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Pairing: Buffy/William (A/U)

Rating: for now up to R

Chapter One:Introductions

"Let me get this straight, you want to send my 6-year-old daughter to a boarding school?"

"Buffy, honey, calm down. It's just across town, so you can visit anytime. And it's really the only choice we have-"

"The only choice? Are you suddenly forgetting the elementary school not five minutes from here?"

"That's a public school, sweetheart, St. Luke’s is the only private school in the area and there's no way anyone with the last name O'Connor is ever going to go to a public school."

'Then it's a good thing here name is legally Summers-O'Connor,' Buffy thought, but she didn't dare say that to her husband. Instead all she said was, "Well then, figure something out because she's not going to boarding school, even if it means I have to finish getting my teaching degree and teach her myself." 'Take that Liam O'Connor.'

"No, no, you can't do that. I'll figure something out."

10 Days Later

"Buffy, are you sure this is a good idea." What had he been thinking giving her this much responsibility?

"You came up with it." Was there seriously something wrong with him? First he tells her to do something, she does it, then he thinks it's a bad idea. Huh? Did she miss something?'

"I know. It's just, what do we even know about him? He could be some nut job for all we know."

"Don't worry. I got his name from an excellent teacher at St. Luke's" 'Hopefully Giles filled whoever this guy is, in on that little bit, can't get caught in you lie now can we, Buffy.' "As for the rest, he'll just have-" they were cut off by the doorbell, "-to tell you."


William stood in front of the huge, ornate door--finger poised just over the door bell--not sure if this was a good idea. Sure he needed a job and he'd been thrilled when his father told him he'd found something for him. But now, standing in front of this huge house, with everything perfectly manicured and cared for, he wasn't so sure. Was taking care of some rich couple's spoiled brat really how he needed to spend his time? Sure the money would be good, but- "Oh sod it. No other way to find out," he muttered and finally rang the doorbell.

Any doubts he had were almost-- almost --dispelled as he was the beauty that opened the door to him. 'Please don't let her be married.' His father hadn't told him anything about who he would be working for and all he could hope was that either she was a single mother or wasn't the mother at all. 'Please don't let-' his mantra was cut short as a tall hulkish man appeared next to her and extended his hand.

"Liam O'Conor." And that's all he said. 'A little rude,' William thought.

"And I'm his wife, Buffy Summers," at the slight throat clearing from her husband, she quickly added, "O'Connor. You must be the tutor, I'm sorry, but St. Luke's didn't tell me your name."

"William Giles, please to meet you Ms. Summers-O'Connor. And you too of course, Mr. O'Connor."

"Well, Mr. Giles, you come very highly recommended." 'I'd better he though, it was my own father recommending me.' "Please do come in," Buffy finished.

'Interesting,' William thought, 'she feels like she has to identify herself as his wife, but still introduces herself with her maiden name. Gonna have to figure what that's all about. And she's obviously lying to her husband because ol' Rupes has nothing to do with that ?Stuck-up? St. Luke's.'

Buffy opened the door wider and William walked through, slowly looking around the foyer, and waited to be shown where to go.

"Why don't we go sit in the living room, it will b more comfortable than Angel's office." Buffy started to lead William with Angel trailing behind, "I'm not sure how much they told you about what this job entails. Basically we need someone who can teach Sam everything she would learn if she were in a regular school," here Angel interrupted his wife.

"Buffy, why don't you go check on Samantha and maybe get us some drinks. I'm sure I could fill Mr. Giles in on what would be expected of him should he get the job." Buffy looked a little off put, but also looked like she'd learned long ago not to argue with her husband. So, after finding out what the two men wanted to drink--a scotch for Angel and water for William--she excused herself and said she'd bring the drinks in before she checked on Samantha. The two sat in an uncomfortable silence when she'd gone with William getting the feeling that Liam--or Angel as he was apparently called--was trying to intimidate him.

Once Buffy had brought the drinks and left, with a nod from Angel and a "thank you" from William, Angel got down to business. "Now let's get one thing straight. Buffy may think she knows what she's talking about just because she took some 'I-wanna-be-a-teacher classes'-"

"Education classes," William interrupted, not much liking how this man was talking about his wife.

"Yeah, education classes, whatever. But she doesn't have the same views on education as I do. And I'm assuming since she got you name through St. Luke's that you share those views." When William said nothing Angel continued, "Buffy's a great girl, but she's and I don't come from the same kind of families, I mean her mother's a painter for a living and her father-let's not even go there. Basically what I'm saying is, she doesn't know what's necessary to raise a proper young lady." William would have laughed at that if Angel wasn't so serious. "So before we even get started, you need to know that if you're Samantha's instructor--and it is Samantha, not Sam--then you report to me, even if Buffy thinks otherwise."

"Now about you-not that the fact that St. Luke's recommended you isn't enough for me-but you know how it is. Do you have a résumé or anything?" William handed him the piece of paper hoping he wouldn't somehow figure out he had no affiliation with St. Luke's, if only for Buffy's sake. "Ah, Oxford, joint degree in English Literature and education. Graduate degree in English and four years teaching at Thames Lower School in Yorkfordshire Very impressive. Why did you decide to leave England?"

He didn't notice the tightening of William's jaw, "Personal reasons."

Angel looked up from the paper then, "Very well, it's really of no consequence anyway. I'll need to check your references of course, but for now why don't you take this," Angel handed William a packet of several papers, "and look over it, it's the job description--requirements and expectations--you know all the obvious stuff, you can take that and go over it and after I check your references, I'll get back to you. If you have any questions just call. Anything else you can think of?" Before William could even say anything, Angel continued, "Pay is $50,000 a year, insurance and everything like that is there," he gestured to the papers.

Buffy came back into the room then and couldn't help but notice the difference between Angel and William's demeanors. William looked like he was within an inch of doing...something to Angel while Angel looked very pleased.

"How are things going?" She asked.

"Actually, I think we're finished. I'm just going to check Mr. Giles' references and the get back to him, but it seems to me like we have everything pretty much set. Isn't that right William?"

"Sure, Angel. Listen, I don't want to be rude, but I really do need to get going." He didn't actually have anywhere to be, in fact he'd cleared his schedule for this interview, but he didn't think he'd be able to stand another minute with Mr. Liam "Angel" O'Connor. William was just glad Buffy hadn't been in the room, 'because the I might have actually considered taking this job,' he thought.

Buffy walked William to the door and told him she hoped to see him again soon before returning to her husband. "So really, how'd it go?"

"Honestly, Buff, it was great. I'll admit, I wasn't so sure you could handle this, but you went above and beyond. With him teaching our daughter, she'll get the same kind of education she'd get at and English boarding school. He'll be perfect."

Too bad William didn't feel the same way.


A/N: In case you couldn’t tell I made up the school name and location ;)

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