him pace along the side of the bed. 'Yum, naked William.' “William, what’s wrong?”

“So you’re up now?”

Buffy was taken aback by his tone. “Yes, I am. Why are you all bad moody now?” She sat up in the bed, not caring that the sheet wasn’t covering her nakedness. “You're making me seasick, stop it. Sit here with me.” She patted near the edge of the wrinkled bed. William sat but kept his distance. "I’m going to kill you; you're scaring me now. What's wrong? Tell me. I am not ready to go through another bad morning after.”

“Buffy, we didn’t use protection, pet.”

“You got any diseases?”

“No, but there are--.”

“Good, neither do I. You can cool down now. I’m on the pill.”

“Thank God—hey, wait a minute, why are--.”

“Stop, don’t go all psycho jealous. I had to use them in the past, now--well before last night—I used them only because they help my skin, okay?”


“We good?”

“Yeah, sorry that I panicked.”

“Good. Come here.”

“I shouldn’t.”

“Yes, you should. Come here.”



“Don’t you Spikey me.”

“Well, I was hoping you’d spike me.”

William’s eye twitched. 'Be strong, mate.' “Pet, the boy is going to be here in an hour and a half and it takes you nearly two to get primped.”

“Fine. You shower first, I’ll do breakfast.”

Buffy was shocked that he believed her. 'He really thought I’d let him shower without me? Silly William.'

“She’s got a way about her. Don’t know what it is. Blahty, blah…”

“William.” Buffy sang his name as she opened the shower curtain.

William clasped his chest. “You trying to kill me, love?”

“No.” Buffy stepped under the water, getting wet. “Want to be with you. Were you singing about me?”

“I wasn’t singing at all.”

She rolled her eyes playfully before kissing him hungrily. Breaking the kiss, she moved him against the wall. Before he could react, she was on her knees, looking up at him. “I’ve never done this before so be nice.”

William gasped as he felt her hand on his semi-hard cock. She gently stroked him up and down, not sure what she wanted to do other than not pull on him too roughly. As she busied her hands, William clutched her hair and made noises that made her smile proudly. ‘I wonder if he’d like this?’ she thought, licking the tip of his cock.

“Oh, God.”

“Should I do it again? Do you like it?” When he nodded frantically, she kissed where she had licked, and then gave him a slower lick using the entire width of her tongue. “I guess that means you like it,” she giggled as he cursed under his breath.

Buffy took as much of him in her mouth as she could manage and moved him in and out, mimicking how he had made love to her the night before.

“Ahhh, Buffy. Love. My love. Move!” He tried to push her back but he was too late. “Buffy?” he said, seconds later. “You okay, kitten? Sorry about that.”

“Sorry? Did I do okay?”

“You were magnificent.” William helped her to her feet and pulled her to his chest. “I just didn’t want you to swallow if you didn’t want to. Some aren’t into it.”



“Consider me into it.”


“The one and only.”

“She’ll be out in a minute, mate. Come in.”

William offered Xander a drink.

“Nah, I’m okay, man.”

William tried not to cringe. ‘He is not a threat. He is not a threat…’

“So you’re William…”



“What’s interesting?” He frowned, not liking the boy already.


“Listen here mate, I--.”

“Hey, guys! Ready to go?”

“He’s coming with us?”

“Yeah, that’s okay, right Xand?” William glared as Buffy batted her eyes at the boy.

“Sure,” Xander shrugged. “The more the merrier.”

William held his tongue during the long car ride. ‘Yeah, only a half an hour away from Sunnydale sure, until you’ve got a wanker in the back set who won’t shut up. Now it feels like hours, days even… Did he just touch her?!’

Buffy sat in the back seat with Xander after William had thrown a fit about taking his car instead of Xander’s practical truck. She wanted to make him suffer.

’Isn’t this what all the good daddies do, chauffer around their princess and her little friends?’ William tried to block out the boy and his weird conversations about cheese and superheroes. ‘Why is this guy her best friend?’

He looked at her reflection through the rearview mirror and softened as she giggled and made witty comments.

‘He makes her laugh, that’s why.’ William sighed and turned up his music up a little louder.

Buffy was happy to see that her dorm room was bigger than she thought it would be. It had a bathroom and two separate rooms, a tiny kitchen area and a living room. Since the bedroom doors were always closed and locked she couldn’t tell if her roommate had shown up yet.

“I think making Obi Wan,” he made air quotation franticly, “’dreamy,’ totally ruined the character. I mean, because of Ewan McCheeseburger, no one respects Obi Wan for his cool mind reading-mind controlling powers. Now it’s all, ” Xander’s hand gestures were accompanied by a his screechy girl imitation, “oooh, Obi Wan, what a hottie!”

“Oh, don’t you insult Ewan. He’s a great Obi, right, William?”

Before William could roll his eyes and respond, Xander continued, his mouth full. “See, you totally just proved my point. There is no Obi! Obi sounds like a flavor of that gross organic drink stuff...”

’Good lord, to be able to have a drink…’

“William?” Buffy touched his arm, getting his immediate attention.


“You want to get another load of stuff? Xander can stay and continue to stuff himself with pizza.”

“Sure. Thought you’d never ask.”

“Thank you for not killing him.”

Buffy pressed up against William’s side as they walked the campus hand in hand. Since it was the university-wide Move In Day, the campus was packed with people. William had complained the loudest at how far away they had to park but as they made the long trip to his car, he didn’t feel like complaining. ‘Me and my Buffy walking all couple-like.’

“Don’t you think the campus is pretty?”

“It’s gorgeous, gorgeous.”

“I like it here, I think. It hasn’t been a full day or anything and I haven’t even seen my roommate, but things feel so different.”

“They are and they will be. University life is different, pet. You have more freedoms and all that, but more importantly, you can safely become the center of your own universe. Nobody will think you’re too conceited; they will be too worried about their own lives to even care about you and what you’re up to. Majors, love lives, partying, and sleeping are on their minds. Not you…”

“Not me, even just a little? Do you think I’ll be invisible?”

“Hush, pet. Hear my point.” He stopped in the middle of the courtyard, facing her as people walked around them. “See these people? They wouldn’t care if you are with a guy twice your age, kitten—that’s the beauty of university life, pet. We have it on our side.”

“Really?” she asked; her eyes dazzling.

“Really.” He kissed her, among the students-to-be, weepy parents and cranky professors who passed them by, proving his point.

“We should get back to the whelp, pet.”

“Why do you call him that?”

“Because it suits him.”

“That’s not nice…Hey! Gimme! Give me more!”

“I’m not a nice man, remember? Hey, no biting!”

“Give me more!”



“Fine, you…you--.”

Buffy grabbed the ice cream from him. They were sitting in the De Soto after stopping for a quick snack on their way back to campus. William insisted on spoon-feeding Buffy the ice cream that they were sharing.

“You’re stalling.”


She laughed as William took back the dessert and innocently missed her mouth, dropping ice cream down her shirt.

“Ice cream can be deadly, love. You know, very sticky. Let me clean it up.”

Grinning, Buffy watched as he lapped the melted ice cream that had puddled in her cleavage.

“Vanilla and Buffy, my favorites…”

“Hey, Xand, we brought presents!” Buffy shook around the bag of food and stopped in the doorway when she saw Xander sitting on the floor, next to a girl with dirty-blonde hair.

“Love, move. Heavy stuff here.”

“Sorry,” Buffy said, holding the door open for William before heading over to Xander, whose face was an unnatural shade of red.

“Um, this is Anya Jenkins.”

“Hey, you’re Buffy, right? My name’s Anya and I’ll be your roommate. I would hug you but I don’t know you that well yet. Your friend, Xander and I were just discussing--.”

“I’m sure Buffy doesn’t what to be bothered by our boring conversation,” Xander said, laughing nervously.

“But I--.”

“No, Anya really, she doesn’t need to know.”

“Well, fine. Be that way. So, Buffy, let’s sit down and do the rituals that all roommates do.”


“You know, label shelves, decide bathroom schedules, and oh, we can draw one of those funny lines down the center of the dorm that separates our territories.”

“Well, um, I was moving my stuff--.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. Those two men can help you. That’s what they’re here for anyway.”

Buffy looked at William and Xander and mouthed, ‘Help me.’

“That’s fine pet; we’ll manage. Right, whelp?”

“That is right, Captain Peroxide.”

’Great, they’re going to kill each other and I’m stuck with this Anya girl.’

“So, Buffy, is that attractive blonde man giving you adequate orgasms?”

“Is it bad if I don’t want to go back? Ever?”

“Nope, that Anya’s scary.”

“Oh, you have no idea.”

“Yeah, I do. The boy looked like he was seconds from pissing in his pants for the rest of the day.”

Buffy giggled and snuggled closer to him. “Thank you for helping me. Sorry you had to miss Passions.”

“I’d rather watch it with you anyway.”

“I like when you record it, we can fast-forward through all the boring parts—like every part that doesn’t have Ethan in it.”

“Oh, I remember, the yummy one. Don’t you think I’m yummier now?”

“William, I’ve always thought you were yummy, I just know it firsthand now.”

Buffy climbed in bed after watching Passions. She wanted to stay with William for as long as possible until school started on Monday.

’Too soon. We’ve finally gotten together and we can’t even enjoy the house together. Oh, and the pool; he so owes me pool sex.’

“God, long day,” she mumbled, getting comfortable in their bed.

’Hmmm, ours.’

She hoped she wouldn’t fall asleep before William was off the phone with Willow.

“Hey, sweets, you sleeping?”

“Nope, not anymore. Just a power nap.”

“I love those.”

“Yeah, yay power nap.”

“Tomorrow night, Willow wants us to go out with her and the tinman.” William undressed and got in bed next to her, curving along her body. “Um, do you want to tell Red about us?”

“Do you?”

“Asked you first, kitten.” He stroked her breast through the sheet while nuzzling her hair.

Buffy sighed. “It’s only been our first full day together… Keeping our relationship a secret is appealing, but I want everyone to know that I’m happy and that you’re the cause of it. But I also don’t want her to freak out, you know?”

“Dad reacted nicely.” He rolled her on her back and started to lick and play with her hard nipples.

“B-but Willow saw mom and you together more…you know, as a couple. I don’t want to wig her out.” Buffy arched towards William’s mouth. “Maybe we should wait?”

“’We’ll wait and I’ll hint around and see how she responds.”

“That sounds like a good plan.” Buffy gasped, feeling a draft against the wetness between her legs. “Did you want to tell her before we talked?”

“I wanted to.” His hand made circles in her damp public hair, teasing her.

“Why?” Buffy struggled to keep the conversation going. ‘Love how he can keep a talking during this…love his voice…love his hand.’

“Well, I want to tell everyone that you’re mine.” He gently caressed her wet opening, not entering her. “You are mine, aren’t you, my Buffy?” He slid two fingers inside, not moving them, waiting for an answer.

“Yours, William.” Buffy shifted her hips, trying to get him to move his fingers.

“No more talking for you, pet, for now, anyway.” He moved to her ear and whispered, applying pressure to her already swollen clit. “I’m not going to move them, my love. I want to see you grind them. Use them. Make yourself come, Buffy.”

“Oh.” Was all she could mange as she got into position. She spread her legs wider and wiggled on his fingers, pushing him deeper. She could barely breathe. Buffy grasped onto his hair, and kissed him deeply before she began to rock.

’God, she’s so wet.’ William kissed her as he pushed only the head of his stiff cock into her heat, causing Buffy to scream into his mouth.

“Feel so good.” Her voice was strained when the kiss broke. She pressed their foreheads together and William controlled their movements.

Shallow thrusts. In. Out. In deeper. Out. In. Out. In to the hilt.

“Will-!” She never finished because he pulled out again and slammed back in. She had to gain control, had to stop his maddening movements. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she pulled him down so his body was flush with hers. His thrusting stopped and they kissed, both moaning in unison.

“Buffy, oh God, so brilliant...” He babbled into her shoulder as she dug her nails into his back. They each came as he slowly moved into her. Him first, then she followed.

“I love you,” she whispered, once she had recovered from her high.

“And I love you. Sleep tight, love, I’ll be here to bash in the head of any bed buggies.”
Chapter 9 by facingthesun
Chapter 9

“Who were you talking to, honey?”

“Ooh, I love when you talk dirty. Again, princess.”

“It’s not dirty talk--hey! Get off of me!”

Buffy playfully batted William away. He was straddling her as she lay on her side, placing kisses down her body. He started high and ended with her heel.

“Come back.”

“Oh, now you want me.”

He moved up again and she was pulled on top of him.

“Always want you,” she said, snuggling into his side. “Tell me. Who was on the phone, baby?”

“I was talking to Lilah, my new boss. I was begging for her to let me start on Monday.”


“Yeah, by a week. Need something to do. If not I will probably lose my head and go to class with you.”

“That would be good,” she said, kissing his chest.

“Good, yeah, but inappropriate.”

“Are you ever appropriate?”

“Sometimes, kitten.”

“Well, if you’re working on Monday, we don’t have much time.”

“Where are you going? Who said you could get up?”

“Shower time. Up.” She squirmed as he wrapped his arms tightly around her.


“No whining, mister. We have things to do and people to see.”

“But, love, we were about to start doing things here; and besides, we don’t meet Red ‘till tonight.”

“We’re going shopping. Oh, don’t you start whining. We need to buy new clothes for Monday.”

“Why, you don’t like my clothes?”

“It’s tradition. Every year before school started, mom would get me a new outfit. Since you’re starting the new job, you get one too.”

“Oh. We can do that.”

“Yup and if you hurry with no more monkey business, I’ll let you pick out my underwear.”

“Underwear? Who said anything about underwear? No more of that, I demand it. They only get in the way.”

“Oh, so you didn’t have fun taking them off before?”

“When you put it that way...”

“How about this?”

“Spikey, I’m going to college, not Sunday school.”

Buffy put back the long sleeved, high-necked, low waist shirt. “Didn’t you go on and on about how nobody will notice me anyway?”

William ignored her comment. He gulped and shook his head each time she put another low-necked, thin, bit of nothing to her chest for his evaluation.

’Nobody but me should get to see her goodies…Mine.’

“You like?” Buffy compromised, hoping he’d like the black shirt. “It’s your favorite color...”

William judged the top and envisioned her in it. ’Like her in black. Hell, like her in everything…like her in nothing.’

“That’ll do,” he mumbled.

That was all Buffy needed; she grabbed the pants she had been eyeing and ran to the nearest checkout.

“Hey! You didn’t try on the top! It could be too tight! I didn’t even see those pants!” William said, chasing after her.

“I wish I could do this for a living. Turn.”

Buffy stood outside of the dressing rooms, near the doorway. William turned in front of the full length mirror, arms stretched out.

’Too bad I couldn’t just run past, when the guy isn’t looking.’

Buffy glanced at the dressing room attendant, who must have been reading her mind because he grunted and shook his head no.

”Damn,” she whispered.

“Hey, I’m the Barbie here.”

She looked back and smiled. She had picked out a dozen combinations for him to model.

“I love it. Next.” She waved her hands, shooing him into his dressing room.

William went back into his tiny changing room muttering about how he hated playing dress up.

“Why am I always your pack mule?”

“Because I have to save all my Mighty Mouse strength for pleasuring you.”

William’s eyes bugged out as he put their bags in the trunk and Buffy giggled.

“You like to do that, yeah?”

“Yeah, and to think I was only around Anya for a few hours. After Monday…”

’No. No Monday.’ William grabbed her, pushing her against the trunk, making sure she felt his erection as he whispered in her ear, “We’ve got three hours until we see Willow. I want you in the black, lacy one as soon as we get home, right?”

Buffy gasped, “Which black, lacy one? William, you bought me six bags of underwear...”

“What do you think, sweetie?”

William tried not to cringe as Willow poked and prodded Oz.

’A man of few words, I respect that. But can my bubbly little Red handle him?’ He was answered by looking at Willow and seeing that her eyes were sparkling. ’Oz, you lucky dog, you can do no wrong now.’

“So, Buffy are you going to take any photography classes at UC Sunnydale?”


William felt a foot edge itself up his pant leg. ’So that’s why she insisted on sitting across from me.’

“Oh that’s super! Oz tell them about your photographic past.”

“I took classes in college. It was my minor.” Oz looked at Buffy, interested.

“Oh, what kind?”

“Black and white, traditional color, non-silver, digital.”

“Which did you like the most?”

Buffy’s foot landed in William’s lap. William moved forward, closer to the table, hoping he wasn’t giving Oz a show.

“Traditional color actually.”

“Really?” She began to stroke him with her big toe. “My advisor, who helped me with my schedule, was into digital. He said—William, are you okay?” She patted his hand, but her movements never stopped. “Anyway, he told me that traditional was archaic and a waste of time…”

William stopped paying attention to their conversation. ’She’s going to pay for this. I either walk out of here with a stiffy or I will burst here. Neither sounds too appealing.’

“Will, sweetie, you sure you’re okay?” Willow touched his shoulder and he jumped.

“Ah, pet, I was just zoning.”

“Well, welcome back. Buffy and I are going to the ladies’ room to powder.”

Willow kissed Oz quickly before the girls left.

“So, toes under the table too?”

William looked at the blue haired man, equally embarrassed and astonished. “Yeah, I guess we’re in the same boat, mate.”

Oz moved closer to the table too, a red tint to his face.

“She took the news well, yeah?”

Buffy closed the front door. “Who? What? Huh?”

She watched as William loosened him tie and walked into the kitchen.

“Red. She knows. About us.” He poured himself a glass on water and offered her some through gestures.

“No thanks. How do you know that she knows?

“Well, for starters love, you were both in the bathroom for over forty-five minutes. Then she came out unbelievably giddy and you guilty faced. There’s only so many times that Willow can say how great she thinks we are together until a guy catches on. I’m not daft, Buffy.”

“You mad?” Buffy inched closer to him.


She reached for him and touched his arm. “I’m happy she’s okay with this, with us.’

Buffy took William’s drink and placed it on the counter, brushing her body against his.

William leaned forward and kissed her forehead. “I’m happy too, pet.”

“How long?”

“About an hour. We’d get there by seven.”

”I don’t want to go.”

It was Sunday evening. They had spent the day making love and watching television. They had finally gotten dressed and were sitting on the couch. The TV was not on; the house was silent. Buffy was on William’s lap, her head tucked under his chin.

“Are you nervous?”

“About what, pet?”



“I wish I could be here in the morning. I could see you in your new sexy business attire. Are you going to slick back your hair?”

“Probably. I have it curly-like only for you.”

“So I’ll run my fingers through it.”


William kissed the top of her head.

”I don’t want you to go either.”

“Let me walk you to your car.”

Buffy and William escaped the watchful eyes of Anya and Xander.

“I wish I knew how to drive.”

“Can’t be explained, your deadly driving, pet.”

They walked in the night, silent until they reached his car.

“Call me.”


“You can email too.”


“I’ll miss you, kitten.” Buffy fell in his arms, crying softly as William peppered her face and neck with kisses. “We can do this, pet.”

“I know.”

“I love you, Buffy.”

“I love you, too.”

“I should go, it’s getting late.”

“I know.”


Buffy inhaled his scent making sure she could keep it with her. He wiped her tear-streaked face with both of his thumbs and smiled.

“Have fun in school, Buffy.”

“Hey! Hi, you forgot this.”

Buffy turned towards the voice and nearly was run down by the sandy haired man. She was late for her next class, the last class of her day and she was looking forward to calling William as soon as she reached her dorm.

’Late. On the first day. That is never of the good.’

“Oh, thank you.” She grabbed her almost-forgotten ID from a large hand.

“You’re Buffy, right?”

Buffy finally looked up at the man. “Yes. Do I-.”

“I guess I made a lasting impression, huh? I’m sure you have met hundreds of new faces today. Anyway, I’m Riley Finn, you know Jenny Calendar’s shadow.”

“Oh, sorry, yeah way too many faces.”

Jenny Calendar was the Teacher’s Assistant that taught her photography class. Riley was one of the many first year graduate students in the program that helped her with their class.

’Wow, he’s tall’ Buffy noticed, during their awkward silence. He looked like he should be a football player and not a photographer. Riley ran a hand through his hair and smiled. ‘He looks like a big goof when he smiles.’



“Well, it was nice to see you again, Riley. Thanks for finding my ID. I really should be going to class now.”

“Oh, ok, I’ll see you on Thursday.”

As Buffy walked away from Riley, she was nearly knocked down again.

“Howdy doody, B. Who was that hunk of man? Or are you going to pretend to not know him too?”

“Faith, lets walk and talk. My poetry class starts in,” she looked at her watch, “three minutes. He’s like a TAA, you know the teacher assistant’s assistant. Anyway, you’re free to maul him if you want.”

“Your class in Mitchell Hall?”


“Room 210?”

“I think so.”

“Looks like we’ll be class buddies. Isn’t that swell, B?”

“Swell. Let’s go, F.”

William had an office. He’d never had one before because he had always worked out of his home, primarily with his things scattered on the kitchen table. The office was tiny, but allowed him privacy as he wrote. He had had a pretty good start. He met Lilah and other co-workers.

As William unpacked his laptop, he saw a bright pink slip of paper in his bag.

I hope you have a good day at work. I’ll be thinking about you all day.

William folded her note, brought it to his lips and kissed her words with a sigh.

“How’s my studly newbie doing?”

William froze, afraid to turn towards the male voice. ‘Only in America would I have a guy hitting on me at work.’

“Hey there, cutie patootie. I can feel your vibes, they’re just screaming for advice.”

“The name’s William.”

“Oh, howdy. I’m Lorne, self-help guru.”

“Pleasure.” William murmured as he shook the man’s hand.

“So, sweet cheeks, is she pretty?”

“Lorne! Get away from William! He’s new!”

William looked towards the girl, happy for an excuse to get away from Lorne.

“Hey, honey pie, don’t worry I couldn’t crack him, try as I might.” Lorne got up and pushed in his chair. “Jeepers creepers, I have a one-o’clock. Toddles.”

William breathed a sigh of relief.

“Sorry, Lorne is always like that, you know um…”

“Pushy? Flamboyant? Loud?”

“Yeah, you definitely covered him well.” The small girl gave a weak laugh and smile. She had long brown hair and glasses. “Oh, where are my manners? I’m Winifred Burkle. Lilah sent me to make sure you were adjusting.”

“Nice to meet you, pet. I’m doing fine, but that guy gave me the willies.”


“So, what do you do here, love?”

“Oh, science…”

William arrived home tired and anxious. He wasn’t looking forward to sleeping in his bed alone. He really wanted to talk to Buffy and tell her about his day and ask about hers.

He pressed the red button of the answering machine.

“Hey, it’s me; I just got out of class. I realized I don’t have your work number. That sucks because I have been dying to call all day and now I’m talking to the empty house. Call me if you can. Love you. Bye.”


“Hey! How was work?”

“Good. Nice people. I have an office.”

“Oh, really, does it have pretty furniture?”

“I guess so, kitten. You like office furniture?” William laughed at her excitement.

“Not really, I just want to know the details for when I fantasize about what you’re doing all day at work.”

“You’ve been fantasizing about me?”

“All day. Today was really boring. All we did was go over syllabuses.”

“Isn’t it syllabi?”

“I prefer buses. So, what are you doing?”

“Laying in bed talking to you.”

“Ooh, what you wearing?”

“Up for a little phone sex, are we pet?”

“Well, that depends if you’re up, if you know what I mean.”

“You little minx. I guess I should tell you, you know, to help with making your fantasies as realistic as possible.”


“Do I get to know what you’re wearing?”

“Maybe. I asked you first, Spikey.”


“Nothing. Color me surprised. When do you wear clothes?”

“Ha ha. Your turn, princess.”

“I’m wearing the white gown, you know, the one with the lacy top--.”

“And the silky bottom. Yeah, I like that one.”

There was a silence.


“Yeah, sweets?”

“Do you really want to do the phone sex thing? I mean, I have no idea what it is, but if you want to, I would.”

“Kitten, maybe soon, but not tonight. It’s only our first night apart. We could pick a date and plan, you know, have something to look forward to. But right now, I just want to hear your voice.”

“That sounds good. I like hearing your voice too.”

Buffy and William feel asleep, their ears still listening to the phone.

“Xander?” Buffy flashed him her biggest smile.

“What’s the what, Buffster? You usually don’t feed me just because.” Xander took a swallow of his soft drink.

“Well, Xand, we’re best friends and all and I would like to ask you a favor. And if you choose to accept it, I shall be your Buffy slave.”

“Buffy slave?” Xander tried to hide his excitement, nearly chocking on his hamburger.

“Yes, a favor—of the G-rated variety—but that’s only if you choose to accept my offer.”

“Which is?”

“Teach me how to drive.”

“Come again? You want me to let Buffy, also known as Hell on Wheels, drive?”

“Yes. I’ll try harder this time. I promise.” Buffy gave her best Summers Sad Puppy Eyes as she caressed his hand.

“Please, Xand?”

Xander looked panicked, but was finally defeated. “Damn your puppy eyes and soft caresses! Fine, but you are not using my car.”

“Here let me help you.” Riley pushed Buffy aside. Today the photography class was being introduced to the darkroom and to developing a print. Riley hadn’t left Buffy alone during the entire class.


“See you focus with the grain finder and--.”

“Is everything okay here, Buffy? Riley?”

“Sure Jenny, I was just helping Buffy here.”

“Sure.” Buffy plastered a fake smile on her face. She had been in photography for three years in high school and knew how to focus an image. “Riley, I’m okay. Why don’t you see if someone else needs helping?” Buffy pleaded, trying not to sound mean.

“Oh, but we need to develop your print now, it can be tricky--.”

“Riley, back off, I know what I’m doing.”

Buffy immediately felt bad as Riley’s goofy grin faded away. “Okay, Buffy if that’s what you want.”

“It’s just that I’m an independent worker, you see…”

“I’ll get out of your hair.” Riley turned on his heel and left her. Buffy felt bad for a few minutes until she was reminded how relaxing and calming photography can be, when working in silence.

“Psst. Hey…B…What the hell is that guy talking about?”

“Faith, it’s called poetry.”

“But isn’t Byron that guy who makes those frozen pizzas?”

“No. You’re thinking Red Baron.”


“You still moping and missing your orgasm friend?”

“Go away Anya.” Buffy snuggled into the couch, watching her favorite movie.

“I know Patrick Swayze can cure many illnesses, but in your case I recommend calling him. I don’t think William will mind.”

“I have called him, twice today and I feel like an idiot. I only have to wait until tomorrow and then I will see him but it’s nearly killing me—hey, how do you know William’s my orgasm friend?”

“Buffy, I hear you screaming his name when you’re pleasuring yourself.”

“Go away Anya!”
Chapter 10 by facingthesun
Chapter 10

On Friday, Buffy spent the entire day watching the clock. At one o’clock she ran to the visitor’s parking lot. She had been prepared all day, dragging her travel bag along with her backpack and purse to every class.

William was early. He was dressed in his signature all black, including the jacket that Buffy had picked up for him.

As he smoked his cigarette, he leaned against his car and looked at his watch. ‘Soon.’


William looked up as Buffy threw her bags to the ground and pounced on him. Limbs were entwined, words of loneliness and longing were exchanged, and lips attacked exposed skin.

“God, Buffy...”

“I can’t move.”


“We kinda missed the couch.”

The couple had barely gotten out of the car before clothes were shed. First William had pushed Buffy against the front door, then they had both collapsed somewhere between the coffee table and hallway.

“I’m sure crazy Jane next door was given a thrill.”

“Crazy Jane?”

“Yup, next door neighbor. She’s actually a very nice person, you should meet her, love.”

“A nice crazy person?”

“Yeah, it can happen.”

“Can we get up now?”

“You want to leave me already, kitten?”

“Nope, it’s just that the floor is hard and I think you gave me a rug burn.”

“Serves you right. Do you have any idea how sharp your claws are? I’m going to be all scarred up when you’re through with me.”

“Not going to be through with you. Not ever.”

“What happened to your forehead, love?” William asked as they cuddled on the couch. Buffy was curled up, lying on a pillow that was resting in his lap.

She touched her band-aid, “You noticed?”

“The polka dots, gave you away. Quite stylish though.”

“Thanks. I, um, got in a go-kart accident.”

“Go-kart…you drove! Who let you drive?”

Buffy quickly rolled to face him. “Don’t be mad. I wanted to learn so I could see you sometimes and you know, surprise you.”

“So you put your life and the lives of others in danger for me?”

Buffy couldn’t tell by his tone if he was mad or not after hearing her confession.

’Honesty’s the best policy.’


Buffy got her answer as William ravished her mouth. “Mmmm, my love…”

The next morning, William woke early, way too early for his liking until he considered the source. Buffy’s hands were roaming across his chest and toying with his flat nipples.

“Morning, kitten. Up to play already?”

“I just couldn’t resist you,” Buffy said, sounding unusually quiet and almost embarrassed.

“Something wrong?” William took her hands and kissed along the pads of her fingertips.

She sighed deeply and moved to rest her head on his chest.

Concerned because she had broken their eye contact, William ran a hand up and down her back. “Buffy. Tell me, sweetheart.”

“It’s almost September…her birthday.”


“I feel--I don’t know but I’m pretty sure that I’m lying next to the love of my life…”

William felt his heart swell. ‘Always love’s bitch.’

“…and I feel guilty that I feel guilty. Does that make any sense?”

“Of course...”

“No wait. I could easily say that mom just wants us to be happy, but I don’t know. She loved you so much and I know that you loved her. I’m just afraid that I will always think in the back of my mind that I am taking advantage of her death.”

“No. No, Buffy. Stop.”

”William, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for mom dying and her will. It scares me to think that this is the result of fate and that mom died so we would get together or that if mom were alive, I would have never been able to be with you…God, it’s driving me crazy. This past week I was torn between guilt and wanting to be with you so bad.”

“I don’t know what to say. Everything happens for a reason, I guess. What was to be now is. We can’t change anything, no matter how much we would like to. I loved your mom, but now I can say, with confidence, that you, Buffy, are mine too.”

“I’m what?”

“The love of my life.”

William felt Buffy’s tears wet his skin as she kissed his chest.

“I love you. I hate feeling bad about it.”

He pulled Buffy up to face her teary eyes. “Then don’t.”

William had insisted that Buffy take a walk after breakfast to clear her mind. Buffy felt much better upon her return, but once she arrived home, she couldn’t find him.

“William, are you up here?” she called up the stairs. “I’m home!”

“In here, Buffy!”

Buffy had never been in William’s studio and ever since she learned that William had decorated the room with her mother’s artwork, she felt uneasy about seeing it.

“Better?” he asked, meeting her in the hallway with a paintbrush in hand.

“Much. Were you working?”

“Yeah, it’s kind of like therapy.”

“What about your writing?”

“To be honest, I’ve had a block lately. Besides, I needed a holiday from words.”

“Okay, I can leave you alone if you want paint in peace.”

“Nah, I’m just going to finish up. I’ll be down in a minute, pet.”

William found Buffy downstairs watching MTV.

“I thought I had affected your choice in music. Thought you were actually into the good stuff.”

“Silly William. That was me just finding ways to seduce you.”

“Is that right?”

“Yup. Move. You’re in front of the TV.”


William stopped in front of her and kneeled, pulling her into his arms.

“You didn’t need to change anything -- even your bloody awful taste in music -- to seduce me.” Buffy sighed as he pushed her to the back of the sofa. He kissed her deeply but cut it short. “It occurred to me, while you were in Sunnydale, that I forgot to do something. Something very important.” Before Buffy could ask him, William was pushing her skirt to her waist. “I’m a bad man for forgetting. Tell me you’ll never forgive me.” William spread her legs wide and inhaled. “You’re always ready for me aren’t you, kitten?”

William pushed two fingers against her damp underwear, making Buffy gasp. He caressed the damp spot while she wiggled. Then he hooked onto her underwear and pulled them off, keeping her skirt on.


“Shhh.” He danced his fingertips from her knees to her upper thighs. “So pretty, you are.”

Buffy wasn’t sure if he was addressing her or the wetness between her legs. She shivered, feeling his warm breath against her, and her head flew back as a finger slid along her opening. Her breathing became erratic when he began to move two long fingers in and out.

'So good. So nice.'

“Deeper, please.”

“Why, you’re awfully polite now.”

Buffy moved to meet his fingers. “Ahhh. More. More.”

“Wait. I’m almost getting to the good part.”

“Huh? Almost?”

Buffy felt his fingers leave her and they were replaced with his tongue. 'Oh, this good part.' She released the handfuls of sofa she had been white knuckling, and found his head. 'Mmmm... Love his hair.' Buffy flew as he licked her up, down, in and out. She tensed her legs and tugged on his hair as she came. 'He’s never going to forget that again.'

“You dry, I wash.”

Buffy was deep in thought as she helped William dry the dishes.



“I have this huge assignment in my photography class. Ten prints in two weeks. It’s insane and I need to have at least five rolls by Monday.”

William nodded, waiting for her to reach her point.

“So my assignment is creating lies. You know, photos are usually seen as fact and a documentation…ah, anyway, I was wondering if I could…take some pictures of you?”

“What kind of pictures, pet?”

Buffy focused on her plate, drying it completely. She knew he was smirking by the tone of his voice. “Well, actually I thought some shots with you and the car would be nice. You could get in your punk clothes and…”

“Kitten, somehow I think you just want to me to ravish you in my leather.”

Buffy gulped and bit her lower lip. “Well, it would have its perks…”



“Really. Now give me a kiss for being so cooperative.”

“Sure you don’t need any help?” Buffy stood in front of the closed bathroom door, loading her camera with film.

“I remember how to put on my own eye make-up, love.”

Buffy hoped her heart would slow down and that her hands would stop shaking. ’Camera shake would be a bad thing.’

All of Buffy’s “Spike” fantasies were flooding her thoughts, in turn causing a flood in her pants.


Buffy felt her eyes widen at the sight of him. William had searched through boxes for his duster and holey jeans. He couldn’t find the vest so he had to wear a torn black shirt instead.

“Cat swallowed your tongue?”

“Ah huh.” Buffy nodded, stepping away from him. ‘Ohh, really spiky hair. Can’t maul the model! Can’t maul the model--Oh God, he painted his fingernails…’

William was having fun. He had forgotten how manly he felt wearing his duster, even when he wore the makeup. Just feeling the jacket blow in the wind as he walked made him feel like a superhero. It also helped that Buffy looked like she was going to burst.

“I want a few more with you in the car.”

William was on his best behavior and it was driving Buffy insane. He did exactly what she asked; he hadn’t even tried to look down her shirt when she bent over, causing her shirt to balloon open.

Buffy struggled not to act as horny as she felt. “Will you sit on the trunk?”

At the sound of Buffy’s third roll rewinding, she decided enough with the picture taking but she didn’t tell William that the photo shoot was over.

“Can you take off your shirt, but keep the jacket on, please?”

William looked at her questioningly but continued to follow her directions as she loaded another roll of film.

“This better?”

“Much. Close your eyes; I want a dramatic close-up.” Placing her camera down carefully, Buffy gently held onto his duster by the lapels and pulled him towards her.

“Love, I thought--.”

“No more pictures.” Buffy kissed along his jaw line.

“You know what’s brilliant about this coat, kitten?”

Buffy was then crushed against his body, encased by the jacket. William put his hands on her behind, grinding his erection into her clothed crotch. She was pleased to find that William had found their photo shoot arousing too. Holding him close, she brushed his back with the palms of her hands.

“What about crazy neighbor lady?”

“Sod, the crazy neighbor lady. Want you now.” William captured her lower lip with his teeth, making her moan.

“I can feel that.” As they kissed, William picked Buffy up and she wrapped her legs around his waist, hiking her skirt up to her hips.

“Really, really brilliant jacket. Good thing I wore a skirt. What about the car? It could get scratched...”

“Can fix that.” William wobbled them over to the large tree in the front yard and supported her against it.

“You know when I heard you, that night, I thought my hand would fall off... Good Lord, I couldn’t move it fast enough, pet. To know you were coming in the other room, thinking about me…”

Buffy’s top was ripped and buttons were popped off.

William hissed at the sight of her bare breasts and placed wet kisses in the valley between them after traveling from nipple to nipple.


“It’s okay, kitten. You can call me Spike, for now.”

Buffy’s head and heart turned to mush. She was overwhelmed to see the makeup on his face as he worshiped her skin. As he kneaded her ass, she snaked a hand between them and unzipped his pants.

William was glad to feel the tension released from his jeans, the night air and a small set of hands on his throbbing cock. William thought she would stroke him, but Buffy led him to her entrance. Her underwear was pushed aside and Buffy impaled herself on him with much force.


“Shhh, Buffy, love, must be quiet.”

“I...ah, okay.” Buffy struggled with her words as she matched his thrusts.

“Must be quiet,” he whispered as he pressed his damp forehead against hers and captured her eyes. “Going to take you slow.”

William rocked them slowly, until they both reached their peak.

“Wow. That was…wow.”

“Speechless, my love?”

“I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“Really? Not even with the poofter?”

“Who? Oh, Angel. Nope Angel and I never got to trees. Hell, we never got to beds.”

William cocked his brow.

“Ew! I mean Angel and I didn’t have sex.”

“Is that so?”

“You see, I had someone else on my mind.”

“Or really, pet? Did I know him?”

“Maybe. He’s quite handsome, moody, British. Come to think about it, he kinda resembles you.”

“Is that right?”

William began to move his hips slightly.

“Hey you, stop that, we should go inside. Crazy neighbors could call the cops.”

“Let ‘em come, let you come.”

“William. Oh, do that again.”



William didn’t look up from his laptop.

“You going to work all day?”

“Have to, princess. We had our fun, now I have to get some stuff done. And don’t you give me that pouty face. Go run along now.”

“But I have to go back to Sunnydale in…in four hours.”

“I know but this has to be in to Lilah in the morning, first thing.”



Buffy walked away grumbling under her breath.

William rolled his eyes at her fifth exaggerated sigh. She was lying on the couch in his office, surrounded by silence. He was having enough trouble concentrating on his writing but Buffy’s moping was making it worse. ‘Think, mate. Ignore the girl. But she will be leaving me soon.’

William continued to struggle, not knowing if he should listen to his head, his heart or the bulge in his pants.

Buffy left the room for a few minutes and came back, a book in her hand. She sat up straight on the couch and began to read.

William gave her sideways glance and smiled. “What you reading?”

“Shhh, I’m trying to read here. Just because you have to work, it doesn’t mean that I have to be away from you, now does it?”

William laughed at her snippy tone. ”No.”

“Well good because I’m not leaving.”

“Come here.”

“Not listening.” Buffy didn’t look up from her poetry reader.

“Okay, I’ll come to you. I’m done for now, kitten. My work’s all done.”

“So you think I’m just going to drop my homework and entertain you? I don’t think so, Spikey.”

“Love when you call me that. You read. I’ll entertain myself.”

Buffy struggled to read as she felt her body being swung sideways. William situated their bodies so they were at opposite ends of the couch, legs stretched out and entangled. William buried a foot in the crack of the sofa and the other next to Buffy’s side. Her feet pushed against his chest.

“Comfy now, since you disturbed me?”

“Yes, very. Thanks for asking, kitten.”

”Oh, that’s nice,” she said as strong hands kneaded her feet.

Buffy and William walked hand in hand until they reached her dorm.

“How about Wednesday?”

“Come again?”

“Wednesday. Me. You. Phone. Around, oh elevenish.”

“Oh, Buffy wants phone sex. That sounds good.”

“Hug me.”

William had to control himself from mauling her in front of her door; he had done enough of that in the car.

“Oh, Buffy! Thank all that’s holy that you are here!”

Buffy hesitated before she let go of William. “Hi Anya, missed you too.”

“I didn’t miss you that much. I want you to make the uncharming man leave my dorm. Now, please. He said he had to see you before he could leave. And now that you’re here, I’m happy. Please make him leave. Now.”

Walking past Anya, Buffy motioned to William to follow her, not sure who the ‘uncharming’ man was. “Riley, what are you doing here?”

“Hey, I have heard a lot about you. Buffy talks about her step-dad all the time.”

William glared, “I’m not her step anything, mate. And it’s funny I’ve heard Buffy mention you, ah never.”

Riley seemed oblivious to the bite in William’s words. “I think Buffy’s a great girl. She’s a pro at photography, you know?”

“I know.” William cocked his head to the side and quickly brought it back.

“Ah, um, Mr. Giles, you see I’m an old fashioned guy, and I was wondering if I could court Buffy... I always like to ask permission--.”

“Hey guys, I got the drinks.” Buffy came in, hands full. She sat next to William, causally rested a hand on his leg.

William looked at Riley and felt like growling when he didn’t notice her hand.

“Thank you so much, Buffy. I was just asking Mr. Giles here if I could ask you out on a date.”

Buffy looked wide-eyed from William to Riley. “Oh...this is not going to end well.”
Chapter 11 by facingthesun
Chapter 11

“I’m going to rip off that bugger’s head and feed it to him!”

“Whoa there, mister. Take it down a notch, honey.”

“Has he been bothering you?” William asked as he paced. “Why didn’t you tell me about him?”

“William, he’s just an assistant to Jenny, my photo TA.” Buffy watched as William continued to pace, muttering colorful language, and imitating Riley in a high-pitched voice. “Just settle down, I’ll get rid of him.”

Buffy walked towards the door preparing to leave, but a hand spun her around. Before she could react, she was pressed against the wall and William’s tongue plundered her mouth, leaving her breathless.

“This is what kept me awake during the last week…what worried me. You’re mine.” William held back a sob, sinking to his knees, and clutching her legs. “I will not let that country bumpkin or any other wanker take you away. We’ve worked too hard for this, waded through all that angsty, emotional rot. Don’t leave me, Buffy. Don’t leave me.”

Buffy fell to the floor with him, crying too and whispering words of comfort and love. “I’ll never leave you.”

“You’re a dumbass,” Anya told Riley as she walked past him. He continued to wait on the couch twiddling his thumbs.


“I’m here.” Buffy wiggled closer to William as they lay on the floor of her bedroom, his body spooning hers.

“Sorry ‘bout that, Buffy.”

“Don’t be.” Buffy captured his nearest hand and brought it to her heart. “I do belong to you, William. Have for a long time. You’re mine too, you know. You’re such a good man, just suffering from a little heartbreak. Your heart can heal; I want to doctor it myself.” Buffy turned and kissed his cheek. “I love you.”

“My Buffy, what would I do without you?” William sighed and kissed her hair.

’She will shake your heart…so true. Thank you Joyce.’

“I’m not happy with you, you know that?” Anya had been making humorous angry faces at Buffy all morning. “He did not leave until midnight. Midnight!”

“Anya I--.”

“Do you know how boring he is? Do you? See this pencil? I was this close to sticking it in my eye! He wouldn’t even be worthy of a night of careless gratification!”

“Sorry, I owe you one.”

“Oh yeah you do. I haven’t even gotten started on the injustice of your boyfriend sleeping over.”

’Boyfriend? Is William my boyfriend? What we are to each other seems much more than a commonly used high school term. Is he my lover? Buffy’s nose wrinkled and that one. We are more than sex. More than really good, mind blowing sex. Hmmm, something to stress about later. Joy.’

“Earth to Buffy!”

“Huh? Oh. What?”

“I was giving you my outlandish demands and you weren’t listening! Well, actually, that’s okay. I will make a list. You may return to your deep thoughts now. I must go to class. Until later.”


When Buffy returned to her bedroom, she feasted her eyes on William. He was lying on his back, with a curly bed head and a cell phone to his ear. Buffy loved how he looked tangled up in her pink floral sheets.

’Look at my Big Bad now.’ Buffy sat on the bed with him, wrapping an arm around his bent leg and propping her chin on his knee. ‘We’re so much closer. To what? I have no clue, but it will be good. Worth it.’

“How’s everything on your end?” William’s foot had somehow found its way between her legs, and he wiggled his toes as he asked his question.

“Good, I guess. Anya’s all bad moody. I should probably go to class today, especially since I have to crush Riley’s little heart.”

“Break it good, kitten.”

“Hey, you control those toes! Be nice Spikey. He isn’t that bad. Maybe a little goofy but he was always nice to me.”

“Sure pet, whatever you say, but he’s not the brightest. When do you get out of your classes?”

“Why?” Buffy asked grinning ear-to-ear.

William sat up and pulled her on top of him. “Cause I’m not leaving until late tomorrow. I was a good boy, you see, and I got my homework in on time, so the boss is going to let me play.”

Buffy melted as he placed baby kisses on her ear. She soon felt hands roaming under her shirt. “Maybe I won’t go to class…” Buffy wiggled on his lap and wove her arms around his neck.

“Nope. You’re going to class; I just wanted to give you something to think about as you squash Dudley Do-Right. Up now or you’ll be late for class.”

William felt old. Decked out in all black, he was dressed no differently than everyone else. His bleached hair was also trendy. But, he acted older than the college students that surrounded him.

William sat uncomfortably in the UC Sunnydale Student Union, drink in hand. He watched as almost naked women paraded by and as the men looked half asleep. ‘More fun than a zoo it is.’

As William observed the students, his mind went to Buffy. Last night had bothered him. William knew that Buffy wouldn’t cheat on him or lie to him. He knew that in his heart.

’So why did I panic?’ he thought. ‘Why did everything go wonky?’

The week without Buffy had been too much for him. He barely slept and struggled at work.

’What’s wrong with me? She’s just a girl. A girl I’ve known for how long? Barely going on five months.’ William tried to ignore the part of his head that whispered the answers to him.

We complete each other.

I can ask her anything, mid-sentence even, and she knows where I’m coming from.

She makes me happy.

All I do is think about her. My Buffy. So beautiful. So strong. So lovely.

I can’t live without her. I ache for her.

His brain recognized his behavior and thoughts. It was how he felt and how acted before he had asked Joyce to marry him.

William held his head in his hands. ‘I wonder if Sunnyhell has a good jewelry store.’

“Hey, pet.”

“Hi!” William accepted Buffy’s quick kiss and embrace. “You have no idea how happy I am, seeing you between classes.”

William grinned, “I have an idea. Pet, you should let go now.”

“Ok.” She grinned, pulling back and taking the seat closest to him. “So what have you been up to? Scaring the college kiddies?”

“I wandered around campus a bit. Actually the college kiddies are scaring me. I forgot how being at a university felt.”

“Did you go in England?”

William noticed her eyes glaze over. “Yeah, and I’ll squash your dreams now. There wasn’t that much tweed.”

Buffy looked down, slightly embarrassed. “Damn, you were totally reading my mind.”

“How many classes do you have left?”

“Two. Photo--dum, dum, dum--and poetry. Um, poetry is a lecture class, over a hundred people easy. You know, I’m sure the professor won’t notice an extra body.” Buffy looked up innocently. “I’d love it if you’d join me.”

William smirked, “I think I’ll just do that.”

“Great! Meet me outside the art building. Do you know where it is?”

“Riley, can I talk to you?”

“Sure, give me a minute. We can use the office.”

Buffy took a deep breath, refusing to sit.

Riley also stood with hands in his pockets. “Wait let me. Buffy, you’re the strangest girl I’ve ever met. I think you have the strangest way with words but you have a huge heart. I really like you, Buffy. I think we would be great together. When I’m around you my knees feel weak and all I can think is ‘does she like cheese?’”

“Huh? Cheese?”

“You see, my heart beats uncontrollably and my head just stops working. I want us to work; I want to know if you’ll go out with me tomorrow night.”

“Riley--.” Buffy cut herself off. ‘Maybe a few months ago. Scratch that, definitely a few months ago. I would have jumped on the Riley train. Maybe I’d love him. Maybe. But I haven’t felt any sparks with Riley. No sparkage at all, especially when I compare him with William. Mmmm…William.’ Buffy’s heart sped up just thinking about him, knowing he was on campus. “Riley...” Buffy closed her eyes not knowing where to begin.

“I’ll take that for what it is.”

Buffy opened her eyes as she felt Riley’s lips on hers. “Off! Off!” She wiped her mouth off with the back of her hand. “Ew! I was going to be nice but…”

“Buffy?” At least William thought Buffy was the blonde who stomped past him, hands balled into fists.

“What! Oh, William.”

He was pulled into a steamy kiss as Buffy grabbed his ass.

“Nice to see you too, sweets,” he croaked, lost in a Buffy-induced haze.

Breathing heavy, Buffy turned from William and stuck her tongue out at Riley, who was watching and clearly stunned. “Let’s go, William.”

“Hey, good looking”

“Faith, do not mess with me. Not now.”

“I wasn’t talking to you, sister. I was talking to the stud next to you.”

William almost felt sorry for the girl as she moved her hips suggestively towards him. ‘She’s gonna get it.’

“Faith, William is not just a big hunk of man for you to gnaw on--.”

“I don’t want to gnaw, I want to--.”

“Finish that sentence and I’ll--.” Before Buffy could jump on Faith, William grabbed her arms, holding her back.

“Buffy, luv.”

Breathing heavy, through clenched teeth, Buffy growled at Faith. “William and I are together! You ho!”

“Wow, B. Banging your step-daddy, color me proud.”

“Buffy, let’s go. Come on, please?” William pleaded in her ear, as she struggled in his arms. The girls were attracting quite a crowd and he saw a security guard approaching in the corner of his eye. ‘Can’t let her do something stupid…’

“Come on and get me, B. Bring it on. I can take you.”

“Buffy, you’re better than her. So much better. Let me take you from here. Please?”

Buffy allowed William’s voice to calm her. “I am better than her. I have you, don’t I?

“I guess it didn’t go well with Finn, yeah?”

“He kissed me.”

Buffy tensed as she felt the car swerve. “Don’t worry. I hit him. Really hard. Twice.”


“One in the eye and another in the stomach. I was getting my knee ready but he collapsed before I could get him between the legs.”

“You socked him?” He laughed and kissed her on the top of her head. “You’re amazing, kitten.”

“He’s a big dumb jerk.”

“I don’t have to worry about you, do I?”

“I think I take care of myself pretty well and if you weren’t there, I would’ve beaten the shit out of Miss Lack-o-Attention Span.”

“And you would’ve gotten in trouble.”

“It would’ve been worth it.”

“I’m sure, but try to stay out of jail, pet. What would your mother think if I let you get into the slammer?”

“Well, no one’s going to give me crap because we’re together.”

“I’m glad to hear it, love.”

Buffy nuzzled his arm; their bodies were pressed together side-by-side as William drove. She caressed his knee and started to feel better. They had been driving for awhile, enjoying the silence and just listening to the soft sounds of the radio.

“There’s nothing to do here in Sunnyhell. Nowhere to go.”

“Nope. We could go to the mall or well, that’s about it, unless you want more coffee…”

“No, thanks.”

“Okay, actually I was wondering if we could go home?”

“You sure?” William was pleased that she called the house her home. ‘If only I could keep her there. Lock her up and misplace the key…’

“Yeah, I want to go back. You eventually need to change your clothes.”

“Do I smell?”

“No,” Buffy giggled. “You smell good. That was my big, brilliant excuse to go home and have wild pool sex.”

William smirked, “We don’t need an excuse. That can be arranged, princess.”

“Good. Sorry for going all wiggy back there.”

“Forgiven. We’ve both gone a little nuts lately, yeah?”

Buffy kissed his cheek. “Hey, at least we’re entertaining.”

“That we are kitten.”

“William, before we leave Sunnydale, there is one place I think we need to go.”

“Hey love. I miss you. How’s everything? I bet you make all the other angels jealous with how gorgeous you make the harp playing and wings look, huh? I’m doing well, as you probably already know. I feel you watching me, keeping an eye on me. I’ve tried to be a good boy but it has been difficult. Can you believe our girl is in college? It’s killing me, empty-nest syndrome and all that rot. Ha. It’s insane. I wouldn’t give up anything though. Love her so much. I know I don’t have to tell you that you’re not being replaced, darling. No, you know you’ll always be in here, in my heart. I just want to make her happy. I want to marry her. Love you, Joyce.”

“I’m back.”

Buffy sat next to William on the cement bench, facing Joyce’s grave. She had bought the prettiest bouquet that the florist near the cemetery had to offer. She placed in on the ground and sighed.

“I’ll go so you can talk to her in peace.”

“No.” Buffy tugged on his pants as he tried to leave. “Stay.”

William held Buffy’s hand as she silently stared into the distance, the wind gently blowing her hair.

Buffy kissed her palm and laid it on the gravestone. “Thank you, mom. I’ll take good care of him, I promise. Talk to you later.”

“We should do something to the backyard.”

“Like what?”

“Trees. Flowers and stuff.”

“We can do that.”

“Oh, and maybe a garden too. A vegetable garden.”


“And I want to come home more often too. Is that okay? Only on weekends is hell. I miss you too much. I know it will be a pain for you to drive me back and forth but--.”

“I like that idea.”

Buffy smiled. “Can I have a--?”

“Just stop right there. I know that devilish twinkle. I’d do anything for you, kitten; give you anything--within reason.”

“That’s why I love you, William.”

“That’s the only reason, huh?”

“Yup, sorry.”

“Don’t make me pull over and show you another reason why you love me.”

“Is that a threat or a promise?” Buffy’s hand snaked in between his legs as she bit her lip.


“What?” she said, innocently. “You offered.”

“I’m going to need your help, since I ditched my poetry lecture.”

William was salivating as she waded towards him in the pool. It had been a long ride home since she had lightly stroked his crotch, not enough to make him wet his pants but enough to drive him crazy.

“What was today’s subject?”

William had swept her up in his arms as soon as they got home. Buffy tickled him as he carried her through the door.

“Oh, um John Clarke.”

It taken some coaxing on William’s part but after a few minutes, Buffy agreed to the skinny-dipping.

“Ooh, he has some brilliant poems.”

Buffy wrapped her arms around his neck. They had decided the shallow end of the pool would be best. The water’s level allowed them both to stand feet flat. Buffy’s nipples were not concealed completely by the water.

“So I’ve heard,” she purred, squishing her body flush against his.

Then the kisses began. Long, tasty kisses involving exploring tongues and lots of moaning.


“Lots of love.” Buffy leaned back as William glided south and began worshipping her breasts. “Lots of…” William gasped when he felt a small hand circle his cock. He gulped, “…lust.”

“Tell me,” she whispered, kissing his Adam’s apple and moving down to nibble his chest. ‘I like this. He probably will too.’ Buffy attacked his flat nipples and then continued to move down.


“Hmmm?” She looked up at him mischievously from his belly button.

“Need you now.”

“Now, huh?” Buffy stood up but continued to stroke him between his legs.

“Now.” William grabbed her waist and tried to pick her up, thinking she could wrap her legs around him.



“No.” Buffy kissed him once more and searched his dilated eyes. “You want to…from behind?”

’She’s going to be the death of me.’ William watched as Buffy faced the edge of the pool. She reached behind her and tugged on his cock twice, her eyes pleading. “Hold on, kitten. Move closer to the wall, so we can get situated.”

William kissed her shoulder and muttered, “Love you more each day.” He pressed his erection into her back. “Always.” She sniffled in response. Not stirring from his position, he blindly wiped away her tears. “Open up for me, sweets.” William guided himself into her heat, gasping at the perfect fit. “You good?” His arms wrapped around her chest and waist, and Buffy nodded in response. “Move with me.”

Buffy continued to cry softly as they leisurely bounced in the water. “William...”

“I loved thee, though I told thee not.”

“Oh God.”

“Right eerily and long.”

“Harder…ah…harder, please.”

“Thou wert my joy in every spot.”

“William--don’t stop.”

“My theme in every song.”

William couldn’t continue, as Buffy squirmed and lost control in front of him. Her nails were drawing blood as she held onto his thighs instead of the pool’s edge. He couldn’t hold back any longer. His hand found her clit and applied enough pressure to make her explode. William came with her, moaning her name. “The bloody neighbors are going to hate us.”

“I didn’t want to make you cry, sweetheart. Was it okay?”

They remained in the pool hugging, her face against his chest, as she continued to cry.

“Oh, I loved it. I missed seeing your pretty eyes but I liked it a lot. Couldn’t you tell?” Buffy sniffled and kissed he chest. “You--your words were too much. These are I’m-so-incredibly-happy-I-love-you-so-much-it-chokes-me-in-a-good-way tears.”

“Buffy, I know the feeling. I’m drowning in you.”

Buffy gazed into his eyes, smiling. “Is it weird we compare our love to choking and drowning? We are so strange and morbid.”

William laughed, “Alike and the same, you and me. You’re getting pruney, kitten. Let’s go inside.”

“Can I bring some of my stuff in here? I never really got settled in the other room,” Buffy said as she searched through the bags of lacy underwear that she never put away.

“You want to be my roomie?”

“Do you even have to ask, Spikey?” She held up two different nightgowns for him to choose from. “Which?”

“The white one.”

Buffy ripped off the tags and slid the cotton sleeveless gown over her head. “Are you just going to lie there all naked?”

“Probably. Got a problem with that?”


“Well, come here then.”

She smiled and joined him on the bed. They were lying upside down, resting their feet on the pillows.

William brushed her puffy eyes. “So perfect, so beautiful. I don’t deserve you.”

“Yes you do,” she insisted, pulling him closer. “We could get cold, you know, with no blankets.”

“No.” William wrapped his arms around her tighter, his eyes now closed. “I’ll just have to use you for your body heat. Night, Buffy.”


‘Body heat, bah,” she thought with a snort. “He just likes to snuggle. My Big Bad Snuggle Bunny.’
Chapter 12 by facingthesun
Chapter 12

“How about these bushy thingies?”

“Those are nice, pet.”

“Oooh, and they bloom too. Little purple flowers.”

William grinned, seeing Buffy’s excitement at landscaping their backyard. To be honest, he was shocked to see that she was serious about doing the gardening.

“Look, seeds!” Buffy grabbed handfuls of vegetable and wild flower seeds. “What do you think?”

William browsed through the stack. “Rutabagas? Turnips? I haven’t even heard of this one here. Kitten, do you even like these veggies?”

“Nope, but my garden will accept all members of the vegetable community.” Buffy nodded her head to stress her belief.

“You do remember we don’t have a farm, right?”


William rolled his eyes as she squealed, finding matching his and hers straw gardening hats.

“Mmmm, gardening is fun.” Buffy leaned back against William as they sat under the shade tree, sipping ice water. They had spent most of the morning bantering about Miracle Grow and plant placements. Buffy was sure that after their little dirt throwing fight, she would definitely need a bath. “I’m glad we can do this stuff.”

“What stuff?”

“You know, domestic-y stuff.”

“Buffy, have you—um, love, do you think about us, ah, futures and whatnot--.”

“Shhh.” Buffy rolled in his embrace to face him. “Of course I do. Spikey, I’m still technically a teenager. I dream about us—about our future together, and I’m happy to report it looks like it will be pretty good.”

“Is that right? How good?”

“Really, really good. White picket fences and everything.”

“Hmmm, I’m not wearing overalls in your vision, am I?”

“What makes you think that?” Buffy couldn’t stop her giggles.

“Ah huh. I’m sure you have prize-winning tomatoes and a regular Charlotte’s Web’s awesome pig, huh?”

“Yup, and lots of little kiddies with a tree house and—oh, one of those tire swings.”

William sobered slightly. “How many kids?”

“Oh, um, did you ever want kids?” She tried not to wrinkle her nose at the thought of her William having children with her mother.

“It’s okay. I knew Joyce didn’t want any but I wouldn’t mind having a few with you.”

Buffy smiled, kissed his chin, and sighed happily. “A few would be super.”

“Come on, old man.” Buffy pushed William into the house.

“I’m not old, just…”

“Stiff, sore and tired, all the symptoms of an old fuddy duddy who worked all day.”

“You’re mean.”

“I know.” Buffy shoved him into the recliner. “Oh, I love your pouty face.” She kissed the top of his head. “I’ll make it up to you.” She unlaced and removed his shoes. When his feet and chest were bare, she gave his lips a quick kiss. “Lunch will be ready soon. Here’s the remote.”

William beamed as he watched her walk into the kitchen.

“In you go.”

“You’re too kind sweets, taking care of me.”

“Yeah, yeah. Move back. Give me some room.” William slid to the back of the tub giving her enough space to rest against his chest comfortably “Closer. You shouldn’t have made me wait so long.”

“Mmmm…” William wrapped his arms around her so he could cup each breast with the palms of his hands. “Sorry,” he said, squeezing lightly.


“You’re easy, love.” He moved to knead her shoulders; her hair was still tied up in a messy bun.

“Yup. But only with you”

“It sure as hell, better be only with me or I’ll--.”

“Shhh. Only you. There’s no need to go all Big Bad on me. Even if I do think it is all kinds of uber sexy.” She patted his knee under the water.

“Uber sexy?”


“You’re strange.”

“Well, I’m easy and strange and you’re old. Don’t we make a charming couple?”

“Of course.”

Buffy was pulled into his embrace as he wrapped an arm around her waist.

“You’re the baddest of the bad, William.”

“That’s right, let me show you, kitten. Up you go.”
William lifted her and was ready to nestle himself in her heat.

“Wait.” Buffy sloshed in the water. “I like seeing you. She turned herself in his arms and curled onto his body, leading his erection into her as she pushed her forehead against his. “Ahhh, that’s much better. Hold me tighter please. Oh, and William, if we make a mess I’m making you clean it up. Got me?”

“I got you. I’ll be good.”

“Are you really going to leave this time?”

“I have to. I have to work and bring home the bacon.”

“I don’t like bacon.”

“Stop pouting. I’m coming back for you tomorrow night. See, I remembered your demands.”

“Okay, it’s just…this isn’t getting easier, damn it.”

“I know, kitten. It won’t get better.”

“Thank you Mr. Optimism.” She let go of his hand. “Tomorrow, then?”


“You’re back. Joy.”

“What did I do now, Anya?”

“Nothing, it is just that you’ve gotten a lot of messages lately and that annoys me.”

“From who? It isn’t Riley, right?”

“Not Riley. Xander.” Anya walked to the counter and gave Buffy a handful of notes. “It seems a certain someone saw a certain someone kissing a certain someone, in the Art building.”

“God that’s a lot of someones.” Buffy made a face. “Xander knows.” She shuffled through the messages. “Let’s see…We have an Ew with lots of exclamation points and an ick in capital letters. Good thing he wrote them because I can’t read a word of them.”

“You’re in deep trouble,” Anya said matter-of-factly as she grabbed her bag and left the dorm.

“Xander?” Buffy walked carefully down the stairs into Xander’s room, which was in his parent’s dank basement. “Xander are you home—Oh. My. God!”


“Good God! Is there some sort of curse on me? Thou shall see all of your friends naked!” Buffy turned and hid her eyes. “You didn’t even tell me you were together.”

“Well, I told you he left lots of messages. You should have concluded--.”

“That any guy who stays around you for more than 30 minutes will become your love slave?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say Xander is my love slave. He is more like my--.”

“Anya, honey, shut up. Buffy, why are you here?”

“Why does everyone tell me to shut up--.”

“Shut up Anya. I thought you would want to yell at me because of William.”

“Anya, I think you should go. I’ll call you later.”

“How long?”

“Not long. A little before school started—the kissing anyway. Lethal amounts of sexual tension before that.”

“Is that why, when we moved you in, you guys were always disappearing together?”

“Yes. Xander, I--.”

“No, Buffy. Why are you doing this? Why are you with that thing?”

“William’s not a thing!”

“I guess not. He’s your mom’s fiancé.”

“Yeah, he was. But I’m with him now--.”

“Buffy, it’s wrong. Disgusting--.”

“Immoral. Damning. Greedy. Just plain bad. Xander, don’t you think I know these things? William and I talk about it all the time. All we tried to do was resist each other but it didn’t work. It doesn’t work. I’m meant to be with him, Xand.”

“So, you think just because you both acknowledge the wrongness of it all, everything’s peachy keen? I think not. What are you thinking?”

“That I love him and that you’re not my father.”

“No, but someone has to act like--.”

“Xander, I love you but the stubbornly overprotective big brother bit is getting old.”

“Buffy, he was going to marry your mom. Doesn’t that ick you out? Besides he’s double your age--.”

“Xander, I give up. I don’t know what to say. But I did my part already. I hated myself for wanting William. I felt guilty. But I need to be okay with it now. I need to be with him. He completes me, and before you make faces, it’s true, all that bad romance novel stuff. If I don’t have him, I’ll go insane.”

“You don’t need him.”

“Yes I do, and I want him. I love him.”


“Nope, I’m done here, Xand. I love you, you’re my best friend and I don’t want us to end because of William. But I will let it if you can’t accept him.”

“I still don’t know, Buffy.”

“Tell me when you know. See ya, Xander.”

“Hey, I’m here to--.”

“Pick up Buffy, I know. Come in. She’s in her room. Tell her I’m mad at her and that Xander hasn’t been in the mood since their little talk and I’m having withdraws... Hey! Hey! I’m talking to you!”

William ignored Anya and knocked on Buffy’s door. When there was no answer he pushed it open. “Hey, cutie.”


Buffy spoke with her head underneath her pillow. William noticed she was wearing his clothes. A stolen shirt and boxer shorts. ‘Looks better on her anyway,’ he thought. ’“We still on for today and tomorrow, pet?”

Buffy didn’t answer with words instead William heard a collection of moans and grunts.

“Buffy…come out, come out, princess.” William took away her pillow and gently rolled her over. “Hey, there. Nice to see you.”

Buffy made a weak smile and then reached out for him. “William, I…I—Xander hates me! He-he said I was disgusting…that I needed--.” She stopped and sniffed loudly, clasping onto William’s shirt. “He said he doesn’t know if we can be friends if I stay with you.”


“That’s all I get? No ‘it’s gonna be ok, pet,’ or ‘I’ll kill that booger?’”

“It’s bugger love.”



“Give me sweet talk and words of assurance.”

“Okay. It will all be right as rain, pet. Someday the whelp will wake up and think, ‘Gosh golly, maybe they aren’t wrong after all.’”

“William that’s not helping. Do you think we’re moving too fast? I mean yesterday you mentioned the k-word.”


Buffy rubbed her eyes and whispered. “Kids.”

“Oh, that was just talk love.”

“Just talk?” William rolled his eyes at the sight of more tears. “I think we’re moving at a brilliant pace, kitten. As long as you’re happy, I’m happy. Sod the rest of ‘em.” He kissed the tip of her nose.

Buffy hugged him tightly and spoke into his arm. “Yeah, sod, sod, sod.”

“You asleep?”

“I guess not.” Buffy yawned and stretched, looking at the clock.

’Wow. I’ve been asleep for over an hour.’

“Could you sleep?”

“Too much on my mind.”

“Tell me? I’m a good listener.”

“That you are kitten.” He pulled her so she rested on his chest. “I bought you something, love.” He reached into his jacket pocket. “I know we kind of mentioned this earlier but there’s something to make it more official”

‘God. God.’ Buffy felt her heart race. ‘Could it be? Already?’

“Buffy open it, I’m dying here.”

Buffy closed her eyes and peeked as she opened the box. “William…” she gasped at the sight of the silver engraved ring. She burst into tears and held him in a death grip.

“Like it?” William struggled to talk, feeling emotional himself.

“Love it. I love you. Put it on me.”

“Which finger, princess?”

“You choose.”

He picked up her hand and carefully inspected each finger. “And I pick you.” He mumbled as he slipped the ring on her ring finger, kissing it when it was in place. “Consider this a friendly reminder.” He looked into her eyes, not surprised to see more tears. “I intend on making us last. I intend on marrying you, my lovely. I want everyone to know that we are real.” He kissed the shiny silver band. “Just wait with me.”

Buffy looked at their entwined fingers. “I’ll wait.”

Buffy woke up early the next morning. It was her favorite time of the day, when the room looked blue and the sheets were cool. She looked down and smiled at seeing William’s head against her stomach. He had pushed up her nightgown sometime during the night, and his cheek rested against her bare skin.

‘Good thing he doesn’t drool.’ Buffy stretched her legs and arms, trying not to disturb William’s naked form. ‘He wants to marry me.’

Buffy hadn’t slept well the night before. Her mind was racing. ‘He wants to marry me.’

She outlined his eyebrows with a finger, lingering at his scar. ‘He’ll be mine. Mine to touch, have, and hold.’

‘Oh, God, he wants to marry me!’
Chapter 13 by facingthesun
Chapter 13

“Did I wake you?”

“No.” William nuzzled Buffy’s stomach with his head, brushing his nose against her white underwear. “Where did these come from?” he mumbled, trying to focus his eyes and blinking several times. He kissed her belly button and looked up at her. “Did you sleep well?”

“Okay. I had a lot on my mind.”

“Good a lot or bad a lot?

“Um, definitely good.”

“Mmmm, that’s good, sweetheart. You always smell so…good.” William inhaled deeply and chuckled, his face still pushed against her body. “I dreamed about you pet.”

“Oh, really?”

He rested his weight gently against her chest and kissed her deeply. “Have you been crying more, kitten?”

“Maybe. Just a little. They’re still all happy tears.”

“It’s probably a good thing I don’t let you drag me to many of those chick flicks. I’d just end up with a weepy, soggy Buffy.”

“Hey, I don’t cry at all of them…just a large majority.”

“I think it’s cute.”

“Did you just say cute? I didn’t think the Big Bad knew a word like cute.”

“Sure, tease away, cutie.”

“So what was your dream about?”

“Huh? Mmmm…I can’t remember but you were there and I was there--.”

“What about Toto?”

“Ha, ha, Dorothy. Aren’t we in a fickle mood?”

“Not fickle, just antsy I guess. You’ve been brushing against me and acting so much like a cat I’m waiting for you to purr. I was enjoying my moment until you woke up and got me all horny. And that’s a--”

“Aww, poor baby. I guess I should help you out, huh?” He moved his hips against hers and kissed her chin. “Better?”

“No--.” She gasped, feeling his naked warmth stab her through her clothes.

“Who told you that you could wear these things?” He spoke against her neck, sliding down her underwear.

“William, we—I...”

He noticed the hint of panic in her voice. “Love…” Then he noticed the white cotton string and panty liner. “Oh. Well, that explains some things. Buffy…”

“Sorry, I guess there won’t be any sweet love making for a few days.”



“I’ll meet you in the bathroom in a few minutes, okay?”

“Where’d you go?”


Buffy wrinkled her eyebrows as she sat on the closed toilet lid. “What are you up to?”

“Get naked, please.”

“William, I don’t know about this. Don’t you think it will be icky? Don’t you have to go to work?”

“Just get in the shower, love.”

“Cooperate with me pet.”

“No way.”

“Please? It’ll feel nice.”

“Yeah says you. Right now, nothing down there feels nice.”

“Well. Don’t you trust me?”

Buffy glared into his blue eyes as he held the shower wand. “I hate that. Don’t you trust me? That’s always what the sleazy guy says before he wants to boink you in the back of his mom’s mini van.”

“Somehow I think there’s a story attached to this.” He stood up and hung up the shower wand.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what kitten?”

“For being a wreck,” she said, hugging him.

“You changed the subject.”

“Yes, I did.”


She sighed deeply. “My first serious boyfriend—Parker—that was the line he used on me. I was sixteen and bought it. All the guys say that in the movies, you know? When they’re trying to be sensitive. Anyway, we went at it in the back of his mom’s mini van and I never talked to him again.”

“Another bad morning after?”

“You remember that? Yeah, Parker left me a little broken.”

“I’ll fix you up.”

“You already have.”

“Buffy, let’s try this.”

“I’m crampy.”

“They’ll go away. The shower will wash away anything nasty and then I picked up a little something if you should encounter, eh, any personal dryness.”

“Personal what—never mind.” Buffy laughed, “If it really means that much to you...okay. But if you get grossed out, I don’t want to hear about it.”

“It’s about time,” William cupped her face and playfully brushed his lips against hers.

“So he was all…grrr and I was all…eek!”

William tried to concentrate as Winifred told the story of her adventures at the new bookstore across town.

“Oooh, am I late? Do it again.” Lorne paraded into the room and clapped as he sat next to William.

“You missed a good one, mate. Fred had a near death situation…”

“Oh, Will, it wasn’t that bad.” She brushed off William’s remark with fake modesty. “Besides, I think you have something more exciting to share. You’re glowing.”

“I am?” he asked, looking from Fred to Lorne. “You’re kidding, right?”

Lorne nodded, a grin on his face. “Spill, pretty boy.”

“Well, I think we’re kind of engaged.”

“Think? How could you just think?” Lorne stood up. “Was there a ring? Where? When? Am I invited? Can I plan it? What’s her favorite color? I bet she’d look nice in a pale pink--.”

“Settle, settle. I gave her a ring, but not the ring.”

“’The’ ring? What ring is this?”

“The ring my father gave my mother. It’s kind of like tradition…anyway, I was thinking we should wait until she’s not in school.”

“I will die right here if you mean in four years! Tell me you’re thinking during a break!” Lorne dramatically fanned himself with his hands.

“Breathe, man. We’ll see.”

“That’s real nice, Will. Congratulations.”

“Thanks pet,” William accepted Fred’s quick embrace.

“This a funny place to meet for lunch.” William looked at the crowded mall’s food court. “A little loud, don’t you think?”

“I know. I just wondered if you wanted to take a glimpse at the wedding gowns…” Buffy faded off and looked away embarrassed.

“Pet, remember we agreed on--.”

“I know that it wasn’t the official down on one knee proposal and I know you want to wait, but William, the dress could take years to pick out.”

He choked on his Chinese food. “Years?”

“Of course and then there are the shoes, jewelry, guest lists, plates, food—oh my God!”

“What?” William was startled when Buffy threw down her plastic fork.

“What about my hair!”

“What about it? I like your hair the way it is.”

“But you don’t count.”

“I don’t? Last I knew you were marrying me.”

Buffy smiled, “I am marrying you, but I don’t have to impress you anymore.”


“Nope, you’re already under my spell. I wear anything and you’d be fine with it, right? I need to impress the guests that’ll be coming to the wedding.”

“You’re a beautiful woman--.”

“See, William?” She patted his hand and continued to beam. “I love you, but you don’t count when it comes to the dress and my hair.”

“But I get a say in the other stuff?”

“Do you want a say?”

“Of course.”

“I’m happy to hear that.”

“Finish up, Buffy and we’ll take a look at those wedding gowns.”

“So the real proposal will be spontaneous. You won’t ever know when it’s going to happen. Could be at anytime.”


“Anytime. And it’s gonna be good—hell, it’s gonna be great.”

“I know it will be. I like surprises. I like more jewelry.” Buffy touched the necklace William had given her for her birthday and smiled.

“And I like giving you more jewelry, sweets.” He kissed and played with the silver ring on her hand.

“Where did you get it? Um, you don’t mind me asking, do you?”

“No. I got it while I was in Sunnydale. It reminded me of you.”

Buffy’s heart swelled, “Want to do a little wedding planning?”

“Just a little. A lot can change, pet.”

”Okay, we’ll plan just a little.”

“And can we do it during commercials? Passions will be over in a few.”

“Okay, whenever you’re ready.”



“No. No way.”

“Pretty please William?”

“I have a reputation you know--.”

“You don’t want to be the wind beneath my wings?” Buffy stuck out her lower lip and batted her eyes. “You don’t want to be my hero?”


She sniffled.

“Bloody hell, woman! I’ll be the wing beneath your soddin’ wings! But you owe me. A lot!”

”And I’m supposed to be easy,” she teased. “But oh, William, we’ve got a song.” Sighing dreamily, Buffy fell into his arms.

“Do you know what next week is?” Buffy wrapped the towel around William’s shoulders.


“It’s Thanksgiving!”

“Now add the Sweet ‘n’ Low.”

“This is just weird. I can’t believe I’m putting sugar substitute in my fiancée’s hair.”

“Gentle, princess. It burns.”

“Oh, sorry.”

The past few months had gone smoothly. Buffy was doing well in her classes and she managed to get William to drive her to and from school on most days of the week. She hardly ever stayed at the dorm, which made Buffy’s life easier because she and Xander were still not talking. Last she heard, Xander was living in the dorm with Anya.

Buffy decided she wouldn’t pay for a dorm the following semester. She mentioned getting a job a few times to help pay for gas money but William had refused, telling her that it would be best to wait until her summer break.

“What’s so special about Thanksgiving?”

“I have extra days off and it’ll be our first real holiday together. There will be turkey and stuffing and nasty cranberry sauce. Oh, and invite Fred and Lorne. I want to finally meet them.”

“Why nasty cranberry sauce and don’t you what us to celebrate alone?”

Buffy didn’t have to look at William to know he was smirking. ‘His voice changes completely when he does those wicked eyebrow movements. Deeper, sexier. I didn’t think his voice could be sexier…’


“Huh? Should I rinse?” She moved his head under the faucet and tenderly ran her fingers through his hair. “Cranberry sauce is gross but it’s important in the cornucopia that is a Thanksgiving Day feast and they would only be around for lunch. Mom and I always did lunch so we could go to the movies afterwards.”

“We can do that.”

“Sometimes I think if I said mom and I used to jump off of cliffs without parachutes, you’d say, ‘we can do that’.”

”I want you to be able to keep up the things you enjoyed with Joyce. Dad has drilled the importance of traditions into my head for as long as I can remember.”

Buffy pulled his head up so she could towel dry it. “You’re so wonderful.”

“I don’t want either of us to forget her.”

“I don’t think that’s possible, but I know what you mean.”
Chapter 14 by facingthesun
A/N: I’m proud to announce that Little by Little (the revamped version) has received 3 nominations at the Love’s Last Glimpse awards for Best WIP, Romance, and Fantasy. I also got a nom for Best Author and nominations for another one of my AU stories, This Girl, That Boy. Big, huge thanks to my secret nominator!

Chapter 14

“How about that one?”

“Too poofy.”

“Oh,” Willow sighed, convinced that no dress would suit Buffy. They had been looking every Saturday for a dress for what felt like ages.

”How about—what’d you find?” Willow came up behind Buffy as she stood with a hand covering her open mouth.

“It’s so beautiful,” Buffy whispered.

“It’s the one, sweetie. Go try it on.”

Buffy flashed Willow a huge smile and then ran to the dressing room.

‘Ah…looking for wedding dresses.’ Willow got misty-eyed at the memory of shopping with Joyce to pick out her gown.

‘They are so different.’

Willow had to admit that mother and daughter planning to marry the same man was cause for concern in the beginning, until she saw Buffy and William together.

She and Oz spent Halloween with the couple. Willow played her typical supportive role, but she was working undercover. After seeing Buffy give William mooneyes and then seeing William return the glance, Willow knew that there was something strong between the blondes.

“Psst! Hey Willow come here!” Buffy poked her head out of the dressing room. “You’ve got to see this!”

“Oh, Buffy! It’s perfect! Joyce would’ve been so proud of you.”

“You think so?”

“I know so. She’d be so happy to see you like this. William’s lucky to have struck gold twice.”

“You think I’m golden?” Buffy laughed, twirling in front of the mirror.

“Of course you are sweetie.”

“Buffy, can you get that?”

“Sure!” Buffy wiped off her hands and grabbed the phone. “Hello? Summers-Giles residence. Buffy speaking.”

“Hello, Buffy.”

“Hey, Giles! How are you? How are your glasses, nice and clean?”

“Um, yes my glasses are—quite nice. Er, I was wondering if Will was available?”

“He is. He’s just in his studio. I’m cooking dinner.”

“My son is letting you in his kitchen unsupervised? Is he insane?”

“Hey, I’m a cooking genius. Oh, he’s coming now. Bye!”

“Who is it?” William whispered as he walked into the kitchen.

“Giles.” She whispered back.

“I’ll pick up the office phone.”

“Hey, dad.”


“You alright? You sound weird.”

“Oh, yes. Darla asked me to call you. Drusilla’s in the hospital.”

“Dad, I--.”

“Wait, just hear me out first. Drusilla’s in the hospital because she tried to hurt herself. She has been committed, Will. Her doctors believe she should see you because you’re all she talks about. They believe that maybe you can reach her since no one else can. I even went myself a few days ago. The poor girl’s a wreck.”

“Dad, I just got settled here. Buffy and I are…Dad, I want to marry her. I want to give her mom’s ring.”

“William, aren’t you moving things just a little too fast. I understand that you clung to Buffy after Joyce, but you’re still mourning…”

“This isn’t just a phase. I’m not going to stop loving her when I forget Joyce—which is impossible as she will always be with me—but I can’t have her now, can I? I love Buffy, dad. I have never felt so sure of anything.”

“Well, William, then maybe coming back to England will be best for you--.”

“I’m not coming without Buffy.”


“Let the doctors dance about for a while, have them look for someone else to play Dru’s mind games. If there isn’t any alternative, I’ll come back. Later. With Buffy.”

“Okay, do what you must. I’ll call again soon.”

“That sounded not so good.”

“It wasn’t.” William watched as Buffy cleared off his desk so she could set his plate of food down. She sat on his lap so she could face him. “How much did you hear?”

“Not much. Here, taste.”

William opened his mouth, too frazzled to worry about Buffy poisoning him with her awful cooking. “Wow, pet, that actually tastes good.”

“Hey, I’m a good cook…Does it really taste good?”

“You let me be your guinea pig? You didn’t even have the guts to try it first?”

”Tell me what Giles said.”

“He wants me to go back to England.”


“Dru. She was committed.”

“Well good for that loony. What does that have to do with you?”

“I guess the docs think she needs me.”

“That’s too bad for her because I need you more. She had you before and the skanky ho abused you. Oops. Finders, keepers, blahty blah. Mine.” Buffy closed her eyes, wrapping her arms around William’s shoulders and resting her forehead against his neck. “Besides, you promised that you won’t ever leave me.”

“And I keep my promises, sweets. I’m not going anywhere until you can come with me, pet.”

“Then I’ll watch over you like a hawk and if Dracula girl comes close to my William, I’ll peck her eyes out.”

William chuckled, holding Buffy close. “I am yours, Buffy,” he whispered into her hair. “Dru doesn’t hold a candle to you.”

Buffy rested her head under his chin as he stroked her hair. “William, do you ever wish that we would’ve just stayed in England?”


Buffy sat up and looked into his eyes. “If you want to go back I understand. I won’t like you being near Drusilla, but I trust you.”

“Thank you.” William brought her in for a kiss. “But I’m not going without you.”

“But the next vacation time will be Thanksgiving and that’s only a four-day weekend.”

“What about Christmas, pet?”

“That’s awhile away, but I do have about a month off.”

“Okay. That settles it. We’ll go back for Christmas.”

“There’s something else I need to tell you.”

“Like what?” Buffy asked as she piled up their dirty clothes.

“It’s dad,” William sighed deeply. “Buffy, he doesn’t approve of us. He thinks we’re moving too fast and--”

“Giles too?” Buffy held back her tears. “Xander.” She ran her hands through her hair and turned to face William. “Are we moving too fast?”

“I think we’ve been moving at a brilliant pace. Maybe a bit sluggish in the beginning, but at least we’re going somewhere.” He cupped her face with his hands. “We’ll get there little by little; we’ll take it day by day.”

“I love you.”

“And I love you, sweetheart. More and more every step of the way.”

“I don’t want to wait anymore. When am I getting my proposal?”


Buffy rolled her eyes. “Don’t make me wait too long.”

“I’ve never been a patient man, love.”

“Good and you’d better not start to be one now.”

“What are you doing?” Buffy asked as she walked into the darkened room.

“Trying to think up a masterpiece.”

“What’s it going to be about?” Buffy sat next to him on the floor. He was lying on his back and staring up at the ceiling.

“Don’t know.”

“How about stupid dads?”

“Oh, you caught that, did you?”

“Yeah, you’re easy to read,” she said, lying down. “Give him time.”

“I don’t want to. I’m tired of waiting.”

“I always like stories about characters on a road to redemption.”


Buffy closed the gap between them, moving against William’s side. “For your masterpiece—it’s going to be a story, right? I like when the hopeless try to change.”

“Hmmm. I’ll consider that. Read any good books lately?”

“Just school related junk. I can’t wait ‘til Christmas, then I can read what I want.”


“I want to go back. We’ll just have to prove to Giles how great we are together.”

“Just like how we showed the whelp?”

“Well, that’s different…”

“No it isn’t.”

Buffy sighed deeply. “I guess it isn’t. But William, I ran away from Xander. I ran off to live with you. I avoid seeing him. Hell, I will walk around campus twice so I can miss when his classes get out.” Buffy rolled on her stomach and rested on her bent elbows. “I know it’s immature, but I have a better excuse than you. I’m eighteen and Xand’s my friend, no blood relation. Don’t run away from Giles. You have at least one living parent, take full advantage of him.”

“When did you get so brilliant and reflective?”

“It must be all the tea you have forced me to drink.”

“And you really want to go back.”

“Yes, I do. I also have this funny feeling that I may get my engagement there.”

“Oh, is that right?”


“Oh, my all knowing Buffy, will you leave any surprises for me to give you?”

“Maybe. Let’s get off the floor; there is a reason why God made comfy beds.”

“Move it to the left…no your other left.”

“You mean right, right?”

“Huh? No that way.”

“I can’t see you, pet, lifting heavy stuff here.”

“Fine, ahhh, towards me…to the left. Perfect!”

“Great, now I have somewhere to sit.” William wiped his brow and sat in their new wooden swing. It was large, big enough to fit three people comfortably. “Oh, hell.”


“This bloody swing gave me a splinter.”

“Really?” She looked at his finger and hissed. “I’ll get the tweezers and a needle.”

“Needle? I don’t need one of those.” His face scrunched up as he tried to tear out the splinter with his teeth.

“Stop playing with it!” she yelled as she headed into the house. “Give me two seconds!”

”I’ve got a plan, honey. I got you some water. Drink that while I work on your finger.”

“I don’t want any fucking needles.”

“You’re the biggest baby. Okay, take a deep breath for me…”

Buffy stroked his hair as his head lay in her lap. “Thank you for the swing.”

William grunted in response.

Buffy rocked them slowly back and forth, her feet flat on the ground. The swing was facing their tiny yet overflowing garden. Buffy decided long ago that the garden would be symbolic. It was their first project as a couple and Buffy thought it was reasonable for her to use the progress of the healthy greenery as an omen. If the trees had died or if her vegetables had been stricken with disease, she would’ve been convinced she and William were doomed.



“Why haven’t you kissed my thumb yet? It won’t get better until you do.”

“Because you’ve had it in your mouth for the last thirty minutes.”

“So, are you afraid of my cooties?”

Laughing, she took his injured thumb to her lips.
Chapter 15 by facingthesun

I don’t plan on getting much response on this chapter, since I’ve left the story for so long. I don’t hate it or dislike, I just put it aside, but a few days ago I decided to dust it off and write it again. It’s pretty much all new and I hope that you like it. If not, stay tuned for an update on one of my other WIPs. Oh, yes and please review?


Chapter 15

“Just how many armies are we feeding?”

“Just one; an army of two…four…uh, eight.”

“Eight people are coming to our house for Thanksgiving? We know eight people?”

“Yes, we know eight people,” Buffy laughed, placing the groceries that she was carrying onto the kitchen table. “You and I make two, then there’s Willow and Oz, Fred and Lorne and then Anya and Xander.”

“See?” she asked, showing William the fingers that she had counted on. “Eight people.”

“But Xander? Did I miss something? Are you speaking with him again?”

“Not exactly. But Thursday will give us the perfect opportunity to mend our fences.”

“You sound pretty confident about that.”

“I am. Why shouldn’t I be?”

“No reason,” William said with an innocent shrug. “But I still won’t be surprised if we have a real old-fashioned Thanksgiving with the turkey and stuffing and bows and arrows. Maybe we’ll even be treated to a bit of violence and bloodshed before dessert. I wouldn’t mind seeing that kid’s head mounted on a stick…”

“William, don’t say that about my best friend.”

“You might agree with me in a few days. From what I’ve seen, that guy can act like a real wanker.”

“So, would a real old-fashioned Thanksgiving involve certain animals too? Say, maybe a big ferocious grizzly bear?”

“Hey, that’s not nice. Here I share a deep dark embarrassing secret with you and you throw it back into my face?”

“I think it’s cute. My Spike’s deathly afraid of Winnie the Pooh and Smokey the Bear.”

“It’s not all bears. It’s that bloody Teddy Ruxpin. If you stumbled across that fucking robot scary in a dark alley, you’d have nightmares too.”

“How old were you exactly when Teddy Ruxpin came out?” When William refused to answer, she giggled and stepped forward to give him a hug. “You shouldn’t have been so sarcastic about my meal. You were mean first.”

“And you’re always sarcastic-free?”


“What? What I’d do now?”

“You’re using my words,” Buffy cooed, stroking his defined cheekbone.

“I am not.”

“You are. You’re adopting the way that I talk and I love it. I knew there was a reason that you are the wind beneath my--.”

“Oh, don’t start with that again,” William rolled his eyes, a small smile tugging on his lips as she continued to snicker and nuzzle his face.

“Ah, come on, William. Say it, baby. Say that I’m the wind beneath your wings.”

“I won’t. I’ll never say it out loud,” he said, nudging her back until she bumped against the refrigerator. Various magnets and notes were knocked to the floor, but that didn’t faze Buffy as William licked her neck. “I like it when you get cheeky, my love. Your eyes just sparkle. Your face lights up, it blinds me.”

“William…the groceries…”


“But…God,” she whimpered, her heart pounding as he parted her legs. Her knees threatened to collapse once he pulled at the zipper of her jeans. “My-my turkey...”

“Forget it. We don’t know how to cook the damn thing anyway.”

“I bought a cookbook.”

“Oh, that’ll save us.” Kneeling on the floor, William slid both her pants and underwear down in one graceful motion. “Did you ever help Joyce in the kitchen?”

“Um, not exactly.”

“You do realize that your bird can’t be stuffed in the microwave, right?” Not waiting for a response, he undressed Buffy further until she was standing before him in nothing but her hot pink flip-flops. “Now, if I put away all the perishables, will you run upstairs? I want you sprawled across our bed and ready for me.”

“Uh, okay.” With a flushed face, Buffy gathered up her discarded clothes and headed out of the kitchen. “God, I’d hate to know what the neighbors think of us. We definitely need to invest in some blinds for the windows…”

“Do we have a blender?”

“We might, but it’s older than you so, it probably won’t work.”

“What’s the difference between a food processor and blender? Don’t both machines do the same thing?”

“I don’t think so, cutie.”

“So how much would a food processor cost?”

“Too much for one bloody meal.”

“William, we’ve talked about this. Don’t say ‘bloody’ when we’re discussing food. It’s gross.”


“I forgive you,” Buffy said, looking over her shoulder to smile at William.

“Aren’t you finished with that yet?”

“Nope. I haven’t even touched the turkey section yet.”

“Can you at least come over here? I feel like I’ve been loved and left for a fucking cookbook.”

“Awww.” Taking her eyes from the book, Buffy sat up from where she had been lying on her stomach. “I just don’t understand why I need a food processor for so much. The Pilgrims didn’t have food processors and they handled Thanksgiving just fine.”

“I’m sure that the Pilgrims would’ve taken advantage of TV dinners if they had the chance. Why slave away in the kitchen when you can zap a tray into the microwave?” William asked, his eyes dazzling as Buffy crawled to him on her knees.

“You’re probably right,” she sighed, slipping under the covers of their bed. “But I want the picture perfect dinner for Thursday. In those paintings, you don’t see the family gathered around the table and feasting on their little plastic trays.”

“That’s because they’re smart. They fix the pre-made dinners and serve it on the fine china. I’m sure if you squint at the nearest Rockwell, you’ll find the trash full of plastic trays.”

“Okay, you make a good point,” she laughed, giving him a quick kiss on the lips as she settled into his arms. “I’ll consider the TV dinners, but then we would’ve wasted all that money…”

“We’ll try the cooking, baby. I’ll help, but I just want us to have options.”

“If I ruin it…”

“That’s not what I meant--.”

“It’s okay. I can only boil water on a good day. I won’t be surprised if I mess up Thanksgiving. I’ll be disappointed, but not surprised.”

“We’ll try our best,” William whispered, giving her a comforting squeeze.

“Do you even care about Thanksgiving? I mean, you’re British.”

“But if you live in States—which I did awhile back—you’re never really exempt from American holidays. It’s like being Jewish on Christmas. You’re forced to eat turkey. All the stores close early—if they’re open in the first place. Besides, it’s not so bad to have a day reserved for being thankful, especially since I have so much to be thankful for.”

“Like your new job and big beautiful house?”

“Yes, and I’m also unbelievably thankful for the beautiful woman that shares my bed every night. She’s a real sweetheart. She’s my everything, really. Keeps me sane and grounded. Love her to pieces.”

“She’s very thankful for you as well. She loves you too, William.”

“That’s good to know,” he chuckled, lazily stroking and kneading her exposed breast. “You know with Thanksgiving this week, your winter break will be practically around the corner? It’ll be here before we know it.”

“I’m not looking forward to my first set of college finals. It’ll be hell. I glanced at my syllabuses and everything is going to happen at once—books must be read, presentations must be given, papers must be written and then the tests…William, stop me before I start to hyperventilate.”

“You just need to keep the due dates in mind. Don’t let everything pile up.”

“That is so easier said than done.”

“If you need help…”

“I’ll definitely come to you, crying into my textbooks.”

“And I’ll do my best to save the day, princess.”

“You’re too wonderful.” With that said, she snuggled deeper into William’s body, enjoying the feeling of his bare skin against hers. “After finals, we leave for England. Was that what you were trying to get at before I started foaming at the mouth about school?”

“Two days after your semester ends, we’re gone.”

“There’s another reason why I’m freaking out about Thanksgiving. Since we aren’t having our first Christmas in our house, we can make up for that by having the best Thanksgiving ever.”

“But you plan on having a good time, right? In England? You don’t mind seeing dad?”

“The holidays are about family and I love Giles. I’m looking forward to seeing him again.”

“Me too. As long as he sees the light and wakes up about us.”

“He will.”

“If he doesn’t, what happens then?”

“Uh, we scowl a lot and hope that during out next trip, we’ll convince him that we’re meant to be.”

“That sounds like a plan,” William chuckled, pressing a kiss against her temple. “You make everything sound so simple.”

“It probably has a lot to do with my long history of getting myself in and out of trouble.”

“Your mom told me the wildest stories about you. It’s hard for me to picture my sweet girl as such a rebel.”

“Let’s just say that I get better with age.”

“Ah, something to look forward to.”

“Yup,” Buffy smiled, pulling William in for a slow and lingering kiss.

“Suck. Suck. Suck. William, come in here!”

“You rang, sweetness?”

“Try this and tell me if it tastes funny.”

“Buff--.” Before William could protest a spoonful of gravy was pushed past his lips. “Um, I vote on definitely funny, pet.” He tried hard not to make too harsh of a disgusted face when he forced himself to swallow. “I’m sure we can work it out--.”

“No, it can’t be worked out. It’s ruined.”


“I can’t. I can’t cook. I hate Thanksgiving. Who really wants to eat a freaking turkey? I don’t, William. I hate turkey.”

“Now, pet…”


William frowned at the tone of her voice. “Okay, well, I think it would be safer if I hide upstairs.”

He backed up slightly and was about to turn on his heel when he heard her mumble curses under her breath. “Hey, that’s uncalled for. I was trying to help.”

“Just go.”

“Crazy bint,” William whispered, watching Buffy from a secure spot upstairs. Ever since they had started to cook, he was spending most of his time running to and from Buffy.

“William!” Buffy screamed over the sound of pots and pans being slammed together.

”Sod it all, damned if I do, damned if I don’t...”

“Yes, love?” he yelled.

“Where is the fire extinguisher?”

“Fire extinguisher—I’m coming!”

“I’d hate to break it to you, Red, but I doubt that the nice buffet people will let you take that in.” William pointed his cigarette in the direction of the pie Willow was carrying as she and Oz walked towards the restaurant.

“Why don’t you go in, sweetie? I’ll be in soon,” Willow said, giving Oz’s cheek a light kiss.

Once her boyfriend was out of sight, she joined William as he leaned against the restaurant’s brick wall. “I made this darn pie from scratch. You and the others are going to eat it. I’ll send everybody home with a doggie bag, if I have to.”

“From scratch? Maybe you should’ve helped us cook.”

“Is she crushed?”

“A little, but then add her boy problems on the top of the flaming turkey and watery potatoes…yeah, she’s crushed—and quite mean. I should’ve seen this coming, you know? We talked about this, but still…I don’t know what to do.”

“Oh, Will, I’m sorry. I’m sure she’ll stop being grouchy after today.” Willow looked into William’s blue eyes even though he avoided her stare. “Is there anything that you’d like to talk about? We haven’t talked in awhile…”

“As soon as Buffy is done with her finals, we’re going back to England.”


“Yeah, dad wants me to help Drusilla. She got suicidal one day and I’m supposed to pick up the pieces.” He threw down his cigarette and snuffed it out with his shoe. “I also plan on prying mom’s ring from my father’s stubborn fingers. We’re announcing the ‘maybe’ wedding today to the others.”

“Maybe? So that’s what you’re calling it these days?”

“I don’t want my dear old daddy to hate me forever and Buffy doesn’t want to get married without his blessing. If things go right—and I haven’t told Buffy this yet—I might marry her in England.”

“Buffy did just lose her mom and her dad has been non-existent. I can see why she wants to keep the peace. If you do get married, call me, I’ll be there.”

“I will, love. You can count on it.”

“Will you be able to handle being around Dru?”

“God, I hope so.”

“Don’t mess things up.”

“Thanks for the crumb of confidence.”

“You know how she made you in the past...”

“I know.”

“We should get in there and join the festivities.”

“Red, if you’re looking for merriment, I think you’re heading into the wrong party.”

“Xander, you jerk!”

“Buff, I--.”

As William walked into the crowded restaurant, he saw Buffy run away from Xander and into the women’s restroom. “Great. Could this day get any worse?”

“William, she hurt Xander! She punched him in the face! I like his face and she messed it up.”

“I saw, Anya. What’d the golden boy say?”

“Well, he--.”

“He can answer for himself.” Returning Xander’s glare, William addressed the rest of their guests. “I’ll be outside with Xander. Lorne, you and the girls give Buffy some space. Let’s not have the entire party in the bloody bathroom.”


“No, you’re going to listen to me. I’ve got a group of eight people to entertain and a fiancée that’s going to kill me--.”


“Did I say that you could talk? But yeah, Buffy and I are getting married…eventually.”

“Oh. God. You can’t do that! You’re twice her age!”

William’s hands automatically balled into fists. “Now I see why she gave you a good pounding. Do you love Buffy?”

“She is my best friend, of course I--.”

“Well, it’s going to be that she ‘was’ your best friend if you don’t grow up. I wouldn’t even care if she didn’t like being around you so much. Can’t you just get over what you have against me and think about Buffy? I love her and she loves me, but—hell, I hate to even admit it—Buffy misses you, you whelp.”

“Damn, you’re good at this heart-to-heart crap, huh? Maybe if you call me another name--.”

“What part of ‘you’re not talking’ can you not get into that dopey skull of yours? If you don’t make up with her, I’ll--.”

“God, I don’t like you.”

“Well, I hate you.”

“I hate you more.”

“Fine. But before the pissing match starts, can you just say that you’ll apologize?”

“I’ll do it for her and only her.”

“That’s all I’m asking for.” Unable to stop himself, William gave Xander a slap to the back of the head before they reentered the restaurant.


“After you, dog boy,” he said pleasantly, holding the door open politely for Xander. “Alright, we’ve got one disaster averted, one more to go,” William mumbled as he headed for the women’s bathroom.
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