Normal is Just a Word by Slaymesoftly

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Summary: What if Buffy was dreaming the Buffyverse, and when she died, she went back to her real world? Or not. AH for much of the story.
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Genres: Romance, Action
Warnings: Character Death
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Published: 02/21/2010 Updated: 05/15/2010

1. One by Slaymesoftly [Reviews - 5] Liked (2985 words)
This bunny is based on a discussion in which someone suggested that Buffy dreamed the entire seven seasons of the BtVS. What if that is what happened? What if it isn't ? How would she know which world was real? How will the reader know? This fic does not offer pat answers to those questions - it just raises the questions. Beta'd by Always_jbj, Eowyn_315 and Just_Sue. Banner by Always_jbj
2. Two by Slaymesoftly [Reviews - 2] Liked (3598 words)

3. Three by Slaymesoftly [Reviews - 1] Liked (2604 words)
Posting chapters until I get caught up with real time posting - then it will be a new chapter every weekend until it's completed.
4. Four by Slaymesoftly [Reviews - 3] Liked (2487 words)

5. Five by Slaymesoftly [Reviews - 2] Liked (3017 words)
Two more chapters after this one and this site will be caught up with my LJ
6. Six by Slaymesoftly [Reviews - 1] Liked (3959 words)

7. Seven by Slaymesoftly [Reviews - 7] Liked (3813 words)
This is this weekend's chapter, so now TSR is all caught up to what's been posted on LJ. The next update will be next weekend.
8. Chapter 8 by Slaymesoftly [Reviews - 7] Liked (3396 words)
I'm sorry I wasn't able to get this up on schedule last weekend, but thought I'd best do it now so that we're caught up when I post the next chapter on Saturday.
9. Chapter 9 by Slaymesoftly [Reviews - 6] Liked (2665 words)

10. Chapter 10 by Slaymesoftly [Reviews - 2] Liked (2037 words)
Sorry for the delay. These later chapters are taking some time to whip into shape and posting may not be as timely as it has been. Many thanks to my wonderful betas: Always_jbj, Eowyn_315 and Just_Sue for their hard work on this chapter, as well as the following ones.
11. Chapter 11 by Slaymesoftly [Reviews - 10] Liked (2723 words)

12. Chapter 12 by Slaymesoftly [Reviews - 9] Liked (4136 words)
I've tinkered a lot since my betas did their thing, so don't blame Always_jbj, Just_Sue or Eowen_315 for any mistakes you find. It's not their fault.
ETA : just reposting the entire chapter. My apologies for messing it up so badly. I hope those who've already read it will go back and find the parts they missed.

13. Chapter 13 by Slaymesoftly [Reviews - 8] Liked (1857 words)
My betas were their usual efficient and wonderful selves. Credit them for it not sucking, and blame any mistakes on my after-beta fiddling.
14. Chapter 14 by Slaymesoftly [Reviews - 4] Liked (2304 words)

15. Chapter 15 by Slaymesoftly [Reviews - 6] Liked (2031 words)

16. Chapter 16 by Slaymesoftly [Reviews - 3] Liked (4010 words)
Buffy's back to normal - but is Spike happy about it?
17. Chapter 17 by Slaymesoftly [Reviews - 1] Liked (4018 words)

18. Chapter 18 by Slaymesoftly [Reviews - 1] Liked (2830 words)
Many thanks to my betas, Always_jbj, Eowyn_315, and Just_Sue who try very hard to keep this fic from sucking.
19. Chapter 19 by Slaymesoftly [Reviews - 11] Liked (2083 words)
Here it is - the last chapter. My thanks to all the readers who stuck with this different (for me) story. I am not putting any warnings in for this chapter - so be warned that there are no warnings. I think one warning wouldn't be needed because it's canon, and the other really shouldn't come as a surprise.