Pain or Pleasure? by Behind Blue Eyes

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The beginning of this story was borrowed from the episode Out of My Mind. Only borrowed to set the stage:

“SPIKE: Buffy. I swear I was just thinking of you. I wanted to tell you the great news. My head's all clear now. No more bug-zapper in my noggin.
BUFFY: That means I get to kill you.
SPIKE: You get to try.
Spike jumps up onto the operating table and grins down at Buffy.
SPIKE: At long last.”

After he spoke, Spike’s nimble body took flight off the operating table and landed on top of the stunned Slayer. The impact brought Buffy to the floor and Spike pinned her arms to her sides with his powerful thighs. He planted his hands on the floor on either side of her head.

Buffy began to struggle. She was immobilized by the Master vampire who was currently in full game face. Buffy looked intently at Spike looming above her and realised for the first time, that despite the hundreds of vampires she had faced in the past, she was never able to "really" look at a full game face before.

The only time that she had really seen one up close, was briefly when Angel had kissed her for the first time in her bedroom, and the time when he was delirious with the poison that was running rampant through his body. Both times it was a brief flash and then hidden.

As Buffy’s thoughts ran through her mind, Spike stopped his assault and peered down at the Slayer trapped between his thighs. She was looking at him as if his face may hold untold secrets.

“Why are ya staring at me like that, Slayer?” Spike asked as he narrowed his eyes quizzically at the young warrior below him.

“Huh?” Buffy mumbled as she was drawn out of her thoughts.

“Oh…I’m sorry. Did I interrupt ya with your thoughts. I thought we were fightin’ here. Well….we were fightin’, now I’m about to kill you!” Spike growled at her.

As Spike opened his razor filled mouth wide to clamp on the Slayer’s tender neck, Buffy continued to move her eyes over his transformed face. As he leaned closer, Buffy moved her face, so the fighters were now almost nose to nose.

“Will you stop doin’ that! It’s distractin’!” Spike yelled.

“I’m sorry! It’s just I’ve never been this close to a vamp in game face before. Can I….?” Buffy finished shyly. Despite that she was a strong warrior, she felt like the teenager that she truly was.

“Can you what?” Spike asked as he straightened his arms slightly to raise himself back to look into her face.

“Can I touch it?” Buffy asked curiously.

“Touch it? Touch what? My face?!?” Spike’s shock was evident.

“Yeah….” Buffy’s admitted as her eyes twinkled.

Riley and Harmony were still battling in the background while Buffy and Spike continued their conversation.

“Alright…but no funny business. Dying wish and all that rot. But after, I will taste your blood.” Spike said with a threatening growl and then he relaxed his hold on one of her arms.

Buffy took the opportunity to take her hand and tentatively bring it to Spike’s face. She explored his face with gentle feather-like touches. Her fingertips lightly skimmed across his protruding eyebrow ridge, and then slowly reached and started to trace where Spike received his permanent scar from a past slayer. Spike relished the tender touches that he was receiving, even if it was from his enemy. His eyelids began to flutter shut, enjoying her gentle caress.

Vampires on the whole are not tender with any actions that they bestow on any other creature, especially another vampire. Their race was about dominating and controlling one another. Even in his relationship with Drusilla, it was never about comfort or sharing. It was about pain that would lead to hopefully….pleasure.

Spike started to panic. ‘She’s trying to trick me, then she’ll pull out one of those stakes that she had tucked away somewhere, probably from her tight arse, and stake me good and proper.’ As Spike’s thought raced through his mind, his eyes flew open and he stared at the Slayer below him.

Spike sat up slightly. He pulled away from her touch and gained some leverage through his movement. Spike quickly and not too gently grabbed Buffy’s wrist, that was just giving him pleasurable touches.

“What kind of game are you playing at Slayer!?! Spike snarled.

“No game,” Buffy answered truthfully.

“You know that I have the only weapon here….don’t ya Slayer?” Spike asked in a threatening manner, flashing his fangs as he spoke.

When Spike had moved earlier to gain leverage, Buffy had felt Spike’s hard member pressing against her intimately. She didn’t want to comment. For some reason, being this close to Spike, especially seeing his sleek muscles dance under his skin tight black tee shirt, Buffy started to become…aroused.

“What weapon…..this one?” Buffy boldly swiveled her hips, hitting Spike’s erection with her molten core. ‘I don’t know what possessed me, but god is he making me hot,’ Buffy thought through her sexual haze.

Spike was stunned and thought he was mistaken at the brazen behavior of the fiesty Slayer between his thighs. Until it hit him. The musky smell of her arousal, wafting through all the barriers of clothing between them and hitting his very sensitive nose.

The sounds of the continued battle were now tuned out, as Buffy and Spike lustfully stared at each other.

When the powerful aroma hit Spike’s senses he released her wrist and Buffy took that opportunity to place her hand on the base of his skull, weaving her fingers through the hair that was unaffected by the strong gel, and pulled Spike into a passionate kiss.

This wasn’t the first kiss that they had shared. But unlike the last time, the electricity that surged between them could not compare to now.

Spike opened his thighs slightly, so now both of Buffy’s hands were able to roam his well-built body at her own leisure. Buffy’s mews were hitting Spike’s ears like a symphony and urged him to deepen the kiss. Their tongues dueled for dominance and submission at the same time.

When Buffy placed her tongue into Spike’s mouth, she ran it across one of his fangs. This action caused a small, but deep nick into the blood-engorged muscle. Buffy continued to swirl her tongue around his cool cavern, as the Slayer’s sweet elixir started to coat Spike’s tongue, mouth and trickle down his throat. Spike moaned as the powerful aphrodisiac started to trek throughout his body. His already swollen cock, double in size, pressing painfully into the zipper of his snug black denims.

Then behind the two occupied warriors, a loud crash sounded as Riley’s body fell into a tray of medical supplies. The noise shook them from their lust filled minds and Spike regretfully disengaged himself from the glorious golden beauty that was in his arms.

Buffy sat up slowly and observed where the noise came from. “Riley,” she croaked from her tight throat. She then rose from the floor to aide her ‘boyfriend’ to the table, where Spike laid only moments earlier.

“Doctor…..help,” Buffy called to the forgotten man that was curled on the floor watching the two ‘battles’ that were transpiring.

Still in game face, Spike looked at ‘Captain Cardboard’ on the floor and motioned for Harmony to join him to leave. Spike grabbed his leather from one of the seats of the amphitheatre and placed it on his body. Spike’s body hummed with electricity from the Slayer’s blood and her amazing mouth.

Spike stood on the stairs by the exit and looked once more upon the tiny warrior that just “slayed” him with one earth-shattering kiss. At the same time while the doctor was attending to Riley, Buffy felt as strong pull towards the exit. More importantly….Spike.

Their eyes met for a moment, but for a life time all at once. Then in a swirl of leather he was gone.

After the doctor treated Riley, Buffy left against his wishes, to go on patrol. While walking through the unusually quiet cemetery, Buffy started to review the nights ‘events’.

The four biggest questions festered in her mind:

“Why did I become super-hoe when trapped by Spike?”
“Why didn’t I ever notice how hot Spike was before? Well that answers question number one!”
“Why didn’t his chip fire?” Then she answered her own question “The chip only fires when he’s threatening to or causing pain. He wasn’t giving me pain, just pleasure. Lots and lots of pleasure!”
“Will he show me how his chip doesn’t work again?”

End Notes: Thanks for reading!
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