The Death of Joan Summers by immortalangel08

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Chapter Notes: So the idea came to me one night when I really wanted to see something like this done but it was never done how I wanted it to be done, so I thought hey I'll do it myself.I would like to say a special thanks to my two awesome betas Caroline and Callmekitten for looking over this and seriousy getting it back to me right away. They seriously rock. Please review and give me feedback, any feedback, if you all want this to continue. Enjoy!!!
When that fateful Thursday began, there was no reason for me to feel it would be out of the ordinary. I woke up early to avoid the fight for the bathroom with my two foster siblings Tucker and Andrew. They would usually be arguing about something to do with Star Wars or James Bond. I would always roll my eyes at them and walk away.

I exited the bathroom as the pair had begun to wake up and the rush for the bathroom began. I started to get ready for school knowing that it would have gone the same as it normally does. I was so bored that I was debating on changing everything just to shake things up but I knew that would never happen. Joan Summers is meant to be boring and meant to blend in. If only I knew how much that would change.


That night I went to The Bronze with my friends since there was no school on Friday due to the end of the quarter. I was wearing a light blue jean mini skirt, a black tank top with cream lace along the neck, and my black boots that almost went to my knees. That night I decided to straighten my blonde hair and it fell a little past my shoulders. I made my eye makeup to smoky and added some red lipstick.

I sat with my friends pretending to be interested, even though I was actually bored out of my mind. Some people just don’t know when they should shut up. I started to tune in again when I heard them mention something about Faith Wilkins. Faith used to be a part of the foster care system with me until the mayor decided to adopt her, then she quickly forgot where she had come from and turned her back on the people who she had called friends. I once confronted her about how she had ditched everyone. She had acted like she was going to hit me, but quickly pulled back and ran away. Ever since then we had stopped speaking and went our separate ways. I zoned back out when I realized that they were just talking about how weird she was, and how she never goes to class but gets away with it because her daddy is close friends with principal Snyder.

I began to look around the club to see if I recognized anyone else. It was then that I noticed him. He stuck out with slicked back, platinum blonde hair. He was wearing all black and a black leather duster, despite being in the hot club. He was gorgeous and looked dangerous and I wanted him. Danger didn’t affect you much when you grew up in the system. He looked over at me, yet I felt no embarrassment at being caught staring at the gorgeous stranger. He tilted his head to the side and I knew that he meant ‘want to dance?’ I didn’t nod my head or give any indication. I just got up and walked toward the dance floor, not telling my friends what I was doing, not that they would notice.

He was already on the dance floor when I walked over to him. He turned me around so my back was against his front and we began to dance to the sensual rhythm the beat was creating. His hands traced my arms and his cool lips brushed over my ear. He then spoke to me in a husky deep voice, “Hi. I’m Spike, luv.” I nearly melted at his gorgeous English accent.

“I’m Joan,” I whispered back, somehow knowing that he would be able to hear me, even over the loudness of our surroundings.

“No you’re not luv.” He turned me around, and for the first time I noticed his bright blue eyes and sharp cheekbones. “You’re more than a Joan. You need a name that shows your fire that has been held back for all these years.”

“How do you know?” I asked him shocked that this stranger, or well “Spike,” knew more about me in five minutes then my friends had ever known. His cool hand drifted up to my cheek and slowly slid down making me shiver.

“I can tell luv, you’re a spark just waiting to be ignited. I can-” whatever was going to be said was cut off by my lips latching onto his like two magnets being pulled in by his words. His lips were cool to the touch like his hands but tasted so delicious and I was already addicted. Our tongues mingled and I could taste the hint of cigarettes, which I oddly found to be more of a turn on. I reluctantly pulled away to breathe and his lips trailed down my neck then over to my ear and whispered “Elizabeth”. I knew then I would never want to be Joan again. Being Joan was boring. Life as Elizabeth seemed like it could be fast and exciting, especially if it was filled with Spike.

“How did you know?” I asked him whispering in his ear before biting down on his earlobe.

“Know what pet?” He asked me back and I let out a little giggle since he really had no idea of what I was about to tell him.

“That my middle name is Elizabeth.” I answered him back kissing his neck.

“I didn’t- ahhhh. The name suits- ah ‘Lizabeth- you much better. Has the intensity better than Joan does,” He told me in between moans as I continued attacking his neck. I definitely found his weakness. Spike brought my lips back to his and I immediately responded to him, wrapping an arm around his neck and putting the other on one of his arms, feeling him through the leather. Then he pulled away and I couldn’t help but whimper at the loss of his lips on mine. He grinned at me before trailing a hand down my arm, causing me to involuntary shiver, until his hand reached mine and pulled me away from the dance floor up to the balcony.

There were a few people here and there, but it wasn’t crowded like it was downstairs. He pulled me toward the couches and when he sat down, he pulled me down on top of him, bringing me in for a passionate kiss. His hands were everywhere as if memorizing every inch of me. It all felt so heavenly the way he would touch me, like I was something that should be cherished, but not like something fragile that it had to be wrapped in paper when taking it from the store.

I had to pull away before I passed out from the lack of oxygen. He started to kiss my neck and I couldn’t help but moan when he sucked on that spot where my neck and shoulder met.

“Elizabeth,” he whispered pulling away from my neck and staring at me through lust-filled eyes, quite possibly mirroring my own gaze. It was then that I saw him change into a vampire, his blue eyes changing to amber. “Scared luv?”

I lifted my hands up and ran them over the demon’s face. I leaned in and placed a few kisses on his face before reaching his lips and placing a chaste kiss there as well. “Not even slightly.”

He growled and I couldn’t help but be turned on a little more than I already was. He leaned in to kiss me and I eagerly returned his kiss. One of his fangs nipped my bottom lip and he quickly began to suck on it, drinking the coppery liquid.

“You taste exquisite luv,” he said as he kissed my neck up to my ear. Once there, he licked the shell, causing me to let out a low moan. He kissed down my neck, scrapping his fangs against the skin and the liquid he craved seeped out. He went back up the same trail to lick it up. I felt goose bumps rise at the sensual effect of it all, especially when he blew cold air on my wet skin.

“Do you want this Elizabeth; a life in the dark? Say goodbye to Joan, the women you are.” During his speech, his features slipped back to the man that looked at me with such tenderness.

I reached down to stroke his cheek gently, “Make me yours Spike. I’m done being Joan. Make me Elizabeth.”

I saw him change back to the demon but it didn’t register. He was my salvation from the life I hated. His fangs sunk down into my neck with a mix of pain and pleasure and he began to suck. I let out a moan at the feeling, like an explosion that had just erupted. ‘You’re a spark just waiting to be ignited.’ I remembered him saying and I realized how true it was. He pulled away and bent down to cut the skin of his wrist with a fang. He held his wrist out to me. I took his wrist without hesitation and eagerly began to suck on the blood until my world faded out around me.
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