Chains and Fun by Suzee

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Chapter Notes: This was for Manda as part of my drabble request on LJ a while back.

And anyone interested in that fic preview group that I *might* do-email me at suzeefic@gmail.com and let me know if you'd prefer a yahoo group or LJ community--then I can email everyone once I've decided what it is I'm going to do :)
Chains and Fun

Spike hadn’t claimed to be a smart in a long, long while. At least not while meaning it. Sure he was more educated than the rest of the Scoobies—minus Watcher boy—combined; but he hadn’t been smart in quite some time.

The lack of smartness, though, did explain his current predicament.

So, sure, maybe sneaking around the Slayer’s basement while she was out and about with her mum and kid sis wasn’t exactly the most upstanding thing to do. And sure, it became even less upstanding when you were looking for things of hers to add to your shrine. And sure it became downright un-upstanding when you were stealing bits of her clothes so you could…

Fine, it was a bloody stupid thing for him to be doing. Something that would be frowned upon even provided that he was a evil, soulless demon. But he loved the girl, dammit. A man didn’t think rationally when love was involved…especially not unrequited love of the most beautiful angel ever to have set foot on this vile earth that didn’t even deserve to be—

He was not William for fuck’s sake, he was Spike…and he was very well going to start sounding like him again.

Just as soon as he figured a way out of his current situation, the one that had him sitting and thinking so damned much about Buffy and his love for her, as well as his actions.

He had managed to chain himself to the wall in Buffy’s basement.

But really they were asking for it; just hanging there like….like hanging things. And bloody hell! Now he was even starting to sound like the bint. He most definitely needed to get out of her—

Was that Joyce’s Jeep?

Okay, now…what were the chances of getting the Slayer to come down and unchain him and then not stake him? She wouldn’t stake him while he was all trussed up, he knew that after what she’s said the year before….but once he was free? That was what he was afraid of.

Not that he was afraid of the Slayer mind you. But a vamp didn’t exactly look forward to his potential dusting either.

Couldn’t stay chained in the basement forever though now could he?

“Slayer!” Spike bellowed at the top of his lungs as soon as he heard the door close, wanting to get this over and done with—he knew how ‘busy’ his mind could get if given the time. “Get that perky ass of yours down here, now!” Sure that comment alone would get him deader than dead, but if he was going to get staked, he might as well have a good reason for it. A good, fun reason.

“Spike?” Buffy’s almost hesitant voice came from the top of the stairs a few moments later, “What are you doing in my basement? And why are you not running out of here as fast as you can?” she added, sounding even more confused.

“Can’t very well run when I’m chained to the sodding wall,” he tried to sound indignant even as she came down the stairs and he could see the extreme amusement written across her face.

“You’re chained to the wall!” Buffy was nearly doubled over in laughter by the time she finished.

“Well aren’t you smart, figuring that out all on your own—oh wait, you didn’t even manage that.”

“It’s just,” she tried to get the words out between spurts of laughter, “You…and the wall…and the chains…and oh my God this is just…priceless,” she finally concluded.

“You can’ton just leave me here!” he called when he realized she was heading back towards the stairs.

“No I know; you’d never shut up and Mom needs the rest. I’m going to get a camera. No way am I not saving this for all eternity.”

She was gone for several moments more than Spike thought necessary so of course that brain of his got to work. And again it was a bad thing.

Somehow the idea came to Spike that because he still had some mobility and could still use his hands and because the Slayer was going to take his picture…Somehow that added up to him taking his clothes off being a good plan.

Even now it didn’t work out in his head—well one of them—how he’d reached that conclusion…but again, Spike hadn’t claimed to be smart in a very long while.

The boots came off easily, and he just ripped at the t-shirt until it was off, but the jeans were a bit problematic. He could undo them standing up, but when he tried to bend down to push them off there wasn’t enough slack on the chains so he had to get closer to the wall, but that left him sitting on the cot and well, it was hard to get your pants off when your hands were chained up and you were sitting down.

After several excruciating—to his pride at least—minutes where Spike was sure he looked like a complete idiot, he was finally entirely sans clothing.

It was then, as he sat down on the cot, that it crossed his mind that maybe this wasn’t such a bright idea…but he’d kicked his damn pants across the room when they got stuck on his foot and his shirt was in tatters and God, there really was no going back.

He was just going to have to hope that the Slayer has a merciful bone hidden somewhere in her body. Maybe her pinky toe, perhaps?

“Don’t worry Mom, I’ll get him out of here; you just rest,” Spike could hear her calling up to her mother as she came down the stairs again. And would you look at that, she did actually have a camera.

He knew the second she actually saw him because her hand completely let go of the camera—the strap around her wrist stopping it from falling to the ground—and her eyes went wide in shock as her mouth dropped open.

“What the hell are you doing, Spike?” she hissed, not wanting to alert her mother to the situation. Whatever the hell the situation was; she still didn’t have that part figured out.

“Thought we could try bit of an artistic approach to those pictures you’re so keen on taking,” it wasn’t why he’d done what he’d done, but it seemed to fit well enough.

“Spike! You’re naked!” Buffy wasn’t quite over that fact yet and was working hard on looking at his face and not his…Face, Buffy, look at his face.

“Did actually notice that, luv,” he kidded surprised they were still talking—and not about how many ways she was going to kill him, either.

“Why?” she asked after several moments of silence; the simple question being the best she could do.

“Don’t rightly know to tell you the truth,” he admitted.

“You don’t know?! Do you realize just how much that…Spike you’re chained up in my basement and you don’t know why…that’s such a Harmony answer….you’re….you’re a blonde bimbo!”

“Very well am not,” Spike was affronted.

“And if you think you can get out of this by…by trying to seduce me,” she interrupted him.

“Slayer,” Spike began carefully and slowly, “If that was the plan, I’d be doing it, not trying to do it.”

The funny thing to Buffy was that he didn’t even sound cocky when he said that, just…like he knew it to be true. And the truly scary thing? She knew it was true, too.

“If I were seducing you,” he stated, “I’d probably try a bit of this,” Spike leaned back against the wall and spread his legs out in front of him making sure they were in fact truly spread. “Maybe some of this, too,” Buffy had to look away as he rolled his head back against the wall and shut his eyes, his hand beginning to reach for his cock.

“Stop!” she ordered just before his hand reached its destination.

“Just a demonstration, pet,” he explained, looking far too pleased with the way his little act had affected her.

“If I actually wanted us to do something…let’s just say I’d do it a little differently.”

Buffy wasn’t sure she wanted— “Differently how?”

Where the hell had that come from? That definitely wasn’t her brain making her say that.

Bloody hell…Slayer wasn’t…Had she really just…?

“Care to repeat that?” he asked, needing to be sure he’d heard her properly.

“Not really,” Buffy muttered, looking anywhere but at him—any part of him.

“Yeah, well, I’d like you to so do it anyway, yeah?”

“Since when do I do anything because you told me to?” there was the usual disgust in her voice except this time they could both tell it was forced.

“Please, luv. For me? Just this once?”

Having no idea why she wanted to do anything for him at all, Buffy answered, “Different how?”

“I’d take care of you, luv. Wouldn’t rush into anything like…take it nice and slow. Do it all proper like. Make it all good for you.”

“And by it do you mean just sex or….or like, us?”

“Whatever you’ll give me,” it was hard to have a serious, possibly life altering conversation while you were chained naked to a wall, but he was trying.

“Think it’s possible to start with the sex and then move on to the other?” Buffy looked so hopeful Spike almost laughed.

“Like I said, whatever you want, luv.”

“Well those chains are looking kinda fun.”

“That all that looks fun?” the conversation turned quickly from serious to playful and flirtatious…and dare he say it, sexual?

“No,” she decided and told him, “There are other things that certainly look like fun, too.” Spike just smiled as Buffy approached the cot, pulling her shirt off along the way.

“Not to ruin the mood,” he regretfully muttered, “But the door?”

“Is locked.”

“What’s say we put that camera to use?” his only answer was a deep, joyous laugh from Buffy. It felt good to do something she wanted to do again, she decided.

And she most definitely wanted to do this.


Author's Note: Okay, so once again I wrote this and realised it would have to be before Crushed for Spike to have his whole shrine going, but then Buffy wouldn't know anything about his feelings for her (especially since Dawn seems to have vanished from existence)...but how about this is an alternate way of Buffy finding out about Spike's feelings for her? that or you could just completely ignore canon and go with the story as it is ;-) See, people, there's a reason I write mostly AU stuff

(And I felt like making Buff nicer, so...she is)
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