"Are you sure this is the right place?"

"Yeah, I got the info from a very reliable source."

"William, man you know I'd follow you into hell, but something about
this just doesn't feel right." The younger man clutching the shotgun
to his chest said as he peered around the corner, facing the
warehouse they had been watching for three hours.

"What's the matter J.J. gotta feeling they know were coming?"

"Well… yeah as a matter of…"

"Good, you've got keen intuition, cause they do know were coming."
Spike said as he moved out, running towards the warehouse and then
stalking behind another corner.

"Oh, man." The younger man groaned as he followed suit. "So what's
the plan exactly?"

"We go in there take out this crystal orb they have running in there
to keep us all in the dark. My sources tell me that Parisian has
brought some guys from another realm that did the mojo that puts out
some kind of deflector shield or force field, blocking the sun's ray."

"Whoa, hold on…"

"Yeah I know it sounds Mulderish, but trust me ok." Spike said this
staring the man in the eyes, letting him know that he was serious.

"With my life man, you know that." The younger man said. "What the
hell does Mulderish mean?"

"You know it's from the x-fi…bloody hell." Spike cursed remembering
they didn't have T.V. shows in this world, and must parts didn't even
have electricity. Spike hoped to change all that soon. "Never mind.
So, you ready to do this?" The man nodded. "Is everyone where they're
suppose to be, cause we only have one shot at this. They know were
coming, so we don't have the element of surprise here, but we have
the numbers, so let's do this."

"And why are we doing this again?" The younger man asked.

"I made a promise to a lady. Let's move out!" Spike signaled as he
and several dozen other armed fighters ran towards the warehouse.
They entered with no resistance, spreading out as so they wouldn't
all get ambushed in one spot.

"Welcome, we were expecting you." Parisian spoke from her position
two decks above them as she glared down at Spike. "And there's
someone here that really wants to say hello." Spike sensed the
presence but not in time to block the fist, which smashed into his
face sending him flying against a far wall.

"Hello, Spike." A female's voice spoke gently to him. Spike recovered
fast getting to his feet, but nearly fell over again at what he saw.

"Buffy?" He was stunned, it was Buffy but with jet-black hair that
fell to her waist. She was dressed all in black even the makeup she
wore was dark in nature.

"You know?" She spoke as she quickly moved forward, kicking him in
his midriff, sending him flying to the ground again. "I really hate
that name. I prefer Anne, if you don't mind." She then reached down
and yanked him up and threw him across the ground. This went on for
several minutes, Buffy pummeling Spike, who wouldn't fight back.

"William!" Nina, a female fighter called out to Spike from her
position behind an old abandoned car. "Joe, help William." At her
command another fighter moved in to assist Spike, striking Buffy from
behind sending her dazed and to the ground. Spike slowly stood in
time to see Joe pull out his gun, and aiming it at Buffy's chest,
readying to fire.

"No!" Spike yelled as he dove knocking Joe away from Buffy who still
sat on the ground.

"What the hell is wrong with you? She was kicking your ass and you
wouldn't even fight back." Joe yelled in anger. "I was just trying to
help you out."

"It's Buffy…I can't." Spike huffed trying to catch his breath.

"She's not your Buffy, look at her. I mean would your Buffy be
kicking your ass like that?" Spike smiled a bit at that. "William, if
you can't take her out I…"

"No! You go find the crystal orb that's keeping it dark, destroy it,
I'll finish this"

"You sure, you can handle it?"

"Yeah," Spike said as he turned to Buffy, who was now standing fully
recovered, ready to fight.

"Are you sure Spikey?" Buffy asked with a sinister grin. "Cause rest
assured when this is done, only one of us will be left standing…right
next to a big pile of dust." She declared as she unzipped her jacket
and then tossed it aside.

"We don't have to do this we can take down Parisian together and walk
out of here. You still have a little sister, she's old now and
doesn't have much time left, but we could go see her. She really
wants to see you again before she goes on."

"I don't think so."

"She's your lil sis."

"She was a pain in my ass." Buffy said rolling her eyes. "Always
wanting something always needing protection. I had no life because of
her, until Parisian came along and saved me, she gave me eternal
youth and power."

"Yeah and seat in hell." Spike added.

"Maybe, but since I don't plan on ever dying, I'm not too worried."

"Buffy there still a chance for you, you don't…"

"Look are we gonna fight or not, cause I've been hearing a lot of
smack about William the mighty warrior. I mean you've single handedly
taken out most of our forces. So, come on show me how big and bad you
really are." She then did a round house, landed right on his nose,
sending him stumbling back clutching his nose. She didn't give him a
real chance to recover before she moved on him, swinging giving blow
after unrelenting blow. Spike succeeded in blocking most of them, but
the more damaging ones landed home. Buffy back handed him throwing
him to the ground. Spike spit out a mouth full of blood as he glared
up at her. He slowly moved his hand to his back seeking out a
weapon. "Why won't you fight? Oh I see Parisian told me that I may
remind you of your beloved slayer, newsflash I aint her." She said as
she charged him once again, but was stopped dead in her tracks. She
looked to him wide eyed, opening her mouth to scream before she
crumbled to dust.

"I know she was a better fighter." Spike said dropping his stake in
the dust at his feet. He flopped to his knees beside the pile of
dust, staring down at it with pain in his eyes.

"William!" Spike hadn't heard his comrades calling to him, pulling
him to his feet. "William we did it. We destroyed the orb, we did it,
man." Joe said with excitement.

"Where's Parisian?" Spike asked never taking his eyes off the dust
that was beginning to be scattered by the breeze.

"She got away, opened a portal before we could get to her. Sorry."

"Let's go home."

"Yeah it'll be dawn soon. Never thought I'd say that again."

"Dawn." Spike repeated as he turned and began.


"Is that normal?" Giles asked sipping his tea and watching the bowl
of water, which Dawn was refreshing by pouring more water into the

"What the loopiness?" Dawn asked as they watched the screen faze in
and out, never giving a clear, focused picture. "Yeah, Tara thinks it
happens whenever time has passed there."

"And since it's been a week here it's been…"

"Ninety-four years for Spike, I think it's time we bring him home."
Buffy said as she stepped into the room. "So what's the plan?"

"Well Tara, Willow, and Cleo are setting up at the site," Giles began.

"So why are we here and not there?" Buffy asked anxiously ready to
go. "And are you sure about this shaman guy, Cleo?"

"We're here because this is where Cleo, which is a world renowned
shaman and we were lucky to get him to help us, will be teleporting
Spike, he can only open the portal on the exact spot that Spike left
at, but…" Giles paused removing his glasses to pinch his nose.

"What?" Buffy asked crossing her arms.

"Spike's been gone for a very long time. It's only been a few months
for you, but for him it's been years, nearly a century if my
calculations are right. We don't know where he's been, how it's
changed him."

"He's been doing good, you saw it for yourself." Dawn defended.

"Yes, but the scene has been fazed out nearly the entire time I've
been here, which would be seven years for Spike, and a lot can happen
in seven years, a lot. I just think we should be prepared, which is
why I wanted Cleo to transport Spike here in a contained area."

"Contained area?" Buffy repeat not sure what Giles meant.

"I had Tara do a spell in the basement, once Spike is there he won't
be able to leave the basement, at least not until we can determine
that its safe, and he's ok."

"So that how were gonna welcome Spike home?" Dawn asked displeased
with the idea. "After he's been gone for so long, we're going to
bring him back like a caged animal, that's the plan?"

"Well, ah, yes actually it is." Giles said replacing his glasses back
on his face.

"Well that SUCKS!" Dawn declared folding her arms across her chest.

"I agree it really does suck." Buffy said stunning Giles, who thought
she of all people would be in agreement.

"But it really is the best way to go about it Buffy, safety should

"I know Giles, safety should come first but it still sucks. I don't
know if I can handle that, locking him up. When I see him I'm…I just
don't know if I can handle that." Buffy said with a far off look on
her face.

"Ah Dawn could you excuse us for a moment, there's some things I need
to discuss with Buffy." Dawn rolled her eyes at him.

"Right, grown-up talk so the little girl will just go in the other
room." Dawn mumbled as she stalked off.

"Buffy," Giles began only to have Buffy cut him.

"Giles, I know what you're gonna say. I've imagined this day for a
while now, so I'm just going to be the adult here and come clean. My
concern for Spike and getting him home…it's not because of guilt or
because I feel I owe him some thing, well not complete. Truth is I
miss him and I need him. I want him back so badly that I…" Buffy
paused as she began wringing her hands. "I love him." She muttered in
a low voice, and then she looked up to face Giles, who was now gaping
at her in shock. "I'm in love with him, with Spike. We've been seeing
each other for months, and I denied how I felt. I was ashamed of what
the others would think, what they'd say, but then he was gone and…and
I thought I would never see him again then I didn't care. I just
wanted him back, wanted him home so I can tell him that I'm sorry and
that I love him. So you can save the `Dear lords' cause I've made up
my mind. I'm sick of everyone thinking they know what's best for me,
and always expecting so much of me. I did my duty and I died for it,
but even then I couldn't get my peace, my heaven. Well, when I'm with
Spike I feel, I feel like I did when I was in heaven. I feel so loved
and I never have to worry or pretend, I can just be, and I won't give
that up again, I can't." Buffy finished staring at him defiantly.

"Ah…right then." Giles said, as she looked to his feet unsure of what
to say. "So this spell Cleo is doing to open the portal, he'll need
Dawn's blood, but it has to be fresh so she should be there. So, I
was gonna ask you if you'll be ok here alone?"

"Oh," Buffy said as her face began to turn beet red. "Yeah I'll be

"Good, Oh Dawn!" Giles called out to her as he hastily left Buffy
standing alone and embarrassed. Suddenly Giles popped his head back
into the room. "You…Spike…for months?"

"Yep." Buffy said.

"Dear Lord." Giles said rolling his eyes as he disappeared around the
corner again leaving Buffy giggling after him.


"I tried, I really did luv."

"It's alright William." The frail old woman spoke softly as she
stroked his arm, which was wrapped around her. They sat a top the
tallest building in town looking out over the city this over the
years had become their spot. "Buffy hasn't been my sister for many
years, It's all over now, it's finally over."

"Yeah." Spike said as he buried his nose in the soft gray head of

"I'm sorry that you lost your only way home."

"I told you I am home, right here with you."

"William, we both know I don't have very much time left." She spoke
as he closed his eyes tightly to the thought of her not being
there. "Now that Xander's gone on and I'm soon to join his, you'll be
all alone in a world that's not yours."

"Lil Bit, you're not going anywhere and neither am I. This is my home
now I can't even remember that other place. Those other faces, they
mean nothing to me now. And when you pass, which will be a long, long
time from now, I'm going to still be here doing what we started
together, slaying all the demons of this world."

"The slayer," Dawn giggled. "You told me once that your world had
one, and that when you left it was my sister, whom you've tried to
kill like the two others you had killed. Now, my dear William, you
have become a slayer. Now, is that Irony or poetic justice?"

"Neither, It's evolution, I've grown, thanks to you."

"Oh no, you were something special before I meet you. You never once
tried to hurt me, you only cared for me and loved me like any great
father would, and I will always love you for that. You gave me
something I never thought I'd have again, hope."

"And soon you'll have sunlight again, cause it will be sunrise soon."
He said looking out over the horizon.


"Yes it will be sunrise soon, so we need to hurry up and do this."
Giles announced to Cleo who was still sitting on the spot Spike had
disappeared through months before, chatting in Latin. Suddenly he
became in gulfed in a blue energy that rose high into fading night's

"Bring the child forth!" Cleo yelled and reluctantly Giles and Dawn
moved up. Cleo reached out his hands and slowly Dawn took it. With
swiftness Cleo had pulled a knife hidden in his robe, and sliced it
across the palm of Dawn's hand.

"Aghhh." Dawn squealed as she tried to pull away but Cleo had a firm
grip. As her blood hit the ground within the blue energy, the energy
instantly turned blood red. Giles, Dawn, Willow, Tara, and Xander,
who all had been standing around, stood back watching in amazement.

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