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Chapter 6: The Accident

The smoky air filled the place. Stage lights illuminated the band members on the stage as they played their respective instruments in front of a small group of audience. This was at Serendipity’s, a coffeehouse/bar, popular for its relaxing and comfortable milieu. As a good place to meet new people of the opposite sex or just casually hang out with friends, it was always a full house on weekends. It also provided live music at times, adding to its fun atmosphere.

Spike was on stage, drumming the guitar while his soft and husky voice filled the microphone. He was jamming with a few of buddies, who were of various ages. He crooned a song while Oz played the drums, Jack played the keyboard, and Wesley played the bass. Jack and Wesley actually performed there many times over the years but Spike and Oz were recent additions. When they met Spike and Oz and found out they could play instruments as well, they invited them to join their little informal band. Since the owner of Serendipity’s was a close friend of Wesley’s they were welcomed to play when they chose to, at their leisure.

At the same time that night, Buffy was sitting on the back porch, staring off into the sky. Beside her, the potted plant rested on the ground. She was restless and melancholy, as determined by Xander and her grandfather. Seeing her sigh seven times in the last ten minutes couldn’t be a good thing.

“Hmm, this isn’t good. Your sister must be unhappy because of a boy,” her grandfather speculated as he turned to Xander. Maybe he’d know something.

“Shit. Your granddaughter must be pregnant,” Xander rejoined, looking back at his grandfather. Well, he obviously didn’t know anything.

Anya popped up in the middle of them out of nowhere. “I say you are both wrong. It’s because she’s lacking orgasms,” she stated with utter assurance.

“What the…who are you?” asked a bewildered Xander.

“Xander Harris, you better be joking or there’s no more orgasms for you buddy, *ever,*” she replied as she gave him a look, obviously threatening his manhood.

After a few seconds of frenetic thinking, he said, “Oh right, right…Anya, baby, how could I forget you?”

At the end of their casual performance, they smiled to the claps and whistles and left the stage to take a break at a booth. Jack and Oz went to meet with some of their other respective friends. Spike took a shot of whiskey. He made a face as it slid down his throat, burning its way down.

“Glad you could make it tonight, Spike,” Wesley said to him as he drummed on the table, still caught up in the beat of the music playing in his head. “You know, we use to have a friend who could play the guitar with the best of them. He had great talent.”

“Really now? I’ve got to meet him then,” replied Spike as refilled his shot glass.

“Don’t think you’ll get the chance to. He’s got Alzheimer’s,” Wesley said as he took a drink of his beer.

“Oh! I’ve finally remembered her name!” Spike shouted, startling the older man.

“Wha? Who?”

“I’ve always gotten it wrong,” he said, more to himself than to Wesley. He sat back in satisfaction with a grin. “And, what kind of name is Buffy, anyway?” He grabbed his jacket and stood up, tossing a “see you later, mate” to Wesley.

Buffy straightened in surprise, delight alighting her face. “You’ve remembered my name!” She smiled in pleasure. “No, don’t say that, I’m not pretty at all.” She turned her head away abashedly. When reality hit and the dream with Spike wisped away, she sighed in disappointment once again. I’m so foolish, she thought to herself.

The spring warmth began early that morning and brought an almost simple idyllic pleasure to the city life, even if it was bustling with activity. Birds found on the intermittently planted trees chirped with a passion, blending softly into the mirage of sounds of what characterized the city. However, what began as a beautiful day ended horrifically with unexpected turn of events.

Spike and his father waited impatiently for Drusilla’s arrival. Spike and Rupert had a business meeting with Drusilla’s agent, Charles Gunn and at Drusilla’s insistence, the three were going together to meet him.

She was late, as usual. Drusilla rarely ever showed up on time; she seemed to think that it was quite acceptable and fashionable to arrive at least half an hour late. Spike had long accepted this fact—it was deeply instilled in her superstar self for even his gentle reprimands had not deterred her.

Rupert, on the other hand, had no tolerance for such things. After all, time was money and as the president of Giles and Son Inc., he did not have the patience to put up with a spoiled girl’s high handedness.

“Where is that girl of yours?” Rupert glowered at him. “She’s already two hours late!” He sat behind his desk while Spike stood like an errant little boy.

“I know, Da. I sent a driver to pick her up two and a half hours ago,” Spike said.

“I was supposed to meet someone at the golf club at 11 o’clock. And now that’s shot to hell. It’s almost 10:50 now,” Rupert said as he shifted sleeve of his suit aside, showing Spike his watch.

Fortunately, Drusilla showed up at that moment, sporting a new matching Prada outfit and bag. The two heads swiveled towards her.

“Hi Mr. Giles, hi baby,” said Drusilla as she glided towards them.

Spike met her halfway. “Where were you?” Spike asked her quietly under his breath but with irritation seeping through.

She shrugged and said, “What? I can’t meet Charles wearing last week’s clothes! What do you think that would say about me?” She latched on to his arm. “Are we all ready? Charles doesn’t like to be kept waiting, ya know.”

When Rupert turned into a shade of mottled red, Spike quickly intercepted, saving Drusilla from his father’s wrath. “We’re ready, Drusilla, let’s get going. Is the car out there waiting for us?”

“Oh you mean the one that picked me up earlier? I don’t know where it’s at now… the stupid jerk was rushing me when I was shopping for my outfit. So I fired him and he got all huffy. It won’t be a problem, right sweetie? I mean, you can always hire another one.”

Rupert took of his glasses and rubbed it furiously to the point where it was close to cracking. “Well who’s going to drive me to the golf club right now? There’s no way I can find another one this moment, can I?”

“I’ve got my car here, Da. I’ll give you a ride afterwards,” Spike said, hoping to avoid a big dispute.

Rupert glared at Drusilla and left the room shaking his head violently before he did something to his son’s girlfriend that he would regret. With his quick eyes, Spike saw that his father’s hands were fisted tightly. Sighing he turned to Drusilla and said, “Shall we, pet?”

She gave him a brilliant smile. “Yes, sweetie, I’m ready. Oh, I have to tell you about this gorgeous dress I saw but the driver was rushing me and so I couldn’t buy it. It was red, with gauzy lace…”

Spike nodded and tried to keep an interested smile on his face as he closed the door to the office behind him while Drusilla chattered on with no signs of stopping.

Spike drove his Benz with Drusilla sitting on the passenger side and his father sitting behind. The roads were pretty empty, since almost everyone was at work by that time. They pulled up to a light and stopped at the same time a truck pulled up beside them, on the passenger side.

“Look who it is! It’s Drusilla Hayes! Damn, she’s hot!” one guy shouted from the truck, who was sitting in the open trunk. It called the attention of his friends and soon they started waving and shouting.

Drusilla pressed the switch to roll down the window.

“Hey, show us your boobs. We wanna see if you really did get a boob job,” another yelled.

“Excuse me, you little bastards?!? Why don’t you go back to the disgusting planet you came from?” Drusilla retorted, anger flushing her face red.

Rupert leaned forward, telling Spike to close the window.

“I’m not done yelling at them yet, Spike!” She put her hand on his arm, stopping him. “You stupid fuckers! I oughta have Spike teach you guys a lesson!”

“That’s enough Dru. We don’t want this getting into any tabloids,” Spike said.

As soon as the light turned green, Spike stepped on the gas and peeled forward. They obviously didn’t get a clue, for the truck drove up behind them, intending to catch up. They drove for a few minutes with the truck close following behind them. Spike turned onto back road, trying to lose them. It was a small road, with only one lane for each direction. The truck pulled into the other lane when there were no oncoming cars and cut in front. Both vehicles came to a stop when there was a parked car in front of them, with its hazard lights flashing.

“Oh bollocks…this is just not my day,” Spike muttered.

Through the windshield, they saw the guy on the trunk coming towards them. He started thrusting his pelvis in a crude motion, while saying “Come and get it, Drusilla, you know you want it.”

Spike finally had enough. “That fucking pillock doesn’t know when to stop. He’s gonna get what’s coming to him,” he said as he unbuckled his seatbelt.

Rupert stopped him with a hand to his shoulder when Spike was about to open the door to exit the car. “Just drive around them. It’s not worth it.”

With another muttered curse, he drove into the other lane. It was too late when Spike saw the oncoming dumpster truck, driving at full speed. He swerved, trying to escape it but the car slid and crashed into the parked car, the driver’s side getting the brunt of it.

The last thing he heard was Drusilla’s high pitched scream and his father’s gasp before the world went black.

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