“Look at me, Daddy!”

“I see you, little man.”

Spike sat on the porch, in the safety of the shadows, watching as his two children and beautiful wife played out in the sun.

This wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. Not by a long shot.

“Mama?” Their little boy looked up at Buffy from the make-shift tyre swing. “Why doesn’t Daddy ever come out and play with us?”

“He’ll come out soon, baby.” She ruffled his unruly, brown William-esque curls and glanced up at the sky.

Just a little while longer and the sun would be low enough for Spike to come out. Over the past six years, she’d spent many a night reassuring her husband that he was doing a wonderful job. That he was the father she’d always dreamt of having as a young girl, that their children were so lucky to have him.

But the restriction posed by the sun was something else entirely. Their little girl ran up to her and Buffy scooped her up in her arms as she sent him a sad smile.

The sight of his family only a few metres away bathed in the sun’s rays was enough to send a stray tear down the cheek of this Master Vampire.


“Hey there, Goldilocks.” He sniffed and brushed the tear away. “Don’t you want to play some more?”

“No, I just want to sit here with you and Mr. Guyles.” She seated herself down on the wooden step and stuck her teddy bear in his face with a flourish. “Mr. Guyles wants a kiss!”

He couldn’t help but think of the original “Mr. Guyles” and he made a face. That old bugger. His heart lightened at the sound of his little girl’s giggle when he lent forwards and placed a gentle kiss on the bear’s brown, felt nose.

“Mummy!” The little blonde swung her legs happily and reached out when Buffy dropped herself down on the step with an exhausted sigh.

Spike admired his two girls for a moment before an all too familiar metallic tang hit his senses.

Blood. And not just any blood.

He flew into action seeing his little boy huddled on the ground and clutching his leg, seemingly too shocked to cry out. Mindless of the unforgiving sun he ran out to fetch him.

“Spike!” He heard Buffy scream out in horror.

He felt his skin start to sizzle and smoke as he picked him up and hurried back to the shadows. Dropping his son carefully onto the porch he flailed his arms trying to extinguish a small flame which had erupted on his shoulder.

Buffy hurried to his side, trying to beat the clouds of smoke away. “Oh my God, Spike! Are you crazy!”

Seeing that he appeared to be okay, save for some blistering, she gave him a Slayer worthy shove and hurried to carry her little boy back into the house.

“What were you thinking?!” She called over her shoulder. “No, you know what? You clearly weren’t even thinking at all! What kind of stupid vampire goes running out like that into the sun?!”

She heard her husband shuffle inside after her as she pulled out a First Aid kit and gently swabbed some antiseptic across the scraped knee.

“Does that feel okay, baby?”

“Yes, Mama.” He nodded bravely. “Are you okay? Why are you crying?”

She hadn’t even realised.

“Buffy?” Spike came up and put a tentative hand on her back.

She ignored him, keeping her attentions fixed on her son. “I was just worried about you, baby boy.”

But she had no choice but to turn to him when her little girl carefully approached her brother with Mr. Guyles at the ready.

“Buffy? Sweetheart?”

She wiped at her tears angrily. She never could stay angry at him when he looked at her with those eyes.

“I could have lost you,” she whispered.

“Hey now, pet.” He pulled her into a tight hug. “I’m okay, aren’t I?”

“That’s not the point!” Shoving him again, she quickly grabbed his arms and fixed them tightly around her, burying her face in the curve of his neck and shoulder. “The point is, if you want to go be a hero, do it at night! What would I have done if you’d gone and dusted yourself?”

She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. “What would I tell them? What would we do without you? What would I do without you?”

Spike pressed a kiss to her temple. “Sorry, luv.”

They held onto each other a little longer, before the sound of young voices reached their ears.

“Phooey, Daddy’s smelly isn’t he?” Their little girl waved her hand in front of her nose then pressed her soft toy against her ear. “What’s that, Mr. Guyles? Yes, like bacon!”

Brother and sister shared a giggle until the former asked, “What’s a vampire?”

Spike gasped and Buffy froze in his arms.



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