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Summary: SunnyD Icon On his way back to Dru after ‘Lover’s Walk’, Spike suddenly finds himself transported to his crypt the night after ‘Smashed’. Horrified that he, a master vamp, should have been tamed and furious at how he’s been treated, he blames Buffy for everything and is determined to pay her back in spades. Winner of Best Drama and nominated for Best Romance and Best Plot at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards!
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Published: 10/17/2009 Updated: 10/22/2009

1. Chapter 1 by dreamweaver [Reviews - 17] Liked (3567 words)
Okay, parts of this story are a tad not politically correct. If anyone has problems with that, please do not read. That’s the way the story insisted on being written, so don’t yell at me, guys. You have been warned! :D
The gorgeous banner is by Julie A.

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