"Tell me Spike, why would you want to go back? To a place where
you're not wanted, and hunted, is it to kill the Slayer, cause I'd be
more than happy to send my army back with you…" Parisian began as
Spike quickly cut her off.

"No! I don't want to kill Buffy, I just want to go home." Spike said
matter-of-factly. Parisian narrowed her eyes at the vamp sitting
beside her and quickly removed the hand she had resting on Spike's

"Buffy? You and the slayer are on first name basis?"

"Yeah something like that." Spike said shifting uncomfortably under
the female vamp's gaze. Parisian's eyes seem to bore into him and
before he could react, he realized in amazement exactly what she was

"You're in love with her." Parisian stated amused greatly. Spike
again was in awe.

"You can read minds?" Spike asked.

"Yes can't you?"


"Well the dark gift is different for us all, some of us can read
minds, some are unusually strong, fast, some can even walk in
daylight." Parisian stated as she sat back more comfortably in her

"Can you?" Spike asked not believing.

"What, walk in daylight, of course but I'm special, I'm a God."
Parisian said while smiling devilishly. "I can walk between

"Because you're a God?" Spike said and then winked and clicked his
teeth. "Okay, well then God could you please open the doorway back to
my world so I can go home?"

"So eager to get back to your beloved slayer."

"Well, yeah."

"What's your hurry Spike, why don't you stay awhile enjoy yourself.
You know that pesky chip in your head," Parisian said in a whisper as
she moved closer, her soft supple lips brushing Spike's ear as she
spoke. "It doesn't work here." She leaned back smiling in to the now
wide eyes staring back at her.


"Ok now that's not good. She's deactivated Spike's chip and now if he
comes back he can kill again. Oh God I'll be the first he comes after
I bet. You think he's still pissed about our run in the cemetery?"
Xander asked, nervously running his hand through his hair.

"Stop worrying Xander, we don't know if it's just that world that
prohibits the chip. Maybe when he returns it'll turn back on." Willow
said hoping to soothe her friend's worries.

"Yeah, maybe. Spike doesn't know where I live right. I mean none of
you told her did ya?" Xander asked pointing his finger wildly to each
of his friends, Buffy rolled her eyes.

"You did hear me when I said Spike could hurt me, but he hasn't. At
least not in a bad way." Buffy said smiling slightly while
remembering some of their earlier activities.

"Ewww, Buffy TMI." Dawn said wrinkling her nose. "I really don't want
to hear about Spike boning you. However, I am interested to know what
he looks like without his shirt on." Dawn said with a huge smile.

"I'll never tell." Buffy said and suddenly Xander busted out in
giggles, causing everyone in the room to stare at him.

"That's the ditty Anya and I sang when that singing demon guy I
summoned was in town. We were telling each other all he things that
bothered us about each other. We even sang about our fears of getting
married." Xander said his voice fading at the end and his eyes
drifted down to the floor. "God I miss her." Willow moved to him,
rubbing his back.

"She'll be back, she just needs time." Willow said with a sad smile,
which Xander returned nodding his head slightly.

"I really hope you're right about that."

"I am."

"Soooo," Dawn cut in not wanting to discuss Anya and Xander any
further, the topic saddened her. "Any ideas about how were getting
Spike back?"

"Well, I think she's the only one that can get Spike back, but I'll
keep looking for a spell." Tara said point to the woman in the screen.


Spike and Parisian walked arm in arm about her palace like abode.
Spike was quite impressed with the artwork Parisian had through out
the place. The snob in him made him speak his knowledge on nearly
every piece they passed. Spike was sure that Parisian was well aware
of each pieces value, but she humored him and allowed his tails. They
came upon a grand door, one much like the others they had passed,
except this one had been plated with pure gold. Again the guards
stood on either side of the doors, opening them as Parisian and Spike
approached, and closing them after they entered the room. The room
was huge with a high ceiling and an abnormally gigantic bed right in
the middle. As if reading his thoughts again, Parisian spoke to
relief the mounting look of fear in Spike' eyes.

"Don't worry Spike I didn't bring you here to have sex, although I
wouldn't mind in the least if you wanted to." She said with a sly
smile and a wink. "I just thought you might be hungry." She clapped
her hands and two young figures quickly moved out of the shadows to
stand before them, one a girl the other a boy. "Which would you like,
they're both sweet? Virgins always are." Parisian circled the
children, who looked to be no more than twelve years old, as if
trying to decide which she wanted more, while tapping her fingertip
to her lips. She finally stopped behind the girl, pulling the girls
long blonde hair back over her shoulder, exposing her throat. "Oh but
her flesh is softer, easier to tear." Parisian said as her fangs
became more visible as they sank in to the girl's shoulder. The girl
winced but didn't move an inch, not that she could with Parisian's
vice-like grip on her. Spike watched in bewilderment, as did the
unseen eyes that were watching them from another realm.


"Ok, why didn't she go…you know," Buffy said not finding the words.

"All grrr…arrg?" Dawn supplied and Buffy nodded.

"Well I was gonna say bumpy but that works too." Buffy said as she
stared at the screen, transfixed.

"Have you ever known a vamp that could do that?" Willow asked also
transfixed to the screen.

"Nope," Buffy replied.


"How did you?" Spike asked baffled.

"I told you, I'm different. Now come, feed."

"No thanks," Spike said though his eyes locked onto the girl's neck
where her blood still trickled down. "Not hungry."

"Don't lie to me Spike, it really is a waste of your time, since I
can see right through you. I told you that chip doesn't work her, you
can bite her and feel no pain."

"I don't want to bite her." Spike stated and suddenly became stunned
by the truth of it he didn't want to bite the girl, nor the boy for
that matter.

"Don't tell me that the slayer has got you house broken." Parisian
hissed. Spike shot her a dangerous glare, God or no God he would rip
her throat out if she kept on with the taunts on his beloved
slayer. "Turned you against your very nature."

"I am my own man with my own mind and choices, and I choose not to
feed on children. I never have and I never will."

"Yes, but even if I brought you a voluptuous woman you still wouldn't
feed on her would you?"

"No." Spike said knowing it was a mute point to lie now.

"Why not?"

"Already told you, I don't want to. Besides, I thought you fed on
each other here, that you didn't need human's to survive."

"Ahhh, is that it then?" Parisian smiled as if sudden pleased by his
words she clapped her hands and the two children left the room the
way they had entered. She pushed the silk robe she garnered from her
smooth, soft shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Spike swallowed
at the huge lump forming in his throat at the sight of the woman
before him, now only wearing her long flowing silk skirt. "You wish
to feed from me." Parisian said more as a statement then a question,
she already knew the answer to. Spike's mouth watered at the thought
of his fangs penetrating her, he squeezed his eyes shut. "What's the
matter Spike you don't feed from other vampires either? I promise
you, you'll enjoy it and once you've had a taste you'll never want
anything else." Parisian said as she moved closer to him, standing on
her tiptoes to rub her cheek to his. Spike inhaled deeply absent-
mindedly rubbing his face in her hair. Without even realizing it he
had vamped out, and Parisian smiled up at him as she traced her
fingers across his bumpy forehead. "You know I've thought this look
was sexy, until now. Come on Spike you know you want to." Not really
needing more coaxing, Spike grabbed roughly at her pulling her to him
tightly. He grabbed a fistful of her hair, yanking it away from her
long, slender neck. Parisian laced her fingers through Spike's hair,
pulling his head closer to her neck. Slowly Spike bit down and
suddenly images flashed before his eyes and every one of his senses
turned up full blast.

**Drusilla's first bite, killing his first slayer, trying to kill
Angel, meeting Buffy, trying to kill Buffy, trying to kill Angel,
Joyce, the smell of hot cocoa, the initiative, the pain in his head,
Dawn, Buffy jumping from the tower to her death, longing for death,
Dawn, Buffy being brought back, being consumed with happiness, Dawn,
the smell of Buffy's hair and skin, Buffy taste in his mouth, Buffy
on him surrounding him, consuming him, Dawn**

Spike jerked his head back, clutching his chest and then his head,
which was now ringing. "What's wrong Spike, my blood didn't agree
with you?" Parisian asked with a smile, which instantly changed to a
sinister sneer as she glared at he vamp crumbling to her feet. "Yeah
I'm afraid it has that effect, so when I said you'll never want
anything else after you've tasted my blood…well that's because it's
going to kill you." She knelt down to him. "You deserve to die and
she was right for leaving you, you do reek of the slayer." Spike
glared up at her angry that she had invaded that most sacred place in
his mind where he kept memories of Dru. He reached out for her and
her laughing face was the last thing he saw before the darkness came
to claim him. "Guards!" At her commands the door flung open and the
two guards entered. "Dump this corpse out in the street, near the
frulenshok district, they love feeding on rotting meat." She moved to
retrieve her robe, pulling the soft material back over her body, and
watched with uncaring eyes as the guards lifted Spike's lifeless body
from the floor and carried him out.

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