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Summary: Everyone has gathered at the Summers' house for gift-giving and merriment, but is anything ever that easy in Sunnydale? Over the course of three days, relationships will be tested, questions will be popped, and secrets will be revealed. Will everyone walk away for the better, or worse; and to think, it all started with the discovery of a certain object in the Summers' trash bin.
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Published: 01/04/2014 Updated: 02/12/2014
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Set in Season Five. For the point of this story Glory will not be mentioned, Dawn is still the key and is aware of the fact. Spike and Buffy have started a nicer affair than in Season Six, but Buffy doesn’t know that Spike loves her. Joyce and Giles have started (secretly) dating and there will be no mention of a brain tumor. Willow and Tara are happily together, and Xander and Anya are, well, their Xander and Anya.

1. Prologue by S1r4h [Reviews - 1] Liked (1400 words)

2. Chapter One by S1r4h [Reviews - 2] Liked (1559 words)
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Thanks so much for the reviews! Keep letting me know what you guys think! I love to hear it!

3. Chapter Two by S1r4h [Reviews - 0] (1630 words)
Author’s Notes:
Okay, here’s where things take off. This fic is going to be short, probably about six chapters and an epilogue. Happy New Year's everyone!

4. Chapter Three by S1r4h [Reviews - 2] Liked (1049 words)
Author’s Notes: Thank you guys so much for the reviews. They make me wanna update more and they make me a better writer, at least I think so. And as someone pointed out, I forgot to say where Spike was sleeping in the last chapter. I had planned for him to sleep in Buffy's room as per Joyce's request. Opps. Guess I forgot to put that in there. Lol. Anyway, here's another chapter courtesy of yours truly. Enjoy!

5. Chapter Four by S1r4h [Reviews - 0] (1016 words)