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Summary: After a heart-breaking rejection from Cecily Adams, William is humiliated by all the men and women of his class. Everyone, that is, except one woman who's taken it upon herself to help him get revenge, popularity and, above all else, Cecily. But, what happens when that woman falls for him, and, so in love with Miss Adams, he can't feel the same way?
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Published: 02/01/2006 Updated: 04/21/2006

1. The First Sighting by Bekah Leigh [Reviews - 13] Liked (3267 words)
~This isn't the first fic I've ever written, but it is the first I've ever posted. Please be kind, review!~
Disclaimer: All that's mine is the storyline. Everything else belongs to the god Joss Whedon and his army of bad-ass television companies.

2. The First Meeting by Bekah Leigh [Reviews - 10] Liked (4715 words)
As I promised, major kudos to my wonderful and very handsome first beta, DrkDevin. Thanks for all your help with this chapter!

3. The First Party by Bekah Leigh [Reviews - 11] Liked (3956 words)
Thanks to everyone who reviewed. I really do love hearing what you guys think! It's so different being the writer and not the reader. I never know what you guys are thinking. Don't know if it's bad or good or somewhere in between... let's just get to the story, shall we?

4. From Passion Toward Passion by Bekah Leigh [Reviews - 8] Liked (4879 words)
I'm baaaaack. BIG thanks to Dev, who's made it incredibly difficult to hide in writer's block world for as long as i have.