Just A Little Tipsy by Ashly

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Buffy Summers was a girl on a mission. She had came to the most popular club in LA with an ambition to get totally drunk off her ass. She had just recently broken up with her boyfriend, Riley Finn, who she thought she loved and loved her back. He had told her that he didn't think he was getting the 'whole her' even though she had tried to tell him that she had given him her heart and soul but he kept saying he just wasn't feeling it.

And that wasn't it. No. There was more. He had enlisted in the army and had given her an ultimatum. He was going to leave for the army if she wouldn't completely give herself to him and share everything with him.

Riley had told her he was leaving in less than a week and she should give him an answer before then. That had made Buffy completely pissed and gave her the motivation to get completely sloshed. There were just some things in her life that she would rather keep private and she didn't have to spend every waking hour with him. He had gotten mad at her when her mother was sick and in the hospital when she had spent most of her time there helping her mother out. He had complained and said that he felt he was being left out and mistreated.

Buffy sat angrily at the bar and ordered a shot of Jack Daniels. As she downed the shot she muttered, "Mistreated my ass"

She didn't even notice when someone sat down on the bar stool next to her, she just kept downing shots that she had ordered the barkeep to keep her a steady supply of.

"Bad day, luv?"

Buffy stopped with the drinking long enough to look into the most gorgeous eyes that she'd ever seen and of course they belonged to Spike. She had known Spike for a little bit. They worked together in the art gallery that she had been working at since she moved to La. They didn’t really get along all that much. Well she didn’t get along with him. Spike and all of his sexual innuendos and British words she had no idea what they meant. But over it all she didn’t kinda sorta look forward to their daily banter. But she wouldn’t tell him that.

The few shots that she had already had made her reflexes a little slow but she got her answer out eventually, "Y-yeah" she said with a tipsy nod.

Spike smiled with a small laugh, "So you decide to share your issues with Jack?"

Buffy furrowed her eyebrows together confused, "Who?"

He laughed again, "Jack Daniels, pet" he pointed to the alcohol in her shot glass.

Buffy stared at the shot glass and looked at him with wide eyes, "There's a guy in there?"

He couldn't help but laugh again. She was completely adorable, "No. What your drinking is called 'Jack Daniels'."

She looked at him and nodded, "Ooooh I get it now."

She let out an unlady like snort, "Heh, Spike. Have you ever noticed that your name sounds like a dogs name. Ruff ruff..." she laughed.

Spike arched a brow at her, "Yeah...but I'm not. So, luv, care to tell Spike what's got you all worked up?"

Buffy frowned, "Stupid boys" she muttered as she downed another shot.

He nodded in understanding, "Your boyfriend break up with you?"

"Something like that..." she muttered.

Spike just sat there watching as she downed couple other shots before he started to get a little worried. Because it apparently looked like she couldn't hold her liquor because she was soon giggling and talking to her drink and having an actual conversation with it. Well...as much of a conversation that you could have with a shot of Jack Daniels. But it did appear to him that she thought the shot was actually talking back to her.

Buffy had completely forgotten that Spike was still sitting beside her. She was having a pleasant conversation with the shot of Jack. They were talking about how guys needed to grow up and start being such babies when they didn't get their way all the time. She probably would've sat there for the rest of the night talking to her drinks if she hadn't felt a hand on her shoulder and a familiar voice behind her.

"Okay, pet, I think that you've had enough. 'sides the barkeep says he's gonna have to cut you off"

Buffy looked at him with a grin, "Okie dokie pokie smokie artichokie!" she laughed. “Hey I can rhyme!”

She went to step off the stool and fell over. She would've hit the ground if a pair of strong arms hadn't stopped her. She looked at him, "Spank you, happy helperton!"

Spike sighed, "How 'bout I take you home so you can get some sleep, yeah?"

Buffy firmly nodded, "Yes siree Bob" she studied him closely as they walked out of the bar, "You know what....you're purdy cute!"

Spike smiled and shook his head, "Thanks, pet"

Spike had gotten her in his car and buckled up before he got in the other side of car and started to drive. He looked over at her "Where do you live?" he asked hoping that she would be able to answer that simple question.

Buffy was quiet for a second. She had to think about it, "Oh yeah. I live in the apartment building thats across the street from of a store that sells...food and stuff."

Spike frowned, "Can you be a little bit more specific about what store, luv?"

Buffy thought again, "You know that one store that the name rhymes...something like 7th Heaven...or something..."

Spike nodded in understanding, "Oh you mean a 7-11?"

Buffy grinned and pointed at him, "Yep! That's the one!"

Spike laughed and nodded and drove her the rest of the way to the apartments. When they got there he helped her out of the car and before they were even to the door to go into the apartments she threw up all over his boots. He looked down at his shoes with a grimace.

She looked up at him with a frown, "Oopsey..."

Spike shook his head, "S'alright, pet. It'll clean off"

Buffy had this look on her face like she was confused but then she burst out laughing. She wasn't helping Spike at all in his efforts to get her into the building, "I..just...puked..on your...SHOES!!" she said in-between laughing and a couple of unlady like snorts.

Spike chuckled and walked into the building with her. He almost had her at the steps when he heard a voice behind him.

"Buffy?! What the hell are you doing with this guy?"
Buffy stopped laughing when she heard the voice. Riley. She furrowed her brows at him, "What are you doing her?"

Riley looked confused, "I live in this building too, remember? And who is this guy?" he pointed to Spike.

Buffy looked at Spike, "This is Wags the Dog...I mean Spike. And what's...what's...what's it to you?" she looked up at Spike, "This is the one I told you about. He dumped me. I mean he really dumped me!"

Riley glared at her, "You told people about what happened between us? And I didn't dump you. It was your choice."

Buffy shook her head and attempted to walk over to him, "No! You gave me an ultermation...ultermabum...intermatum..." she looked to Spike "What's the word?"

Spike arched a brow, "Ultimatum?"

Buffy nodded, "Thats the one...altermaduum"

Spike looked at Riley, "I was about to take her up to her room so she could sleep."

Riley didn't like that, "No. If anyone's going to take her to bed. It's gonna be me!"

Buffy shook her head, "No! You don't have the right to take me to bed anymore."

Riley sighed, "Buffy you're drunk."

"I'm not drunk! I'm tipsy!"

"Tell that to my shoes" Spike muttered.

Buffy pointed to his shoes, "I'm tipsy!" she yelled at them.

Spike looked down at her trying not to laugh, "Come on, pet, lets get you up to bed."

Riley tried to stop them once again, "I'll take her"

Buffy glared at him, "No. Spikey here is gonna take me up. You go be all that you can be...in the army!" she saluted to him and went up the stairs with Spike.

When they were on her floor and infront of her door she fumbled with her keys and denied any help that he offered from him to help her with it.

Finally after a lot of looking for the keyhole she got the door open. As soon as she was through the door she started taking off her clothes as she headed to her bed not even caring that Spike was in the room. She got under the covers and started talking to Spike, "Tell me a story...any story. I don't care I just want a story" she muttered but he could tell she was almost asleep.

Spike shook his head, "I actually think I should be going, pet."

Buffy pouted, "Please don't go. I don't want to be alone tonight."

Spike couldn't resist that pout. He wanted nothing more than to take that bottom lip in his mouth and suck on it. Truth be told he had habored a small crush on Buffy the time that he had been working with her. But he knew she had a boyfriend and didn't try and pursue her since he knew how it felt to be left for some other guy.

He sighed and took off his duster and layed it on the back of a chair, "Okay. I'll stay. Guess this comfy chair will be fine."
Buffy shook her head, "No. Can you stay here...?" she patted the bed beside her, "Can you just hold me tonight? Its been so long since a guy would just hold me all night and not want anything out of it..." her eyes started to tear up.

Spike nodded and hurried up and went over to the bed. He took of his boots and got under the covers with her and sighed contently as she crawled into his arms and laid her head on his chest and fell into a deep restful sleep.

Spike looked down at the sleeping girl in his arms and ran his hand through her hair. He doubted he would get any sleep tonight. He'd waited too long to have this chance to have her in his arms and he wasn't going to let it go by sleeping. He just hoped that tomorrow morning she'd be as open to him here with her like she was a little bit ago.

The peaceful sigh and soft snuggle he felt to his side told him that he needn't worry about the morning's events and the worst he'd have to look forward to would be a major hangover and a headache.

He looked down at her one more time and thought 'I've finally got her. And now I'm not going to let her get away...'


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