When Love And Death Embrace by Angels_heart1

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Spike sauntered into the ‘Magic Box’ about fifteen minutes after sunset. He needed to see Giles about a protection spell for his crypt.

“‘Ello all,” Spike greeted as he sat on top of the counter. “Watcher, got that spell I asked about?”

Giles started to rifle through some papers. When he found what he was looking for he turned to Spike and asked, “Are you sure about this spell Spike? It’s a very dangerous procedure.”

“I’m sure Rupes, thanks for carin’ but I need the best protection spell I can get my hands on, Charlie’s comin’ tonight. I need all the help I can get against humans since I got this damn chip in my head.” Spike answered with a glare in Riley’s direction.

“Me and Tara could help you Giles.” Willow, whose attention got captured from the discussion she was having about the difference between Superman and Spider-man, at mention of a spell.

“No, I’m sorry Willow, but this type of spell is for more experienced craft users.” Giles answered her.

“Yeah, and I don’t rightly want my crypt to be blown up incase you botch it,” Spike added, “No offence Glinda.” Spike spoke to Tara.

The faint scent of jasmine and lily flouted in the air as the door opened and a young girl around the age of 19 walked in. She had dark green eyes, bleach blond bangs, and the rest of her hair was dark blond almost brown. She was about 5’1 ¾ “, her skin was pale, her lips were between thin and plump. She had three piercings in each ear. On her left hand she had two rings, a plain silver one on her middle finger and a silver one with a little cross in the middle of it on her thumb. Her right hand had two rings as well, both on her middle finger, the top one was a thin silver ring with a row of little diamonds, the bottom one was thinner than the top, but it was plain silver. She had eight silver bangle bracelets on her left wrist. On her right wrist she had a gold rectangle watch with a black silk band. She had a black t-shirt on, with a heartagram™ symbol on the front with two skeletons holding each other, and “Killing Loneliness” under the picture. She had a pair of black Levis™ on, and black high-heel boots. Her make-up was simple; black eyeliner, light green eye shadow, and a light pink lip gloss. Her hair was down in a braid, stopping a little above her butt.

The woman looked around the room. The first thing her eyes landed on was a brunette with brown eyes, and shaggy hair. His facial expression showed annoyance, she quickly looked away to the person next to him. She had blond hair that was shoulder length, she had blue eyes and a cheerful expression on her face. The next person she looked at had long brown hair, expressive and intelligent blue eyes, she looked very shy, she was sitting very close to a red headed woman with love shinning in her eyes as she gazed at the shy woman next to her. The woman glanced down at the tables top and saw the red headed woman was holding her hand in a loving grasp. A look of recognition crossed the mysterious woman’s face. These were the Wicca’s that her brother had told her about. ‘They really are in love,’ she thought with a small minuscule smile tugging at her lips. ‘So that means that the cheerful blond is the ex-vengeance demon, and the boy next to her must be her boy-friend A.K.A. the Whelp’.

She looked over at the one other woman in the room. She had long waist length blond hair, hazel eyes that looked to have become distant over a short period of time. ‘This must be Buffy Summers, the Slayer, brother talks so fondly of,’ there was no doubt in her mind that this beautiful young woman had caught her brother’s heart, whether he wanted to admit it or not. ‘I like her, she could kick his ass in this world and the next,’ she thought. She gazed into the Slayers eyes; she could see pain, regret, love, and many other emotions.

She looked behind the Slayer to see a very bulky man that looked duller than cardboard. Next was a man with graying brown hair, bright sky blue eyes. For a second his eyes held a look of curiosity, then it turned into realization as he looked back at her. ‘He must be the Watcher,’ she thought to her self as she looked at what he was wearing. ‘I thought all Watchers wore tweed, not jeans and a t-shirt. Oh well.’

The last person in the room had a smirk on his face. He had bleach blond hair, slicked back, piercing blue eyes, a scarred left eyebrow, which he had just then raised. And high, sharp cheek bones. He was wearing black jeans, black scuffed biker boots, a tight black t-shirt, and a long black leather coat.

“‘Ello luv,” Spike drawled.

“Hello. Miss me?” She questioned with a smirk.

“Of coarse I did luv.” He replied.

“Then how come it feels like you’ve been ignoring me?” She asked with a slight frown creasing her forehead.

“Hey now, I have not been trying to ignore you,” Spike answered with an affronted look on his face.

“Oh, well……Okay then,” she said with a perky voice.

“Umm, forgive my interruption, but Spike is that…” Spike cut Giles off.

“Yeah mate, that’s her,” Spike answered him. “That’s my little sister.”

Everyone in the room, except Giles, Spike and his sister, gasped in shock.

Xander was the first to break the silence. “SHE’S A VAMPIRE, SOMEONE STAKE HER!!!!!!” He yelled. Riley quickly went to pull his stake out of his pocket, when Buffy forcefully stopped him.

“She’s not a vamp Xander, she’s human.” Buffy told him, ‘Idiot.’

“How do you know that? She could have some kind of spell put on her so Slayers couldn’t detect her!” Riley said, thinking she would praise him on how smart he was, but that’s not what he got.

“Riley,” Buffy started off calmly, “I’m the Slayer, and I know she’s human. There is no spell on her, ask Tara she can tell you,” Buffy paused and glanced over at said witch, who nodded at what Buffy had said.

“How old are you?” Anya asked Spikes sister.

“Nineteen. Why?” She asked back.

“Because I wanted to see how old you were,” She replied, then asked, “Do you have a significant other that’s gives you orgasms?”

Spike looked tense while he waited for his sister’s reply. He didn’t want her to have sexual relations ‘till she was in love and married. He always had a vision of walking her down the aisle, and give her away to her husband-to-be. He even had a dream about it once only that turned into a nightmare, because when the groom turned around it was Angel, his big, brooding, and Neanderthal of a Grand-sire. Angel had looked at her as if she was the only one in the room with him. Now don’t get Spike wrong, he wants her to be happy, just not with the giant poof. When he had woken up from the dream he was relieved, ecstatic even. The little six-year-old girl that he had come to affectionately call sister, the same little girl who now stood in front of him, had tried to sneak up on him while he was asleep, when she had gotten within two-inches of the bed Spike had quickly captured her in his arms and began tickling her.

His musings were cut short when Buffy asked him, “Is this Charlie? The person you and Giles were talking about?”

“Yeah pet this is Charlene Black, Charlie for short.” He answered her.

Willow spoke for the first time since Charlie walked in. “Where and who are your parents? Do they know you consider a vampire your brother?” She asked timidly.

“There names are Arthur and Jenna Rosefield, and I don’t know if they knew whether or not he was, ‘cause they died when I was four. They were killed by a pack of Fyarl demons. Spike had seen what was happening and tried to save them, after seeing I was safely hidden from the Fyrals, but he was too late. My father died of a broken neck, blood loss, and brain damage. Before my mom died she had enough time to tell Spike her dying wish, which was for him to protect and care for me. He agreed and then she died.” Charlie paused for a second, “After that he turned around and saw that I had heard what she said, and hugged me. He carried me in the house and took everything he could so nothing was really left. He wanted to make sure I would have everything I needed to help always remember them. He then drug my parent’s life-less bodies and torched the house so people would think that the house caught fire leaving no survivors.”

Charlie looked at Spike, then at all the shocked and pitying look on all the faces in the room, she smiled and said, “Don’t feel bad for me, I had a great child hood, thanks to Spike and Drusilla, and yes I mean loony tunes, she cared about me, still does. I remember we would have tea parties with Miss Edith, they were weird but fun. Sometimes Dru would dance in circles around the room with me in her arms, and other times she would be madder then the mad hatter. But she would never let any harm come to me.”

After Charlie had finished telling them part of her story the door to the ‘Magic Box’ swung open once again, and a tall broad figure stood in its frame.

“Oh bloody hell,” Spike muttered as he looked at the figure.

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