Secrets among friends by Spiked_Slayer

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Chapter Notes: I hope you like it. Let me know what you think!! Thanks!
‘So tired’ 18 year old William “Spike” Giles thought as he finished the last of his work, “Finally” He said as the door to the backroom of Music Mania, the record store he worked at, opened and his co-workers filed out.

“Hey Spike!” Lorne Michaels, The owner, asked as he came up to spike.

“Hey Lorne” Spike said uneventfully.

“The rest of us are going out tonight, we were wondering if you wanted to join us?” Lorne asked.

“Maybe another time, I’ve got be home tonight, Da’ said he wanted to see me about something” Spike explained lying a little. The truth was he no longer lived with his parents; he lived with his girlfriend in a really nice house on the other side of Sunnydale.

“Okay then, see ya on Monday” Lorne said as him and the others left, leaving him to close up, which really didn’t bother him, he liked closing; it was relaxing with the quietness of it all.

****** Meanwhile at the Bronze******

“So what’s up with Spike?” Charles Gunn or Gunn as everybody called him asked as he took a drink of his beer.

“I don’t know” Anya Jenkins answered, “Maybe he just wanted to get some orgasms from Buffy” She said talking about Spike’s 17 year old girlfriend.

“Maybe” Lorne smiled, “But that doesn’t explain why he always says that he can’t come with us.

“Maybe he really did need to go see his father” Tara McClay suggested as she sipped her cherry coke.

“Whatever, come on Gunn let’s dance” Anya said as she grabbed his arm and practically dragged him onto the dance floor. Tara and Lorne just shrugged as they drank their drinks and listened to the music.


“Honey I’m home!” Spike hollered as he closed the door to his house.

“Shhh!” Buffy said as she walked into the living room, “Dawn’s asleep, and hey aren’t you supposed to be at your father’s?”

“Yea but he called me while I was closing up and said that something had come up and we’d have to reschedule” He explained.

“Ok” She smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck and latched onto his lips. Spike pulled away to find the spot under her ear that she loved. Spike was making his way back to her lips as a little voice interrupted his actions.

“Mommy what is Daddy doing to you?”

Letting Buffy go he turned toward the voice, “Hello lit’le bit” He smiled as he knelt down in front of her and opened his arms and caught her as she jumped into them.

“Hi Daddy” Dawn smiled as she nuzzled her head into his neck.

“What’re doing up so late, peach pie?” He asked as he smoothed the hair on her head.

“You woked me up” Spike smiled at the words his three year used.

“I’m sorry, Chickpea, but what’d ya say I come upstairs and read you a story” He suggested as he watched her scrunch up her nose in concentration that reminded him of Buffy when she did it.

“Can you read me Beauty and the Beast?” She asked lifting her head from his shoulder.

“Anything for you, pigeon” He smiled as he walked up the stairs leaving Buffy alone with her thoughts.


Monday Morning...

“Up Daddy! Up Daddy!” Spike came awake with a jolt when he felt the bed being shaken. Opening his eyes he saw his daughter jumping up and down on the bed.

“Up Daddy! Mommy said time to get up!” She squealed with laughter when spike reached up and grabbed her around the waist and pulled her down on the bed and proceeded to tickle her. Buffy, who had been watching from the doorway came into the room and started tickling him. Pretty soon they were all laughing and thrashing around on the bed.

“Uncle!” Spike yelled as he threw his hands up in surrender as Dawn and Buffy stopped.

“Ok Bleach Boy” Buffy smiled, “Time to get up and get ready for work”

“Right, need to get a shower and get dressed” He smiled as she bent down to kiss him. Picking Dawn up, she left the room and walked downstairs to the kitchen to get Dawn some lunch and get ready to go. Being that it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Buffy was off from school. Her and Dawn were going to have a girls day out. Buffy was going to take her shopping, and then they were going to the movies.

Kissing Buffy goodbye on the lips and Dawn on the head, he walked out the door and got into the Desoto. Starting it up he drove off.


Spike found himself whistling as he stocked the new CD’s. Gunn walked into the backroom to find Lorne.

“Did you guys see Spike yet?” At the negative shake of their heads he continued.

“Well he’s whistling and kind of hopping around the store”

“See I told you he wanted to go home to get some” Anya exclaimed as she walked to the door and opened it, walking out into the front of the store she stopped in front of Spike.

“What?” He asked laughing a little as was putting a Dropkick Murphy’s cd away.

“Nothing, just wondering what you were so happy about” She smiled at him.

“Nothing really just had a fun mornin’” He smiled as he thought of how he was woken up.

“Aha! I knew it! I knew that was the reason you didn’t go out with us Friday, you wanted orgasms!” She accused.

“Actually, I was supposed to see my father but he called and said that we’d have to reschedule” He told her.

“Oh ok” She shrugged nonchalantly, ”So why was your morning so fun?” She asked as she took a stack of cd’s out of the box and started stocking them.

“Just was” He smiled as the door opened and a customer walked in.

“Hello, Welcome to Music Mania, How may we take your money today?” Anya asked as she put the cd’s down and walked over to him. Spike laughed and shook his head.


Friday night...

“Hey Spike?” Tara asked as she sat on a swivel stool behind the counter and watched him walk around the store closing things up.

“Yea luv?” He asked as he put some cd’s back in their rightful places.

“How come you didn’t go out with the others tonight or any other night?” She asked.

“I don’t party anymore, not since” His voice trailed off and he shook his head to clear it, “Umm I’m just not into the party scene anymore” He smiled awkwardly as he turned out the lights. “Ready pet?” He asked as he held the door open.

“Yea thanks. Hey spike? Do you think... If it’s not too... do you think I could... Could I... Maybe... have a ride home?” She asked tripping over her words once they were outside.

“Sure thing pet” He smiled as he led her over to his car, “So why didn’t you go out with the others tonight then?” he asked once they were on the road.

“Didn’t feel like going out tonight, I’m tired and I just wanted to go home and go to bed” She sighed as she relaxed into the seat.

“Oh” He smiled.

“Yea” They sat in silence until he pulled up to her house, “Thanks for the ride home, I really appreciate it”

“No problem pet, any time” He smiled as she opened the door and got out. Smiling at him she closed the door and walked away.


“Hey luv” Spike sighed tiredly as he climbed into bed next to Buffy.

“Where were you?” She asked still half asleep.

“I took Tara home after we closed up, she didn’t have a ride and asked me if she could have one” He explained as she smiled lightly and went back to sleep. Kissing her forehead, he followed suit.


Saturday morning found them in the back room of Music Mania talking. Anya, Lorne, Gunn, Tara and their newest recruit, Andrew, were sitting around a table. Saturday’s and Sunday’s are Spike’s days off.

“I’m serious you guys something is up with Spike” Gunn suggested.

“I don’t know, he seemed okay last night, he didn’t talk much on the way home but-”

“Wait!” Anya interrupted her, “What do you mean on the way home?”

“Oh, I didn’t have a ride home so I asked him if he wouldn’t mind driving me home. We talked before we left but after we left he was quiet” Tara explained. “Although I did ask him why he didn’t go out with you guys last night or any night for that matter”

“Well? What did he say?” Lorne asked leaning towards her.

“It was a little weird, he said that he didn’t party anymore not since... and then his voice dropped off, then he shook his head and recovered with it’s ‘uhhh not really my scene anymore’” She told them trying remember their chat.

“Weird” Gunn said as he thought over what Tara had said.

“I think he’s hiding something” Andrew spoke for the first time that morning.

“Yea but what is he hiding and why?” Anya asked.

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