Un-Souled Scars. by theladyofspike

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Author: Valeria (valepuiguy@yahoo.com)

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything; Joss and Mutant Enemies does. Spike is mine.

Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Buffy: We missed the bed again.
Spike: Lucky for the bed.

Buffy: This place is okay for a hole in the ground. You fixed it up.
Spike: I ate a decorator once. Maybe something stuck.

Buffy: Yeah. I think the New Kids on the Block posters are starting to date me.

Spike: Are we having a conversation?
Buffy: What? No. Sort of.
Spike: Hm.
Buffy: What?
Spike: Well isn't this usually the part where you kick me in the head and run out, virtue fluttering?
Buffy: That's the plan. Soon as my legs start working again.

Spike: Do you even like me?
Buffy: Sometimes.

Spike: …the things you do to me… you’re like an animal.
Buffy taking back: I’m not an animal.

“And she leaves…” Spike said, resting his head on the floor.
“Yeah, I have to go home. Dawn is waiting for me.
“Yeah, you always have something to do…” he picked her arm and positioned over herself. “Stay… stay tonight, with me”
“I can’t… Dawn”
“Willow’s taking care of her” he said, while kissing her neck.
“No… I can’t stay…”
“Sure you can…” he kissed all the way down to her breasts.
“No, I—Oh God…” she said, when he took one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked it. He started making wet circles with his tongue. “Oh God, do that again”
He massaged, and licked her nipple.
“Do you like that baby?”
“God yeah… I want more…”
“What do you want baby?”
“I want to feel your fingers and your tongue over me… I want to feel them inside of me”. He put one of his fingers inside of her mouth.
he thought. He let her suck his finger a little before pulling it out of her hot mouth. He kissed all the way down her body, resting at her hot and wet center. He touched her clitoris with the finger she had sucked on and felt her juices coming out.
“Oh God” she moaned.
He could smell her. She smelled so good… that scent, he could smell it miles away “You like that, baby?”
“Oh Jesus, yeah… I want more”
“What do you want, luv? Do you want me to fuck you with my fingers? Do you want me to eat your pussy, to taste you with my tongue? Do you want to cum in my mouth as you always do?”
“God yes… I want all that Spike… I want you to make me cum in your mouth, and then you make me cum again, when you’re inside of me…”
He smiled and spread her legs.
He first smelled her… God, she smelled so great. Only that scent of her makes him hard.
Spike's eyes locked on Buffy's as he flicked his tongue out and tasted her clit. He didn’t suck it, he tasted it; with the tip of his tongue, he made circles on her flesh. Then took her clit between his moistened lips and sucked it… and licked it. God she tasted so good… he took it between his teeth and his tongue, very softly, while he caressed her entrance with his thumb.
“Oh God…” she moaned while she scratched the carpet. “More…” she pressed his head with her hand and caressed his hair. “Please…”
He took out the finger he had been using to massage her entrance, and put it inside of her mouth. “Suck it babe; I know you like it…”
She could feel her juices over Spike’s finger, and she started sucking and licking it while he licked her labia.
Seconds later, he started making circles all over her entrance. He could feel the hot flesh on his lips and tongue. He plunged his tongue into her pussy, and started to move it inside of her; while she sucked his finger, he started massaging her nipple with his other hand.
He took her right nipple between his thumb and his index finger and started massaging it. Then he pressed it against her breast, making circles and caressing it.
“Spike… God…” she suddenly moaned “…It think I’m gonna---“
“Do it Buffy, cum in my mouth… I want to feel you, to eat you completely…” and with those words, she arrived to the climax.
“GOD, SPIKE!!!” She screamed as she came. He plunged two fingers inside of her, while he massaged her clit with his thumb. She pressed her inner muscles over his fingers while her juices came out over him.
She groaned.
“You like that, don’t you? Yeah, I know you do… You like everything I do to you…” he whispered to her ear.
“God yes…” He took his fingers out of her and licked them.
“You’re not tired, are you?” he smiled putting them inside of her mouth, and massaging her tongue with them “You still wanna leave?”
She sucked his fingers and then kissed him. No… she didn’t want to leave. In fact, she had never wanted to leave, not now, not in the previous weeks when she had come to him. She wanted to tell him how good he was, that she never wanted to leave, that she was scared that somebody found them together; but, why? That was the question she always made to herself. Was she embarrassed of him? Of course she was, that’s why she didn’t want anybody to see them… together… and that was the reason why she had always left…. Because she didn’t deserve him.

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