The car was parked in a very popular spot in Sunnydale, the make-out point. It had been there for nearly a half hour, with its tinted windows fogged up and its frame frequently bouncing on its wheels.

"Mmmm…mmm. Ahhh…ah, oh, oh," she moaned and gasped as she moved her hands about her; gripping the leather seat beneath her, her hair, his hair. "Oh God, oh God, oh God!" she panted arching her back
completely from the seat. "Ahhhhhh!" She shrieked. Suddenly he lifted his head and peered out the window. "No! Don't stop, why are you stopping?" She looked down at him with a pout, a frown, and a strong grip on his hair.

"I heard someone screaming." He said as he lifted further up.

"Yeah," She said with a `DUH' expression on her face. "That was me." She declared as she tried to push him back down in between her thighs.

"No luv, that was someone else, out there." He motioned his head towards the window. "We better go check it out." He lifted up and adjusting his clothes.

"Are you sure you heard right, I mean could you hear anything down there and with me…"

"Squealing like a banshee?" He finished with a smirk. She just rolled her eyes at him. "Yeah I'm sure, vampire hearing, remember?"

"That's it from now on no more vampiness while we're making love. Except for the vamp strength and endurance, those can stay on, but that's it." Buffy huffed as she began fixing her own clothes, now
very hot and bothered.

"Fine, whatever. Now shouldn't we get out there and save whomever that is screaming...and did you just say making love?" Spike asked arching his brow at her. The color drained from Buffy's face and her
eyes got wider.

"No!" She yelped with a dry voice, as she hurried pulled on her garments and hopped from the car, with Spike close on her heels.

"Yes you did. You referred to our nightly romps as `making love'. You know that thing that people 'in love' do. Slowly, gently." Spike said as he stroked the side of Buffy's face with the back of his hand, which Buffy quickly brushed off.

"We have someone to save remember, lets move out." Buffy said. "So in what direction did the scream come from?"

"Ahhh!!" The scream came again before Spike could answer, it was louder and closer, both Buffy and Spike jumped and then race towards it. They came upon two robed vampires clutching a young girl. One of the vampires chanted some words Buffy couldn't understand and then a blue light emerged beside it. The tear became larger, and another world could be seen on the other side. The young girl struggled as
the vamps moved her to the opening. Buffy and Spike quickly moved in to action, each taking on one of the vamps. The two demon slayers clearly had the upper hand until the vamp Spike was now toying with
tackled him, knocking them both through the opening. Buffy dispatched her vamp to a pile of dust and had turned to see how Spike was fairing, and then watched helplessly as the blue opening closed,
taking Spike with it.



"One of them chanted some thing and then an opening appeared, Spike went through it, and then it closed." Buffy said as she paced about her living room floor. The entire Scooby gang watched Buffy, listening, all except Anya, who still wasn't ready to face anyone,
especially Xander, after the wedding fiasco.

"Well did you understand the language, I mean was it Latin, maybe?" Tara asked.

"I'm not sure," Buffy answered as she hugged herself.

"OK," Xander interjected raising his hand. "Am I the only one not seeing this as a bad thing?" He then fell silent as the four ladies glared at him in disbelief. "I'm just saying." He said a little lower.

"What?" Dawn asked in a panicked voice. "Are you saying we should just leave him there?"

"No Dawnie, of course not." Tara said as she stood and moved to comfort the young girl.

"I'm just saying, maybe it's better this way. It saves us the trouble of staking him later." Xander spoke again.

"Xander." Willow called in a warning voice.

"No Will, someone has to say it. So what Spike has helped us out, but it's only been for his own selfish reason; first it was to get paid and then it to get laid by Buffy." At those words Buffy shot him a deadly glare. "But come on the only reason he's stopped trying to kill us is because of that chip, and the season it's out or malfunctions or something…hello Big Bad."

"It doesn't work on me." Buffy mumbled as she now stared down at her feet. She spoke so softly that no one made out what she had said.

"Come again." Xander said as he lean out to hear her better.

"Spike's chip…it doesn't work on me." Buffy repeated.


He stood with his grip still tight on the vamp he held, "Where in the hell are we?" Spike growled.

"Where our kind belong, this is a demon world." The vamp answered. And Parisian will want to meet you."

"Who's Parisian?' Spike asked as he let go of the vamp and scanned his surroundings.

"She's our queen. Come I shall take you to her." The vamp said as he moved away.

"Does she know how to get me back to my world?"

"Yes she has the power to open realms."

"Then let's go." Spike said following the vamp. Spike was amazed at the look of the world, it was dark, mostly all the buildings were in ruins and Demolished car and barrel holding bonfires littered the streets. "Where are all the people?"

"I told you, this is a demon world we're the majority here. Most the humans, the one still alive, are hiding, but we track them and kill them."

"Wait, you kill all the humans what do you feed on?"

"Each other." The vamp said as he looked over his shoulder at Spike, and Spike gave him a baffled look. "This is not your world my friend, things are very different here. We don't need Human's blood all
demons here from Humdrek to Gethal demons live together peacefully. Oh and the sun never rises so no worries about combusting. This is demon paradise, you'll like it here."

"I don't plan on staying long." Spike mumbled as he cautiously watched two Chaos demons walk by peacefully, nodding to greet him as they passed.

"You really can't be serious about going back, why would you want to with the sunlight, people tracking you, and the Slayer's there."

"Yeah I know and she's why I'm going back."

"Why you got a dead wish or something?"

"Yeah or something."

"There are stories of a vamp who killed two slayers back in the day, but…wait a minute was that you? You're that vamp are you?" The vamp asked stopping and turning to look at Spike.

"Yeah." Spike said with a sigh, wanting to forgot those `Glory Days'.

"Oh man, that's awesome." The vamp exclaimed excitedly. "Parisian's definitely gonna want to meet you, come on." The vamp lead Spike to what looked to be some sort of temple.

"Anything?" Buffy asked as she looked up from the book she was reading to address the others as they all sat around her kitchen table.

"Nothing here." Tara said with a sympathetic frown.

"No." Willow stated.

"Make that a double no." Xander said, shutting his book in frustration. "So exactly how long has Spike been able to hurt you, and why didn't you say anything about it before now?

"Xander, not now please let's just keep looking, there has to be something here, something we're missing." Buffy said as she started searching her book again.

"Buff, we've been through all of these book twice, there nothing here. We should start fresh tomorrow…"

"NO!" We have to help Spike now he might not have tomorrow. I can't…I won't just leave him there." Buffy said with a shaky voice that everyone took note of, but only one understood. "He stayed after I died, he stayed and he protected Dawn. He didn't have to but he did.
Even now he help me to keep her safe, and with patrolling." Buffy said lowering her face to hide the tears that threatened to spill out. "I don't know I guess I'd feel better if I could see he was ok...alive."

"We..well there maybe a way you can." Tara said and all eyes shot on her. "There's a spell, but I'll have to be in the exact spot that Spike was in when he sisappeared. Will, if you can make a circle of
candles somewhere on the floor here, with a large bowl of water in the center, I may be able to open a portal?" Buffy's eyes perked up at her words. "Not the kind that would allow Spike to pass back through, whoever open the portal would have to do that, but we can see Spike and where he is."

"Great," Buffy said as she stood. "I'll take you to where we were. Will you make the candle thingy, and Xander you and Dawn keep up with the research." Buffy turn so quickly that she didn't catch her sister's joy at being allowed to finally do research, though Dawn suspected that when they got Spike back, that would end fast.

Buffy found her way back to the spot she had been with Spike, less then a couple of hours before hand. She walked in silence never really looking up. It was Tara who finally spoke, breaking the deafening silence. "Are you ok?" Buffy just shook her head no. "I'm sorry sweetie."

"He was just here, right here with me, we were…" Buffy looked up bashfully catching a sweet smile from Tara, and then she looked back down at the ground. "Then he was gone, and I may never get him back. I'll never get to tell him I…"

"What?" Tara asked in a supportive tone.

"Spike and I are lovers again." Buffy announced.

"Yeah I kind of guessed, why else would you be parked here with him." Tara said with a smile. It then dawned of Buffy exactly where they were.

"Oh, right." Buffy said looking down in shame.

"Oh, Buffy I'm not judging you. It's ok, I mean I totally understand when people judge you because of who you're with, who you love."

"Yeah I guess you do, huh?" Buffy asked and Tara nodded remembering ow hard it was for her and Willow when they first started dating.

"But I learned that if you spend all your time wondering what others think, what they'll say, you miss out on being in love and how wonderful it is. No one can live your life but you, and you obviously have feelings for Spike, strong ones, you shouldn't be ashamed of
them. You shouldn't have to hide them either. And if the others don't understand…well that's their problem." Tara said with a warm smile, which Buffy returned.

"It was here, where Spike vanished."

"Good, ok let's get started."

Spike found himself in a grand hall with ivory columns reaching to the high ceiling, in between the columns were life-size statues. The vamp lead Spike further down the hallway until they came to a huge mahogany door. Two guards stood at the doors, opening them to the approaching vamps. The scene before him instantly overwhelmed spike; the room was filled with Vampires and Demons. Some were dancing about
wildly to the music booming throughout the room, but most were on the floor in groups; bodies fused in lust. At the far end of the large room sat a throne-like chair with a woman lounging leisurely across it, one of her legs thrown over one of the arms of the chair. Two
vamps; one male the other female sat at the woman's feet, stroking her hands and legs. "Eric" the woman greeted the vamp with Spike. "Welcome home, where's my virgin?"

"My queen, there was a slight problem." The vamp spoke bowing his head a little.

"Oh?" The woman said as she waved off her groupies and stood. Spike's mouth grew dry, he was in complete awe at this magnificent creature before him.

"We were attacked by the slayer, Jonah didn't make it, but I have brought you a gift."

"A gift, really," She walked towards them, stopping right in front of Spike. She smiled at Spike who smiled back despite himself and his surrounding. "I love gifts."

"This is the vamp of legends, the one who has killed two slayers." The woman's eyes lit up in glee.

"Really?" She said as she slowly circled Spike, looking him over. Spike followed her with his head. "The killer of Slayers." Her smile broadened. "And what is your name, killer of slayers?" She asked stopping in front of Spike once again.


"Now that an interesting name, I'd love to hear the story of how you got that name, Spike?" She traced her fingers across Spike duster.

"Well, maybe I'll tell you sometime." Spike said pouring on his infamous charm.

"I'd like that, come, sit, let's chat."

"Yeah then you can tell me how to get back to my world."

"Well what if I told you there was no way back?" The woman gave Spike a very sultry smile.

"Did it work?" Buffy and Tara asked as they rushed into the living room where Willow had set everything up.

"Well I think so yeah, but it's kind of loopy." Willow answered as she, Xander, and Dawn watched as different scenes zipped by.

"Oh yeah, it's like someone hit the fast forward button." Dawn added.

"Rallentamento!" (`Slow Down' in Italian) Tara said and the scene displayed in the bowl of water slowed to normal speed. The grand room hosting the vamp and demon orgy appeared.

"Whoa!" Dawn exclaimed and Willow, who was closest to her covered her eyes with her hand.

"Are you sure this will locate Spike?" Buffy asked as she made a face at the scene.

"Since I use some thing of Spike's in the spell, yeah it should locate Spike."

"What did you use?" Willow asked still covering Dawn's yes.

"Oh…ah a ring of Spike's. The skull ring he gave me when he asked me to marry him, you now when were under that spell." Buffy answered avoiding the eyes she knew were gawking at her by focusing on the
portal in the water.

"Again with the sorry on that." Willow said with a weak smile.

"Can I open my eyes now?" Dawn asked.

"NO!" Willow, Tara, and Buffy yelped. Then their eyes fell to Xander who had been quiet, gazing into the portal.

"Xander!" Buffy called to him, snapping him from his fixation.

"What, I wasn't looking at anything. I mean I was looking for Spike and not at those two female vamps making out with each other." Xander defended as his gaze shifted back to the portal.

"Xander focus, please." Buffy said and Xander moved from the portal.

"Guys come on, I'm not a child." Dawn whined and Willow smirked to Buffy, who rolled her eyes and then nodded. Willow removed her hands from Dawn's eyes and Dawn instantly wrinkled up her nose at the sight
before her. "Ewww. Hey there's Spike." She said pointing him out and everyone gather closer.

"Whoa, who's the babe and why is she hanging all over Spike?" Xander questioned as Buffy's face dropped.

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