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Summary: This story features a Season 7 Spike and Buffy in a Victorian tale brought about by a Christmas wish. As you might remember, the holidays were grim in Buffy's final season. Spike was chained up beneath the school being tortured by the First Evil. Buffy had just met the ubervamp and was feeling a little overwhelmed. In short, things were pretty shitty for both of them and so I thought up a tale of Christmas cheer (and beer!). Though it is not a story about my William and Elizabeth characters, you might run into a few familiar faces. That’s all I’m sayin’ about that!
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Published: 12/14/2013 Updated: 11/08/2014
Story Notes:
Is now complete and will run through the holiday season.

1. On the First Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me ... One Baffling Bar by Puddinhead [Reviews - 1] Liked (2571 words)
Super Speedy beta by All4Spike and so many thanks to her! Mistakes (along with all instances of passive voice) are on me. (At this point are you a little worried that I have a huge crush on parenthesis and am going to use them throughout the story?) (Me too!) On with the tale!

2. Two Troubled Time Travelers by Puddinhead [Reviews - 1] Liked (3279 words)
Beta'ed by All4Spike. The whole thing is, actually! And it will run once a week until just after Christmas. It's just over 37K words. Sorry about having to start Christmas so early, but it got a little longer than I'd anticipated. Cool announcements coming next chapter!

3. Chapter 3 by Puddinhead [Reviews - 1] Liked (2850 words)
Beta'ed by All4Spike.