My Boyfriend's Back by Suzee

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Chapter 2

August 8

She was almost there, well not really, maybe one third of the way. And due to the noise of the cafeteria he hadn't heard her yell his name.


June 4

"Buffy, hey, I was just wondering, some friends of mine are having a party this weekend; you want to go?"

"Ugh, Angel, it's Elizabeth and no I don't want to do, I already told you yesterday." Apparently he could get more moronic.

"Yeah, but this is for something different, it'd be a lot of fun and—" he never finished his argument as Buffy hung up on him.


June 22

"Buffy, sweetheart, there's somebody here to see you." Buffy had heard the doorbell but she didn't think it was for her. All of her friends called before they came over and most of them were out of town at the moment, anyway. The only person who ever came by without calling or without plans was William so that meant either something was wrong or…

No, even Angel wasn't that thick. Was he?

Buffy got off of her bed and headed downstairs, "Coming mom!" she yelled as she made her way down the hallway.

And there stood Angel, just inside her doorway looking very smug. Buffy didn't even bother saying anything to her mother, just turned an accusing gaze on Angel, "What on Earth are you doing here?"

"Buffy," her mother cut in, "That's not any way to greet a guest."

Though she was looking at her mother, she could just imagine the look on Angel's face. "But he's not a guest, he invited himself after I repeatedly told him to leave me alone and all he's here to do is to try to get me to cheat on William."

Now, Joyce had always like William, so if this "Angel" was in fact trying to do what her daughter said, well then he wouldn't be welcome in her home any longer, "Is this true?" It wasn't that she thought her daughter was a liar, she just wanted to see what he'd have to say.

"No, ma'am, I would never try to do that. It's just that, well you see, William and I don't exactly get along very well. And I've always wanted the chance to get to know Elizabeth better and I thought maybe now that Will's out of town for awhile, I'd finally get the chance."

Joyce could tell from the look on the young man's face that he thought he'd succeeded in pulling one over on her, but she wasn't a unintelligent woman and she'd picked up on the 'get to know Buffy better' bit. Pair that with the fact that, by Angel's own admission, William didn't like him (nor did her daughter, apparently) and she knew that Angel wasn't a very good person.

And she wasn't going to stand for him trying to come between her daughter and William. "Angel," she began very sweetly, giving him hope, "That doesn't seem like a very good idea. I think maybe it'd be best, seeing how Buffy doesn't seem to want you here, if you went home and didn't come here again unless invited." 'Which I don't see happening any time soon, or ever,' she silently added.

"Of course, Mrs. Summers; sorry to have intruded." Angel began to leave, but any hope Buffy had that he'd gotten the message vanished with his next words, "I'll see you soon/around, Buffy."

He walked out the door before she could reply. Opening the door again, she yelled, "Stop calling me Buffy!" after him (she knew it was childish, but she couldn't help it—he was so annoying) before turning to face her mother.

"Want to tell me what that was all about?" Joyce asked her daughter leading her towards the living room.

Buffy and Joyce sat next to each other and Buffy began to explain things to her mother, "About a week after Will left Angel ran into me downtown and asked me if I'd see a movie with him the next nigh. He's asked me out every day since then—to the movies, dinner, the beach, parties, his house, a picnic, everything." Buffy sighed in exasperation and paused for a second before continuing, "And mom, I swear, I haven't given him a single reason to hope I'd say yes, I've told him no, flat out, every time. And when he said he and Will don't get along, that was a major understatement, he's hated Will since the day he got here."

"Why do you think he's been doing this?" Joyce thought she knew, but wanted to know if her daughter could see it.

"What reason could he possibly have other than wanting to annoy me to death? Or maybe make Will made once he hears about it." Buffy looked at her mother like she was crazy for thinking that there could be a deeper meaning behind Angel's actions.

"Did you ever consider that maybe the reason he dislikes William is because he likes you? And that's what all this is about now?" When she saw that Buffy was about to interrupt, she held up her hand to stop her, "Let me finish. You and William have been together for a year now, if Angel's like you since before then, which it sounds like, and he hasn't gotten over it, then he's going to be very desperate by now. You probably would have been in a better position in he was just trying to annoy you or upset William.

As it stands, I don't think he's going to be giving up anytime soon, honey. At least not until William gets back."

"Great, so now, not only do I have to deal with missing my boyfriend for the next month and a half, but now Angel supposedly likes me and he's going to try to convince me, in that same month and a half might I add, that he's 'like so right' for me. Just great!"


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