Chapter Two

Just realized that I never put up a "disclaimer", but what’s the point, if I owned Buffy, do you really think that I would be writing stories on how they get together? Please, I would be making movies!

Since being called, Buffy had started to become hard, cold. She had started to push her friends away, ignore teachers, rules, and just school in general.

It had come to the point where, the only person that could actually reach, thru all of her barriers, to her heart, was her watcher. And lately, she had even started to pull away from him.

So you can understand why, when she walked into the school the next morning, with a huge smile on her face, everyone just stopped to stare.

While walking down the hall she would smile at all of the people that cot her eye. She wasn’t even this nice when she wasn’t seen as a freak.

Thru-out the rest of the day, people would whisper behind her back as she past. Finally near the end of the day, her old best friend, Nancy, approached her.
“Ha-hay, there, Bu-Buffy” she said nervously.

Ever since seeing Buffy kick the crap out of one of the guys on the Football team for grabbing her ass, everyone had been a little afraid of the small blond.

“Oh, hay there Nancy” Buffy said, not really paying the girl any attention what so ever, Buffy had more important things to worry about. Like what she was going to wear on her date with Spike tonight.

‘I wonder where he’s taking me… a fancy restaurant, maybe? No, he said that I wouldn’t be allowed to fight, and I would never fight in a fancy restaurant, well…not unless someone pissed me off severely.’ She thought the last part with a wicked little smile that made Nancy shiver.

Buffy noticed the movement out of the corner of her eye, and turned to face the nervous brunet. “Oh, sorry Nancy, what did you want?” Buffy asked with a bright smile.

Nancy swallowed loudly before speaking "umm, nu-nothing really, just umm, some of us were wondering what was going on?" Buffy gave her a confused look and Nancy continued, more bravely that before.

"Oh come on Buffy, you've been stalking around the school like a caged lion for months, I mean, I'm pretty sure I even heard you growled once." Buffy put her head down as a small smile graced her lips in remembrance; she remembered a few instances where she may have growled at some of the kids in the school.

When Nancy saw Buffy nod, she continued, "So then what’s up? You’ve been grinning like a fool all day" Buffy lifted her head to look at Nancy; she was blushing, with a small secretive smile on her face.

Nancy saw the look and it was contagious, she couldn't help smiling as well.

"Well..." Buffy said, blushing and hiding her eyes again, "it's nothing really...I just, kind of...met someone..." Nancy looked at her, astonished, and accidentally said the first thing that came to mind, "wow, to make you change that much in one night? He must be a demon in the sack," hearing her own words, Nancy slapped her hands over her mouth, thinking the Buffy may get mad and "hurt her", but Buffy on the other hand, thought that her words were bang on, and couldn't help but giggle.

Nancy looked at her, surprised, realizing that she wasn't mad, Buffy just giggled again at her look. "Oh, you have no idea." Buffy said before sprinting away to catch her ride, leaving a dumfounded Nancy in her wake.

Later that Night

Buffy was in her room, trying to find the perfect outfit, Buffy thought of Spike's face for a moment, and knew exactly what to wear, she went over to her closet and pulled out a red silk and satin halter top, it was her favourite shirt, but lately she hadn't had a chance to where it, this was perfect.

Next she went to grab her favourite pair of leather pants; she was going for the "sexy-bad-ass" look, a look that Spike had clearly perfected.

After applying her makeup, she turned to her mirror "mirror, mirror, oh so fair, please, oh please, help me with this hair" Buffy looked at herself and smiled, it was something that she had said many times before, and it never seemed to fail, as soon as she said it, she knew exactly what to do.

Buffy went in to her bath-room to use the curling iron. After curling her hair into soft rolling blond curls, she inspected her appearance.

She thought that she looked pretty damn good, "well, it's all for him anyways, if he can't keep his hands off of me when I open that door, I'll know I've done my job."
She smiled wickedly at the mirror, just as the door bell rang; it was 8:00, on the dot, as Buffy flew down the stairs to meet him.

Her Mother was out, and her father was working late, so she didn't have to worry about anyone answering the door but her.

In the Car

Buffy was fairly pleased with herself.

As soon as she had opened the door, Spike had taken one look at her, and could not help himself.

Buffy barley had enough time to see how delicious Spike looked, in his black slacks, black dress shirt, and of course, his soft black leather duster, before Spike was attacking her lips. God it was wild, the fire between them, that burn for them, that burned only for the other, it was passion at its purist. They were both amazed that Spike was able to pull away. Buffy wasn't even aware that she needed to breath until he released her, and she started gasping for breath.

Buffy smiled at the memory, and turned to look at Spike with a heated gaze, running her eyes over his lithe form.

Spike saw the look that she was giving him, and could smell her heady arousal. It was already taking all of his will power not to take her, and her scent wasn't helping.

Other than the looks that they sent each other, that seemed to speak volumes, the drive was made in a comfortable silence.

“Well, this is it.” Spike said as he helped Buffy out of the car, and they made their way into Caritas.

“Caritas…hum, where have I heard that name before?”
“What’s this now?” Spike asked turning to look at her.

“Oh nothing, the name just sounds really familiar, but I can’t remember where I heard it.” Buffy said, tying to remember.

“Hay there, don’t hurt yourself,” he said, trying to hide his grin.

Buffy punched him on the arm, hard, and pouted, but she couldn’t help the grin that appeared at the corner of her lips, when he started rubbing where she had hit him, “Big baby” she teased lightly.

Suddenly, without warning he grabbed her around the waist, and twisted her around so that her back was pressed against his chest.

Buffy whimpered hen she felt his breathe against her ear, “not ‘big baby’” he said huskily, and she couldn’t help but notes that affect that their position was having on him, “Big Bad…baby” he whispered before he bent down to trail kisses down along her neck Buffy moaned and tilted her head to the side to give him better access.

Spike grinned against her neck, loving the feel of her soft warm skin beneath his lips.

Buffy suddenly sucked in a shocked breath as Spike firmly bit into her jugular with his blunt human teeth, leaving an angry red bite mark.

It wasn't a clamming bite, even though they both secretly wished it was, but it would be enough to tell other vamps to back off, that this Slayer was his, that this one belonged to William the Bloody.

Although her watcher had never told her anything of vampire lore, tradition, or culture, she knew what Spike was doing, in fact she knew quite a bit, for instance she knew all of the different kinds of bites; from a mating bite that lasted forever, to the one used on their victims, she night not be able to recognize them as easily as a vampire, but she knew what to look for.

She knew enough that, if her watcher ever found out, she was sure that he would be terrified, and worried about her curiosities.

She had even done some field research that couldn't be found in the watcher's diaries, or in any book for that matter.

After gaining some composure after their brief make-out session, Buffy and Spike made their way inside the bar.

"Alright now slayer, you just behave yourself in here, there is a strict "No Fighting" policy. I know the owner of this place and he can get pretty mean when he wants too, no matter who you are." he looked at her pointedly.

When they finally entered Buffy looked around with wide eyes of shock and curiosity.

Spike saw her look, and saw her hand unconsciously reach for the stake hidden in the small of her back.
"Hay now luv, remember the rule, No Fighting." Buffy rolled her eyes, "your no fun" she pouted.

"I know that sucks luv, believe me, I know, but just because you can't hurt them in here, doesn’t mean that you can't get them later" he grind down at her, and she smiled back. Together they walked over to the bar where Spike ordered a beer and Buffy just a Coke.

As Buffy looked around at all of the different Demons littering the bar, and Spike spoke to the bartender, Buffy was struck by how similar the scene looked, compared to any number of the club/bars that she used to hang out in.

Mind you, there were some obvious details that could not be overlooked, like; horns, scales, wrinkling and drooping skin, claws, talons, and teeth, not to mention the different colors.

But, other than that they were perfectly normal; there were demons on dates, and others trying to drown their sorrows.

And Buffy just watched, amazed. "Huh, were not so different after all" she mused quietly. "A little shocking, eh luv?" Spike said after hearing her comment.
Buffy turned and smiled at him, "well, it’s definitely not what I expected" she said, and Spike just winked at her.

"Well, well, well, looky what the cat dragged in" said a voice from behind them. Spike turned from Buffy to great the new figure.

"Hello mate, long time, no see" Spike said shaking, what Buffy could see, looked like a green hand. 'Wait a minute, that green hand looks familiar somehow'.

"Same to you baby cakes, haven't seen you in, at least, twenty-five years.’wait a second...I know that voice from somewhere' Buffy thought, wracking her brain for the anser.

"Oh sorry luv, here let me introduce you, Buffy I'd like you to meet Lo-".

"Oh my God! Lorne?" Buffy practically screeched when she saw him, giving him a big hug.

"Hay there angel cakes! What brings you down to my humble, hole in the wall demon bar?" Lorne asked returning her hug.

"Well... actually, I'm kinda' here on a date, Spike-"suddenly, Buffy was loudly cut off.

“Wait just a second! Hold it! You two know each other?”
“Know her! She saved me from a Keration demon just a little while back!” Lorne said while putting an arm around her.

"I knew I had heard the name of this place before! Lorne had told me about it just after I had helped him out, he even went so far as to offer me and my company free drinks if I ever stopped in." Buffy said with a flourish, and a smile.

Spike looked at her inquisitively, and Buffy blushed under his gaze.

“Should I be jealous, of you two? Seen' as your giggilin' away like school girls?” he asked with a raised eyebrow, and a small grin.

“Hay there, no worries baby cakes, I’d never dream of taken’ your girl” Lorne said with a big grin, and removed his arm.

Spike grinned and pulled Buffy up against his side, Buffy’s smile got bigger when he pulled her close, and that he didn’t object to Lorne’s assumption of them as a couple. ‘Well I guess that, technically, we are.’

Spike saw the confused look on her face after Lorne’s comment, and, as though reading her mind, he bent down to whisper in her ear, “your mine now luv, no one but me is allowed to touch you like I do” Buffy blushed, but beamed at his words, and Lorne looked at the two blonds with romantic eyes.

"I would never let anyone but you touch me like you do" she whispered back heatedly, before placing a small kiss just below his ear, making him squirm.

Buffy turned back to face Lorne, just to see him swoon at the sight of the two affectionate blonds. "That’s it! You two are so going to sing for me tonight!" Buffy and Spike both opened their mouths to protest, but Lorne pot a hand over both of their mouths to silence any objections.

Out of the corner of their eyes Buffy and Spike both looked at each other, and Spike winked at her before they both sunk their teeth down into Lorne's hands. "Ahhhhhhh!" Buffy and Spike both grinned at Lorne as Spike wrapped his arm around Buffy tighter, giving her another squeeze.

Lorne turned around to walk away grumbling "Dumb vampire...thinks he's so funny" suddenly he whipped around to wag his finger at Spike "you’re a very bad influence on the innocent!" he scolded, motioning to Buffy, who was trying not to laugh, and turned again "...just because he's older then dirt..."

Spike couldn't help but chuckle at the other demon's muttering, and Lorne just happened to hear him, "oh you think that was funny do ya?"

Spike just gave him his "hand-in-cookie-jar" smile, as Buffy had termed it, and Lorne huffed "alright then, now you definitely have to sing, AND! I'm taking back my offer of free drinks!" Spike stared at Lorne, incredulous.

Buffy un wrapped herself from Spike and walked up to Lorne. "Oh come oooonnnn, Lorne! I saved your life, you at least owe me something...pleaseeeee" Buffy said with a little pout, and her puppy eyes, she knew, for a fact, that no one, human or demon, could resist her puppy-pout.

Lorne looked at her for a moment, until finally he sighed, and rolled his eyes.

"finnnnnnne! but Only! because you helped me a while back" Buffy smiled and nudged his shoulder,
"see, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

Lorne looked over her head to see Spike's face, he had a look somewhere between pride and incredibility, Lorne shook his head again
"ya actually, that did hurt a little."

Buffy smiled as Lorne walked away, and Spike came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"So what was that, that you did to him luv?" he asked curiously.

"Oh nothing really, I just gave him my puppy-pout, when I pull that thing out, resistance is futile!" Spike chuckled at her antics, "I bet I could resist it luv, after all I AM a Master Vampire."

Buffy shrugged then turned to face him, she wrapped her arms around his neck, "sing for me?" she asked.

Spike looked at her, and grinned, "sorry luv, but no, not even for an eternity of 'free drinks'" Spike said chuckling, or, at least he was chuckling until he looked down at her; he had never seen anything so beautiful and innocent, her eyes were big and shining, and her lower lip stuck out as thou begging to be tugged and sucked on by his own lips.

Spike couldn't resist, he dipped his head down and captured her lips.

They were so soft and moist that Spike felt like never coming up for air, reluctantly he broke the kiss to let her breath, and leaned his forehead against hers.

“so...what song do you want to hear? anything in particular?" he sighed, Buffy giggled, and started kissing him again.

"Oh, and just for the record, I gave in because of the kiss, not the face."

Buffy pulled him down again and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips.

"Maybe, but you kissed me because of the face."

Spike chuckled "ya, well, you are irresistible" he whispered, and Buffy smiled, before they started kissing again.

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