Founding Father by facingthesun

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Summary: In the future, years after the ending of Pursuits of Happiness, Buffy and Spike are happily married, however they both feel as if something is missing in their lives together. Taking a risk, desperate to become parents, the couple goes back in time to be reunited with an old friend. Post Season 7 Spike/Buffy, Pursuits of Happiness verse.
Rating: NC-17 [Reviews - 8] Liked
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Genres: Romance
Warnings: Sexual Situations
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Words: 3032 Reads: 1490
Published: 02/19/2006 Updated: 02/19/2006

1. Chapter 1 by facingthesun [Reviews - 8] Liked (3032 words)
I just don't know about the name, but I was pretty desperate. I have no idea why the titles have an American history theme. If you can think of a better title that isn't Pursuits of Happiness 2 *snicker* let me know. Jennifer